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by Tim Howard

Are you struggling to figure out where to buy Demon Slayer logos from? Look no further as this article will help you with just that.

There are hundreds if not thousands of products bearing the Demon Slayer logo, from t-shirts and backpacks to badges, keychains and even stickers for laptops. You can find  them pretty much anywhere and the best part is they are available at a bargain.

Some of the best places where you can buy Demon Slayer logos from are AliExpress, DHgate, Amazon and even sites like Wish have a bunch of high quality Demon Slayer logo products up for grabs. 

This article will take you through some of the best places you can buy Demon Slayer logos from and also list out a bunch of high quality Demon Slayer logo products we think you might be interested in.

Best Demon Slayer Logo Sellers

Sunloong StoreAnime/Manga Store93.4% Satisfaction Rating
OsterBoyBadges, Pins, Patches, Stickers4.5/5 Satisfaction Rating
Musuo07Backpacks95.7% Satisfaction Rating
Marvellous World3D LED Lamps96.3% Satisfaction Rating
ToTo DropShippingAnime/Manga Apparel92.1% Satisfaction Rating
YiwearClothing and Apparel4.5/5 Satisfaction Rating
OSP Novelty StoreNovelty Accessories4.3/5  Satisfaction Rating

Check them out!

What is Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer: Kaimetsu No Yaiba is an anime/manga of the same name that focuses on Tanjiro Kamado, who after his entire family was killed and sister was turned into a demon, sets out to become a demon slayer and help find a cure for his sister. 

Top Rated Websites Where You Can Buy Demon Slayer Logo Products

There are many websites that offer high quality products that bear the Demon Slayer logo. But the most notable of the lot is AliExpress with their large inventory of products to choose from. 

Simply typing in Demon Slayer logo or Kimetsu No Yaiba in the search bar will bring up hundreds of results, most of which are keychains, backpacks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, stickers and even patches/badges for clothes that bear the Demon Slayer branding. 

The products available here are quite reasonable and almost anything you pick up is well under $10. Other websites do offer a variety of products, but don’t come close to AliExpress in terms of selection and quality. 

For example, Alibaba has a couple of keychains, hoodies and t-shirts available at a bargain. On DHgate you will find backpacks and hoodies that bear the Demon Slayer logo and you can find stickers, keychains, badges and patches on sites like Amazon and Wish which are slightly more expensive when compared to AliExpress.

Where to Buy Demon Slayer Logo

Demon Slayer Logo Car Sticker

demon slayer logo car sticker

The Demon Slayer logo car sticker is a high quality decal that’s made from PVC material which is waterproof and has been coated with a sunscreen filament to protect it from environmental damage. The sticker is available in 4 sizes on AliExpress and all you’d have to do is simply peel and paste it on your car. 

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Buying this car decal in bulk is a great idea mainly because each unit costs around $1.50 for a 13cm diameter sticker and if you pick up 4 or more then the seller provides an additional 15% off on the entire order. 

Material – PVC 

Sizes – 13cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm

Demon Slayer Logo LED Night Light

demon slayer logo

LED night lights are gaining popularity thanks to their designs and off-beat look. If you want a nice quality Demon Slayer LED night light then there’s no better place to find one than AliExpress. This is a 3D LED night light that’s made from ABS material and I loved the fact that you get to choose the color and if you want a remote or not as a part of the order.

For just around $11, it’s a pretty sweet deal and one of the best things about this item is that the seller offers free shipping to the US. Quality wise, the Demon Slayer logo night light is rather well built and will look great on a desk, night stand or showcase with your Demon Slayer figure collection. 

Currently the  seller has their anniversary sale going on, so go ahead and avail it with additional discounts while the sale lasts.

Material – ABS

Size – 8.23” * 5.91”

Kimetsu No Yaiba Logo Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt

demon slayer logo tshirt

Like I said, AliExpress is the best place to find products that bear the Demon Slayer logo and this t-shirt is one fine example of the high quality and budget friendly products that are available on the site. 

Available in 5 styles and in sizes ranging from XS all the way to XXXXL, this unisex short sleeve t-shirt is made from a blend of poly and ctton and fits quite well. The Demon Slayer logo is printed on the t-shirt and will not fade even after a couple of washes.

Based on personal experience, this t-shirt, though high quality, needs to be washed at least once before being worn for the first time as it tends to give off a strong scent of polyester that goes after the first wash.

Material – Polyester + Cotton

Size – XS – XXXX

5.1” Demon Slayer Logo Waterproof Sticker

demon slayer logo waterproof

If you’re interested in buying high quality stickers for your laptop or van then check out the collection on Amazon. This waterproof sticker bearing the Demon Slayer logo is made from Vinyl and comes with 3 layers so you know that it’s of good quality material.

