FAKE PS4 Controller Review | Is it worth it?

by Tim Howard

Nobody thinks about a Fake PS4 controller unless the need arises. 

If you have been gaming for a while, you realize that your controller isn’t invincible. The buttons break or get stuck, the controller starts cracking or breaking and it ends up malfunctioning.

If you want to get a brand new controller, it’ll set you back around $64 for the DualShock 4. If you compare that to the price of the PS4 itself, it’s literally 20% of the cost. 

Sometimes you’ll need dual controllers to play with your buddies and it starts getting expensive. This is the reason why people resort to getting Fake PS4 Controllers.

But this has its downsides too. Some of these fakes heat up, they stop functioning after a while and there is no guarantee or warranty that makes one trust these fakes. 

Today, I’ll be busting these myths, digging deep into all the options we have for fake PS4 controllers and ultimately, letting you know if it’s worth it or not! 

FAKE PS4 Controller Review

Fake PS4 Controllers Summary

Based on my research this is what I found about Fake PS4 Controllers.

  • They are cheaper because the parts that comprise these are not up to the standard of the original . But everything else works great and it looks the same as well.
  • Most of the fake controllers cost around $14 to $24.
  • There are some issues with sensitivity of the buttons
  • They are durable and strong
  • All the functionalities are same as the original and there are compromises on that
  • The best Fake PS4 controller sellers are on Aliexpress as I didn’t find good ones on Amazon or DHgate.
  • Most of these PS4 controllers don’t come with a retail package and come wrapped in bubble wrap that keeps the cost low.
  • Although there were some complaints about heating issues in other forums, we didn’t encounter any

Dualshock 4 Fake Review

So let’s first understand the fake PS4 controller options we have in the market. 

The three most popular Fake PS4 options on Aliexpress are 

fake ps4 controller


fake ps4 controller aliexpress

Nuhiyo Gamepad Fake PS4

fake ps4 controller china

SZKoston Camo Fake PS4 Controller

In this review, we’ll be checking to see if each of these Fake PS4 controllers are worth it or not and if they are, then the best pick of the lot. 

GTIPPOR Fake PS4 Controller – $19 – 4.7 Rating – 4700+ Orders

Firstly the GTIPPOR has about 4700+ orders with a 4.7 rating which is pretty good. It costs about $19, which is almost $50 cheaper than the original. 

It comes in numerous colors – Green Camo, White Camo, Golden, Red, Light Blue and more. These are the same exact colours of the Dualshock 4. 


The design of the GTIPPOR Fake PS4 Controller is the exact same as the Dualshock 4. It comes in the same colours and also has all the buttons of the original. This was a concern with older fake versions of the PS4 Controller. Some buttons were fake, but not in this case. 

Buttons & Controller

While performing the Button check, we realized that this Fake PS4 controller has a ‘Share’ button to share instantly, your gameplay. 

fake ps4 aliexpress
  • It has a map inventory and the menu button
  • It has the traditional heal, crouch, jump & block 
  • Exact L1, L2, L3 & R1, R2 & R3 buttons
  • It has the Lock & Move buttons
  • The directional buttons are also available 


Only with PS4. Does not work with PC or other consoles. 


There were some concerns with the sensitivity of the buttons and sometimes they need to be pressed harder than the original. But the precision control is pretty exact and there are no complaints there. 


This PS4 controller can be charged easily by plugging it into the PS4 Box. It uses a micro-USB port. 

Does it work with all games? 

The GTIPPOR Fake PS4 controller does work with all types of games – FPS, Car racing and more. There were no issues when we tested these out. Although some users did complain that it didn’t work with certain games. There is a simple way to fix this and that is to plug out the controller and put it back in. 

Full Features 

This unit also has features like the touch pad, integrated light bar & built-in speakers. It has a 3.5mm jack for private audio. 

The battery for this controller is built-in and requires no external battery. 

Issues & Concerns 

Not all fake products are perfect. So what are the concerns with this?

The finish in some units is not up to par. Which means the durability of certain products are in question.

The sensitivity is a bit less compared to the original and it requires a hard push. 

In some games, the mapping has a bit of issues and this can be fixed with reinstalling the PS4 controller

Nuhiyo Gamepad Fake PS4 Controller 

fake ps4 controller compatible with original

The next in the list is the Nuhiyo Gamepad Fake PS4 Controller. This is a $21 controller from Aliexpress. It’s the second most popular Fake PS4 controller. It has a rating of 4.4 with 2,357+ orders. 

It comes in two versions – Wireless and Wired. Let’s check out it’s features 

The wired version does not have the touchpad, speaker, headphone jack & EXT jack. The wireless version has a 660 mAh battery and has all the features mentioned above. It’s clear that the sellers want to push the wireless version.


The design of the Nuhiyo Gamepad Fake PS4 controller is the exact same as the original. It comes in numerous striking colours such as Red, Gold, Light Blue, Orange, Silver and more. 

Buttons & Controller

fake ps4 all buttons working

All the buttons on the original are available and none of the buttons are dummy buttons and they all work. Similar to the GTIPPOR controller reviewed above, the buttons perform their function. 


This is where this controller has an edge over the controller reviewed above. It’s compatible with a PS4, PS3 and also a PC. 


The sensitivity on this controller is perfect and there are no concerns whatsoever in terms of hardness and it responds pretty smoothly. Even the touchpad responds really well. 


It has a 600 mAh battery which is your standard micro-USB charger that charges quickly and lasts about a few hours. It’s not as much as the original, but not bad considering it’s a reply. 

Does it work with all games? 

All different types of games were tested with this controller and it works perfectly well without any fuss. 

Full Features

It works well with the PC, but some games require an emulator. There is vibration control which gives you an immersive gaming experience. 

Issues & Concerns 

The only concern with this controller is the cheap plastic feel and it doesn’t feel as sturdy. But obviously for a much cheaper cost, it’s definitely worth it. 

SZKoston PS4 Game Controller (Camo Version)

fale ps4 controller skins

The other fake PS4 Controller that is worth a look is from the SZKoston store. I’m not doing an in-depth analysis on this controller, but will just list out the features

  • It comes in different camo designs that look pretty incredible
  • It has a functioning light bar, dual vibration and built-in speakers
  • It has a 600 mAh battery with micro-USB ports and extension ports
  • All the buttons function pretty well
  • It does not include a retail package to reduce the cost

Are fake PS4 controllers good? 

Some fake PS4 controllers are good and some are bad. It depends on the controller. A good fake PS4 controller costs about $20 and comes with all the features of the original that includes features like ‘Share’ the gameplay feature etc. 

Can you get fake ps4 controllers?

Fake PS4 controllers are available in the market and they are about $50 cheaper than the original. They have the exact same controls and features without anything amiss. A fake PS4 controller also comes with a touchpad, integrated light bar & built-in speakers. 

How can you tell a fake ps4 controller?

Generally a fake PS4 controller is much cheaper than the original. In terms of design and functionality, the plastic form factor doesn’t feel sturdy. In some fakes, the buttons are hard to control and the battery life is pretty poor. If you’ve bought the controller from an unauthorized dealer, then it’s highly likely a fake. 

Is my Dualshock 4 fake?

Here’s how to identify a fake Dualshock 4

If the Dualshock 4 is not purchased from an authorized seller or it’s priced too low. If there is no information on warranty or guarantee, then it’s likely the Dualshock 4 is fake.

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