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by Tim Howard

It can be quite a task when trying to find a professional shipping company in China who delivers to the USA. One small mistake can cost you big, to avoid such issues I’ve put together some of the best shipping companies and freight forwarders so you can make the right decision when shipping your goods from China. 

In this article, you will understand how to choose the right Chinese shipping company for your business for all your imports to USA. A few of these companies are traditional freight forwarders to USA and most are shipping platforms where you can have the liberty of getting quotations, pre-book your dates of shipping, check for a secure platform to pay, and track your shipment till it reaches your desired location.

So let’s get you going in the right direction for all your shipping needs from China. 

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Chinese shipping companies

Fleet Logistics

List of Shipping Companies in China

Fleet logistics is the first company we have for shipping from China. They are a supply chain company shipping services that connect different freight services to clients and importers providing them with the best possible service through their Logistics. They have been running operations since 2014, they are an online logistics marketplace where you can connect with shippers and service providers that help you find the best possible offer for your shipment of goods for the best possible price and they make sure you get the best possible quotes for your shipment. 

Based out of Portland, Oregon, United States they offer services to clients All Around The World including China. Their website has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to choose between sea and air freight shipment and they provide you with details of shipping costs from the country of origin and destination and they provide this instantly. All the service providers from their website are verified by the company, each shipping forwarder is rated and reviewed by the fleet logistics team on their website so you can have a good idea of the service they provide.

On the website, they provide you with a dashboard to streamline all communications with the forwarder. Where you will be able to track your shipment in real-time, get quick customer support from the forwarder, and a secure portal for payments.

Check it out here!


Freightos is an international freight company that provides a marketplace where importers can easily book, manage, and compare International freight prices from over 50 different providers.  They are known for their excellent service to support small importers who are just starting their import business with excellent live chat service and phone support. You can sign up for free on their website and compare rates so you can understand who is the best option for you to have your goods shipped from China.

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Over the years Freightos has received excellent reviews from business professionals globally and their providers are based all around the world. The forwarders that are present within their website are known globally and are reliable. 

The ordering process on the Freightos website is simple and easy including a streamlined process with straightforward documentation handoff to the forwarder with centralized shipment management. 

The company started its journey in 2012 and has been providing excellent service ever since with 6 offices worldwide. 

Check it out here!

Fulfillment Bridge Global Fulfillment Solutions

Fulfillment Bridge is a client-focused logistics platform that focuses on helping online businesses to manage all aspects of supply chain management. These services include picking and packing your goods, managing the inventory, and shipping your goods. Their end-to-end logistics team checks with different marketplaces and online platforms that provide the user with multiple options from their sales channels. The company offers global networking from their platform and provides warehousing facilities across the globe which helps E-Commerce businesses to store products in their warehouse locations that are nearby to the clients they are providing to which helps reduce shipping costs.

Fulfillment Bridge’s online platform is built within an inventory management system that helps clients monitor and handle their inventory across various warehousing facilities within their efficient system.

They help you manage orders from multiple sales channels where you can seamlessly connect with all the online stores and manage multiple sales channels on their platform. 

Check it out here!


Flexport is a unique freight forwarding company that was established in 2013 and is based out of the US and their head office is in San Francisco that offers freight shipping in China. Their online dashboard provides help by connecting importers with Freight forwarding companies, they are also the first company that has digitized international shipping making it very convenient for importers to move goods with transparency with all the shipping laws Intact.  

They have regional offices based out of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, they are a technology-driven company that provides importers with the option to book their slot, track their shipping till it is delivered through their app or online portal. so you can have all the information and access to the logistics of the shipment service provider.

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They offer sea freight, air freight, trucking and delivery, customs clearance, cargo insurance, quality inspection, customs bond, warehousing for your goods till the fulfillment of your order.

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Shipwire is an order fulfillment company that offers services across the globe, you as a client can access your personal online dashboard on their mobile app or website where you can track your order status, check its analytics, and shipment status. The company is based out of the United States and was established in October 2013. The company also offers fulfillment solutions, commerce sales through retail and global multi-channel fulfillment solutions, and drop shopping for retailers. They provide a complete online fulfillment service that also provides cloud-based logistics for business and shipping software for their advanced order management system. Their dashboard allows you to track and manage your inventory and shipping in real-time. 

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Floship was founded in 2015 and is based out of Hong Kong, they are an e-commerce fulfillment and shipping company that provides crowdfunding fulfillment. They are fairly new to the market but have stood out for their excellent service. They provide shipping services from Hong Kong and China to USA and all across the globe and their services include an end-to-end delivery with a wide range of courier rates to choose from for your convenience. They are well known for their fulfillment service and for providing end-to-end delivery from the factory to your doorstep. They have an excellent rating online and have been reviewed 4 out of 5 by most of the customers online.

Check it out here!

FBA Forward

FBA Forward operates out of China with its head office established in 2014 in the United States. They provide logistics support for domestic E-Commerce sellers and global importers. 

They provide a wide range of services that include pre-inspection of goods in China, shipping of goods with customs check, receiving goods, and processing them to their respective destination.

The shipping company offers additional services like shipping cost calculator, customs duty calculator, pricing table, and more. The platform offers you the option to manage your inventory, track your shipping in real-time using their mobile app or from their online dashboard. They also offer specific services like professional product photography, sea freight shipment, and US customs clearance. 

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Sino Shipping

Sino Shipping company is known for its efficient international shipping services and logistics that provide to a wide range of companies across China. They provide an excellent range of shipping and freight forwarding services that are suitable for companies of all sizes. They provide different shipping services to choose from between air freight, sea freight, and express freight, or a combination according to the way you choose for delivery to be done. They provide a 24/7 real-time update system with experts that you can get in touch with at any point for your delivery.

Linde Beijing International Transport Agency

Linde Beijing International Transport Agency is one of the best international freight forwarder companies that has been approved by the China airport transport Association. After years of professional service and logistics in China, they have grown to be an international shipping company that focuses on shipping while providing other services like sea freight shipping and land transportation. if requested along they provide trade consultation and Logistics management as a value-added service. 

What you need to check before choosing a shipping company

#1 Check if the shipping company is primarily based in your market or China, this is important as the forwarder should have a well local representation between point A to point B so that no hassles are faced.

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#2 Check if their headquarters is in China or their operations unit is within China so you can reach out to their office before your product is being shipped out or if you have any issues. 

#3 Check if the shipping company has a license to act as your customs broker as it would be a task for you to be filing for your product customs clearance which should be done on your behalf by the shipping company. 

How to pick out the right shipping partner for your needs

There are different shipping partners for different shipping requirements.

Shipping Partner for Dropshipping

Generally speaking, you don’t need a shipping partner for drop shipping. The seller themselves ship from their side through ePacket delivery. But if you do need a drop shipper, then there are specialists.

Shipping Partner for Bulk Import

This is the most common shipping partner used by sellers and buyers. Shipping through Air & ship cost differently and shipping partners for bulk import are paid by the weight of the shipment.

Shipping Partner who collates all the goods & ships

There are also other kind of shipping partners who communicate with local sellers in China, get the goods shipped to their warehouse and ship to you after collating all the products.

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