Where to Buy an Akatsuki Cloak in 2022

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If you are a fan of Naruto and want to know where to buy an Akatsuki Cloak, then you’re in luck. There are many different places you can buy high quality Akatsuki cloaks from and this article will cover just that.

Many websites such as AliExpress, Alibaba, DHgate and even Wish have Akatsuki cloaks that are on sale for cheap. These high quality products look identical to the ones worn by the members of the Akatsuki clan like Madara and Obito and some of them come with additional accessories to complete the look.

These are some of the most popular cosplay items around the world mainly because of how fans can relate to the Akatsuki and their way of life.

Here are some of the best quality Akatsuki cloaks available today. These  products are available as a single piece or come in sets with different accessories depending on the character you wish to portray.

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What is an Akatsuki cloak?

The Akatsuki cloak is worn by a group of Shinobi in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime. The black cloak that is worn by members of the Akatsuki features red clouds that depict blood rain that poured down on Amegakure during the war.

Each member dons this cloak as a symbol to denote that justice has prevailed over the course of all their battles.

Where to Buy an Akatsuki Cloak : Top Rated Sellers

Shop911513014 Store94.2% Satisfaction Rating
Qhuo Store96.6% Satisfaction Rating
Daughter Tree Store96.5% Satisfaction Rating
Cos School Party Store89.7% Satisfaction Rating
XinXimYaoYao Store98.2% Satisfaction Rating
Littlebird Official Store97% Satisfaction Rating
Yiwu Singi Toys4.86/5 Satisfaction Rating
Best Dress Store4.39/5 Satisfaction Rating
Tomorrow More Beautiful90% Satisfaction Rating
JH Anime House93% Satisfaction Rating

Where to Buy an Akatsuki Cloak

Akatsuki Uchiha Cloak Set

Here’s a high quality polyester Akatsuki costume set that comes with all the extra attachments for you to portray your favorite Akatsuki character.

It is a long sleeve trench coat that has a zipper fastening system on the front with red clouds scattered around which is the exact design of the cloaks worn in the Naruto anime.

This set consists of a full size cloak, a pair of gloves, a necklace, headband and a ring. It’s available on AliExpress at a sweet deal of $20 and if you’re planning on buying it in bulk then this seller is pretty great.

Material- Polyester


Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Ring, Headband, Gloves, Scarf, Necklace

Obito Cloak and Mask Set

This cloak is a fan favorite as it comes with a mask, gloves and ring so you can play Obito at your next ComicCon. The material is lightweight and the overall finish is pretty decent for something that costs around $11.

It is made from polyester as well and comes in many sizes so anyone can pick one up for their costume party or cosplay event.

What I liked about this set is the quality of the mask and that the seller provides wholesale discounts on orders over 2 pieces..

Material- High quality polyester

MOQ- 1 discounts on 2 or more

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Face Mask, Ring, Gloves

Akatsuki Itachi Cloak with Headband and Ring

This Akatsuki cloak is probably one of the highest selling items on AliExpress that comes in a range of variants depending on the style and type of character you want to play.

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You will be happy to know that this product is an exact replica of the one manufactured by Bandai, so it’s of high quality. And considering it’s priced at under $10 for a single piece, it’s honestly a steal deal in my opinion.

Material- Polyester

MOQ- 1

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Headband, Ring, Mask

Hooded Akatsuki Cloak Costume

This Akatsuki cloak is quite like the others on this list, however it does come with a hood which is something you see when Taka aligns themselves with the Akatsuki.

Though in the anime they don’t wear headbands or nail polish, necklaces and rings, this set comes with all these attachments so you can mix and match as you please.

It’s a high quality budget friendly costume that is ideal for roleplay or cosplaying as a member of the Akatsuki clan.

Material- Polyester

MOQ- 1, discounts on 5 or more

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Ring, Face Mask, Headband

Itachi Uchiha Cloak and Wig Set

This Itachi Uchiha Cloak and Wig Set is made from high quality Polyester and cotton making it comfortable to wear and cool in the summer. This cloak is available at a mouth waterpring price of $11 and can go up to $44 depending on what attachments you buy along with the cloak.

