12 Best China Tube Amplifiers 2024 | Chinese Tube Amplifier Review

by Tim Howard

Tube amplifiers have been around for ages, known for their warm glow emitted by the vacuum tubes and many enthusiasts claim they provide a warmer, fuller profile than modern digital devices.

Chi-Fi is a common term used to describe tube-based electronics from china.

A regular vacuum tube amplifier can cost you thousands of dollars if it’s made in the US or Europe whereas the Chi-Fi models of the highest quality can be purchased for less than thousand dollars.

Best China Tube AmplifiersLink to Buy
Oldchen 300B Tube AmplifierOn AliExpress
AIYIMA 6J1 Tube AmplifierOn AliExpress
ByJoTeCH A20 KT88 Tube AmplifierOn AliExpress
Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube AmplifierOn Aliexpress
Neoteck Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver with 6J4 Vacuum TubesOn Aliexpress
INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube AmplifierOn Aliexpress
FOSI Audio Tube Amplifier
INFI Audio Tube 80W Amplifier
Nobsound P1 Tube AmplifierOn Aliexpress
NFJ & FX AUDIO Tube 01On Aliexpress
Willsenton R8 stereo Tube AmplifierOn Aliexpress
Nobsound Latest Little Bear T7 6J1On Aliexpress

Best Chinese Tube Amplifiers of 2024

So, we’ve put together a list of the best china tube amplifiers on Amazon and AliExpress that is sure to fit your budget and also provide you the best warm retro sound that you desire. 

#1 — Oldchen 300B Tube Amplifier

The Oldchen 300B Tube Amplifier is more than just a piece of audio equipment; it’s a gateway to a bygone era of musical purity. This single-ended Class A amp, handcrafted in China, has garnered a devoted following for its intoxicating blend of vintage charm, sonic sophistication, and surprisingly affordable price tag.

Best Chinese Tube Amplifier 2024

The true magic of the Oldchen 300B lies in its sound. This amp delivers a captivating experience that’s both smooth and detailed.

The 300B tubes inject a rich, natural warmth into the audio, making vocals sound intimate and instruments shimmer with life. The soundstage is expansive and immersive, drawing you into the music with its spaciousness and clarity.

Best Chinese Tube Amplifier - Oldchen 300b


  • Type Single-ended Class A
  • Tubes 2x 300B (power), 2x 6J1 (preamp)
  • Power Output 9W per channel (8ohm)
  • Frequency Response 20Hz – 30kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio 88dB
  • Input Impedance 100kΩ
  • Speaker Impedance 4ohm / 8ohm
  • Inputs 2x RCA
  • Outputs 4x binding posts
Warm, detailed, and spacious soundLimited power
Excellent midrange reproductionWarm sound signature might not be for everyone
Natural instrument toneLimited inputs (2x RCA)
Sleek and stylish design
Glowing tubes add elegance

#2 — AIYIMA 6J1 Tube Amplifier

The AIYIMA 6J1 Tube Amplifier is a budget-friendly vacuum tube amplifier that has gained a cult following among audiophiles for its warm sound, solid build quality, and surprisingly versatile feature set. It’s become a popular choice for anyone looking to add the smooth, musical character of tubes to their audio system without breaking the bank.

Best Cheap Chinese Tube Amplifier

It’s housed in a black aluminum chassis with a brushed finish that looks and feels premium. The front panel features two exposed 6J1 tubes, which give the amp a classic, eye-catching look. The knobs and buttons are all made of metal and have a solid, satisfying feel to them.

Best Chinese Tube Amplifier under $100

The AIYIMA 6J1 is surprisingly well-equipped for a budget amp. It has three analog inputs, a USB input, and a Bluetooth connection. It also has separate bass and treble controls, allowing you to tailor the sound to your preference.

The tubes add a natural richness and sweetness to the sound that is often missing from solid-state amplifiers. The soundstage is also impressive, with a good sense of depth and width.


  • Power output: 30W per channel
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 88dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%
  • Input impedance: 10kΩ
  • Output impedance:Tubes: 2 x 6J1
Warm, smooth sound with natural richness and sweetnessNot a powerhouse; won’t drive large speakers easily
Excellent build quality for the priceTubes need periodic replacement
Versatile features including Bluetooth, USB, and preampLimited number of inputs (could use optical or digital)
Outstanding value for money delivers sound rivaling pricier ampsSome report volume not reaching advertised 100W per channel

#3 — ByJoTeCH A20 KT88 Tube Amplifier

The ByJoTeCH A20 KT88 Tube Amplifier has garnered significant buzz in the audiophile community, particularly among those seeking the signature warmth and musicality of tube amplification without breaking the bank.

