i500 TWS & i500 Pro TWS Airpod Review | Worth in 2023?

by Tim Howard

There are a lot of Airpod clones in the market and it can get pretty confusing to figure out which is good. The numerous Apple fakes are made by different manufacturers and there are differences!

There are so many different models because manufacturers create their own versions to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for cool alternatives to the Apple Airpods, then we got you covered.

The i500 TWS and i500 Pro TWS are one of the popular ones out there. In this i500 & i500 Pro TWS review, let’s see why they are popular and if they are worth buying. 

The i500 TWS is priced around $10 to $20. If you are paying more, then it’s the i500 TWS. Although it says the i500 TWS is available on Amazon, it isn’t. It’s available on Aliexpress and the sellers ship to anywhere in the US, Europe and across the world.

$13 TWS Earbuds like i500

The i500 has been replaced with TWS earbuds from Lenovo, Anker etc.

i500 TWS & i500 Pro TWS Airpod Review

Check out the latest i500 TWS on Aliexpress

Check out the latest i500 TWS Pro on Aliexpress

i500 TWS on the left and i500 TWS Pro on the right from our review

i500 TWS vs i500 TWS Pro

Featuresi500 TWSi500 Pro TWS
Replica of Airpods Generation 2 Airpods Clone
Exact size of originalYesYes
Rename the AirpodsYesYes
GPS Location trackingYes, Find your AirpodsYes, Find your Airpods
Pop-up InterfaceYesYes
Wireless ChargingYes, Qi enabled chargerYes,  Qi enabled charger
Touch Sensor ControlYes for pause/play, music changeYes for pause/play, music change
In-ear detection (Music stops automatically when earbuds are removed)YesYes
Real batteryYesYes
Auto Power on/offYesYes
BassSuper BassSuper Bass
Voice ControlYesYes
Continuous Music4 hours
6 hours
Compatible with iOS & Android iOS & Android 
Check it out hereLinkLink

i500 TWS Review 

The i500 TWS is a true replica of the Airpods Generation 2. It has a battery life of 3 to 4 hours and has the pop-up interface with real battery life indicators. It can be charged wirelessly with a Qi enabled charger. It has the GPS feature through which you can track your lost i500 and you can also rename your i500 TWS airpods. The i500 TWS price is $24. 

i500 TWS Components

The i500 TWS comes with a charging box, two earphones, a USB-C apple type lightning cable, instruction manual. 

i500 TWS Features

  • Popup Interface 

The i500 TWS like the original and most other Airpod Clones has the pop-up interface. But unlike a lot of its predecessors, it shows the actual battery level. I tested this out after letting it run for 30 minutes and saw that the battery level had gone down by a bit. 

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For Android phones, you can see the actual battery level at the top of the notification bar, which is a good estimate. 

  • GPS + Rename 

This particular feature was restricted only to a few premium Airpod clone models, but now it’s available even in the i500 TWS. With this feature, you can track your lost i500 with the help of Find my Airpods feature.

The renaming feature lets you rename your Airpods to whatever you want. 

  • 1536U Smart Sensor Chip 

It runs on the latest and most stable chipset, the 1536U smart sensor chipset 

  • Touch Sensor 

It has touch sensor control that lets you play and pause you music, go to the next song and even activate Siri or Google Assistant. 

  • In-ear Detection

The in-ear detection is a pretty interesting addition considering the i500 isn’t expensive at all. When you remove the i500 from your ear, the music stops and when you put it back on, it plays automatically. This is a pretty cool feature, but in some of our tests, this feature did not always work, so you need to consider that when purchasing. 

  • Auto Power on & off 

To retain the battery life, the device automatically powers off when not in use and powers on, when you take it out. 

i500 TWS Design 

  • The i500 TWS is a true replica of the Airpods Generation 2. It has a white plastic exterior with the notification light on the front and the connector button on the back that is used to connect with an iOS or Android phone for the first time. 
  • It has a standard light cable with a USB-C port at the end, which charges pretty quickly. 
  • It’s a 1 : 1 true replica, which means you can use a Airpods 2 Generation case on this and it will fit perfectly well 
  • The i500 TWS has a strong metallic hinge in the back that keeps the charging box tight and closed. It does not feel cheap and it is quite sturdy. Although it’s not as sturdy as the i500 TWS Pro. 
  • The earbuds itself have a mic at the bottom for hands free calls, a speaker and a touch sensor. 

i500 TWS Sound 

  • It has a Binaural control which means each earbud can be used independently. 

The sound quality for the price is pretty awesome. There isn’t a lot of ambient noise, even though it has no noise cancellation feature. 

It has a pretty good bass quality. In some older versions, there was this sharp metallic noise that could hinder the listening experience. 

