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by Tim Howard
best chinese portable monitor

Portable monitors have long been used by traders, developers and gamers, but only now the benefits of portable monitors are coming to the fore.

For those who are unaware. Portable Monitors are those extra displays that can be connected to your main laptop or your main desktop and used in tandem. 

There are huge discussions online about the benefits of portable monitors.

The benefits of dual monitors are numerous, but big display monitors aren’t cheap by any means. They can be quite expensive and this is why portable monitors from China are gaining in popularity.

The portable monitors outside China cost anywhere from $400+ but the Chinese portable monitors are quite cheap starting at $100+ 

So whether you are a trader, gamer, developer or you work in front of a computer, here are the best Chinese portable monitors on Aliexpress that are worth their price! 

Best Chinese Monitors on Aliexpress 2021

Chinese electronics such as Chinese tablets have become super popular over the years. They are cheaper and better. It’s the same

#1 Lepow Portable Monitor 

Lepow is one of the best portable monitor manufacturers in the market. They make full HD 1080p monitors that are super high quality. 

The Lepow Z1 has a 15.6-inch full HD HDR screen. It’s enabled with an IPS screen. It has a 178 degree viewing angle which is perfect for gaming and working. 

lepow portable monitor

The monitor is enabled with type-C, mini HDMI and a 3.5mm jack. It can connect to a laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo.

It can work horizontally and vertically which means it can double up as a display unit. It has 0.3-inch thickness and weighs 1.76 pounds. It has a built-in dual stereo speaker, which makes it the ultimate entertainment device.

Click here to check it out – $194

#2 AOC Portable Monitor 

Another super affordable Chinese portable monitor is the AOC e1659Fwu. It has a 15.6-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Multiple of these display monitors can be connected to a single laptop without the need of an external hardware.

aoc portable monitor

Just need the simple installation of Display Link software. It’s USB 3.0 powered. The display can work in both vertical and horizontal styles.

It has a 60Hz refresh rate. It’s compatible with Windows 10. It’s super portable and can fit in a backpack.

It has a stand at the back that rotates. It works with windows and MAC and Ubuntu laptops. 

Click here to check it out – $95

# 3 New Soul Portable Monitor 

The Newsoul Portable monitor is one of the popular Chinese portable monitors on Aliexpress. It costs around $169. The 15.6-inch IPS screen has a 178 degree viewing angle, making it the perfect side display unit especially when working with multiple displays. 

portable monitor china

One of the coolest aspects of the Newsoul portable monitor is the Type-C, 3-in-1 interface that works as a power transmission, signal transmission and USB interface functions. 

It has built-in stereo speakers that gives a surround sound experience. You can connect laptops, smartphones, PCs, PS3, PS4, Mouse, Keyboards and other devices. 

There is a smart cover and screen protectors that protects the display from any scratches. 

Check it out – $169

#4 SideTrak Portable Monitor 

One of the coolest portable monitors is Sidetrak. The Sidetrak monitor is extremely popular on Aliexpress. It is quite expensive compared to the other portable monitors. But what makes it expensive is the fact that it is truly portable and can be connected to your laptop and be attached to it. 

Chinese portable monitr

This works with laptops and PCs seamlessly. If you are carrying a laptop, it can be folded and placed on the laptop.

The Sidetrak can also be folded and used as a presentation display. 

Click here – $299

#5 ZSCMALLS Monitor

ZSCMALLS is a 15.6 portable monitor that costs $129. The monitor has a beautiful 1920X1080 resolution IPS screen. It’s 0.39-inches and weighs 1.42 pounds. 

best china portable monitors

The USB-C portable monitor requires no driver. It’s compatible with Thunderbolt 3. It’s great for a second screen or a third screen as it supports split screen and has a mirror feature.

The portable display connects with laptops, desktops, gaming consoles and external devices such as Keyboard and mice. The ZSCmalls have a 3 year warranty. 

The speakers are on the back that gives out a strong sound experience. 

Check it out here – $129

#6 ZeusLap Monitor

Aliexpress has a great collection of portable monitors and the most popular portable monitor on Aliexpress is from Zeuslap. 

The ZeusLap 15.6-inch display costs $119 and is a top Chinese portable monitor. The Zeuslap products have a one year warranty. 

The Zeuslap supports the PD protocol. It can be charged and reverse charge a smartphone or a laptop.

zeuslap portable monitor

The display showcases a 1080p resolution with HDR technology. It has a 178-degree viewing angle. 

It works seamlessly with most other display monitors and gaming consoles. It’s compatible with Thunderbolt Type-C charger.

It can be connected directly to smartphones and laptops through a USB-C to USB-C cable. It comes with a beautiful sleeve case which acts as a protector and a carrying case.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $119

#7 XianWei Monitor

If you are looking for a truly Chinese Portable monitor, you can check out the Xianwei 15.6-inch monitor. It has a 1080p LED screen thats’ compatible with all devices.

portable monitor from china

It comes with a HDMI cable, Type-C cable and a stand case. It can display vertically and horizontally with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The volume can be controlled directly on the display itself. It has two in-built speakers. They type-c connector can directly display whatever is on the screen of your primary device.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $112

#8 FSU Monitor

If you are looking for a super cheap portable monitor that doesn’t cost more than $55. Check this one out from FSU. It’s a simple 10.1-inch display monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Chinese display monitor

It can support HDMI, USB, VGA, BNC, Audio ports among others. It’s compatible with PCs, CCTVs, cameras, DVRs and more.

For instant use, you can plug a USB display and play a movie or any content on it. It ships with a high quality adjustable stand that can be titled in multiple directions. 

Check it out on Aliexpress – $42

#9 TermSoul Monitor

The TermSoul Portable monitor is quite expensive, priced at around $166. It’s expensive because the quality of the monitor is great!

portable display monitor china

It has a 15.6-inch monitor with a 1080p HD quality. The aspect ratio is 16:9. It has a 178-degree visual angle. 

The input interfaces include HDMI and Type-C port. It has a touch interface. For protection it has a double-sided tempered glass.

It supports Windows 10 and as devices go it supports desktop, PCs, PS3, PS4, Switch and more. It can be directly connected via the smartphone.

It has a 9.5mm ultra thin body.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $166

#10 Eyoyo Monitor

One of the super affordable portable gaming monitors is the 13.3-inch Eyoyo portable monitor from China. The starting price is $68.

display monitor china side monitor

The aspect ratio is 16:9 for the IPS screen. The video input is HDMI and USB-C. It comes with a stand, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C to Type-C, standard HDMI cable. 

It comes with a monitor case. It works with all the devices. 

Check it out on Aliexpress – $65

#11 KUU Portable Monitor

Another display monitor that is super cheap is the 8-inch display monitor from the Shenzhen Younuoke store. This is a multi purpose display monitor that can be used as a display monitor for the CCTV camera, a secondary display apart from the laptop or desktop or as medical display monitor or even as a car display monitor.

For the price, the display quality is great. It has a touch function that is customizable and has a 36mm thickness.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $50

Are Chinese Monitors Good?

Chinese monitors like Lepow are super cheap and and are really high quality. How do they manage to do this? Some of these manufacturers make monitors for top electronic brands and have the tech and scale to make monitors at mass quantities for cheap.

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