Best Fake Yeezy Slides | Are Yeezy Slide Replicas Good?

by Tim Howard

Yeezy Slides are possibly one of the most sought after pair of slides, so much so that every retail store has it marked either stocked out or are cashing in on unsuspecting customers by hiking the price. 

I’ve never seen slides go out of stock around the world this fast and never expected that to happen with the Yeezy slides considering many influencers mocked their design. 

The only way you can get your hands on a pair of Yeezy Slides in 2023 is by buying them directly from Chinese/South East Asian manufacturers. They are probably the best fake Yeezy slides you can find today, also they are affordable and won’t set you back.

Another reason you should consider buying fake Yeezy Slides is because the 1:1 copies and replica Yeezy Slides are available in a wide variety of colors and designs unlike the four available in the States; Pure, Resin, Core and Ochre.

Whether you’re lounging at home or strutting your stuff on the streets, these fake Yeezy slides will have you feeling like a superstar. Read on to find out more!

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Custom Print Yeezy SlidesLink
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Yeezy Slides with BeltLink
MXT Ochre Yeezy SlidesLink
Desert Sand Yeezy SlidesLink
Custom Robot Yeezy SlidesLink
WEH Graffiti Yeezy SlidesLink
XINYIDA Replica Summer Yeezy SlidesLink

Top 10 Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Elmo Yeezy Slides – $8.36

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

These fake Elmo Yeezy slides are a direct copy of the custom Studiosoda Elmo slides that are available in the States. They are comfortable to wear, are extremely versatile and will always remain as one of the most fashionable fake Yeezy slides around.

You can get them for under $10 a pair on Alibaba and they are made from EVA which is an elastomeric polymer (rubber) that is breathable, soft and flexible to wear.

1:1 Spongebob Yeezy Slides – $5.80

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Made from high quality PVC, EVA and cotton fabric, these custom print replica Yeezy slides feature a Spongebob print over the top and a soft, but breathable mid-sole that is easy on your feet.

This pair of fake Yeezy slides is available for under $6 a pop and there’s no minimum order quantity so it’s safe to say that it’s a worthwhile deal.

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Custom Print Yeezy Slides – $6.90

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Here’s one of the most customizable pairs of replica Yeezy slides you can find online. Manufactured and sold by the JinJiany Henghao shoe factory, these slides offer high levels of comfort and have been made from the best quality EVA which keeps the base anti-skid.

Whereas the mid sole and the upper section of the slides remain soft and cushioned, perfect for a day out at the beach. 

Yeezy Slides for Men – $4.99

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

These slides are made from high quality EVA, similar to the original and to give you an authentic experience, they even package the slides in a replica box that looks and feels much like the original.

The print work on the box and slides are of top quality and they offer customizations on orders if you buy them in bulk. For under $5, these are some of the best quality fake Yeezy slides we could find online. 

Replica Yeezy Slides with Belt – $5.50

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Available in three tones, this highly versatile pair of fake Yeezy slides can be worn at the beach or indoors and has been designed to prevent you from slipping if the surface is wet.

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You can style them in two ways by simply pulling the belt over the top and using them as regular slides or by taking them behind your heel and locking your foot in place if you’re worried about your foot coming out while walking or running. 

MXT Ochre Yeezy Slides – $35.99

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

These desert sand and summer fake Yeezy slides are some of the most expensive fake slides we’ve had a chance to check out. They are made from top quality materials, no doubt, and they come with premium packaging, but we expected these slides to at least carry the internal branding which is not there.

Overall, they are a great pair of near exact replicas of the Yeezy slides and these are made from PU rubber and not EVA so there’s a slight difference in the overall feel of them.

Desert Sand Yeezy Slides – $11.50

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

I would rate these desert sand replicas as one of the best made fake Yeezy slides on the market. Yes they are expensive, but they are much more affordable than the originals and they look exactly the same with no difference in the mouth and grips underneath.

Made from EVA, these slides come along with the tags and a replica box. The quality and finish is on point and they’re super comfortable to wear. 

Custom Robot Yeezy Slides – $17.99

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Xinyida is one of the most famous Yeezy replica manufacturers in China and one of the few who makes sure every small detail is in place. These unisex robot slides are made from  breathable EVA rubber that’s soft, comfortable and lightweight.

They go well with anything you wear and the cool print on the top of the slides doesn’t fade away easily assuring you of its high quality.

WEH Graffiti Yeezy Slides – $8.11

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

The WEH Yeezy slides replica is another awesome product to check out. It’s not an exact replica of the Yeezy slides but looks similar and is available in different colors and designs. These slides are comfortable to wear and offer high levels of breathability.

They however lack a few things that you would find on the original Yeezy slides such as the ribbed under sole and the Adidas branding on the midsole. 

XiNYIDA Replica Summer Yeezy Slides – $17.99

Best Fake Yeezy Slides

Here’s another variant of the Yeezy slides from Xinyida. They are similar to the replica Yeezy slides showcased above, but here you get more color options and it’s available in all sizes.

