What is TWS Bluetooth Earphone? | Are TWS Earbuds any good?

by Tim Howard

Over the years TWS Bluetooth earphones are widely talked about, reviewed about and even at our site, we write a lot about TWS Bluetooth devices. We reviewed top TWS devices like i9000 TWS and Apple Airpods Pro Alternative. 

So what is a TWS Bluetooth Earphone? How is it different from normal earphones? How are TWS Bluetooth earphones different from Headphones? 

You might have all these questions and we answer them all. You want to check the other TWS Bluetooth earbuds and Airpods Alternatives, then check this link below.

TWS Bluetooth Earphone – Beginning 

Apple a few years back were in a conundrum. They had to create a new product to increase their revenue stream and they needed to remove something from existing devices to make it obsolete like what they did with the pen drive, USB and many other things. 

They removed the 3.5mm jack and they came up with the Airpods. The Airpods were one of the first TWS Bluetooth earphones in the market. 

That brought up the rise of the TWS Bluetooth earphone. 

What does TWS mean in Earbuds? 

If you are wondering the meaning of TWS. Here goes. 

  • TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. The TWS technology incorporates Bluetooth and Microphones without the requirement of a wire. 
  • If you are an Audiophile, you will know the sounds for the left and right earphones are actually different. That is why you might not hear a beat on the left that is on the right. This is created on purpose to give an immersive music experience to listeners. 
  • Before TWS Bluetooth earphones, the left and right channels were separated with the use of wires. Now, without wires the left and right channels are separated using TWS technology. 
  • Another innovation is the use of microphones so close to the audio system. Most TWS Audio devices have the microphone for communication right next to the audio equipment. 
  • TWS earbuds are the future of music without a doubt. 

How do you connect TWS Earbuds to each other? 

TWS Earbuds, especially the latest ones don’t need to be connected to each other. They just need to be connected to the device which can be a laptop an iPod, an iPad, an iPhone, Android or any other audio enabled device. 

What is TWS Mode? 

There is no TWS mode per se. There can be only TWS headphones or TWS headsets or TWS earphones or TWS earbuds. 

Can TWS earbuds have noise cancellation? 

There has been a lot of debate around the noise cancellation capabilities of TWS earphones. Can they have it or not? We all know that TWS headphones have noise cancellation capabilities, we’ve seen it with top brands like Sony, JBL, Baseus, Anker and Bose. But what about noise cancellation for TWS earphones? 

Noise cancellation is a mix of hardware design and internal technology. The first generation of Airpods were on-ear earphones and they were different. The design did not permit noise cancellation as there were very tiny gaps that let ambient noise enter the ear. 

The Airpods Pro on the other hand are TWS earbuds, which fit inside the ear and stop all ambient noise from entering. 

On top of that the technology inside Airpods Pro have enabled Noise Cancellation. 

So yes, TWS earbuds can definitely have noise cancellation features, especially if they are in-ear earphones. 

TWS Bluetooth Earphones Vs Wireless Headphones 

There are obviously pros and cons of TWS headphones and TWS earphones. So let’s do a simple comparison. 

FeaturesWho wins? 
Battery LifeTWS Headphones
Comfort and StabilityTWS Earphones
Sound Quality Tie
Portability TWS Earphones

I’m a bit biased. I own a Edifier Bluetooth headphone and an Airpod Pro alternative that I’ve reviewed and continued to use. Why? Because it’s the PERFECT device. 

But if I had to do a comparison between Bluetooth headphones and TWS earbuds, then here are the parameters. 

Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Bluetooth Headphones – Sound 

A lot of people think that Bluetooth Headphones will be the winner, hands down. If you think that, then you haven’t heard the sound from a wireless TWS earbuds like the Airpods Pro. It’s fantastic. The bass is brilliant, the sound is rich and it’s literally the same experience on a Bluetooth headphone. 

A lot of you might say, but you should try out a premium brand like Bose or Sony’s headphones to truly compare. I have and I can say with confidence, there is not a big difference. 

If you get the Airpods Generation 1 and compare that with a wireless headphone, then I’ll tell you, the clear winner is the headphone. But with the Airpods Pro or other in-ear TWS earbuds, the sound is the same. 

Winner : Tie 

Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Bluetooth Headphones – Comfort and Stability 

This is a major question. The first thing people ask about Airpods is, “Do Airpods fall out of your ears.?” When talking about the Airpods Generation 1. The answer is yes. When you headbang too much or when you are running, or if you haven’t slipped it on well, they do fall out of the year. 

And headphones may have a leg up there. But, that’s not the case with in-ear earbuds like the Airpods Pro. Those go into your ear and fit super snugly. I’ve been using them for quite some time and there hasn’t been one occasion where they have fallen out. 

Now when it comes to headphones. They are not comfortable especially, long periods of time. You start sweating and the pads, however soft they are still press against your head. And headphones are also not that stable. It doesn’t make sense to wear headphones while running. 

Winner : TWS Earphones

Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Bluetooth Headphones – Portability 

There is a clear winner here and it’s TWS earbuds. I’ve gone on one or two day trips and I’ve contemplated whether to carry headphones and more often than not, I don’t and I go musicless. It’s super bulky. Even the folding ones and it’s not worth it. Even carrying them everyday to work seems like a task. 

On the other hand, TWS earbuds are a breeze. I put it in my breast pocket or I’ve got a carabiner hook case that I attach to my belt strap or I put it in my bag. Anywhere! 

Portability makes TWS Bluetooth earphones really great. 

Winner : TWS Earphones

Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Bluetooth Headphones – Battery Life 

This is an easy decision. Obviously headphones being bigger have bigger battery capacities as well. It doesn’t require that much charging, only from time to time. Whereas, TWS devices need to be charged regularly and the charging box needs to be charged frequently too. 

Also wireless headphones can be easily made wired headphones with the wire that most manufacturers provide, provided you have a 3.55mm jack or an converter in hand. 

Winner : TWS headphones

Bluetooth Earbuds Vs Bluetooth Headphones – The Look 

You know what I mean by the look. Headphones are like wearing an accessory! The colour should be right, the size should be right and if you are conscious about the way you look, then a headphone might not be your best bet. Earbuds on the other hand are non-intrusive. If you are a woman and have long hair, they are hidden behind your hair. It’s super seamless.

Winner : TWS Earbuds 

How do you reset TWS Earbuds? 

TWS Earbuds can be reset by just disconnecting from the Bluetooth settings of your device. Unpair and disconnect and re-pair again, this should solve most of the connectivity or sound issues. 

How do you use TWS Earbuds? 

TWS Earbuds can be paired super easily with 

What can I buy instead of AirPods?

Apple Airpods are awesome, but, yeah they are expensive. There are a lot of companies that make TWS earbuds and you can choose any one of them instead of Apple Airpods. 

  • Jabra TWS Earbuds
  • JBL TWS Earbuds
  • Sony’s TWS Earbuds 
  • Xiaomi’s TWS Earbuds
  • Baseus’ TWS Earbuds 

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