14 of the Best Chinese Guitars | Good Quality Guitars on a Budget

by Tim Howard

As a guitarist myself, I’ve always been impressed by the quality instruments coming out of China. They offer fantastic value, especially for beginners or those looking to expand their collection without breaking the bank.

But with so many brands and models, choosing the right Chinese guitar can be overwhelming.

This article is here to help! I’ve spent countless hours researching and comparing different guitars to bring you a list of the top 14 Chinese options.

Whether you’re an acoustic or electric player, a shredder or a fingerstyle enthusiast, there’s a guitar on this list that will perfectly suit your needs and budget.

We’ll cover everything from established brands to hidden gems, all known for their exceptional playability and sound quality.

Let’s begin!

Best Chinese GuitarsPrice RangePlayable Style
ALTAMIRA BASICA$48 to $77Classical Spanish
Best Choice 22 Fret$89 – $220Acoustic-Electric
KSG Snakebyte Guitar$315.00 – $465.00Electric (James Hetfield)
Epiphone ES-335$67.20Blues
Custom St Guitar$154.88Electric
Floyd-Rose Electric Guitar$284.05 – $379.05Electric
Eart Electric Guitar$397Electric
B.B.King Signature Electric Guitar$315Electric (BB King style)
Squier Affinity Stratocaster$200Electric (Beginner)
Acoustic Guitar for Beginners$11Acoustic (Beginner)
RhythmArter Customised SG GuitarN/AElectric (Customizable)
Do-Re-Mi 23-inch Acoustic Guitar for ChildrenN/AAcoustic (Children)
Smiger L-G1-ST Affinity Stratocaster$299Electric (Country Rock)
Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959$780.03Electric (Rock)

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Chinese Guitars - Are They Any Good

Top Chinese Guitar Brands

ALTAMIRA BASICA – $48 to $77

best chinese guitars

The Altamira Basica is a solid top classical Spanish guitar. The style is traditionally Spanish and the instruments are of the highest quality. They are crafted from premium rosewood, spruce, and cedarwood.

Altamira has positioned itself in the market with a perfect blend of quality and pricing. 

The made in China tag for this Spanish guitar raises more than one eyebrow, but the quality speaks for itself. They still follow the age-old Spanish craft of building beautiful musical instruments. The guitars from Altamira are far superior to most of its competitors. 

The finish on each of these beauties is because of the first line materials they use and most of their timber is European. Fir pine from Germany, Cedar from Spain, Rosewood from India are some of the wood they use among others. 

If you love guitars and always wanted a classical Spanish guitar, the Altamira Basica is my recommendation for you.


  • Made from premium Rosewood, Spruce and Cedarwood
  • Spanish craftsmanship replicated to build this guitar

Best Choice 22 Fret – $1329

top chinese guitars

This 22 frets full-size guitar from Best Choice is an acoustic-electric guitar equipped with a 4-band preamp that produces high-quality sound for professionals and beginners alike.

The Best Choice guitar comes with built-in volume control and a 4-band equalizer that can adjust bass, middle, treble, and the presence. It is ready to use out of the box and is perfect for professionals who want to practice on-the-go.

The Best Choice 22 Fret is crafted with a beautiful inlay, chrome tuners, and a glossy finish and will surely make heads turn. Made of quality wood, the guitar has a cutaway design. 

The Guitar has sold multiple pieces on Amazon for its pricing and quality and is available between   $ 89 – 220.


  • An acoustic-electric guitar with 4-band built-in equalizer and volume control
  • Made of good quality wood with a neat inlay and chrome tuners

KSG Snakebyte Guitar – $328

best chinese electric guitars

KSG Snakebyte James Hetfield electric guitar is a Hetfield inspired guitar and is manufactured in Weifang, China. The company has been in the manufacturing and exporting guitars for over 10 a decade and specializes in electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and accessories. 

The guitar is a lookalike of the signature James Hetfield Snakebyte guitar but the company has ensured the use of quality products. The guitar has an accurate tone, an eclectic appearance, and a smooth performance. 

The technicians have put in a lot of time in checking the guitars for the sound and how the guitar feels. The KSG Snakebyte’s white body is made of Mahogany and the fretboard is made of high-quality Rosewood. 

The makers offer free shipping from AliExpress and great packing for great pricing. You can buy this legendary knockoff from AliExpress for $315.00 – 465.00. Do look out for discount coupons when you are on the website. 


  • Made of Mahogany and Rosewood
  • Tested before shipping
  • Available with free shipping and discount coupons

Epiphone ES-335 – $67.20

The ES range of guitars are phenomenal to play and regardless of whether you’re looking at a Gibson or a Epiphone, both sound amazing and share some unique characteristics that make them stand out. The shape, sound and every tiny detail of the Epiphone ES-355 is on point and gives off a vintage feel and vibe.

