Wholesale Anime Hair Bangs from Aliexpress & China in 2022 | Who is the best supplier?

by Tim Howard

Wholesale anime hair bangs is one such product you should consider investing in especially if you have a costume store. They are highly sought after in the cosplay community and the good quality ones you can get from China are actually some of the best in the world, even though they don’t cost too much.

While not everyone out there would prefer to buy anime hair bangs, young girls and women who wish to portray their favorite Japanese anime/manga characters will be the first to line up outside your store to get their hands on a set of new bangs.

Throughout this article, i’ll take you through where you can pick up wholesale anime hair bangs  for both your personal and professional needs. I’ll even provide you with a list of recommended sellers you can connect with to source high quality anime hair bangs directly from China.

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Top Anime Hair Bangs SellersSeller Rating
Little Bird Official100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Wood Festival98.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Blue Exit Store96.5% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Anihut Store96.0% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Rolecos Store96.0% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Ailiade Store93.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Where can I buy wholesale anime hair bangs?

There are a number of wholesale dealers and distributors from China that specialize in high quality anime hair bangs. You can try sourcing the bangs from reputed vendors and have them delivered to your doorstep in a couple of weeks.

On these sites, you will find wholesale anime hair bangs such as the Hu Tao from Genshin Impact and a wide variety of other high quality synthetic anime cosplay wigs, extensions and hair bangs for cheap. Prices and quality vary from seller to seller, so ensure you thoroughly check up on the seller before placing your order.

Best Wholesale Anime Hair Bangs Vendors

Wholesale Anime Hair Bangs

Anogol Anime Cosplay Long Synthetic Hair Bangs

This wig is exactly what you want when portraying an Anime character as it can be styled with an iron and is heat resistant up to a temperature of 410°F or 210°C. It is made from virgin fiber that is silky smooth and soft. The wig also comes with a wig cap and is packaged rather well.. 

With a stretched length of 26”, this anime hair bangs is the perfect choice for a variety of anime characters. The seller offers wholesale deals on this product with a minimum order of 30 units. However, they do let you buy samples at around $13 a piece, so you can check the quality beforehand and then place your order.

MOQ – 

Anogol Short Bobs with Flat Bangs Anime Hair

Anogol Short Bobs with Flat Bangs Anime Hair

This is a high quality wig with flat bangs and silky straight non remy synthetic hair. The Anogol short bobs with flat bangs is made of high temperature fiber which is resistant to heat and can be styled as you wish. It also happens to be one of the most popular styles and a must-have for any anime lover! Whether you are dressing up for a cosplay, attending anime conventions, or doing everyday school activities, this wig can help you achieve that look.

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You can buy this anime hair bang off Alibaba and each unit will cost you $13. The seller accepts wholesale deals and you can get this wig for as low as $$12 a pop if you happen to buy more than 100 pieces in a single order. You can even request the seller to customize the boxes, logo and graphics of the wigs if you order more than 100 units.

Ombre Synthetic Anime Hair Bangs

Harajuku Fairy Cosplay Synthetic Anime Hair Bangs

The Ombre synthetic anime hair bangs is one of the best products to use while cosplaying. It is heat resistant, allowing you to style it as you wish to achieve your desired anime look and is a full wig with 7 inches of hair at the shortest part in front while the longest length goes to 28 inch at the back.

This anime hair bangs wig can be bleached and dyed to any color you want. It’s tangle-free, is cuticle aligned and comes with a top swiss lace cap, The seller takes wholesale orders and anything over 50 pieces will cost you around $7 a piece which is a real steal deal considering the quality and length of this anime hair bangs wig.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Brown Anime Hair Bangs

WoodFestival Anime Cosplay Synthetic Green Wig with Bangs and Ponytails

This wig is a must-have for any anime fan! Genshin Impact’s Hu Tao Brown Anime Hair Bangs look identical to the original character and are quite comfortable. The hair feels really soft (though it’s synthetic), and you can style it however you want. You don’t even need to use styling tools! Just play around with your fingers if you’re in a rush, or if you have more time on hand, use a flat iron or curler.

It’s available wholesale and is shipped straight from the manufacturing factory in China. The seller offers a $4 discount on each item if more than 6 pieces are bought. They do offer wholesale deals on more than 20+ pieces, however you will have to reach out to the manufacturer and request a bulk order for any quantity over 15.

WoodFestival Anime Cosplay Synthetic Green Wig with Bangs and Ponytails

Anogol Anime Cosplay Long Synthetic Hair Bangs

This anime cosplay wig is made of high quality synthetic hair. It is a perfect accessory to create a stunning anime costume and the wig can be styled differently according to your needs. The anime hair bangs wig comes with 2 clip-on ponytails and an adjustable net cap making it great for Halloween, parties or cosplaying.

