10 appareils chinois d'épilation au laser qui fonctionnent réellement 2022

par Tim Howard

I hate all my repeated appointments at the salon to get all the unwanted body hair removed from my body. However, it is not always feasible or possible for us to visit the salon. Most of the methods of hair removal are also temporary, which means that the hair grows back before you get the time to properly enjoy smooth and soft skin.

One method that is alluring is laser treatment, but it comes with quite a big drawback. It is an extremely expensive method of hair removal.

Mais je vous ai apporté les meilleures alternatives qui ne vous obligent pas à aller chez un professionnel. Aujourd'hui, je vous présente les meilleurs appareils d'épilation au laser chinois qui vous permettent de vous débarrasser définitivement des poils indésirables, dans le confort de votre maison.

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Popular Chinese Laser Hair Removal Machines

Epilateur MLay pour l'épilation

L'épilation chinoise au laser

Having painless hair removal is still a dream for most people. With every hair removal process, there are complementary aftereffects that are always there to welcome you. So, I have brought you this top-selling product, which is an epilator that works wonders in the hair removal process.

Now you do not have to give away your fortune for laser hair removal. Get this machine at its great price and help yourself at your own comfort, right from your home. This machine uses intense pulsed light to work on removing your hair and comes with five different modes.

Chinese Laser Hair Removal Machines

Both men and women can use this epilator for their unwanted hair removal. This product claims to give effective results in 8 weeks if you follow all the steps religiously. 

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Épilation sans douleur

Chinese Laser Hair Removal Machines

Are you also fed up with razor burns and painful waxing procedures down there? If yes, then switch to this automatic hair removing machine. Although it is great for bikini trimming, it also works well for facial and underarm hair.

This machine is extremely gentle on sensitive areas and can be used as per your wish. With proper instructions followed, this machine can remove hair nicely with the help of different adjustable modes.

Chinese Laser Hair Removal Machines

Now say goodbye to all other painful hair removal processes and go for this harmless as well as painless laser machine. As it is said, the sweetness is the result of patience, keep up with your patience while following the actual procedure for a minimum of 8 weeks. For sure, you will see the change in your hair growth and will also get silky smooth skin.

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Epilateur laser avec LCD

Machine à épiler chinoise

Is your unwanted body hair coming in between you and a fabulous summer? I have the perfect solution. We all love smooth skin without any ingrown hair and dryness. And to achieve this, laser hair removing technology came into being but is quite an expensive method for many of us!

However, you no longer need to worry about hair growth and expensive laser treatments as I have brought you this excellent laser hair removal machine, the IPL laser depilator. This machine can actually solve your problem with the treatment of 8 weeks! All you have to do it, shave the area that you want to work on and run this machine over it.

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While this laser hair removal process does not give an instant result, you will notice that the newly grown hair has a different quality. They will start to grow thinner and very soft. Eventually, in a period of eight weeks, you can admire your silky, smooth, and hairless skin!

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Machine à épiler LESCOLTON

Épilation au laser chinois IPL

Different body parts have different hair quality and texture. It is obvious that you cannot use the same thing on every part of your body. To solve that problem, here is a five-in-one machine for laser hair removal. It has fiver different modes that can be worked on different areas of the body as per your needs and comfort.

When worked with appropriate directions, this will work into your pores and will remove hair papilla. When the machine hits the hair follicles, it gives you silky and smooth skin that is free of all unwanted hair. This machine is quite durable and is going last you for a very long time.

Chinese Laser Hair Removal Machines

As we all know, laser treatments are painless, and so is this one. It also has a big advantage that it comes with different levels that are tolerant to the skin.

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Épilateur laser à lumière pulsée

Epilateur laser IPL de Chine

Bikini hair removal is a big task! Most people step back when they hear about laser treatment and continue to go with their old razor and waxing methods that lead to so many unwelcomed problems. When you use a razor on sensitive skin, it can result in your sensitive area getting razor burns and other infections.

Why face that discomfort? Go for this permanent hair removing technique with the help of this device. This one is absolutely automatic and provides painless hair removal and can be operated easily. It is recommended to use a cold compress to maintain the temperature of the skin and to avoid swelling and bumps.

Go for this amazing device and get rid of hair and open pores.

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Épilateur permanent

Epilateur de Chine épilateur

Intense pulse light is a known and promising technology that has been used by people across the world because of its super effective results at removing all unwanted hair from your body. It is completely safe for the skin.

It also gives you skin that feels so soft and smooth. Have a look at this IPL epilator for an at-home salon professional experience. This is a multifunctional machine that gets rid of hair, rejuvenates the skin and that also clears acne. Is it not the great deal? For sure it is!

The machine has a huge base of satisfied and loyal customers who have appreciated the performance of this device. It is one of the highest-selling laser hair removal machines on AliExpress. The machine comes with a lot of advantages. It is a highly efficient machine that is also highly safe. You can use this device for underarms, legs, hands, and even bikini hair removal.

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Machine à épiler indolore Mofajiang

épilateur pour l'épilation

Always invest in something that provides amazing benefits and something that lasts for a long time. Here is a product that offers both these things at a super affordable price. With five light intensity levels of working, this device has been proved as being completely safe and reliable.

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This device can be used in almost all parts of your body. With this device, you also do not have to take salon appointments every week for removing your facial hair as this device can help you with that as well. Get it done at the comfort of your home.

