Where to buy Daban Toys from AliExpress and China | Wholesale & Single Units with the Best Ratings!

by Tim Howard

If you’re looking for the hottest selling wholesale daban toys from AliExpress and China, you’ve come to the right place. There are many suppliers and manufacturers that are based in China and most of them conduct their operations via websites such as AliExpress and DHgate. 

Today, i’m going to take you through the best Daban toys you can get wholesale on AliExpress and we’ll also cover some of the best sellers based in China that deal with wholesale distribution of Daban toys and model kits.

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Top Wholesale Daban Toys from AliExpress and China

What is Daban Model?

Daban Model is a Chinese manufacturing company that specializes in replica Gundam model kits and action figures. They have been producing high quality replicas of Bandai and Bandai Spirits products for a couple of years and received multiple copyright violations for their replicas. Their toys are still being sold on sites like AliExpress and DHgate, so you can still get your hands on some Daban figures if you can’t afford the original Bandai versions.

Wholesale Daban Toys Sellers

Tim Toy Store96.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Baby & Children World95.3% Customer Satisfaction Rating
TwoSixToy Store97.2% Customer Satisfaction Rating
RY Boutique Store96.5% Customer Satisfaction Rating
League of Toys Store98.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Comic Club Store97.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Homestead Model Store100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Xue0798.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Shanye0796.7% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Brave_Men94.1% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Wholesale Daban Toys from AliExpress and China

Daban 8816 MB 1/100 Mobile Suit Astraea Type-F

Where to buy Daban Toys from AliExpress and China

Gundam Astraea Type F by Daban is the Metal Build Version. The cockpit has been removed and its sides are narrow. You also get 8 floating GN-Shields and 2 Avalung Big Swords. The Daban 8816 MG Gundam Master Grade Astraea Type F includes a Standbase with a Metal Build design for 70 USD. 

It is also complete in the weapon department, with multiple forms of GN-Shields as well as different types of weapons like the Avalung Big Swords. This kit also includes all the instructions and stickers so the figure looks complete.

MOQ – 1 unit (80+ in stock)

Material – High Quality ABS Plastic

Daban HG 1/144 MSN-001 Delta Gold Mobile Suit Assemble Kit

wholesale daban toys for sale

The 1/144 scale model kit of the MSN-001 Delta Gold Mobile Suit is up for sale and you can purchase it individually or in bulk. The details of the character have been crafted meticulously out of PVC plastic, which is durable enough to withstand children playing with it. 

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The model has articulation points so one can pose it however they want and the Gundam plastic modeling kits come with a skillful rendering to ensure the details like weapons, feet and hands have been crafted out of metal plastic.

MOQ – 1 unit (17,000+ in stock)

Material – High Quality ABS Plastic

Daban 6634 MG 1/100 EW OZ-00MS Taligeese T3 Kit

daban toys aliexpress

The Daban 6634 MG 1/100 EW OZ-00MS is a high quality model building kit that replicates the original to perfection. It is designed exclusively for collectors looking for a high-quality figure for cheap that they could proudly display as a part of their collection. 

It comes with an assembly guide that starts straight off with a demonstration of how to put together the figure’s amazing gun. The Taligeese T3 looks amazing when built and makes a great addition to any Master Grade collection, and the best part is you can opt for the original box along with this figure.

MOQ – 1 unit (19,000+ in stock)

Material – High Quality ABS Plastic

Daban MG 1/100 Model RX-0 Unicorn Destroyer

online store selling daban toys

MG 1/100 Model RX-0 Unicorn Destroyer is a great pre-painted snap together model kit. It’s one of the most well built model kits available in the market today and it comes at an affordable price. 

Available in two variants, one featuring the figure and base fully assembled, and the second is just the figure itself with no base that can be bought separately. The attention to detail on this kit is superb and we highly recommend you buy it if you are interested in Gunpla modeling.

MOQ – 1 unit (50+ in stock)

Material – High Quality ABS Plastic

Daban MG 1/100 Nu Ver Ka RX-93 Kit

best daban replicas from china

The Daban MG 1/100 Nu Ver Ka RX-93 Model Kit is not only up to the best standards of quality but compared to its rivals, it’s very cost effective. This model kit is made from high grade ABS plastic material which stands out over other materials because of its durability while individual parts can be neatly snapped off with ease. 

The included original box shows it off really well as a unique display piece and you also have an option to choose if you want it included or not, but that does make the product just a little more expensive than average. It’s currently rated as one of the best Daban toys to buy wholesale and there are plenty of buyers out there interested in this model.

MOQ – 1 unit (1900+ in stock)

Material – High Quality ABS Plastic

Daban MG 1/100 MBF-P02M Red Seed Astray Frame

daban toys replicas

The Daban Red Seed MG Astray Master Grade is a master grade 1/100 scale model that your average collectors will fall in love with.  It comes packaged in original packaging produced by Bandai, and this kit really stands out among any other master grade kits because of its red color tone which befittingly contrasts nicely with blue highlights! 

