Top 10 Headphones from Aliexpress | The Best Aliexpress Headphones in 2020

by Tim Howard
Best Headphone Store on Aliexpress

Store Name: Bluedio Headphone Store

Store Description: One of the best selling headphones on Aliexpress is the Bluedio headphone. A store with super affordable audio equipment that has style and substance!

Price range: $10 - $80

  • Quality of Headphones

For the past so many years I’ve been researching the best headphones of Aliexpress that doesn’t break the bank. I’ve wanted to know if we can find cheap headphones that have the best quality. If you are looking for the top headphones on Aliexpress in 2020, then you are in the right place.

Best Bluetooth Headphones on Aliexpress

Best Wireless Headphones 2020Brand and Headphones
Best Aliexpress HeadphonesJBL T500T
Best Cheap Noise Cancelling HeadphonesAusdom ANC 10 
Headphones with Best BassBose
Best Wireless Headphones with MicMixcder E9
Best Wireless Headphones Under $40Bluedio T7
Best Wireless Headphones Under $50Mixcder E7
Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2020Sony WH-1000
Best Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 2020Cowin E7
Best Bluetooth Headphones BrandLangsdom BT25
Headphones with Best Battery LifeAusdom ANC 8 
Best Wireless headphones on Aliexpress under $20Ukkuer Headphones

Best Headphones Brands on Aliexpress

Headphones on AliexpressLink
Bluedio [Top Rated]Link
Edifier [Top Rated]Link
Oneodio [Top Rated]Link
Qear Gaming HeadphonesLink
Ausdom [Top Rated]Link
Mixcder [Top Rated]Link
Cowin [Top Rated]Link
Langsdom [Top Rated]Link

Aliexpress Headphones Review

Not sure if Chinese Bluetooth headphones are worth or not? Check out some of these picture reviews!

Best Aliexpress Headphones 2020

#1 — The Original JBL T500BT

Check it out here

These active noise-cancelling headphones from JBL are great value for money. Bass lovers would love the headphones but these would not disappoint those who prefer a bit more balance in the sound either. These 6-ounce headphones have a softly padded headband and earpieces which make this ideal to be used for long hours at a stretch. The battery punches a good 16 hours on full charge and takes only about 80 minutes to fully charge the device. These easily connect to any device and the smart feature enables seamless toggling.

Click here to purchase – $66.33


Check it out here

These 8-ounce light, completely foldable, Bluetooth headphones from Ausdom are the next in the active noise cancelling series. These headphones come with a hard carrying case and a 3.5 mm cable to enable listening to music even when the charge runs out. The headphones have fully extendable side-arms for a comfortable fit. They are softly padded all around – even the inner bits that touch the ear, making them perfect for extended usage. The ANC10 performs well for its price point, delivering crisp audio and maintaining balance across all levels. May not be a preference for bass lovers.

Click here to purchase – $41

#3 — Mixcder E9

Check it out here

The Mixcder E9 noise-cancelling headphone can easily pass off as a budget substitute for the more expensive brands with all its practical features and good looks! The noise cancellation of these headphones can be compared to the best in the market. These are completely foldable and an upgrade from the E7 both in the build quality and comfort. These headphones don’t feel like plastic and the cushioned headband and ear pads are covered with soft faux leather which feels great on the ears. These have an active listening period of 30 hours which is very handy for long travels. These also come with a hard case which is unique for the price point. 

Click here to purchase – $55

#4 — Mixcder E7

Check it out here

The Mixcder E7 comes in its own carry-on case which makes it very convenient to throw into a bag and carry on! These Bluetooth headphones also come with an additional cable to give you the plug and play option. The plastic body feels strong but is quite flexible. It also looks neat with a matte finish and faux leather cover, giving it the look of a much more expensive brand. Bass lovers will not be disappointed but sometimes the high notes get muddier. A minor but significant detail is the measurement marking on the adjustable headband, to ensure you get the right fit on both sides! These come in three different colours – a subtle green, a bright orange and black. The noise cancellation works well but could be better.