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Best Chinese Tube Amplifier for warm sound

The A20 boasts a classic and elegant aesthetic with its brushed stainless steel chassis and glowing KT88 tubes prominently displayed behind a protective cage. Powering on the A20 invites you into a sonic embrace. The KT88 tubes inject a delightful warmth and richness into the music, smoothing out harsh edges and adding a touch of sweetness to vocals and instruments.

Best Chinese Tube Amplifier under $500

While the A20 shines with its warm character, it also demonstrates surprising precision and detail. It excels with acoustic genres, pulling out the subtle nuances of a guitarist’s fingers or the delicate breathiness of a flute.


  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥85dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.8%
  • Input impedance: 100kΩ
  • Output impedance: 4Ω and 8Ω
  • Tubes: 2 x KT88 (power), 2 x 6N6P (driver), 2 x 6N2 (preamp)
Warm, musical sound with rich vocals and smooth trebleLimited connectivity; no phono stage or digital inputs
Detailed soundstage with good separation and depthNot the ultimate in crispness or attack; may not suit all genres
Solid build quality with elegant brushed steel designRequires external speakers
Powerful bass with impressive control and textureHigher weight and larger size compared to some budget amps

#4 — Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier

The Reisong stands out for its Hi-Fi Audio and glimmering mirror stainless steel chassis is point to point welded for a sturdy feel. There are 5 illuminating tubes that are A10 AMP, they are shielded with a metal protective cover. The Amplifier works best with bookshelf speakers creating a warm depth of sound.

Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier

Key Features

The Amplifier has a potting type output transformer, to ensure the stability and reliability of the output transformer, especially in humid places the amp has a more reliable performance.

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • Output Power: 6W * 2 (Ultra-linear).
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 28KHz.
  • Output Impedance: 4,8Ω.
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz).
  • SNR: 88dB.
  • Voltage amplification: 6N2J × 2.
  • Power output tube: Dawn export EL34 × 2.
  • Rectifier tube: 5Z4PJ × 1.
  • Input sensitivity: 750MV.
  • Input impedance: 100KΩ (2 groups input)
  • Dimensions (W × D × H): 310 × 268 × 165mm.
  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 110V – 120V / 50Hz-60Hz 

Pros & Cons

Ships with a Rectifier 5Z4PJ tube, two 6N2J tubes and a pair of the Dawn export EL34 tubesNot as clear and open in the midrange
Really good bass for a 6W amplifier
Premium build and design

#5 — Neoteck Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver with 6J4 Vacuum Tubes 

The Neoteck Tube Amplifier is best suited for desktops and small spaced homes. It connects through bluetooth to your Mac or PC and provides 4.2 stereo audio amplification. The 2 Channel power output provides 50w of power on each channel to passive speakers. The body is designed with a solid aluminum chassis for long term use.

Neoteck Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver with 6J4 Vacuum Tubes

Key Features

The Neoteck Tube Amplifier is easy to connect to your audio system with no software to install or settings to change. Headphone amp supports most headphones of high impedance 16-300Ω, Perfectly suited for your High impedance headphone.

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • THD: ≤ 0.5%
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB)
  • SNR: ≥ 98dB
  • Input sensitivity: ≤ 280mV
  • Bluetooth transmission distance: 40ft(12m)
  • Terminating impedance: 2Ohm – 8Ohm
  • Output power: 50W + 50W
  • Headphones output: 16-300ohm
  • Bluetooth Name: BT HIFI AUDIO

Pros & Cons

Powerful bass which can be toned down by swapping the tubesNone for the price point
Supports wired and wireless connectivity
Easy to setup and compact so it can be used anywhere
Quality build with premium components

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#6 INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube Amplifier

The INFI Tube Amplifier is a Hybrid styled 100w amplifier with independent EQ adjustment knobs. The outer casing is made of aluminum and metal which provide good heat insulation and a low noise fan cooling system provides good cooling performance for long time playing. Thickened steel wire mesh acts as a tube protection cover that not only adds protection of the tubes, but also provides cooling performance and user safety.

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INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube Amplifier

Key Features

The INFI Tube amplifier has high resolution input slots that provide excellent signal pick up and flow and they connect with inter-graded music decoders, CD players and Smart Television. 

