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by Tim Howard
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Everybody is waiting for the cheaper Airpods, but Apple has been peddling their $250 Airpods to every one and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, purely in terms of the cost. Plus, the Apple Airpods isn’t the only TWS Bluetooth earphones in the market. There are many more Airpod alternatives out there. If you are looking for cheaper Airpods options, then we’ve covered all of them. 

Airpod Alternatives
TWS Wireless Earbuds
Best wireless earbuds under $300 
Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds
Best wireless earbuds under $200 Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds
Best wireless earbuds under $100 Baseus True Wireless Earbuds
Best wireless earbuds under $50Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 TWS True Wireless Earbuds
Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds
Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds
Airpods Pro ClonesAirpods Pro 3 Clone – Second Gen
Airpod Clonesi9000 TWS

There are different types of Airpod alternatives

  • Apple Airpod Clones that are first copies, which look the same as the Apple Airpods. 
  • Airpod alternatives from brands like Sony, Jabra, JBL, Bose, Ugreen, Baseus, Xiaomi and more. 

We cover the best Airpods alternative on Amazon and the best Airpod alternatives on Aliexpress. Most of these wireless earbuds work with Android as well. 

Apple Airpods Alternative 2022

#1 — Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Clear and Rich Sound Quality
Industry-Leading Noise Cancellation Technology
Excellent Battery Life
Fast Charging with Case
Not Sweat or Water Resistant

On the market of True Wireless Earbuds, Sony has finally entered the game with their take on the Sony WF-1000XM3. Sony considered it one of the best in class in terms of performance to which they are not wrong by any means. Listed down are the features we can see on these well-crafted earbuds:

  • It features Industry-Leading Noise cancellation (each earbud are equipped with HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e), enabling you to dive in and immerse in the music.
  • SENSE ENGINE Technology that gives you a wide range of smart features that great enhances your overall user experience. 
  • Sound-Quality is amazing. Both earbuds has a 6mm driver units that deliver amazingly rich and clear sounds. 
  • The Sony WF-1000XM3 has excellent battery life of up to 24-hours of listening which is excellent for a true wireless earbud like this.
  • It also has a fast-wireless charging case.

One minor downside though is that it is not sweat or water resistant, but if you are going to use this for activities that does not involve sweating or swimming, I think it is a great choice. Overall, if you want the best in class with advanced features that is reliable and amazing at the same time, then this one is worth taking a look at. Personally, I would choose this one since I am more inclined to what it is capable of doing on a non-athletic environment. 

#2 — SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

Pros Cons
Good Sound Quality
Value for Money
Low-Profile Design
Difficulty pairing
Sub-par microphone
May not fit for everyone

Soundpeats is another excellent true wireless earbud set. It is probably one of the best budget wireless earbuds on this list and offers many features for the value itself. Listed down below are the awesome features that are worth taking a look at. 

  • Small, portable and low-profile design of this kit makes this ideal for travel and everyday commuting. It’s charging case is also not that big and can fit well inside a pocket
  • It has good sound quality due to its excellent isolation performance. 
  • When doing phone calls however, I find that it is quite soft and low making it unable to hear it properly. 
  • Size does not fit all, however. I can safely assume that it pops out of my ears once in a while but overall, it is not that bad. 
  • When it comes to pairing, it does an OK job but with the occasional hiccups of being unable to connect to your smartphone.

Overall, it is a good true wireless earbuds kit, If the negative features found in the SoundPEATS is not much of a big deal, then this kit is worth getting because of its affordable price and excellent sound quality. 

Check it out on Amazon

#3 — RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Fits for all (Secure Fit)
Good Sound Quality
Fast charging case
Durable and Water Resistant
Case is bigger than the rest
Slightly Expensive

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The RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds is one of the most durable earbuds on this list but also has the largest charging case. It is also one of the most flexible type of earbuds that you can find on the market right now. It does however, packs in a ton of features that we will be taking a look at below:

  • Does come in with different sizes for your earbuds. Normally, a set of true wireless earbuds comes in with just 3 sizes but this one came in with 8-pairs. Awesome!
  • It has a digital assistant control via touch function on each earbud, allowing you to take control of your smartphone hands-free.
  • It is a sweat and water-resistant earbud, having an IPX5 rating. This is especially important for people who does work out a lot
  • The case has fast charging enabled however; I find that the charging case itself is a little bigger than the rest to which I sometimes need to place it in the bag instead of my pockets.
  • It has over 5-hours of charge which is somehow short but reasonable enough for short use. 

