Where to Buy LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys From | Top 7 LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

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As a fan of both LEGO and the Star Wars franchise, I’ve been on the hunt to build my LEGO Star Wars collection, but sadly with the market the way it is, it’s a bit difficult getting my hands on the originals thanks to all the scalpers out there.

Luckily I did find a bunch of LEGO Star Wars replicas on AliExpress that not only look great, but the designs are actually compatible with genuine LEGO sets, making them great alternatives to the original.

From the Millennium Falcon to Droid Control Starships, China has produced some intricately designed LEGO rep sets.

This article will cover the top rated LEGO Star Wars replica toys on AliExpress that will make a great addition to any collection.

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

Star Wars Bricks Figures

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

It’s not easy for brands to create figures and toys that are compatible with original LEGO, yet these replica character figurines I came across are some of the best in terms of design and build.  

They’re tiny figurines and each one is super affordable costing hardly $1.50 excluding shipping. 

There are so many different variants to choose from and you can get popular characters  like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker as well as different ranking Storm Troopers and Jedi if you wish to complete your collection.

Each figure is made from ABS plastic and they come in an OPP bag. The level of detail on these tiny guys is so good that I had to buy more than one.

The Mandalorian Bricks Figures

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

The same guys who are selling the Star Wars figurines above are also retailing every Mandalorian LEGO Star Wars character for under $1.30. These figurines are also well detailed and look like they’ve actually been made by LEGO.

There are figurines of Death Watch 2, Mandalorian Warriors, Sabine Wren, Jango and Bobba Fett, not to forget the cutest little Grogu (Baby Yoda) ever!

Some figurines like the Sabine Wren and Death Watch come with additional weapons and blasters so you can choose to use the blasters if you’re recreating a battle scene or opt for just  the figurine to add to the collection on your bookshelf.

Clone Wars LEGO Figures

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

Clone Wars was one of the most popular animated Star Wars shows to come out and there are so many people who collect Clone Wars toys and figurines that I simply had to mention this here.

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Considering LEGO Clone Wars figurines are considered to be collectibles, these tiny 4.5cm figurines will look darn good as a part of your collection. Each figurine is made from ABS plastic and they’re well detailed and I found some like the General Grievous figurine to look identical to the ones sold by LEGO.

There’s Sheev Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku to mention a few and what I loved about this collection is that each figurine comes with a detachable blaster or lightsaber to match what the hero/villain used in battle.

Lucrehulk Droid Control Starship Replica

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

If you’re looking for a large version of the Lucrehulk Starship but are on a budget, then I have a fair deal for you. This 3663 piece Droid control starship replica is available on AliExpress for hardly $150 and is one of the most well made reps I’ve come across. 

Not only does it come packaged in an original box with a set of instructions, but this monster of a toy is compatible with all LEGO blocks and figurines so you can add any character you like to it and enact a space scene from Star Wars.

It won’t take much time putting this spaceship together and an added bonus is that the store that sells this kit provides Free Shipping via UPS, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Storm Trooper Lego Bust Reps

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

LEGO busts are highly sought after and three of the most popular designs; Darth Vader, Bobba Fett and StormTrooper are in great demand today. These cheap and affordable versions from Mould King measure between 28cm – 33cm and are made from really high quality ABS plastic. 

Vader is slightly smaller than the other two and the kit contains a total of 936 pieces whereas Bobba has 1268 pieces and the StormTrooper has around 1516 pieces. 

The one thing I liked about these busts is that they all come packaged in a branded box and pieces are segregated based on size and depending on the location they go. 

Moreover, I felt that these LEGO replica busts are meant to be mantle pieces as they also have a neat black LEGO plaque with the characters name on the front.

X-Wing Christmas Fighter

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

Now here’s a fully functional LEGO rep X-Wing fighter spaceship that not only has a complete stand and LEGO-like base, but the wings open and close so it can either be kept in your LEGO hanger or hung over your characters as an active war ship.

The fighter is Christmas themed so the blocks are in red, green and white. The overall build is pretty decent but unfortunately the fighter doesn’t come with any additional components or characters and it’s only the deconstructed spaceship that comes in the box.

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I loved the details on the X-Wing and the droid cockpit is made to look like a chimney and the blasters are Christmas trees which give it a unique Christmas look.

1381 Pieces Millennium Falcon LEGO Compatible

LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys on AliExpress

Last but not least is this Millennium Falcon that comprises 1381 pieces and is compatible with LEGO blocks. I found it to be real competition for the original and the best part about this model Millennium Falcon is that the radar units, guns and blasters are all moveable.

Another reason I recommend checking out this beast is because the flaps at the top of the ship open and close and there’s an entire section underneath that can be customized by adding characters or droids.

Considering this piece only costs $50 and comes with free shipping, it’s one I recommend you check out if you’re dying to get your hands on a cheap but good quality LEGO Millennium Falcon. 

Who Makes Good LEGO Star Wars Replica Toys?

There are two main Chinese LEGO replica manufacturers that I recommend buying from. One is Mould King and the other is CADA. Both are affordable and specialize not only in regular LEGO block sets and figures, but also in remote control robots.

These brands are interesting because all their kits come with a remote control and motor unlike the original LEGO Technic sets that lack the RC feature. Kits here cost as low as $30 and some of their bigger reps can at times go up to $100 for a set which is quite decent considering the. 

I’ve picked up a couple of the Mould King reps and I must say that the level of craftsmanship put into making these sets is simply astounding. Parts are classified making it easier to find a particular piece and their kits include detailed instructions to get your model figure/robot up and running in no time.

Things to consider when buying LEGO Star Wars reps online

If you’re in the market to expand your LEGO collection but have opted to buy replicas or China made blocks then there are some aspects you have to pay attention to since all LEGO replicas are not compatible with the original blocks.

Quality of the blocks 

The first thing to check for is if the blocks have either a CE or a GS hallmark printed on either the box or the individual pieces. 

These hallmarks are given to toys that meet the EU safety standards and can be sold or imported into European countries. 

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It is also important to check the materials used to make the blocks and the toys you choose should not contain any toxic substances that make it unsafe for kids to play with.

Shape and Color 

Now since the blocks you’re buying are not authentic LEGO, you need to check if the color of the bricks and the shape of the overall design matches original LEGO blocks. 

Since LEGO has patents for their designs, third-party brands tend to miss out on a few minor details and sometimes this can extend to the color as well as the shape/fit of the blocks. 

However, off late manufacturers are getting better with their designs and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find the difference between a replica LEGO block and the real one.

Clamping force 

Another factor to take into consideration is the clamping force or insertion force of the bricks. The bricks or set you buy should not be too hard to put together nor should the blocks sit loosely as the figure will then fall apart.

Easy to follow instructions

LEGO sets are relatively easy to build thanks to the detailed set of instructions the kit comes with. Replicas on the other hand may miss out on the instructions or the entire process may be too complicated for kids to follow.

Remember to find something that has a complete instruction guide or one that’s easy to build in case there’s no guide included. Few kits may even contain a guide but it will be in Chinese and you may find it hard to understand.

Price and delivery

Finally, when it comes to buying LEGO Star Wars sets, it makes sense to find something that’s cheaper as long as it looks and feels like the original. 

Some kits like the Millennium Falcon and the busts are cheaper on AliExpress than other platforms and since these are made by Mould Kind and Bricklink, they are super durable and compatible with original LEGO bricks.

Is it safe to buy LEGO Star Wars replicas from China?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy LEGO reps and clones from China. Not only do these clones fit the original LEGO design but they cost a fraction of the original and most of the new Star Wars sets on AliExpress look identical to the original so most won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

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