Are Aliexpress Cosplays Good?

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If you’re looking to play your favorite Husbando Astolfo, then you will need to know where to buy Astolfo cosplay costumes from.

There are many websites that host Astolfo costumes for cheap, but the best quality products are those found on AliExpress. I’ve tried Wish, Alibaba, and Joom, but could not find anything worth buying on these sites. But if you check on Amazon US and DHgate, you will find a bunch of great quality Astolfo costumes up for grabs.

This article will cover everything there is to know about buying an Astolfo costume for yourself. I will also cover the best websites and sellers to source from as well as how you can pick the right sellers to buy from.

Let’s Begin!

Top Rated Astolfo Cosplay Costumes

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What does the Astolfo cosplay costume look like?

Where to Buy Astolfo Cosplay Costume

Astolfo is an androgynous character and he is often confused for a girl. His general costume is the fancy gown with a white mantle, armored skirt and black top. But you can find him wearing the other popular costumes like the pink school uniform and the purple uniform with black skirt. Astolfo likes cute things and has light pink, shoulder length hair with a single braid that is adorned with numerous ribbons.

Which is the best website to buy Astolfo cosplay costumes?

The best website to buy high quality Astolfo cosplay costumes is AliExpress. The quality of the goods sold here are top notch and the pricing is to die for. Also, AliExpress has loads of reliable sellers who ship for free and have refunds/returns policies in effect. Other websites where you can buy good Astolfo costumes are Amazon US and DHgate, but the quality and pricing won’t be on par with the products available on AliExpress.

Aliexpress Cosplays – What you need to know

Anime Fate Apocrypha Astolfo Cosplay Costumes

Where to Buy Astolfo Cosplay Costume

Here is a great cosplay costume of Astolfo on AliExpress that you can get for cheap. It’s high quality polyester and is available in three sets, a wig, full costume with headdress and a full costume with headdress and a wig. The price ranges between $14 to $40 depending on your selection and size

19 Sui store, is a great place to check out if you want high quality cosplay costumes for cheap. They not only deliver high quality products, but they also provide free shipping on orders to the US. 

Material – Polyester

Size – S-XXL

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Availability – 1400 units available

Rating – 4.7/5

Good quality materialsNone
Budget friendly 
Free shipping

Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha Rider Astolfo Cosplay Uniform

If you truly want to play Astolfo then you will definitely want to pick up the Fate/Grand Order Apocrypha Rider costume from AliExpress. This high quality unisex polyester cosplay costume comes loaded with all the bells and whistles to make it look identical to the one adorned by Astolfo. The fit is rather good and you can pick this cosplay costume for just under $50, excluding the shoes and wig.

Each set consists of a dress and accessories such as headdress and pins. However, the shoes and wig have to be purchased separately from their store and that’s okay because there’s free shipping on all orders you place from their store.

Material – Polyester

Size – S-XXL / 35-45

Availability – 9200 units

Rating – 4.7/5

Sized to fit costumePrice including wig and shoes is high
Set contains important accessories
Free Shipping

Astolfo Cosplay School Uniform Full Set with Wig

Another seller on AliExpress who you can rely on for some good high quality cosplay costumes is the CosZtkhp shop. They’ve been around for a little over 3 years and they have one of the best quality Astolfo pink school uniform sets on the site. Made from Polyester, this cosplay costume is comfortable to wear and can easily be adjusted to fit the ideal length. 

This piece is rather affordable unlike some of the costumes listed here and you can get a full Astolfo cosplay costume including the wig for under $30. The seller does charge for shipping, but considering the buyer reviews, quality and asking price, the extra $2.79 is something you’ll be willing to pay for shipping.

Material – Polyester

Size – S-XL

Availability – 600 units

Rating – 4.6/5

Very affordableNone
Comfortable to wear
Costume is well made

Fate Apocrypha Rider Astolfo Sailor Costume

AliExpress is home to plenty of different sellers and another one you can rely on for good quality cosplay costumes is the Randy Good Luck Store. They have a decent range of cosplay costumes, but one of their most popular items happens to be the Fate Apocrypha Rider Astolfo Sailor Costume.

This high quality polyester costume happens to be available in only one size and is the cheapest Astolfo costume you can buy. The set includes a top and skirt and it’s ideal for young adult cosplayers who weigh under 60kgs. The seller charges shipping and if you wish to pick up more than one then go ahead because they offer wholesale deals as well.

