These Are The 5 Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machines in 2022 | For Wood, Metal, Fabric & More..

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Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machines

If you’re looking to take your metal cutting and engraving business to the next level, then you’d definitely have to get the best Chinese laser cutting machine to fulfill all your requirements.

Laser cutting machines are great devices to own but they can be confusing to operate. They can be expensive at times which is why not many businesses opt for personalized engraving and will rather cut or engrave by hand. 

Chinese laser cutting machines are cheap, easy to operate and can cut through a variety of materials. But how do laser cutting machines work and are there different kinds of laser cutting machines available?

Take a look below as we not only list out some of the latest and best Chinese laser cutting machines, but also talk about what they do and how easy they are to operate.

Let’s Go!

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Top Rated Stores to Buy Chinese Laser Cutting Machines

NEJE Official Store97.6% Satisfaction Rating
Usongshine Official Store97.5% Satisfaction Rating
AliExpress RC Store92.9% Satisfaction Rating
Ortur Official Store94.7% Satisfaction Rating
DAJA Official Store95.9% Satisfaction Rating

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machines to Buy in 2022

What is a laser cutting machine?

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is a powerful tool that allows for the precise and accurate cutting of a variety of materials. These machines can be used to create custom products or components, as well as trim pieces off of larger items. 

Laser cutters are often equipped with several precision angles that allow for even the most intricate cuts. They can also be used in woodworking and other manufacturing industries to produce parts quickly and accurately. Additionally, they reduce waste by eliminating the need for additional steps such as routing or chiseling. 

So if you’re looking to customize something specific or want to save time on your project, a laser cutter may be just what you’re looking for.

What are the different types of laser cutting machines?

There are a variety of laser cutting machines available on the market, so it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your needs. Some common types of lasers used in laser cutting include CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers. 

These two types of lasers emit shorter-wavelength light that is more effective at cutting through materials than infrared or other long-wavelength beams. Laser cutters using these wavelengths are often more accurate and faster when carving or milling objects.

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There’s also CNC (computer numerical control) machines that use a variety of different tools to machine parts by controlling various movements with digital instructions. This type of machine is often ideal for intricate designs or large pieces that need to be evenly spaced out along multiple dimensions. 

Things to consider when buying a Chinese laser cutting machine

When you are looking to buy a laser cutting machine, there are a few things that you should consider. These include the size of your project, the type of material that you want to cut, and how much space you have in which to operate the machine. Additionally, be sure to decide on what features you need in order for the machine to function optimally.

  • Lumens – The higher the lumens rating of a laser cutter, the more powerful it is and the sharper its cutting edges will be.
  • Speed – Most lasers cut at around 5500 dpi, which is about as fast as you’ll need them to be without running into any problems. Faster speeds can lead to smoother cuts but sacrifices accuracy; choose something that’s right for your needs.
  • Versatility – Obviously if you’re going to use your machine primarily for woodworking or another type of fabric-based material then versatility might not matter so much; on other hand if you plan on using it mostly for metal or plastic then having multiple options may come in handy down the road/ It depends what kind of work you’re most likely gonna do with yours!

Here are some of the most easy-to-use Chinese laser cutting machines that money can buy.

NEJE 3 40W Laser Cutter

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine

The NEJE Master 3 Engraver & Cutter has a very sleek design. Adding it to your workstation will be a breeze because of its small and easy-to-use interface! It works with various file formats so you won’t face any issues when downloading the test graphics from the NEJE website before starting on your first project. 

The laser cuts precisely and quickly, allowing you to focus more on the actual designs. When using different types of wood or fabric, there is some excess burning that can occur which means frequent cleaning is necessary but nothing that causes too much frustration. 

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves working with fabric, acrylics and leather because it gives high-quality results in little to no time.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast engraving and cutting speed
  • Built-in sensor protection
  • Supports 360-degree engraving
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  • Not ideal for objects made out of metal

TwoTrees TT 2.5 CNC Laser Cutter

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine

Whether you’re just starting out or are already working with a CNC machine, this device really has enough power to meet all of your engraving needs. The precise laser beam can easily slice through wood, plastic and other materials, it also works great on cloth as well as surfaces with fine details like paper or bamboo. 