Overall, the RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds is a great pick if you are in the market for a durable and fits-all type of earbuds.

#4 — Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Amazing Sound Quality 
Battery Life
Strong Bluetooth connection
Easy Pairing
Learning Curve on Operability
Can only use Right-Earbud for Mono-Listening

The Jabra Elite 65t is one of the most popular ones on the market of True Wireless Bluetooth. From the name itself, it does come from a more well-known brand which is Jabra. Like the Sony WF-1000XM3, the Jabra Elite 65t does have a good number of features that we can see on a list form below:

  • Design is elegant and it is durable and water resistant, having a rating of IP55 which is good enough in most situations
  • Each earbud has its own uses when you tap them. The right earbud acts as the power and multi-function button while the left earbud is for managing music tracks playing. There maybe a little bit of learning curve when it comes to operating these. 
  • You can only use the right-earbud when you decided to use it on mono-listening. 
  • Pairing to your smartphone is quite easy and will only connect if you wish to do so instead of connecting without knowing. I find this incredibly great on my smartphone as some of my earbuds do connect at random.

Overall, this is another great true wireless earbud that is built for active sports and activities that require moving a lot. You may find that the Jabra Elite 65t can effectively deliver good sound quality while maintaining a good battery life. 

#5 — Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
USB-C Charging
Excellent Noise Cancellation
Durable and Water Resistant
Isolation and fit are poor
Mediocre controls

The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds is Xiaomi’s own take on the True Wireless Earbuds market. They have done an OK job on this but let’s get on with the features for now. 

  • The most prominent feature that I was expecting on this kit is the ability to charge via USB C which is incredibly fast.
  • It has good noise cancellation, but the isolation are quite poor and may not fit in all ears
  • It is durable and water & sweat resistant which makes this great for heavy activities. It has a rating of around IPX4
  • Controls are OK but not as good as the previous ones above.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable true wireless earbud but has some OK specs that you can live with it, then this one maybe for you.

#6 — Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 TWS True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Small and Compact Size
Bluetooth 5.0
Simple touch controls
Easy Pairing
Good Sound Quality
Mediocre Battery Life
Only has 3 options for sizes

The Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 TWS True Wireless Earbuds is a great true wireless earbud based on its positive features which we can see below:

  • First, it got a great sound quality as each earbud are equipped with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, immersing you in deep music listening.
  • The Bluetooth capabilities are great too due to it containing excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connections and pairing is simple too by just taking out the earbuds from their case. 
  • Battery Life however is quite small, having only around 3 hours per charge which is not bad but could have been better in my opinion.

Here are other best AirPods Alternatives that are worth taking a look at!

#7 — Bose SoundSport Free

bose soundsport

Pros Cons
Great sound quality Connects to only device at a time
Amazing fit for ears of all sizes There are cheaper earbuds with the same features
Warranty of 1 year  
Microphone with hands free calls  

Bose needs no introductions. They are the premier audio engineering company before any of the popular brands such as Beats and Apple Airpods even came into the picture. The Bose SoundSport is a $150 True Wireless Earbuds that are sweat and weather resistant.

You don’t have to worry about sizes because it comes with Stayhear and Sports Tips that gives a secure fit. Continuous playback is about 5 hours and with the charging case, it’s 10 additional hours.

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It has the Find My Buds feature which can be tracked through an app. It also allows voice calls, but the call audio can only be heard in the right earbud.

They have a tight fit and perfect for active users.

#8 — Baseus True Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Compact Size
Easy controls for navigation in music
Automatic wear detection – earbuds will pause when it is removed from ears
ENC Technology that reduces noise from outside
Excellent battery life of up to 25 hours
Not so discreet unlike the rest on this list. 

Overall, the Baseus True Wireless Earbuds has great features and will be a great fit for you if you don’t mind not being discreet at all. Check it out here: 

So, there you have it! The Best AirPods Alternatives that you can buy right now. These true wirless earbuds are great to use on everyday activities and will definitely last for quite awhile do their durability and features together. If you have bought of these already, please let me know what’s your impressions about it. 