The guitars available on AliExpress are available in different colors and the complete finish right down to the details on the ebony is customizable. Moreover, the ES-355 is a hollow body guitar that delivers a thick resonance making it perfect for blues.

Notably, many legendary Blues players such as BB King swear by the ES series of guitars for their fine tuned blues sound and who wouldn’t want something vintage without the steep price tag.

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  • Has a hollow body
  • Developed for classic blues players
  • Vintage style with a low price point

Custom St Guitar – $154

best china guitars

This 6 strings custom guitar from the Chinese guitar factory is certainly a looker. The guitars from the Chinese guitar factory are mostly made of mahogany and maple and this is no exception. The pickups and other parts are imported from Korea but assembled in China. 

The Custom St Guitar is one of the fastest-selling electric guitars on Aliexpress and exceptional value for money. The build quality is top-notch and what you see is what you get. It is advised to change the strings if you are a professional as the original ones are more for testing. It is a perfect gift for a beginner. 

Click on the link to order your Custom st Guitar on AliExpress for $154.88. They have a 12% off hot promotion going on as we speak. 


  • Made of Mahogany and Maple, assembled in China with parts imported from Korea
  • Premium build quality 


  • Original six strings that come along with the guitar are more for testing and need to be replaced if you are anything more than a beginner

Floyd-Rose Electric Guitar – $284 to $379

top china guitars

The 2020 edition of the Floyd-Rose is a passive closed type electric guitar and is a perfect fit for a beginner. The guitar’s bow is made of Brazil wood and the body is made out of Mahogany. 

The guitar goes through stringent tests before it reaches you, so it feels and sounds great. The buzz test, the sound test, and the finish are thoroughly checked before it is shipped. 

This electric guitar can be purchased on AliExpress between $284.05 – 379.05 based on the size. There is a 5% off on the product too.

The company is trying their best to meet your satisfaction and the guitar is delivered in foam packing to ensure 100% safety of the product. 


  • Made of Brazil wood and Mahogany
  • Run through sound test and buzz test before shipping


  • Intended for beginners but the pricing is higher than what an amateur would prefer to spend

Eart Electric Guitar EXPLORER-1 – $397

top chinese electric guitars

This classic looking electric guitar is one of the best Chinese guitars I have come across and there are many factors that make it the one the best. 

The Eart Electric Guitar EXPLORER-1 has a carbonized body and neck with two pieces of African wood in the middle which makes it durable.

The frets are polished and the pickups are made in Korea. This is a perfect electric guitar for a seasoned guitarist or a beginner who is about to turn semi-professional.

The Eart Electric Guitar EXPLORER-1 undergoes many tests such as buzz test, sound test, and workmanship test to check every aspect of the guitar. You can check out colors and models from Eart Electric Guitars here at AliExpress and pick your EXPLORER-1 today!


  • Made of carbonized body and neck with two pieces of Mahogany in the middle, and pickups imported from Korea
  • Tested before shipping
  • Available in multiple colours and models

B.B.King Signature Electric Guitar – $315

best chinese acoustic guitars

The Legendary BB King had an unmatched style which was truly intense. Every note he played made a statement and every verse he sang has something important to say.

His guitar was exceptional too with a special gauge and a nickel wrap that yielded tones that ranged from low to extreme highs. 

This BB King’s signature guitar available on AliExpress is manufactured by ESHYG brand from China and they have tried to match the original in all aspects. 

The passive closed type electric guitar has a 5-speed switch and semi-closed knob to give you that professional sound. The body has the legend’s signature which makes it a collector’s delight. 

This elegant piece is available on AliExpress for $315.00. 


  • Electric guitar with 5-speed switch 
  • B. B. King’s signature on the body

Squier Affinity Stratocaster

chinese guitars cheap

The Squier Affinity Stratocaster is an amazing piece of Guitar. It’s a Chinese guitar for beginners. At $200, it’s not cheap, but it’s not too expensive either and it’ll give the best experience for an absolute beginner and for somebody who is picking up the skill of a guitar pretty quickly.

It’s got a 9.5-inch fingerboard radius, which is easy for a beginner and quite big. The strat design is pretty epic and it’s one of the most iconic looks.

It’s got a three single coil pickup for different variations of tone. The body material is Poplar & Ebony. It’s got a vintage style Tremolo bridge with 6 saddle hardtail.