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • VU meter display input signal voltage
  • Software Control Fan cooling system
  • Power Amplifier
  • Output Impedance: 4-8ohm
  • Bluetooth: V2.1
  • Bluetooth Range: <10 meter/<33 foot range(Open Area)
  • AC Power Input: 110V 50Hz
  • USB Support: WAV/MP3/WMA/APE/Flac
  • RCA Input for TV/Laptop/MP3 player/Smartphone Earphone Jack

Pros & Cons

Superior sound qualityTad heavier than other compact Chinese tube amps
Really good design with amazing quality componentsUtilizes more power to run
Awesome SNR range

#7 — FOSI Audio T20 Tube Amplifier

The FOSI Audio T20 Tube Amplifier is a bluetooth tube amplifier that streams Hi-Fi music to your stereo system to separate passive speakers. 50 watt per channel power output can support most home passive speakers to create remarkable audio quality. The amplifier is best suited to fit your audio system with Bluetooth and RCA input.

chinese tube amplifier

Key Features

Fosi Audio T20 tube amp is designed with 3.5mm headphone output. It optimizes your experience and brings improved sound quality for a better listening experience. For good quality headphones to pair with your Amplifier, check out the Aliexpress headphones that people are going crazy for!

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • Headphones Output: 16-64Ohm
  • Terminating Impedance: 2 Ohm – 8 Ohm
  • MAX Power Output: 50W x 2
  • THD ≤ 0.04%, SNR ≥ 99dB
  • Amplifier Chip: TPA3116, Input Sensitivity ≤ 280mV
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB)
  • Input Mode: Bluetooth and RCA
  • Bluetooth Transmission Distance: Up to 39 Ft(12m)
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.2 support apt-X and apt-X low latency

#8 — INFI Audio Tube 80W Amplifier

The INFI Audio Tube 80 is built on a whole aluminum block mesh that provides excellent protection for the tubes and heat insolution. The front panel has a bass and terrible EQ system to adjust your sound to your liking and volume control metal knob to adjust the output sound. 

best china tube amplifier

The amplified output this tube amplifier can provide is a massive 80w to your passive speakers for the best quality sound output and is one of the most powerful in the market in its range.

Key Features

The headphone preamp uses aluminum alloy oxidation drawing method to provide stronger signal strength and the knobs are metal cut for more delicate EQ and volume control control. 

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • P Level : 6N1x2/6P1x2
  • Amplifier Chip : 2955/3055
  • Output Power (Rated) : 2X30w
  • Output Power (Max.) : 2X50w
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : ≤0.05%
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : ≥86dB
  • Audio Input : AUX, Bluetooth, USB,Optical, Coaxial

#9 — Nobsound P1 Tube Amplifier

The Nobsound P1 tube amplifier is a HiFi amplifier that supports three inputs: bluetooth, USB and RCA making it versatile and compatible and two high quality outputs through RCA and a 3.5mm headphone slot.

chinese tube amplifier on aliexpress

The Amp can drive 32-300 ohm headphones making it convenient to enjoy original robust sound or EQ the sound to your liking with the treble and bass control knobs. The Amp has blue and orange light emitting vacuum tubes for an attractive look, very suitable for home and desktop audio systems. 

Key Features

The Vacuum tubes used in the Nobsound P1 tube amplifier as the classic 6J5 vacuum & valve tube that provide warm retro tube sound.

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • Chip Architecture: CM6642+QCC3008+NE5532+classic 47
  • PC-USB Input Sampling Frequency: 192K/24Bit
  • THD: 0.01% , SNR: 103dB
  • PC-USB System supported: XP/W7/W8/W10/MAC/Linux
  • Bluetooth VER: 5.0
  • Headphone matching impedance: 32-300Ω
  • Headphone Max power output: 160mW 32Ω load
  • Bass & Treble Range: ±6dB
  • RCA output level: 2.3V
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)
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Check it out on Aliexpress

#10 — FX AUDIO Tube 01

The FX Audio Tube 01 tube amplifier stands out for its compact and modern design. It uses the 6J1 Vacuum tubes to amplify its sound.

budget tube amplifier china

It has two RCA input slots to accept input signals which are amplified to a warm vintage sound and is sent out to two RCA slots which can be directly connected to your passive speakers or bookshelf speakers. This device is truly value for money as it provides excellent retro sound and cost less than $35. 

Key Features 

The vacuum tubes can be replaced with any of your choice for your own custom sound giving absolute freedom over the warmth of the sound.

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • Channel: 2
  • Impedance: 600R
  • Model: TUBE-01
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ (-0.2DB) -20KHZ (-0.2DB)
  • SNR: 100DB output: 3000MV
  • Input sensitivity: 300MV-2000MV
  • THD: 1000MV 0.1%
  • Magnification: 1.5 times

Check it out on Aliexpress

#11 — Willsenton R8 stereo Tube Amplifier

This massive tube amplifier from willsenton consists of 9 tubes that are covered with a metal mesh for protection. There are two listening modes: Triode linear mode for listening to warm vocals and other high frequency music and ultra-linear working mode that is suitable for movies with big scenes and big dynamics. 

china tube amplifier

Key Features

Independent external BIAS-ADJ voltage display header helps monitor voltage fluctuation and keeps the best state of the power vacuum tubes at all times.

