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by Tim Howard

Sourcing wholesale Beyblades from China is easy and there are many places that sell high-quality BeyBlades for cheap. 

Sites like Alibaba, AliExpress and DHgate have plenty of BeyBlade models to choose from and the best part is they’re all extremely affordable and come with original packaging, in case you prefer collecting rather than playing with them.

You can even get your hands on a bunch of Takara Tomy and Hasbro BeyBlades for well under the market price, that is if you know where to look.

With that being said, I’m going to take you through the best wholesale BeyBlades that you can buy from China for cheap. I’ll also include a bunch of reputed and legitimate sellers you can check out to source BeyBlades from in bulk.

Let’s Begin!

What is BeyBlade?

Beyblade is a popular spinning top which was originally introduced in Japan in 1999. It was first produced as a toy, but has evolved into a popular TV show. The first season of the show was aired in 2000. In this show, a contestant must make his beyblade spin faster than his opponent’s beyblade in order to win the match. 

The basic beyblade consists of a metal core, a plastic or rubber outer-layer, and at least one “attack ring”. These toy tops spin at extremely high speeds and can hit speeds of up to 150 miles per hour! They are sold in starter packs that include a beystadium, beyblade, launcher, ripcord, and other necessary accessories.

Who makes BeyBlades?

There are many companies around the world that try and replicate the BeyBlade design and call it their own. Ultimately, the original BeyBlades perform the best and have been made by Takara Tomy and Hasbro since 1999. If the BeyBlade does not have a Takara Tomy or Hasbro branding then it’s most likely a replica or a fake.

Which is the best website to buy wholesale BeyBlades from China?

Top Wholesale BeyBlade Chinese SellersSeller Rating
Chinesefactory99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
ToysBeyBlade100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
BeyBlade Store98.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
The Childhood Toy Store96.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Luke’s Store97.3% Customer Satisfaction Rating
BeyBlade – Gifts Store98.1% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Fidget Toys Store95.7% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Wholesale Burst BeyBlade Gyro Set B188-E

beyblade replicas

One of my favorite BeyBlades available today, the Burst Beyblade Gyro Set. This beauty is made from Metal and Plastic ABS, also, its high performance, light weight and outstanding grinding power make it much more superior than other plastic beyblades in the market.

In order to pick up the B188-E wholesale, you will need to purchase a minimum  of 30 units where each unit consists of two BeyBlades, a ripcord and a launcher in a replica branded box. The seller was great and even offered sample pieces to check the quality of the toy.

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BeyBlade Metal Fusion BB28

wholesale beyblades

The BB28 Metal Fusion is another popular BeyBlade that you can buy wholesale. They are manufactured in China and are some of the most popular toys on the market. Each BeyBlade is made from Metal and Plastic ABS and you get it in a branded packaging. 

The store on Alibaba is offering them at under $2 a pop where each box consists of One Metal Fusion BeyBlade and one ripcord and launcher. They are built well and unlike the plastic BeyBlades, the BB28 spins much longer and can knock out the competition within seconds.

Ultimate Mateo L-Drago Red Dragon Wholesale BeyBlade

are beyblades from china good

If you’re looking to up your attacks then the Red Dragon BeyBlade is the one to get. It’s an all metal toy that has been designed for performance and speed. The kit consists of one Red Dragon, a ripcord and a launcher. You also get a bunch of stickers within the box that you can use to stick on the BeyBlade as shown in the images.

Here you can find over 20 different variants including the new variants from 2022. The seller is offering a good deal at around $1.18 a piece. Unfortunately, you’d have to go along with reviews on this one as the seller does not provide samples of their toys.

Wholesale Burst Arena Metal BeyBlade GT

Where to buy Beyblades from Aliexpress

Buy it wholesale or retail, the Meal Arena GT BeyBlade is made of high quality zinc alloy and comes with a PVC plastic gyro. The top is an exact replica of the Burst range of BeyBlades from Hasbro and it also comes with a box that looks quite similar to the original. Considering only replica BeyBlades are made in China, it’s safe to say that this replica is a great choice for those on a budget.

Unlike other wholesale BeyBlades on Alibaba, this one is a little pricey. If you buy it wholesale then you’re looking at under $5 a piece for anything over 24 units. However, if you do end up buying one or two then you’re looking at around $7 for one unit. The kit contains two BeyBlades, two ripcords, launchers and a battle arena.

Metal Fusion Gyro Arena Box

beyblades from aliexpress

The Metal Fusion Gyro ARena Box is a high quality replica box that consists of 12 metal BeyBlades along with two launchers and ripcords. All the BeyBlades come preassembled and sit in their designated storage compartments within the box. 