But the i500 TWS is clear from that. For the price you pay, the sound is brilliant. 

i500 TWS Battery 

The i500 TWS battery is pretty good with continuous four hours of battery life. The highlight of this device is, you can fully charge the i500 TWS in about 30 minutes, so you have music back up again, immediately. 

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With the charging box, the battery life improves to 8 hours and you can always keep your earbuds charged. Even if you use it for long periods, there is no battery loss! 

i500 TWS Price

Is it value for money? Yes! The i500 TWS is probably the most value for money Airpod replicas out there. It’s practically a steal at this price and you can use it for years without any fuss! 

i500 TWS Pro Review

i500 tws review pro

The i500 TWS Pro is a replica of Airpods Pro 3. It has a battery life of 4 hours, it comes in earbuds of different sizes, touch sensor control, natural noise cancellation, GPS and rename features, auto detect feature. It’s price ranges from $35 to $59. 

i500 TWS Pro Components

The i500 TWS comes with a charging box, Apple lightning cable with USB-C charger, Earbuds, Ear tips of different sizes. 

i500 TWS Pro Features

  • Pop-up window with iOS 13.2 and above – Not lesser

The Pop-up window with the new interface for the Airpod Pros with the instructions are available in the i500 Pro TWS. But you need to have iOS 13.2 and above. If it’s any less, it won’t work. The battery indicators are real and show the actual battery levels. 

For Android devices, there is no Pop-up interface obviously and in fact it does not have the transparency and noise cancellation options as well. 

  • Touch Control

The touch sensor is MUCH better because of the new design and in fact it’s much easier to change the song and because of the snug fit, the i500 TWS pro does not come out of the ear when you are touching with more pressure. 

  • GPS + Rename 

The i500 Pro TWS can be renamed and also tracked with the “Find my Airpods” app that is there in every iPhone. 

  • Voice Control 

You can activate Siri with your voice and you can control the i500 Pro’s features that way. You can use Siri to reduce or increase the volume or play the next song. 

i500 TWS Pro Design 

  • The design of the i500 TWS Pro is the exact same as the Airpods Generation 3. And it’s uncanny how similar it is to the original. You cannot make out the difference. 
  • Unless you break open the i500 TWS Pro, you can’t tell it’s fake. The design is a lot better than the older versions because it fits better in the ear, the positioning of the touch sensors are also better. 

i500 TWS Pro Sound

  • The Sound on the i500 TWS Pro is naturally awesome as the earbud design gives more of a noise cancellation feature 
  • As the sound does not escape, the bass, treble and other minute sounds are much better on the i500 TWS Pro compared to the i500 TWS. 
  • This is probably the best sounding device across all products such as headphones and earphones. For the price, the sound is brilliant! 

i500 TWS Pro Battery

The i500 TWS has a pretty good battery life with about 4 hours of continuous use and about 10 hours with the charging box. 

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The 300 mAh battery has a 480 hours standby which is pretty awesome! 

i500 TWS Pro Price

The i500 TWS , even though it is an Airpod Pro Clone. It is still a stand alone device that is worth it’s price. Considering the price, it’s one of the best TWS deals you can get online. 

Are the i500 TWS good?

The i500 TWS is very good and probably the best TWS earbuds out there. It has a battery life of about 6 hours. It’s a true replica. It costs around $24 and has the touch sensor feature and voice activation for Siri. This is best TWS clone in the market in terms of price and value.

How do I use my i500 TWS?

You need to connect your i500 TWS to start using it. For an iPhone, the pop-up interface appears and you need to press the button on the back of the i500 TWS to connect. For Android phones, you need to manually pair it with your phone.

i500 TWS vs Airpods

The i500 TWS compared to the Airpods is almost similar with the exception of the battery life which is more in the original. Apart from that, the design is the same, the sound quality is the same and the features and functionality are the same.

i500 TWS vs i12 TWS

The i12 TWS is a much older model compared to the i500 TWS. The i12 TWS ranges from $9 to $14 and is inferior to the i500 TWS. The i12 TWS lacks real battery indicators, does not have voice activation, does not have the auto detect feature and the bass isn’t great.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS

The i500 TWS compared to the i200 TWS has few upgrades. The i200 TWS has an inferior battery life and does not have the auto detect feature and also lacks the real battery indicator. The i500 TWS is an upgrade on the i200 TWS.

i500 TWS vs i600 TWS

The i500 TWS and the i600 TWS is almost the same. There is no difference between the two. Manufacturers name their models a higher number to make it stand out and make it look like the latest. But that’s not the case.

i500 TWS vs i1000 TWS

The i1000 TWS was released in 2019 and has been discontinued for better versions. It was similar to the i100 TWS. The i500 TWS is the only earbuds in continuation with constant upgrades.

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