You’ll also love that it’s compatible with Windows, making this laser cutting machine especially easy to use. Though this machine is not as lightweight as the NEJE, it’s still reasonably easy to carry and move around. You can connect this CNC machine to your computer or laptop with a micro-USB cable and it’s known to work for up to 3 hours at a stretch, making it perfect for big tasks.


  • Ideal for a variety of surfaces
  • Seamless engraving experience
  • Lightweight with a large engraving area
  • Power and speed can be adjusted


  • None

Sculpfun S9/S10 90W Laser Cutter

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine

The Sculpfun S9 laser engraver uses a laser diode with some clever optics inside that allow it to focus on materials as thick as 20mm as well as providing a higher density of light to ensure your materials are cut through more effectively. 

You can use LaserGRBL to import vector files (NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF and bitmap image files (bmp, jpg, png and gif). On the other hand, Lightburn supports many other formats too: AI for vector outputs; SVG for vector outputs and other formats like GIF, BMP, JPG among others.

The Sculpfun laser cutting machine will cut thick materials such as wood, paper, tape, cloth, acrylic, cardboard, plastic board, bamboo and PVC board. It comes. The components of this laser cutter will be sent disassembled and it takes hardly 10-15 minutes to set it up in your workshop thanks to the detailed instructions that are included in the package.


  • Incredibly easy to set up and use
  • Delivers precise cuts
  • Comes with added laser protection


  • Does not support any wireless features
  • Not perfect with acrylic colors

ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro CNC Cutter

Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine

Ortur is a manufacturer of high quality laser systems that have been in use by many industries for over 12 years. Their Master 2 Pro is a desktop laser cutter that is equipped with a small focal point allowing for faster engraving speed and overall processing time. 

The Diamond Cut-Laser is securely positioned on the X-axis as opposed to being placed underneath and this helps improve performance and stability. It uses a 3rd generation 32-Bit motherboard that increases the engraving speed from 3,000mm RPM (predominantly found on older Ortur laser cutters) to 10,000 RPM.

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  • Value for money
  • Large working area
  • Safe for beginners


  • Has a limited cutting ability

Daja DJ6 CNC DIY Laser Cutter

Weighing 1.65 kilograms and measuring 167 x 167 x 165 millimeters, this compact machine is slim and well built. The DJ6 boasts an open design where you can engrave on larger objects. It’s compatible with any smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable and you can sketch or engrave designs directly onto any material, such as paper (250gsm recommended), wood (up to 40mm/1.5″), plastic, stone, leather cloth, bamboo or painted metal (powder coated only). 

With a resolution of up to 0.05mm for accurate detailing and tracking ability of 1,700mm, the DJ6 can handle most jobs that involve cutting shapes into surfaces: hobbies such as scrap-booking, drawing out stencils for street art projects; creating customized signs for your business; making picture frames; decorating T-shirts or children’s toys.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Detailed and high quality engraving
  • Well designed set up


  • Small engraving area
  • Laser focus is manual

How do laser cutting machines work?

Laser cutting machines use a powerful beam of light to cut material, typically metal or plastic. The machine scans the object being cut and sends a narrow laser beam into it.

This creates tiny cuts in the material that are then brought together by an arm and sliced off with a blade. Because the laser is so precise, there is very little distortion or warping of the finished product.


Is it safe to buy a Chinese laser cutting machine?

Yes, it’s entirely safe to buy a Chinese laser cutting machine. In fact these machines are highly sought after because they are quite precise and don’t cost much. Another benefit of owning a Chinese laser cutting machine is that their components and replacement parts cost less, so they are cost effective in the long run.

Where can I buy a Chinese laser cutting machine?

You will be able to find some high quality Chinese laser cutting machines on Amazon and AliExpress. Though both sell pretty much the same types of machines, the prices on AliExpress are much lower than Amazon because products are sourced straight from the factory and the prices are generally wholesale and not retail like Amazon’s.

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