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Want to be a member of the Survey Corps? Then you have to have a top-quality Survey Corps uniform. 

But, where to buy Attack on Titan uniforms in 2022? 

The one that stands out as the best site to buy Attack on Titan Uniforms from is AliExpress. Don’t get me wrong, Alibaba, DHgate and even sites like Amazon do have a wide variety of uniforms to choose from but if you truly want the best without breaking your bank then shop from AliExpress for some truly high quality and budget friendly Attack on Titan Uniforms such as those adorned by Eren Jaeger, Reiner Braun, and Mikasa Ackerman amongst others.

Read on to find out all you need to know about where and how you can source your favorite Attack on Titan uniforms and cosplay gear this year.

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What is Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki no Kyojin) is an anime show that has been adapted from a manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama. In 2013, it was rated as one of the most watched anime to date and has had two theatrical movies that have been subbed into English, with a third in production! 

The story follows the adventures of Eren Yeager and his friends as they attempt to escape the Titans that have attacked them. As humans are running out of space to live and are being forced to retreat, the action and characters in this series have made it a good watch for anyone who enjoys action packed anime.

Where to buy Attack on Titan uniforms?

Based on our reviews and experience, the best website to source high quality A.O.T uniforms from is AliExpress. There are loads of other sites that have some products up for sale, but the best quality uniforms are those found on AliExpress under the Novelty and Costumes section. 

The overall quality and finish of the products sold on AliExpress are what make them sought after and the fact that these uniforms are exact replicas of the one’s worn on the show just seals the deal. 

There are other sites out there that provide good A.O.T uniforms to buy such as Joom, DHgate, Alibaba and Amazon, but none of them offer a vast selection like AliExpress and you would find only individual components and not full uniforms on these sites.

Top Rated Attack on Titan Uniform Sellers

When you are shopping online, you might be surprised by the number of different sellers that are selling the same products. While prices, shipping, and customer support may vary from one seller to the other, it can become rather difficult to figure out which one you should trust. 

However, we have managed to compile a list of the top rated Attack on Titan uniform sellers online. These stores/sellers offer high quality goods at a bargain and some even provide additional deals on bulk and wholesale orders.

Here is the list of top 10 best Attack on Titan Uniform sellers you should consider buying from.

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Where to Buy Attack on Titan Uniforms From?Store Ratings
CosBaby Store93.9% Satisfaction Rating
CosplayDreamland Store95.7% Satisfaction Rating
Khuseieje345 Store96.1% Satisfaction Rating
Dancewear Ballet Cosplay Costume95.2% Satisfaction Rating
Infairytale Store94.1% Satisfaction Rating
Cos&Superhero Store98.1% Satisfaction Rating
Thriving Store96.9% Satisfaction Rating
HiRudolph4/5 Satisfaction Rating
Beautymeaning4.6/5 Satisfaction Rating
Mengqiqi0396.7% Satisfaction Rating

Where to buy Attack on Titan Uniform

Levi Ackerman Scouting Legion Trench Jacket Uniform

This high quality cosplay costume of Levi Ackerman comes with everything you could ever want in one package. The costume is made from polyester and is available in three variants.

This costume is sold by Thriving Store , a renowned AliExpress novelty shop that offers wholesale discounts to buyers  that need high quality Attack on Titan uniforms.


  • Affordable for a complete uniform set
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Product comes with free shipping and discounts on orders over 3 pieces


  • N/A

Check it out here

Attack on Titan Eren Levi Uniform

Quite similar in terms of design and appearance, the Eren Levi uniform is a high-quality set that’s available on AliExpress for around $20. The set includes a full length coat, belt, necktie, white pants and a white shirt.

This particular uniform is from Attack on Titan 4 and the quality of the finished product is quite good and resembles the actual piece worn in the anime.

The seller does bulk sales too, but unfortunately you will have to reach out to them for additional discounts on wholesale goods.


  • Complete uniform set of 4 pieces
  • Includes the A.O.T badges on the coat
  • Is an exact replica of the uniform in the cartoon


  • N/A

Check it out here

Mikasa Adult Women Armor Costume with Cloak

Available in All Sizes, This High Quality Cosplay Uniform Made Popular By The AOT Character Mikasa is One of the most sought-after uniforms among women cosplayers. This particular unit comes packed with all the necessary accessories and additional attachments to give you the complete Mikasa look.

It comes with body armor, trousers, a cloak which has the AOT badge on it, an apron, leggings and a pair of leg straps, all for under $120 at AliExpress.


  • 7-piece uniform set
  • Quality of the material and the overall finish is great
  • Available in all sizes, can be customized to fit


  • Expensive

Check it out here

Eren Jaeger Final Season Black Coat Costume

We present to you a simple but effective cosplay idea. A long black coat, trousers and an off-white top will help you complete your costume as Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan.

In order to easily pull-off the true look and feel of one of the most legendary anime stars, these items should be worn along with the included Eren Jaeger wig which can easily be purchased separately. This high quality Attack on Titan uniform can currently be found at the Cos&SuperHero store on AliExpress. 

This particular seller sells it on AliExpress and they also offer free shipping which means one can purchase several of these costumes in bulk without paying all that much in additional shipping costs, making them extremely affordable and highly desirable items for those who are looking to dress up as characters from the show for whatever reason.