Check it out here


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has three single-coil pickups for tone variations
  • Made from Poplar and Ebony

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – $11

chinese acoustic guitars

Guitars have a reputation and that is, it’s the most discontinued musical instrument in the world. There are thousands of guitars in households across the world where it’s just gathering dust. If it’s your first guitar or if you are just learning, then it’s best to get a cheap guitar.

And Chinese beginner’s guitars are CHEAP! They don’t break the bank, but have the features, depth, nuance and strings of a legitimate guitar.

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This particular Rosefinch guitar is a 38/41-inch guitar that is suitable for beginners. The finger wood is made of Rosewood. It’s available in brown, black and white. And it looks great! If you are a beginner, then you can without a doubt check this Chinese acoustic guitar.

RhythmArter Customised SG Guitar

This brand manufactures guitars with customizable headstocks and logos. The deep red Mahogany used for the soundboard on this electric guitar will give you rock-music vibes, and the fretboard is made of Rosewood. The pickup and trill systems on the guitar are gold-coloured, which adds richness to the instrument’s look and the knobs are plated with chrome. 

While you may not find too many orders placed under each listing of RhythmArter, they have collectively sold multiple pieces across listings. This is expected, as single guitar designs don’t sell in large numbers unless they are endorsed by a popular musician. 

You can order from any location on AliExpress and the seller provides Free Shipping. You will have to contact the seller before placing the order, as you have to choose the customisable parts and confirm if you are left-handed or right-handed.


  • Customizable logo and headstock
  • Made of premium Mahogany and Rosewood


  • The trill system may be a bit bulky

Check it out on AliExpress here.

Do-Re-Mi 23-inch Acoustic Guitar for Children

This is the perfect product to get your kid initiated with a musical instrument. Most guitars stretch up to 38 inches, while this guitar is cut short at 23 inches – which makes it ideal for very young children as well. 

The six-string guitar is available in Black, Pink and Blue, with Basswood used to make all its parts. The instrument is a good buy for kids who are looking to get introduced to playing the guitar. The seller has 95% positive feedback and also sells other similar products.  


  • Easy for young children to carry around


  • The quality of sound is not exceptional

Check it out on Aliexpress

Smiger L-G1-ST Affinity Stratocaster – $299

Blending country and rock music to write your own country rock songs couldn’t be easier when you have a Stratocaster in hand. With the right tool—and paired with the right amp, you too could create your own slice of Nashville in your own room. The Smiger Affinity Strat is an affordable choice for beginner guitarists who want to play their favorite country rock tunes, because of its robust build and playing comfort.

While the Squire Strat may not be perfect, it gets points for making a great first impression on a budget, which counts for something as a new musician. This model is made from sycamore and has an overall vintage look and feel due to its gloss finish. The neck is made from maple wood and bolts on rather than glued like one might find in more expensive models.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Made from sycamore, maple and technical wood
  • Ideal for country rock


  • Overall quality of the body is not as good as an authentic Fender

Check it out on AliExpress here.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959 – $780.03

Les Paul has left its legacy as the face of rock and roll with a mark in history that extends from Jimmy Page to Slash. It’s become the iconic guitar in all of rock music for decades since. Made by Epiphone, the Les Paul 1959 standard attempts to capture the essence of Gibson’s original instrument down to every last detail, from its full-bodied sound to its handsome looks.

The solid mahogany body gives you explosive resonance and sustain, the neck plays fast with a slim profile for easy playability and the rosewood fingerboard provides snappy response, all you’ll need to deliver some pretty sick riffs. 

You even get 2 Gibson BurstBucker humbuckers that produce a mellow tone which can be pushed under really high gain to produce some of the best sounding notes, and that too from a Chinese made guitar.


  • Value for money
  • Delivers the classic Les Paul tone
  • Includes ProBucker pickups
  • Solid mahogany body


  • Not the most ergonomic
  • Slight quality control issues

Check it out on AliExpress here.

Top Chinese Guitar Store on AliExpress

There are a number of guitar sellers on AliExpress but these five take the mantle for being some of the most trustworthy vendors out there. Not only are they quite responsive when it comes to answering queries, their products are also made from some of the finest materials out there, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