Click here to purchase – $44

#5 — SONY WH-1000XM3

Check it out here

One of the world’s leading brands, Sony, has given us a set of headphones that checks all the boxes! The Sony WH-1000XM3 is designed to be light, flexible and softly padded and can be used comfortably for long periods. The touch-sensitive controls on the right earcups are not only neat but also make usage simpler. However, these may also register phantom touches in very cold weather which can be an irritant. The USB type C charging enables quick charging and the battery life is one of the longest, lasting up to 30 hours! These headphones deliver a punchy bass which is sure to be a hit amongst hip-hop, pop and BDM lovers. The google assistant is a nice add-on to stay connected even while enjoying music. 

Click here to purchase – $

#6 — Bluedio T7

Check it out here

The Bluedio T7 is a nice surprise in the budget range of headphones, with their premium build that’s durable and flexible. These come in three different colours- black, red and yellow, along with a carry-on pouch, which may have to be replaced with a hard case bought separately. The sound volume may be a tad bit lower than top brands but the quality is excellent all around. The noise-cancelling fades out external noise only by a slight extent. These use Bluetooth 5.0 that makes it a breeze to connect with devices, both android and ios. The battery life is quite long with roughly 20 hours running with active noise cancellation switched on. 

Click here to purchase – $34

#7 — Langsdom BT25

Check it out here

The Langsdom BT25 comes with its own hard case that makes it very convenient for travel. The sturdy plastic body and faux leather cover have a premium feel to it. It is quite durable and flexible with an adjustable headband but for a smaller head, it feels a bit loose, leading to some loss in sound volume and quality. When it sits comfortably, it offers excellent quality on all levels and the volume has an immediate boost. The noise cancellation works pretty well in cutting off basic external disturbances. There is a sight hissing white noise when the ANC is on but it fades away after a short while. The battery packs a good 38 hours of active listening time. 

Click here to purchase – $46

#8 — Original Cowin E7

Check it out here

The heavy foam-padded, glossy headphones by Cowin look premium for the price they are set at and come with a soft faux-leather drawstring pouch. These budget headphones are fitted with built-in noise cancellation and a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. These are equipped with NFC technology which enables quick and easy pairing to Bluetooth devices. These are slightly bulky, weighing over 13 ounces but the padding might make it comfortable for longer durations of use. The sound quality is excellent, capable of picking up all the notes. These are available in five brilliant colours – purple, blue, black, white and red. 

Click here to purchase – $59

#9 — Ausdom ANC8 

Check it out here

Ausdom ANC8 active noise-cancelling headphones feel very comfortable on the ears for long listening hours due to the good cushioning all-round. These foldable headphones come with a supplementary cable which enables one to connect even when the battery runs out. The black matte finish gives the headphones a premium feel and the build quality is durable. The battery packs a good 18 hours of active listening. The noise cancellation does well to keep the outside noise to a minimum. These headphones also come with a hard case for easy portability.  

Click here to purchase – $61.98

#10 — Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Check it out here

The world’s trendsetter for audio accessories, Bose, has released these light-weight, very flexible, noise-cancelling headphones in three posh colours – black, rose gold, silver and more that can be customised for a price. Needless to say, the sound quality is very rich and there is hardly any leakage except at very high volumes. These are completely foldable and come with a compact hard case like other brands at this price point. The battery lasts for about 18 hours of active listening and what makes it more impressive is that it connects to both Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa.

Click here to purchase – $279

#11 — Ukkuer Headphones

Ukkuer a few years back was a young brand and now they are a behemoth with a 99.4% rating on Aliexpress and 30,000+ followers. They’ve gained in popularity because of their amazing headphones that are cheap as well.

ukkuer headphones

These wireless headphones cost $18 and supports a TF card. It also has the option for a FM. It comes in Black Gold, Red and Ivory Pink. It charges in 2 hours and has a continuous working time of 10 hours.

It has a folding design which makes it easily portable.