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The hair is heat resistant and you can use a flat iron of it to achieve any look. It’s affordable and the seller offers bulk deals on orders over 20 pieces, so you can expect to get one of these high quality anime hair bangs at a wholesale price of $26 to $10 depending on the order count. One good thing here is this seller is responsive and has been manufacturing high quality wigs and bangs for over 6 years.

Harajuku Fairy Cosplay Synthetic Anime Hair Bangs

Rolecos Mai Sakurajima Anime Hair Bangs

This wholesale Harajuku fairy cosplay anime hair bangs wig is a perfect accessory for your costume. It is durable and can be used more than once if cared for correctly. There are adjustable buckles that fit most head sizes, and It’s easy to wear allowing you to put it on or take off within seconds. 

The hair at the back is 25” long whereas the bangs at the front are hardly 7” long. This means that you can style the hair in any way you want. This wholesale anime hair bangs wig is not as affordable and even buying it at wholesale prices only guarantees a 5% discount on the overall bill.

Wholesale Hikawa Sayo Anime Hair Bangs

Wholesale Hikawa Sayo Anime Hair Bangs

If you’re looking for some BanG Dream Hikawa Sayo anime hair bangs then these should be a treat. It’s made of high temperature fiber  that’s lightweight and can be worn for a long time without feeling any pressure on your face or head. The wig is 19 inches long at the back and 6 inches bangs at the front, ideal for most anime costumes. It comes with a wig cap to protect your own hair from being tangled into the synthetic fibers and it can be ironed to take on different styles.

It’s available on AliExpress for around $22 a piece and you can order more than two and get a 5% discount on your whole order. The seller is pretty decent and you can chat with them before placing your wholesale order just to see if they can take on personalized customizations. 

Rolecos Mai Sakurajima Anime Hair Bangs

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Brown Anime Hair Bangs

The Mai Sakurajima cosplay anime bangs wig is a non-lace, high temperature fiber wig made and imported from China. It is 31 inches in length at the back and comes with 6 inch bangs at the front. The wig cap has adjustable straps to fit a variety of head sizes and shapes so that’s one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about.. The silky smooth fibers are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end making it an ideal anime wig to wear for cosplay events or costume parties.

You can buy this in wholesale on AliExpress for around $22 a pop and sellers are providing discounts on orders of over 2 units. The quality is good and Rolecos is known for their high-grade anime wigs and cosplay hair pieces on AliExpress, so go ahead and check them out.

How to choose the right anime hair bangs?

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Anime bangs are cute. However, you must be careful when purchasing them. 

The most important thing is to pay attention to the color of the bangs. Bangs with a color that is not similar to your hair will look very bad and not sit well. 

The material is also very important to pay attention to and If the bangs are not made of silk, waterproof and soft textured material, they are not good for your hair. 

Anime hair bangs you can get off DHgate, Alibaba and AliExpress are all high quality pieces that are made from a non-remy, synthetic material that’s soft, easy to style and is heat resistant so you can use a  flat iron on it.

You should also check the size and see if it fits your head. Some sellers offer bangs with a hair cap that is adjustable so anyone can wear it, regardless of your head size. 

Some sellers also offer clip-on bangs that you can directly clip onto your hair without the need of the entire wig. These are much cheaper and you can buy them wholesale off AliExpress and Alibaba.


What are anime hair bangs called?

Anime bangs are called “Hime Cuts”. This hairstyle originated in Japan and it’s when a person has long hair at the back of their head and short straight bangs right across the forehead with side locks that are normally leveled at the chin.

What material are anime hair bangs made of?

Anime hair bangs are generally made from high quality human hair or are synthetic. The ones sold on sites like AliExpress and Alibaba are made from a heat resistant synthetic material allowing you to create multiple anime hairstyles in no time. These hair bangs can also be bleached or colored to your liking.

Is it safe to buy wholesale anime hair bangs?

Yes, it is safe to buy wholesale anime hair bangs from sellers on Chinese marketplaces. These products are generally safe to use and are made from high quality materials so you won’t face any issues with hair getting tangled or some scalp infection/rash. However, to rest assured that you’ve picked the right product, check up on the seller and see if h/she is legitimate. Also, go through the reviews to find out what buyers have said about the bangs and you can even personally reach out to the seller and share your questions and concerns, the ones who respond in a professional manner are the good sellers who you can rely on.

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