  • Eart Guitar Store – Eart is one of the oldest Chinese guitar stores on AliExpress and they’ve been selling high quality guitars and musical instruments for a little over 18 years. The specialize in E-3S, Jazz and SSS Guitars but they also accept custom orders and prices here start at $100 and go up to $500 depending on the type of guitar you buy.
  • Music Center Store – Music Center is another Chinese supplier that deals in a wide range of acoustic, bass, jazz and electric guitars. Not only that, they also supply strings, pickups and other accessories you’d need. Here guitars are priced between $100 to $1000 and you can get even the Guild Brian May guitar for a fraction of the original price.
  • Cranberries Guitar Store – A new seller on AliExpress with some of the best selling acoustic guitars in the market. They deal in high quality OM and KOA acoustic guitars and if you’re someone who’s into electric then you got a wide selection of Mandolin and Eastwood Electric and Jazz guitars available for under $500.
  • Purple Guitar Store – Here’s another reliable seller on AliExpress with some really fantastic quality acoustic and electric guitars. They’re based in Guangzhou and currently have a satisfaction rating of 95.9% with a little over 3k followers. Guitars here are pretty affordable and right now their hottest products are the flower sound acoustic, jumbo bass jazz and the solid wood acoustic that cost hardly $650.
  • Rosefinch Music Store – Rosefinch is a pretty decent brand to buy from if you don’t mind Chinese guitars that are made in Russia. They ship super fast and they have one of the widest collections of guitars available. Not only are their instruments cheap, they also offer discounts and coupons to new comers who are looking to buy a new instrument.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Guitar?

The desire to play a musical instrument usually starts from a moment of inspiration. Learning how to play one requires a lot of effort and time, and this makes buying an instrument worth your money. Whether you are a complete beginner or have already been playing the guitar for years, you might wonder what you need to look for before buying one. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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Price: This is the first thing on most people’s minds, so let’s get it out of the way. Often, guitar brands are valued high because of an artist’s connection with them. However, to get a good quality guitar you do not have to dish out too much. Decently built guitars that cost around $400 in the USA will only cost about a third of the price in China, due to low manpower and manufacturing costs.

Materials and Build Quality: The body and the fretboard are the two largest components of a guitar and their build quality speaks a lot about the guitar. Most guitars are made of premium wood, and Chinese guitars are no exception. Look for types of wood such as Mahogany, Rosewood, Cedarwood, etc. while picking out a guitar. Manufacturers use different wood for the body and the fret, and sometimes even for the neck. Cedar, Koa, Mahogany and Spruce are best suited for an acoustic guitar’s soundboard (body), as it plays a vital role in the sound quality.

Pickups: Mostly found in electric guitars, pickups are devices used to convert vibrations from the strings to electronic signals. Since they are electronic devices, it is better to check the origin and the type of pickup that the Chinese guitar uses before placing an order. Many Chinese guitar makers use pickups made in South Korea, which also supply the device to many countries around the world. Although an acoustic guitar doesn’t need a pickup, some are fitted with one so that you have an option to connect them directly to an amplifier.

Body Style: With acoustic models, guitars have been maintaining the same curved-edge design over the centuries. But this is not the case with electric guitars. From star-shaped ones to arrow-styled designs, there are no restrictions on their body styles. Depending on what suits your image or personality, you can choose a design. 

Playability: The shape and design of the body do not affect playability, especially for electric guitars; as you would use a shoulder strap while strumming. The fret, however, has to be gripped right while playing your chords. The back of the fretboard, referred to as necks, are curved and are terms as U Shape, Soft V, Oval C and Medium V. Apply some thought into what would be most comfortable for you. Strings on a guitar are made of tin-plated steel or sometimes nylon strings. While steel strings are more common and spares can be bought easily, nylon strings are a better option for beginners – as steel strings can cause callouses. If you are a lefty, make sure that you purchase a guitar intended for left-handed musicians.  

The genre of Music: Depending on the type of music that you play, you can select the guitar type. For Indie and Country music, acoustic guitars are more suitable while electric guitars are ideal for rock music. There is no lack of options on either in the Chinese guitar market. 

Are Chinese Guitars Good?

In my opinion, Chinese Guitars are definitely a must-buy for their quality and pricing. My musician friends swear by the craftsmanship and the build quality of these Chinese guitars. 

We must erase the thought about Chinese products being of low quality as not all products they manufacture are cheap and of inferior quality. As I mentioned earlier some of the greatest guitar makers Ibanez, Gibson, and even Fender get their guitars made in China. 

Chinese manufacturers are producing well designed and constructed instruments that have gained patrons across the globe.  

The best Chinese guitars include the best of both electric and acoustic guitars making them truly world-class. Many of these Chinese guitars have been lauded as they sound and feel better than most expensive brands. 

If you didn’t know, Chinese manufacturers were known for producing parts for American guitars from decades. The fact that you can custom make your guitar from China gives you an edge. The other famous brands may not let you do this unless you are a famous musician. 

This opens a lot of doors for budding professionals who want their guitar to sound and feel a certain way. If you’re one of them, and you haven’t checked out the best Chinese guitars yet.

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