You can even carry this device as it is portable and safe. The structure is built in a way to avoid any kind of light leakage. With a little maintenance, it can work for a long time.

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Épilateur électrique

Suitable for the face, armpits, legs, and other parts of your body, this IPL depilator is highly recommendable for safe and painless hair removal. This machine works in two modes, automatic and manual, which depends on the area of the body you are using it on. For sensitive areas, such as the bikini area, upper lips, and armpits, you can use manual mode.

The IPL goes within the hair follicles and damages the papilla that minimizes the hair growth to a great extent. This machine is available in several different colors and is highly portable. After extreme usage, the machine can heat so the fan inside it is going to help dissipate the heat.

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Appareil d'épilation IPL Kyliebeauty

This portable device by Kyliebeauty is available in three colours with five light intensity settings and is suitable for most skin complexions, all for just US$33.59. Powered by a Quartz Lamp Head, the hair remover is painless and safe to use on any part of the body. It has Automatic and Manual Flash modes for use depending on the area of application.

The device would take about 8 weeks to show its complete results and the manufacturer provides enough information and instructions for you to easily be able to start the hair removal process from Day 1. 

Découvrez-le sur AliExpress ici !

Épilateur Fieezoe IPL501

Apart from the traditional, rectangular design, the IPL501 Fieezoe also differs from its counterparts by using what they call ‘Ice Technology’, which relieves discomfort caused during hair removal. Available in white and green colours, it costs US$60 and can be used for hair removal on any part of the body.

Its 999k flash system needs only a few minutes of daily application depending on the area and begins to show its full effect within 8 weeks. The pack includes a razor and eyewear along with the device and adapter. 

Découvrez-le sur AliExpress ici !

Le laser est-il meilleur que l'IPL ?

Les épilateurs IPL fonctionnent à des niveaux de concentration moins élevés que les épilateurs laser, ce qui les rend beaucoup plus sûrs. Cependant, le laser donne des résultats beaucoup plus rapides et s'avère plus efficace à long terme. 

L'épilation au laser est-elle cancérigène ?

L'épilation au laser peut parfois provoquer des démangeaisons, des rougeurs ou de l'acné chez les peaux sensibles, mais elle n'est pas connue pour provoquer un cancer de la peau. 

Comment fonctionne une machine à poils au laser ?

La lumière émise par les lasers est absorbée par la mélanine (un pigment) du poil, qui est ensuite convertie en chaleur et endommage les follicules pileux sous la peau. Selon le niveau du traitement, les follicules pileux endommagés retardent ou empêchent la croissance future des cheveux. 

Comment choisir un appareil d'épilation au laser ?

Lorsque vous choisissez un épilateur laser, il y a quelques éléments que vous devez garder à l'esprit. Voici ce que vous devez rechercher dans votre appareil d'épilation au laser :

  • Vérifiez les tons de peau et de cheveux sur lesquels la machine fonctionne le mieux.
  • S'il convient de l'utiliser sur des zones plus petites ou plus grandes du corps.
  • Le nombre total d'impulsions que l'appareil durera
  • L'autonomie de la batterie de l'appareil


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L'épilateur laser élimine-t-il les poils de façon permanente ?

Les appareils d'épilation au laser agissent sur les poils de votre corps en chauffant les follicules pileux. Cela empêche les nouveaux poils de repousser ; cela modifie également la qualité du poil et le rend plus doux et plus fin. Il élimine le nombre de poils indésirables que vous avez sur le corps. Avec le temps et une utilisation régulière, vous remarquerez que votre corps est dépourvu de poils et que votre peau est lisse et douce.

Que se passe-t-il si vous attendez trop longtemps entre deux épilations au laser ?

Si vous laissez de grands espaces entre vos périodes d'épilation au laser, cela n'endommagera pas vos follicules pileux. Puisque les follicules pileux ne sont pas correctement endommagés, vous remarquerez une croissance des poils. Au début, vous remarquerez que vos poils ont commencé à s'estomper. Cependant, en raison du long intervalle, vous constaterez une repousse normale des cheveux. Il est donc conseillé de ne pas attendre trop longtemps entre vos épilations.

Quel est l'intervalle de temps idéal entre deux épilations au laser ?

L'idéal est de respecter un intervalle de quatre à six semaines entre vos séances d'épilation au laser.

Peut-on se raser entre deux séances de laser ?

Vous pouvez tout à fait raser les parties de votre corps entre deux séances de laser. En fait, cela rend le traitement au laser plus facile à gérer. Cependant, vous devez vous assurer de vous raser au moins 24 heures avant votre prochaine séance de laser. Vous devez également éviter l'épilation à la cire, l'épilation au fil, l'épilation à la pince, la décoloration et l'épilation.

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Il s'agit de quelques-uns des meilleurs appareils d'épilation au laser chinois que vous pouvez obtenir pour une épilation indolore, sûre et efficace à domicile.

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Meilleure machine d'épilation chinoise

Mais je vous ai apporté les meilleures alternatives qui ne vous obligent pas à aller chez un professionnel. Aujourd'hui, je vous présente les meilleurs appareils d'épilation au laser chinois qui vous permettent de vous débarrasser définitivement des poils indésirables, dans le confort de votre maison.

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