The box also contains stickers that you can affix onto your BeyBlades and there’s a removable section underneath the foam in the box that can be used as a mini stadium. The seller has gotten some pretty good reviews and you can only buy this BeyBlade set at a minimum order of 2 units. They are expensive, but considering that you get everything within a box, makes it a worthwhile purchase.

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Wholesale  Zero-G BBG27 Gladiator BeyBlade

best quality beyblades

This  is a first-copy of the original Takara Tomy BBG27 BeyBlade. It’s identical to the original and there’s absolutely no difference in terms of design and performance between the two. Each kit contains two BeyBlades, an additional gyro, a weight plate and a ripcord/launcher. All the components are packed individually and sealed neatly within the box. 

Every BBG27 comes with a user manual along with a sheet of stickers that you can use for your BeyBlade. While the box and manual are identical replicas of Takara Tomy, you will be able to notice that it’s a replica as it’s made in Hong Kong and not Japan. The seller offers bulk deals on this model and you can get it for as low as $17 if you buy over 50 units.

Metal Fusion 4D with Launcher Pack

best websites for beyblades

This wholesale bulk lot of 56 different Metal Fusion 4D BeyBlades is a steal deal at a little over $200. The entire lot consists of over 56 Beyblades including their launchers, ripcords and boxes. They’re high quality BeyBlades made in China and are one of the best selling products on DHgate.

The bundle is a mixed batch of 56 units, so you’re bound to get at least a handful duplicates in the lot. It’s a bargain at $4 a pop at wholesale and is something you should consider if you’re a store owner or wish to resell them on sites like Amazon at a slightly higher price.

Wholesale Lot Meteo L-Drago LW105LF BeyBlade

cheap high quality beyblade replicas

This is a wholesale lot of 10 pieces of first copy Takara Tomy BeyBlades shipped from China and is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen going for a lot of 10 units. This is a starter set, so it’s ideal for everyone just getting into BeyBlade. It’s designed for attacks, but lacks the added functionality that you would find on competition grade units.

Each BeyBlade is made from high quality materials and is built to last. They’re not low-grade, which is probably why they cost a bit more than others on this lst. Considering these BeyBlades retail for around $20+ in the market, as a seller/store keeper, you’re bound to a ke some profit off selling these.

B180 Booster Dynamite Takara Tomy BeyBlade

beyblades from china

The B180 is one of the premium booster BeyBlades and on AliExpress you can get it for around $10 a piece. This particular seller has a decent reputation in the field and most of their products are high quality replicas that are made in China. There are over 30 different colors and styles you can choose from and they all retail between $10-$50 depending on what you want and how many you want to buy.

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These high quality BeyBlades are not your average plastic and instead are all metal with a decent gyro powering them. All units come with a gyro, metal plate, face plate, locking mechanism, ripcord and a launcher packed nicely within a replica Takara Tomy box.

Which is the best website to buy wholesale BeyBlades from China?

Based on my overall experience, the best website to buy wholesale BeyBlade from China is AlExpress. The website has thousands of BeyBlades on sale with prices ranging from $0.50 – $20 a piece. Sellers on AliExpress are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to their products, so you can feel free to ask them anything you like and rest assured that you will get an answer. You can buy first copy BeyBlades and even authentic BeyBlades wholesale and with the quality of the products sold here being so good, your customers will come back asking for more.

Top Rated Wholesale BeyBlade Sellers from China

There are hundreds of different Chinese manufacturers who sell high quality BeyBlades for cheap. Though the prices are low, the quality of most of the goods are top notch and they can easily be passed off as the original thing. 

I managed to come across a bunch of reputed sellers on some online marketplaces that are actually friendly, responsive and deliver good quality products. Check them out!


What are BeyBlades from China made of?

Chinese BeyBlades are made of a variety of materials including ABS, metal, and rubber. These materials are high quality, durable and will ensure the BeyBlade lasts doesn’t get damaged easily. It is not recommended for any child under 6 years old to play with beyblades because it can cause a danger to the eyes.

Is it safe to buy BeyBlades wholesale from China?

Yes, it is safe to buy BeyBlades wholesale from China because the quality of the materials used is of a higher grade and the designs of the BeyBlades match original BeyBlades made by Hasbro and Takara Tomy. In order not to get ripped off by a Chinese seller, ensure that you check up on their seller stats and buyer reviews before buying from them.

How can I find wholesale BeyBlades?

Check on sites like Alibaba and AliExpress for some good quality wholesale deals. Sellers normally list the MOQ for each product on the product page itself to make it easier for us buyers. Some sellers will provide you up to a $4 discount on each BeyBlade if it is bought in bulk. You can search for wholesale BeyBlades by also using phrases like TKTK Top, Wholesale BeyBlade Toys, Let it Rip and so on.

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