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They’ve even included an assembly manual for reference during assembly as opposed to just including decals or stickers. It is a figure that is available wholesale with discounts running on orders with over 13 pieces. However, even at wholesale rate, this model building it is a bit expensive and not ideal for beginners.

MOQ – 1 unit (Discounts on over 13 pieces)

Material – Master Grade ABS Plastic

Daban MG 1/100 Astray Red Heresy Gundam

best cheap daban toys

The Red Heresy Gundam is a very unique and awesome design, with its red armor and spiked wings. It stands at 1/100 scale and all the details are incredibly well-made. You get stickers to place on the parts that bring out the real Gundam look.

Every kit also includes a pair of double alloy samurai swords painted in gold and silver, as well as an extra large bracket to mount your completed figure on top. The price is one of the best out there making it affordably priced at $9 per kit on orders over 50.

MOQ – 1 unit (Discounts on over 50 pieces)

Material – ABS Plastic

Daban PG 1/60 Unicorn Fighter 02 Banshee

best daban toys from china

Here’s one of the largest and most popular Daban figures in the market, the Unicorn Fighter 02 Banshee. It’s a massive 1/60 scale model that stands tall on any table or platform. The figure comes with a base and is non assembled, so you have to manually build it from scratch.

Each runner is made from high quality PVC plastic and you also get an english instruction manual within the box. The overall quality is phenomenal and the final touches are on point with the original. It’s definitely something a collector would want to own and you can find wholesale deals that bring the cost down on this bad boy to around $85 a pop.

MOQ – 1 unit (Discounts on over 4 pieces)

Material – ABS Plastic

Daban Transformers 9907 Optimus Prime Model

daban toys china

Daban Models create a lot of different styled Gundam figures, but there are only a limited number of Optimus Prime models available in the market. This prized collectors edition OP figure is a complete build-it kit that comes with everything you need, including stickers and an instructions manual.

The kit is available in two variants, quite similar to most on this list. You can buy the 9907 Transformers kit as a standalone kit sans the branded box or you can opt for the box, but this might increase your customs duties. The seller is responsive and friendly, so you can personally check with them if they accept requests.

MOQ – 1 unit (Discounts on over 7 pieces)

Material – ABS Plastic

Daban 6615 1/100 Ver Ka Model Kit

most realistic daban toys

Daban 6615 1/100 Ver Ka Model Kit is a great all PVC kit that stands at 1/100 scale. All the components come packaged neatly in a premium box with swords, shields and an instruction manual included inside. It’s a well made kit you can choose to get at a wholesale price of $48 per model on orders of 10 pieces or more.

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The whole kit is packed well in a branded box and each runner comes sealed in their own individual packet. The parts are labeled appropriately so you won’t get confused wondering what goes where.

MOQ – 1 unit (Discounts on over 10 pieces)

Material – ABS Plastic

What to look for when buying wholesale Daban toys from AliExpress and China?

When sourcing Daban toys in bulk from Chinese vendors, there are a couple of things to remember so that you get your money’s worth.

  • Ensure that the vendor is a legitimate seller and has a positive customer satisfaction rating. They should also have permit refunds or replacements in case there’s any damage to the model kit.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that not all sellers offer branded boxes with the kits. A majority of them ship out the model kit in custom cardboard boxes. If you’re buying products in bulk and are planning on reselling them, request the seller to include the original boxes in the shipment.
  • Keep a check on the buyer reviews and see whether customers were happy with their products. You can also check on Google by searching for the name of the seller along with words like scam or fraud to check if you should buy from them or not.
  • Finally, make sure to reach out to the seller personally as by doing this you can build a relationship with them and at times sellers tend to provide additional discounts and freebies with bulk and wholesale orders.


Is it safe to buy wholesale Daban toys from China?

Yes, it is safe to buy wholesale Daban toys from China, since the headquarters and the main factory is based there. You just need to do some research on the seller before placing your order on sites like AliExpress and confirm whether the seller distributes high quality products or not.

How can I find high quality Daban toys on AliExpress?

Simply key in the terms; Wholesale Daban Toys or Daban Wholesale and you will be able to see a wide range of Daban toys on sale. You will not be able to find products being sold directly by the manufacturer themselves, but only third-party sellers with stock ready in their inventory.

Are Daban toys good?

Yes, Daban toys are good. Just because they are manufactured in China and that they are affordable does not mean that the quality of the product is bad. Most of the major toy manufacturers are based in China because of the availability of raw materials and affordable labor. Daban is also one such Chinese manufacturer that uses high quality parts in their figures and at times they can be on par with original Bandai model kits.

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