Check it out here – $18

#12 — Oneodio StudioPro DJ Headphones

Oneodio has been one of the most popular headphones on Aliexpress. The DJ headphones from Oneodio is a super popular headphone and it is reasonably priced at $25.

It has numerous colour variations such as Rose Gold, Grey, Black, Pro-silver and more. It has a 50mm neodymium driver that delivers the controlled bass. This is perfect for DJ’s to get their mixes right.

Oneodio headphones

The StudiPro has a flexible design that can change sizes according to the size of your head. It ships with a detachable spring cable with a 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack.

The sensitivity is about 110 decibels and an impedance of 32.

Check it out here – $27.99

#13 — Hanxi Headphones

The Hanxi Headphones are super affordable and high quality headphones on Aliexpress. What makes this headphone popular is its price and its wireless. It has 4 colour options – Blue, Green, Grey and Red.

Hanxi headphones aliexpress

It has a 40mm neodymium magnet stereo for perfect sound distribution. It has dedicated buttons for calls, volume control. It has the option for a small SD card. It has a LED indicator light that points to whether the device is on or not.

The soft earmuffs sit comfortably on the ear. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 for a seamless listening experience.

Check it out here – $17.96

What are the best headphones to buy?

It’s difficult to answer this as some people are looking for the best headphones for gaming while others are looking for the best headphones for music and so on. But if you want something that has the best features, here’s a checklist that can help you out!

  • Active Noise Cancellation – If you want to concentrate the sound and keep it only to your ear, then having ANC in your headphones is super important.
  • Battery Life – Another very important aspect is battery life. A good pair of headphones will be able to last for 12+ hours without having to recharge.
  • Covers your ears – Few headphone companies get cute with their designs and create headphones that doesn’t cover their ears completely. This is a design that is flawed and will not give you a good sound experience. So when you buy headphones, ensure that it covers your ear completely.

How to Choose the Right Headphone?

Choosing a headphone isn’t as hard as we think it is. There are a few parameters that you need to look into to choose the right phone for your needs. Here they are

Wired Headphones or Wireless Headphones

This is pretty straight forward. My suggestion is, go for a wireless headphone because in most cases, the manufacturer packs wires inside. A wireless headphone can become a wired headphone, but a wired headphone cannot become wireless (It can! But it’ll stop working!)

Battery Life

This is so important. You want the battery on your headphone to be awesome. You don’t want to keep charging it. You already have a lot of devices to charge and you don’t need anymore. A good battery life is around 10 to 12 hours of use, which is pretty great. Anything lesser then you might want to think twice.


This is a huge factor for me. I travel a lot and I don’t want to end up carrying those big boxes that headphones come in. I like the ones that are detachable and that can be folded. This is very easy to carry and store. It doesn’t affect the sound in any way as well!

Sound Quality

This is so obvious that I didn’t want to mention it. But I have to. Sound quality does differ among the various headphones out in the market. There is a difference in bass and all the other sounds. If you are an audiophile, then think long and hard about the quality you want.

Noise Cancellation – Yes or No

Do you need noise cancelling headphones? Or no?

A few people claim that noise cancelling headphones don’t work. That it doesn’t make a difference. In my opinion, it does. It muffles the ambient sound to such an extent that you really can’t hear the outside world when you are wearing noise cancelling headphones. If you had a choice between ANC headphones and Non-ANC headphones, I would choose noise cancelling headphones.

Chinese Bluetooth Headphones – Are they worth it?

Chinese headphone brands like Mixcder, Ausdom, Langsdom, Bluedio, Oneodio are right up there in terms of quality and they are much better than a lot of the premium brands purely in terms of price and quality. These $50 headphones are way cheaper and much superior in comparison to the $200+ headphones. Here’s a simple review that I took a screenshot of that summarizes the entire situation.

Top headphones on Aliexpress

I hope this post has convinced you that Aliexpress headphones are pretty legitimate and they are much better than the big name brands that you encounter on a daily basis.

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