#9 — i9S TWS

cheap airpod clones

Pros Cons
Super cheap price Battery life isn’t awesome
True replica size of the Apple Airpods True audiophiles won’t enjoy the sound
Has all the features of the original Airpods Not real battery numbers

The i9S TWS is probably the cheapest fake airpods in the market. They cost about $4 and are an excellent choice for people who are looking for an Airpod look alike that is dirt cheap. It is functional, but you can’t expect the best bass and the best sound in the market. 

  • It runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that has a working distance of 10 to 15 metres
  • You can run the device for 2.5 hours and it has a charging time of about an hour and standby time of 130 hours
  • Left and right earphones can be used separately 
  • It has the auto power on and off functionality
  • You can also go from the previous track to the next track with the touch of a button

For it’s price, this is one of the best fake airpods in the market! 

#10 — i9000 TWS 

i9000 tws airpods

Pros Cons
Cheap pricing considering the best features Not the latest version of the Airpods, as the Fake Airpod pros have been released
Real battery level indicators  
True replica size  
Wireless charging  
Great 8D surround sound quality  
Touch Sensor  

One of the most popular Airpod replicas in the market, the i9000 has stood out from the crowd. There have been so many versions of Airpod clones such as the i1000 tws, i100000 tws, i500 tws, i14 tws and many more. 

The i9000 has won because of its features and price. 

It’s priced in between the cheap Airpod replicas like the i9s and the very expensive pro tws clones. Here are its features. 

  • It’s a 1:1 true copy, which means it’s the exact same size as the Apple Airpods 2nd generation. 
  • Unlike a lot of its competitors, it supports Qi enabled wireless charging 
  • It shows the real battery of the earbuds and the charging box, which isn’t the case for a lot of the competition, especially Airpod clones. 
  • Has the touch sensor, binaural call feature.
  • Runs on Bluetooth 5.0 which is the standard these days 
  • It has in-ear sensor detection which means it auto-stops and auto-plays when the earbuds are out of the ear and then put back in the ear

It’s very likely one of the best Airpod copy in the market as of today. 

#11 —  i90000 Pro TWS

fake airpods pro

Pros Cons
Great price considering a lot of other Airpod Pro clones cost north of $50 Pop-up only for iOS 13 and above
Has amazing noise cancellation effects, better than other Airpods in the market  
Great battery life of around 4 to 5 hours  
Pop-up feature with exact battery (Not in all cases)  
Replaceable earbud tips   
True exact replica of the Airpod Pros  
Voice Assistant control  
Hands free with Mic   

We can’t have a discussion about Airpod clones and not talk about Airpod pro clones. There are many fake Airpod pro clones in the market and the i90000 Max TWS is right up there. So what does it have? 

  • It has the new earbud design with extra earbuds provided that can be removed and reattached.
  • Its design ensures that there’s better noise cancellation features built-in
  • The name of the Airpod pro clones can be changed
  • It has the GPS feature, which means Find My Airpods will work even with this fake Airpod pro. 
  • It can be charged wirelessly
  • It’s priced moderately 

#12 — Airpods Pro Clone 

Here are some of the other Airpod Pro Clone Options

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airpods pro clone

#13 — Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Pros Cons
Amazing Price, cheaper than competition with same features They are fully in-ear which is uncomfortable for a few people
Brilliant sound quality  
Incredible 28 hour battery life  

Anker is a Chinese brand that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. They make some amazing headphones and of course TWS earbuds as well.

Ambient noises are cut by 60%, but 95% of your own voice is retained so that your communication over calls is very clear.

The battery life on the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is incredible. It gives you 7 hours of continuous playback and with the charging box, you get a total of 28 hours which is more than what you get with most earbuds.

At $99, these Chinese Airpod Clones also cheaper than a lot of the premium competition with the same specs. The HearID test customizes the EQ settings and prepares it for your ear. Each earbud is uniquely suited for a particular user. Touch control to access all the settings.

The different types of ear-tips are built for specific ear types. It’s waterproof for those who are active.

#14 — RHA True Connect

RHA True Connect TWS Earbuds

One of the coolest Airpod Clones is the RHA True Connect. It’s not a true clone in the sense it looks like it. But it is from a perspective of use case, sturdiness, sound quality at a much cheaper price though.