The sticker lasts up to 5 years when exposed to external elements and up to 7 if it’s stuck indoors. It’s slightly expensive for a single unit, but that’s due to the quality of the material used to make the sticker. 

Material – Polyvinyl Chloride

Size – 5”

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Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Embroidered Iron On

Demon slayer emroidered iron

There’s another seller on Amazon who deals with anime and manga related products. One of their most popular Demon Slayer logos is an iron on patch. This patch can be stuck by using an iron or by sewing it onto your jacket or bag. 

It’s made from high quality cotton and each order consists of two units, one in English and the other in Japanese. Osterboy products are available in abundance on Amazon and again, unlike AliExpress or Alibaba, the prices here are a bit expensive.

Material – Cotton

Size – 4” (Pack of 2)

100pcs Demon Slayer Waterproof Stickers

demon slayer waterproof stickers

Amazon is known for their collection of high quality PVC Vinyl stickers of different cartoon and anime characters. If you want Demon Slayer logo stickers then a bunch of 100 stickers is going to cost you around $5 on Amazon. 

These stickers are of good quality and can be reused. Moreover, each sticker has been cut well and they have numerous application possibilities which include outdoor use as well. 

One of the main reasons why we recommend checking out Amazon for good Demon Slayer logo stickers is that the ones sold here are all made from Vinyl with only a handful that use paper, so the end result is a really good sticker that is waterproof and is protected from environmental changes.

Material – PVC Vinyl

Size – 1.5” – 2.5” (100 pcs)

Demon Slayer Logo Hoodie

demon slayer logo hoodie

Now if all kinds of products such as keychains, stickers, t-shirts and bags can have the Demon Slayer logo on it then why not sweatshirts and hoodies? This seller on Alibaba, Dongguan Yiwear Apparel has one of the best quality Demon Slayer logo hoodies that i’ve come across.

This hoodie is made from high grade dyed yarn and has a hood. It also has anti-wrinkle properties, it’s breathable and does not shrink when washed. The seller has a range of colors available and they cater to everyone, so feel free to go ahead and pick up a bunch of these fantastic hoodies at a bargain.

Material – Dyed Yarn

Size – S-XXL

Kimetsu No Yaiba Logo Laptop Backpack

demon slayer logo keychain

Probably one of the coolest looking Demon Slayer logo backpacks is this one found on DHgate. The seller offers the same design in three different styles and you get to choose between a satchel, a kit bag and a backpack, all which bear the Demon Slayer theme and logo.

For under $20, this is the most well-made anime backpack i’ve come across. It’s made entirely from Polyester and has a durable zipper unlike those you get in some unbranded Chinese bags.

The seller undertakes large orders as well and you can get bulk discounts if you order more than 10 pieces. New users are entitled to additional discounts and the one thing we truly loved about this backpack is that it’s large enough to fit a couple of notebooks and a laptop.

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Material – Polyester

Size – 16”

Demon Slayer Logo Enamel Keychain

The last one on the list today of Demon Slayer logo products is a high quality enamel keychain that’s sold on Wish. It’s blended with metal and features only the Demon Slayer logo on the front in English.

The keychain is a first copy of the ones you get from Bandai and that’s probably why it’s a bit expensive. There are not many of them in stock, so grab yours while they last.

Material – Enamel + Metal

Size – 2”

How to Choose the Best Website to Buy Demon Slayer Logo?

There are many ways you can go about choosing the best website to buy from but it all boils down to stock availability, pricing and quality of the product. To ensure you get the best for the money you spend, consider the following:

  • Make sure that the website you choose has a valid refund/returns policy so you know that if you do happen to receive bad quality products then you can either replace the item or get a refund.
  • Keep in mind that the website should have a secure payment gateway.
  • Go through a bunch of buyer reviews of the website and the seller on that site to see if you can rely on them for large orders. Try dropping a message to the seller and see if they respond in a timely manner.
  • Check if the website provides multiple payment options.
  • Make sure the website has a customer service line that you can reach out to in case you face a problem with the seller or the mode of shipping.


Can I print my own Demon Slayer logo?

Yes, as long as it’s for personal use and not for marketing purposes or for sale. 

Where can I get Demon Slayer logos near me?

You can check local gaming stores like Target, GameStop and Walmart for branded Demon Slayer logo merchandise like stickers, trading cards, manga and even BluRay copies of the show.

What search terms can I use to find Demon Slayer logos?

You can type in search terms like Demon Slayer brand logo, Kimetsu No Yaiba logo, Demon Slayer + Product Type (t-shirt, bag, sticker).

Is it a good idea to buy Demon Slayer logos from China?

Buying Demon Slayer logos from China is actually a fantastic idea considering the products you get from China are all made from good quality materials and are quite affordable. You can either source the products in retail or bulk and either way they will be affordable and you can make a profit reselling them on sites like Amazon.

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