For example, the seller provides a high quality synthetic Uchiha wig, daggers, shoes, shuriken stars, headbands and even a blue inner suit all to complete the look. It’s a great deal and if you own a costume supply store, this is one product you should check out as it comes with wholesale discounts on bulk orders.

Material- Polyester, Cotton

MOQ- 1, discounts on 2 or more

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Wig, Gloves, Shuriken Stars, Daggers

Japanese Kids Akatsuki Cloak

Where to Buy an Akatsuki Cloak

DHgate is another brilliant place to shop for high quality Akatsuki cloaks for cheap. They offer good quality products at affordable prices and one of the best rated Akatsuki cloaks on the site is this Japanese kids Akatsuki cloak that you can buy for under $20.

Yup, they are not as affordable as the ones sold on AliExpress and it doesn’t come with any attachments, but there is free shipping and you can end up getting a set for under $13 if you plan on buying it in bulk.

Material- 100% Polyester

MOQ- 1, discounts on 50 or more


Inclusions- N/A

4-Pieces Cosplay Cloak Set

The littlebirdofficial store on DHgate offers some pretty high quality, but expensive Akatsuki cloaks and cloak sets. One fine example of this is the 4 piece cosplay cloak set that comes with a ring, headband, cloak and a mask if you want to portray Obito.

The headband and cloak are made from high quality polyester and what I liked about the cloaks design is that is features a complete red inner lining along with highlights around the clouds that give you a very anime/manga look.

Material- Polyester

MOQ- 1, discounts on 20 or more

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Ring, Headband, Mask

Unisex Large Akatsuki Cape

None of the cloaks online are as affordable as the ones listed on Alibaba. These high quality Akatsuki cloaks are standalone items that do not include any attachments. Each cloak is handmade from high grade cotton and is a brilliant cosplay item for fans looking to don the all-mighty Uchiha vibe.

This cloak is available in bulk and if you order over 8 pieces then you can get the cloak for roughly $8 a pop. The seller doesn’t take customization requests on retail orders and there are no discounts on them, but if you do happen to place an order today, the units are ready to ship and you should mostly receive it in the next two weeks straight from the Chinese factory.

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Material- Cotton

MOQ- 5 pieces, retail options are available at $42 a piece

Size- S-XXL & Child Size

Inclusions- N/A

Akatsuki Cloak with Headband, Necklace and Ring

IF you’re on a tight budget and want to buy not only the cloak, but also the accessories for cheap then you should check out the Walson company on Alibaba.

This store has some pretty fantastic cosplay gear including high quality Akatsuki cloaks that are made from a blend of polyester and cotton allowing them to be durable and machine-friendly.

The set comes with a pant, waist belt, cloak, Akatsuki ring, Leaf Village headband and 3 Shurikens along with 1 Akatsuki dart for around $10 a piece.

Material- Polyester, Cotton

MOQ- 1


Inclusions- Cloak, Headband, Ring, Shuriken, Dagger

8-Pieces Uchiha Akatsuki Cloak with Accessories

Akatsuki cloaks are available on other well known sites such as Joom and Wish. This cloak and 7 piece accessory set retails for around $27-$33 depending on the size you choose. It’s a perfect fit for most but I would recommend buying a size larger if you feel it’s going to be tight.

It’s slightly shorter than most of the other Akatsuki cloaks on this list,  but is surely worth it because there’s a flat shipping fee regardless of how many you buy.  

Material- Polyester

MOQ- 1


Inclusions- Shuriken, Headband, Daggers and more

Deidara Akatsuki Cloak Set

Finally, the Deidara Akatsuki cloak set is a great investment for those looking to cosplay mainly because this cloak is available in 4 variants and they all cost the same.

You can choose the rings and headbands you want to wear and if you already have a cloak at home then you can opt for the cheapest option and buy only the accessories for under $8 a set.

The ring and headbands are available in a single size, but the cloak is available from small to XXL.