Material – Polyester

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Size – One Size

Availability – 800 units

Rating – 4.8/5

Cheapest cosplay costumeOne Size, not ideal for over 60kgs
Available in bulk
High quality materials

Fate Grand Order Astolfo Cosplay Costume

Probably one of the best rated stores to visit on DHgate if you’re a cosplayer is the Mascotq9 store. Here they have a wide collection of different cosplay costumes including sets and matching accessories. One of the best Astolfo cosplay costumes available in the market is found here and this mid-range product is made from high quality Polyester and comes in sizes ranging from small to large.

The costume fits quite well and the sizes listed are accurate, so you don’t have to worry about it being too tight upon your first try. The seller is based in China and there are hundreds of units available to buy. Moreover, if you do pick up this costume in bulk to add to your store, you can get discounts on bulk purchases as well as discounts to every new buyer for up to $52 off on their purchase.

Material – Polyester

Size – S-L

Availability – 4000 units

Rating – 4.8/5

Good Quality MaterialsLimited sizes available
Mid range pricing
New buyer discounts

Astolfo SBluuCosplay Sailor Dress with Socks

Amazon is also a great place to source high quality cosplay costumes for cheap. One of the best rated Astolfo cosplay costumes on the site is by a seller called SBluuCosplay Store. This uniform set includes a top, skirt, black headdress, tie and a pair of white socks, everything you need to complete the Astolfo look. The fit is true to size and you don’t have to pick up a size bigger. 

Material – Polyester

Size – S-XL

Availability – 200+ units

Rating – 4.⅘

Available in all sizesLimited quantity available
Budget Friendly Material is good, but not that great
Includes key components 

Astolfo Stage 3 Costume Set

The Stage 3 Astolfo cosplay costume is probably one of my favorites and you can get really high quality copies on DHgate through a seller called newlifehere2017 store. This cosplay costume is nicely made and though it’s a bit expensive, the costume can be washed and reused a number of times without experiencing fades or dullness in the color.

The set is available in two variants, one with the wig and one without. Each set includes a Stage 3 costume, two headdresses, gloves and even the bows for your hair. The material is high temp synthetic fiber and discounts are available to new buyers as well as those looking to get their hands on more than one piece.

Material – High Temp Synthetic Fiber

Size – S-XXL

Availability – 100,000+ units

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High temp synthetic materialExpensive
Great discounts on wholesale orders

DAZCOS Astolfo Cosplay Costume Outfit FGO Rider

Finally, we got the DAZCOS Astolfo cosplay costume from FGO Rider. It’s a well made 6-piece cosplay costume that is made from knitted material and uniform cloth that’s temp resistant. It’s another popular item on Amazon US and you can pick one up for under $60. The set includes a purple jacket with black tufted pull strings, a striped purple and white inner vest, a black pantyhose, blue belt and two cute black bows for your hair.

Material – Uniform Cloth

Size – XS-XXXL

Availability – 100+ units

Rating – 5/5

Good Quality MaterialsNone
Budget Friendly 
Comes with all accessories

How to choose the best Astolfo Cosplay Costume Seller?

There are many things to consider when choosing the best seller to deal with,  some of these tips can help you select the best vendor as well as a website to buy from. Check them out!

  • The first and most important thing to consider when choosing the vendor is reliability and if they can deliver high quality cosplay costumes for cheap and affordable prices. Take a look at the sellers reviews and ratings including buyer reviews to see if they deliver high quality products or sub standard ones.
  • Another point to consider is that the seller should offer cosplay costumes that fit well and are not a size too small or too large. Check the details of each product to determine whether the seller offers a range of sizes or if they only have one size fits all products in their store.
  • Refer to different sellers before resorting to a single one. Make sure  the seller you end up buying from meets all your requirements and the end product is a high quality Astolfo cosplay costume that you can wear on numerous occasions.
  • Finally, ensure that the site/seller you choose to buy from offers replacements/refunds if the product is defective and/or if components are missing from the package. Go through their policies and make sure you and your money are safe if things don’t go according to plan.


Is it safe to buy Astolfo cosplay costumes online?

Yes, since the pandemic kicked off most of the good and reputed sellers moved to e-commerce platforms and one of the best places from where you can buy high quality Astolfo cosplay costumes is AliExpress. Since most of the manufacturers of these cosplay costumes are based in China, you can purchase directly from them via sites like AliExpress and have your order shipped directly to your home/business address.

Are Astolfo costumes made in China, high quality?

Yes, Astolfo costumes that are made in China have been made using high quality materials allowing them to be durable and long lasting. China is also a good place to source good quality goods for cheap or in bulk and that includes cosplay costumes.

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