It’s a $112 alternative that is super STURDY and strong. This can take quite a beating, falls and other wear & tear. If you want a tough earbud, you got it!

The eartips are styled like the Airpod Pros and cut out ambient noise like anything. The powerful bass is another thing this Airpod clone is known for.

The battery life is not as great as some of the others, it’s at 4.5 hours, but it does have fast charging and you can get superquick battery life of around 50% in just about 15 to 20 minutes which is pretty epic.

It comes with different eartips to fit various sizes. It comes with a nice matte black finish that looks beautiful.

#15 — Air60 TWS 3rd Generation (Airpod 3 Clones)

The Airpod 3 Clones are here! Airpod clones over the years has become really good. The old Airpod clones had issues with even basic bass and now they’ve come a long way.

The Air60 TWS 3rd generation is the latest Airpod replica in the market. It has the same design, settings as the original one and it does have a great sound as well. But let’s get into the specifics.

Firstly it does have individual sound on the left and right ear piece. It has the touch sensor for changing the song and for calls. It’s got a Mic at the base for crystal clear calls. The bass is brilliant as well.

It has spatial audio technology which does work. What doesn’t work is the Non-Transparency feature to the Noise Cancellation feature.

The ANC feature is better on the Airpods Pro clones, primarily because of their earbuds design. The case is slightly shorter and it can have a charge of up to 4 hours.

Are Fake AirPods worth it?

Fake Airpods or Airpod clones have become massive over the years. People have started realizing that those who actually can afford the original Airpods are not choosing them and going towards Airpod clones. Why?

  • The fake Airpods look the EXACT same to the originals.
  • The airpod clones sound almost the same as the Airpods, only with a few negligible differences
  • They are 1/3rd or 1/4th the cost of the original 
  • If you lose them, your loss isn’t that big 
  • The battery life is just 1 or 2 hours lesser than the original Airpods. 
  • The cases you buy for the original Airpods can be used for the replica airpods. 

How to use Fake Airpods 

Using the fake airpods is the same as the original airpods. Here’s how you activate them.

If you are using an iPhone 

  1. Open the charging box of your fake Airpods and you will see the interface pop-up with a Connect button
  2. Click on the button or in some versions, you will need to press the button on the back of the charging box and voila,
  3. Enjoy your music! 

If you are using an Android phone 

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and turn it on 
  2. Open the charging box of your Airpod clones 
  3. Find the Airpod clones by its name and click on connect and voila,
  4. Enjoy your music! 

How can you tell if AirPods are fake?

It’s actually pretty hard to tell if the Airpods are fake. But if you bought the Airpods for 1/3rd or 1/4th the cost of an original, then it’s fake. 

What are the best fake AirPods?

  • I9000 TWS 
  • I9000 TWS Max Pro 
  • I100000 TWS 
  • Airpods Supercopy 
  • Airpods Supercopy 2 
  • Air60 TWS 3rd Generation

Airpods Vs Chinese Airpod Clones

A lot of people have a question on their mind, if the Chinese Airpods are good or not. The most important questions about Airpod clones revolve around sound and the quality and their durability. Here is a simple comparison. 


The best Airpod / airpod pro clones in the market have amazing quality. The highs, the lows, the bass and everything else are really good. There is no sound lost here. Especially the new Airpod Pro clones have amazing bass and noise cancellation features. 

Design and Quality 

These fake airpods are first copy Airpod pro clones, which mean they mimic the design and the size measurements of the real Airpods. They are made of the same material, hinges, metals etc. This is where true copies look the exact same. 


The biggest price difference between fake Airpods and the real Airpods is the price. The real Airpod Pros for example retail at $250 per piece. The Fake Airpods pro, you can get for $59 per piece. That’s easily 1/4th almost. 

Battery Life 

The battery life on the fake Airpods are not as great compared to the real Airpods. That’s definitely a factor. The battery life on the real ones will be better by 30 to 45 minutes. 

Is there a cheaper alternative to AirPods?

There are numerous cheaper alternatives to the Airpods like the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Earbuds, Sound Peats, Jabra Elite. These are all cheaper alternatives to Airpods

What is comparable to AirPods pro?

The Xiaomi wireless earbuds are comparable to the Airpods pro because of their snug design, the shape and the sound quality.

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