Material- Polyester

MOQ- 1

Size- S-XXL

Inclusions- Headband, Ring, Cloak

Where to Buy Akatsuki Cloaks Online?

High quality Akatsuki cloaks are readily available on numerous e–commerce websites and some of the best products are those found on AliExpress. While other sites like Alibaba, DHgate, Wish and Amazon have Akatsuki cloaks up for grabs, the availability and pricing of the products sold on these sites make AliExpress the best website to buy from.

Here you can  find a wide variety of Akatsuki cloaks such as the ones worn by Madara Uchiha, Itachi, Tobi, Sasuke and even Orochimaru. The most expensive Akatsuki cloak with accessories set we came across on AliExpress is priced at $30 which is still a lot cheaper than other websites that claim to sell high quality products.

Tips while Buying Akatsuki Cloaks Online

When buying an Akatsuki cloak online there are some things to remember. 

  • The cloaks are mostly made in China and might come with a few flaws like threads sticking out or threads missing. Whatever you do, do not pull or tug on those loose threads as it can actually damage the cloak. Instead use a pair of scissors and clip off the ends of the thread that’s sticking out.
  • Discuss with the seller before placing any large order because at times you can actually receive  an additional discount of a portion of the shipping cost shaved off the total if the seller is genuine. Do not pester them or ask unwanted questions as these can lead to the relationship between the seller and yourself turning sour.
  • Refer to multiple stores before finalizing on a product. Some places might have the same quality item listed at a lower price and spending an extra two minutes finding the best deal will save you some money in the long run.
  • Always check out the buyer’s satisfaction rating of the store and seller you’re planning to deal with. Genuine sellers will normally have thousands of buyers or followers and are responsive so you can openly ask any question you might have about the product. Make sure the seller has been functioning for a few years and has managed to make a name for themselves in the marketplace.

How to Choose the Best Akatsuki Cloak?

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There are many Akatsuki cloaks available online from $10 all the way to $50+. These cloaks can be used while cosplaying your favorite Shinobi or if you’d like to simply hang one up as a collectible. 

Choosing the right Akatsuki cloak can be a tiresome task as most of the products appear the same, but not all of them are made from high quality materials. There are certain factors to consider when buying an Akatsuki cloak such as:

  • Material – Loads of sellers tend to deliver high quality costumes at budget friendly prices. But some are there who sell substandard products at a slightly inflated price. Always check the materials used in the manufacturing process of the cloak and make sure that the Akatsuki cloak you choose to buy is made from high quality materials like Polyester and Cotton.
  • Design – Akatsuki cloaks are available in one standard design, black with red clouds all over. Anything other than this is not an Akatsuki cloak from Naruto and will not be the one you’re looking for. Sellers have done a good job of replicating the exact design of the cloak and a majority of the cloaks that are available are identical to the ones worn by the Akatsuki.
  • Size and Fit – Akatsuki cloaks come with a zipper and this can result in the cloak being too tight. Most of the sellers offer a variety of sizes, so make sure you pick one size bigger than yours so that the cloak fits well and is not too tight.
  • Pricing – The Akatsuki cloaks listed below are all budget friendly items and don’t cost more than a couple of dollars. Complete sets on the other hand can tend to get expensive depending on the number of pieces and accessories the cloak comes with. If you’re on a budget then try buying a stand alone cloak as they are cheap and easily available.


Is it safe to buy an Akatsuki cloak from China?

It is safe to buy Akatsuki cloaks from China but make certain you buy from a reputable dealer and purchase cloaks that are made from good quality material and have the appropriate tags. It’s important to be aware of the manufacturing process as Chinese manufacturers are known to cut corners to save money. If you’re looking for a good deal, you’ll find hundreds of options out there. Take your time to find the right one.

How many types of Akatsuki cloaks are there?

There are four primary Akatsuki cloaks and robes worn by the Akatsuki clan over the years. The one that has stood out the most and has gained a lot of popularity is the black cloak with the red clouds on it. Some come with hoods whereas others have high collars or raised flap collars depending on the character you’re going to portray.

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