Best China Tube Amplifier


  • Frequency effect: 10Hz 40kHz (+/-0.5db) 
  • Total harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz) 
  • Signal to noise ratio: 91dB 
  • Input sensitivity: 380mv (when Integrated amp input), 820mv (when pure power amp input) 
  • Input impedance: 100KΩ 
  • Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω 
  • Preamp stage power supply filtering Tube: 6SN7*1 
  • Voltage amplifier stage Tube: 6SL7*2 
  • Driver stage Tube: 6SN7*2 
  • Power consumption: 310W 
  • Volume (W*H*D): 400*200*390 mm 
  • Working conditions: Temperature: 0°~40°C, Humidity: 20%-80%

Check it out on Aliexpress

#12 — Nobsound Little Bear T7

The latest tube amplifier from Nobsound, the Little Bear T7 is the last one that makes it to our list. It is a Hi-Fi Phono RIAA amplifier that supports turntables and provides the most lush sound from it.

cheap tube amplifier from china

It can support Aux inputs that the vacuum tubes buffer to get a warm sound. If you are planning on revisiting your old record collection this amp is sure to bring life back into it.  

Key Features

The AUX function is also a tube amplified buffer function to get a better warm sound, so you can set up the Nobsound little bear T7 to switch between AUX or phono for turntable by switching between them with a toggle switch. 


  • RIAA freq response 20hz-20kHz +/- 0.5dB, S / N ratio> 85dB
  • THD <0.05%, input sensitivity 3.0mV, gain 40dB,
  • Nominal / max output 300mV / 1.8V
  • Output impedance 200 ohms, input 47k ohm / 220 pF
  • Frequency response: 20 HZ – 20 KHZ
  • Input sensitivity 300 mv
  • SNR: 96 db
  • Total harmonic distortion <3% (1 KHZ)
  • Power range output: 0.2 W
  • Output impedance: 100K
  • Input impedance: 50K

Check it out on Aliexpress

These are the Best China Tube Amplifiers available on amazon and aliexpress that will take you back the days of true warmth of retro sound. 

How to choose a Chinese Tube Amplifier

Tube amplifiers, popular especially among musicians, have a lot to offer but picking one that’s ideal for you can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider:

  1. Wattage: 

The higher the wattage, the louder the music. So, if you have thin walls and complaining neighbours, high wattage amps may not be the way to go. 

  1. Tone: 

For many musicians, the tone is the most important factor to consider while buying a tube amplifier and the best way to check this is by using the amp in person.

  1. Valve/Tube Type:

There are different types available such as EL84, KT66 and so on, and reading a guide on how to choose the best valve type will help you identify the most suitable one for your playing style.

  1. Price: 

If you have to work on a budget, doing an in-depth search will help you find some good valve amplifiers that may not too popular, but still, give the same great output. They will also be considerably cheaper than the best-selling ones.

How many different types of Chinese tubes are there?

There are loads of different kinds of Chinese tubes out there, but not all offer the same level of clarity of gain. Each tube i’ll mention below are designed for specific kinds of sound production and you can refer to this section to find out which tube will be best suited for your needs.

  • EL34 – Commonly found on British tube amplifiers. This tube is a pentode that helps increase the overall output. It produces a grittier and more aggressive mid-range and offers a really good frequency response.
  • EL84 – Here’s a slightly smaller tube that offers less power and headroom when compared to the EL34 and it helps deliver less low end which is actually a good thing for smaller and more compact headphone tube amps.
  • 6L6 – The 6L6 is a tube that’s synonymous with American amplifiers and they offer more headroom and sound clean. It provides a balanced sound across all frequencies and the end result is a lovely and warm lows with a bright top end.
  • KT66 – KT66 is a tube you should definitely consider using if you’re looking for something that delivers a little more on the mids and still is able to maintain a balanced sound with clear and crisp sounding audio.

Do tube amplifiers really sound better? 

Better sound is the main reason behind musicians opting for tube amplifiers. They add different kinds of distortions and higher-quality output as compared to solid-state amplifiers. 

Do cheap Chinese tube amplifiers really work?

Chinese tube amplifiers are cheap due to low manufacturing costs and do not hinder the quality despite the low prices. However, reading a few reviews and forums on the amplifier you are looking to pick up will help you make a decision.

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