These are made from high-grade EVA polymer that ensures comfort and durability regardless of the terrain you walk on. They’re great alternatives to the yeezy slides and don’t cost much so it’s kind of a win-win.

Top Yeezy Slides Replica Sellers

Bestsneaker101Yangzhou JNP Co. LtdXINYIDA Store
Footlockersale4Fujian JinJiang Neikeng Mingtai ShoesAcgicea Global Store
SportfansgotJinJiang Micro Trade Co. LtdJokiha Shoe Store
OkogSanmen Loveyear Shoes FactoryXpay Boutique Store
OgmineCountry Freya Fur Clothing Co.Yubaby Store
AirdunkCousin 98.8% Store
Uandme66Coslony Store

What are Yeezy Slides?

Top Yeezy Slides Replica Sellers

Yeezy slides are a form of slip-on shoes that have been designed by Adidas in collaboration with Kanye West. They first appeared in December 2019 in a bunch of tonal colorways and offer a minimal aesthetic which has made them one of the highest selling slides on the planet. 

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Yeezy slides are available between $35 and $90 depending on the design, tone and size. 

However, it’s not quite easy finding Yeezy slides today as every time a new batch gets released, they fly off the shelves faster than you can say “Yi”. We found out that while the mono tonal slides are made here in the US, the dual tone slides and Yeezy foam runners are made in China.

Where can I buy the best fake Yeezy slides?

Truth be told, the best fake Yeezy slides are made and sold in China. Luckily online marketplaces like Alibaba, DHgate, and AliExpress have a bunch of first copy Yeezy slides for cheap. 

On these marketplaces you will find high quality replicas of some famous Yeezy slide designs such as Spongebob, Elmo, Robot and ones with graffiti prints and comic strips for well under $10 a piece and you can even opt for wholesale rates by buying more than one.

Here are a couple of sellers that deal in high quality fake Yeezy slides.

Are Yeezy Slide Replicas Good?

Yeezy slides have become a highly sought-after fashion item, with their unique design and association with popular rapper Kanye West. However, the high price tag of the authentic Yeezy slides has led to the emergence of replica versions that are more affordable.

The quality of these replicas can vary greatly, with some being of good quality and indistinguishable from the real thing, while others are poorly made and may not last long. Ultimately, whether Yeezy slide replicas are good depends on the specific product and the manufacturer. It is important to research the seller and read reviews before making a purchase.

How to tell the difference between real Yeezy slides and fake Yeezy slides?

Regardless of how high quality fake Yeezy slides are, Chinese manufacturers tend to miss out on a few final touches that end up changing the overall appearance. While the change might not be major, it takes a trained eye to notice the differences. 

Here’s how  you can distinguish between original and fake Yeezy slides.

  • Check the heel – Yeezy slides come with a curvy, but defined heel section that gives it a premium look. Fake slides don’t look as sleek and the curvy section is very prominent and defined on the fake slides.
  • Check the top – When you look at Yeezy slides from the top, original slides have a defined oval opening for your toes whereas replica Yeezy slides don’t have smooth transitions and the opening would appear flat rather than oval. 
  • Check the Footbed Logo – The footbed of the slides have to have the Adidas logo engraved into it. The Adidas logo will appear much more defined and edgy over the fakes which are generally pale and asymmetrical.
  • Check the inside – All authentic shoes and slides will have the manufacturing details printed on the inside. The Yeezy slides come with the brand name “Yeezy” along with the foot size and “Made in China”. Fake Yeezy slides only have Made in China printed on the inside of the slides and the quality of the print work done is shoddy.
  • Check the font and print on the box – Most replica Yeezy slides come with custom printed boxes that resemble the original. However, though these boxes look authentic, there are actually a couple of differences in the alignment, font and size of the letters printed on the fake yeezy slides box vs the original slides box.

Are black Yeezy slides real?

Yeezy slides have always been either dark charcoal or speckled tan, but last year they revealed an all black pair of Yeezy slides.

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Are fake Yeezy slides worth it?

Yes, not only do they cost way less than the original Yeezy slides, but fake slides are made from similar and sometimes the same materials as the originals. Fake Yeezy slides are also available in different colors, sizes and designs which you can’t get with original Yeezy products.

Is it hard to get fake Yeezy slides?

No, it’s actually very easy to get your hands on a pair of high quality fake Yeezy slides. Simply check on Alibaba or AliExpress and you can find a vast collection of different Yeezy slides on sale for well under $10 a pair. Place the order and wait for a couple of weeks to get your new replica Yeezy slides delivered to your doorstep.

What are 1:1 Yeezy slides replicas made of?

Fake Yeezy slides are made from a blend of rubber and foam. It’s the same compound used to make authentic Yeezy slides thus providing you with high levels of comfort and durability.

Is it safe to buy fake Yeezy slides from China?

In short, yes. The fake Yeezy slides that are sold on Chinese marketplaces are made from good quality materials and are extremely affordable. These sites and sellers also offer discounts on products and can be contacted if you have any special request before shipping out your products.

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