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  • Well tailored coat and good quality materials used
  • Available in all sizes
  • Comes with an optional wig


  • Slightly overpriced for a 4 piece costume

Check it out here

Shingeki No Kyojin Scouting Legion Uniform

If you’re looking for a DIY Attack on Titan scouting legion uniform where you get to pick the components to buy, then this product is one to consider checking out now. It’s an exact replica of the uniform worn by the Scouting Legion on the show and you get to choose whether you should buy the gloves, cape, jacket, armor or if you’d like all the components in a single set. 

The pricing of this unit is on point where the entire kit comes up to around $50. Upon inspection, each component of the kit is made from high quality polyester and the finished product is so good that even the stitching lines are on point with no uneven or loose stitches lying around.


  • High grade materials used
  • Budget friendly
  • Can choose individual parts of the costume to buy


  • Gloves are one size, so won’t fit those with large palms

Check it out here

Shingeki No Kyojin Team Armor Uniform

Similar to the Mikasa uniform, this team armor uniform for men comes with body armor, a shorter cloak, leg braces, trousers, loincloth and even a puttee. As a buyer you get to choose whether you want the entire kit or only the body armor, based on your requirements, the price of this product can vary between $75 to $125. 

Unlike the other unit which comes made from Polyester, this uniform sold by the CosplayDreamland store is made from high quality cotton. The seller even accepts custom size orders and you will have to enter the relevant information and wait for the seller to respond.

Another good thing about this seller is that they offer a 5% discount on orders over 2 pieces, so you not only get a discount, but shipping is free and this will save you some money.


  • 7-piece uniform set made from leather and cotton
  • Available in all sizes
  • Bulk discounts on orders over 2 pieces


  • Have to buy a size larger for a comfortable fit

Check it out here

Pieck Finger Cosplay Uniform with Black Wig

The uniform set is available in several sizes, and comes with a high quality beige shirt, a top, an armband, and a polyester skirt. It also includes a faux hair wig so you can either wear your own hair or cosplay as Pieck Finger from the series.

The Cos-Baby store is relatively new but has been a reliable maker of A.O.T uniforms and apparel for a little over 3 years now, so consider this when making your decision.


  • Wig material is high quality
  • Uniform includes all important elements
  • Uniform is made from high quality materials
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Discounts on orders over 5 pieces


  • N/A

Check it out here

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Recon Corps Belt Hookshot Costume

Here’s an all harness set of the Attack on Titan uniform that you can get off Amazon. The armor is free size and comes along with padded support so the leather straps don’t cut into your skin. It’s rather affordable as you can get the entire harness set for roughly $30 on Amazon. 

Ideal for men and women who want to buy a replacement for their harness set up, this product can be paired with a good quality cloak and wig to pull off one of the Recon Corps members.

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  • Made from high quality leather
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be paired with other components


  • Free size does not apply if you’re larger than 200lbs

Check it out here

Attack On Titan Legion Jacket

The A.O.T Legion jacket is a must have for women who wish to portray their favorite character from the anime. The jacket is available in a single size – Small; and the seller on Joom offers free shipping with a minimum of 15 days delivery.

It’s made from high quality cotton along with polyester fiber and carries the A.O.T badges on the shoulder, chest and at the back of the jacket. 

You can get this Attack on Titan uniform for roughly $18 on the site and based on other buyers’ experiences, this jacket is of good quality material and serves its purpose as one of the best A.O.T uniform pieces available online.


  • Readily available
  • Made from good quality materials
  • Carries the A.O.T badges on the sleeve and front pocket


  • Only Small is available

Check it out here

 Eren Jaeger Scouting Legion Uniform Set

DHgate is a great place to buy good quality novelty items and costumes from, but unfortunately they don’t have a vast selection of Attack on Titan uniforms up for grabs.

One high quality product I managed to find on the site that includes all the gear and accessories worn by Eren Jaeger in the show.

Each set is quite affordable and you can get a complete set which includes a high quality cloak, body armor, trousers, loincloth, a top and a wig, all for under $23 if you buy more than 20 sets at a time.


  • Budget friendly and affordable
  • High quality materials
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Discounts over 20 pieces


  • Cost remains the same irrespective of the variant you’re buying

Check it out here

What to consider when buying Attack on Titan uniforms?

When you’re shopping for an Attack on Titan uniform regardless of whether it’s for cosplaying or to simply own as a collectible, you have to consider 3 main things. 

  • The first one is the size of the uniform. The Attack on Titan uniforms are made to fit close to the body, so you may have to get one or two sizes larger than you usually wear in order to stay comfortable. 
  • Next, you’ll look at the quality. Most Attack on Titan uniforms are made of a cheap synthetic material, but you can find authentic uniforms that are made with genuine materials such as high quality cotton or polyester and leather. 
  • And finally, you have to look at the shipping and customer service offered by the seller. A quick and reliable shipping service is important especially if you have a cosplay event around the corner.
  • Also, ensuring the seller provides good customer service is key because if any problem should arise between the time you place your order and the time you receive it, then the seller will be able to help resolve  your problem.

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