18 Top Chinese Smartwatches | Cheap Chinese Smartwatches Reviewed

by Tim Howard
Best Chinese Smartwatches 2023

Store Name: The Colmi Store

Store Description: We picked the Colmi store because they are one of the top upcoming Chinese smartwatch brands that make super affordable and super awesome smartwatches!

Price range: $10 - $30

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As the demand for cutting-edge wearable tech continues to grow, Chinese smartwatches have emerged as formidable contenders in the market.

Today, we’ll take a look at the realm of top-tier Chinese smartwatches, where brands like Amazfit and Huawei reign supreme. Renowned for their precision engineering and impressive features, these brands have captured the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

But with so many options available, which brand truly takes the crown?

Let’s unravel the Chinese smartwatch landscape, and check out how brands like Amazfit and Huawei stack up against contenders like Lenovo and Colmi.

Chinese SmartwatchesKnown For
Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip Lite
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Ultra-Light at 32g;
Water resistant up to 30m
Lenovo Watch 9
View on AliExpress
Sapphire Glass Display;
Water resistant up to 50m
Makibes T3
View on AliExpress
Multiple (8) Sports Modes 
Diggro N88
View on AliExpress
Durable Design
Kingwear KW19
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View on AliExpress
AMOLED Display;
Sapphire Crystal Glass
LEMFO Smartwatch
View on AliExpress
2MP HD 720p Camera
Colmi Land1
View on AliExpress
Steel Body;
IP68 Water resistant rating
Huawei Honor
View on AliExpress
Super-Slim at 9.8mm;
Stainless Steel Body
GT08 Smartwatch
View on AliExpress
Low-Priced at $10
DZ09 Smartwatch
View on AliExpress
Expandable memory (up to 32GB)
Amazfit NEO
Check it out on Amazon
View on AliExpress
Retro Design;
28-Days on single charge
Huawei Watch GT2
View on AliExpress
Professional Sports Modes;
2 Weeks on single charge
Amazfit Stratos 3
View on AliExpress
80 Sports Modes; 3 GPS Modes
Amazfit GTS2
View on AliExpress
AMOLED Display with 341ppi;
90 Sports Modes
Colmi P8 Plus
View on AliExpress
Alloy Body;
IP67 Water resistant rating
Huawei Watch GT3 SE
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View it on AliExpress
AMOLED display with 2-week battery life;
Rugged build
Amazfit T-Rex Pro
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View it on AliExpress
Military-grade design;
Built to track personal performance
TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra
Check it out on Amazon
View it on AliExpress
Built for extreme conditions;
Uses the fast SD Wear 4100 processor

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Best Cheap Chinese Smartwatches Under $100


amazfit bip lite

Got a lifestyle that’s always on the go? Then this Chinese smartwatch has been made just for you. Its compact design and quick-release, silicone strap band wraps around your wrist comfortably even if worn for long durations.

Designed with a 1.28” Corning Gorilla glass display, this protects it against scratches and fingerprint markings. The always on display feature provides you with clear notification views of your calls, messages, and emails from your smartphone.

The Amazfit Biplite also includes an optical heart rate sensor which constantly monitors your heart rate.  It also features a 1,900 mAh battery providing you up to 45 days of effective battery life. Weighing in at only 32grams, this lightweight smartwatch can take you anywhere from morning till night. 


  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Durable build with Gorilla glass display
  • Lightweight at 32gm
  • Budget friendly


  • Basic functionality

Why should you buy it?

It’s one of the lightest Chinese smartwatches in the market and offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring and a long 45 days battery life.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here – $59.99


chinese smartwatches list

With its elegant design and practical features, you are a sure winner with the Lenovo watch 9 smartwatch. Never miss a call or an important message with its vibrate function instantly alerting you.  Designed with a sapphire mirror glass display, scratches on the clock face are now a thing of the past.

Active swimmers take heart as this smart watch is water resistant up to 50meters. It keeps track of your physical health with its sleep monitoring capabilities and workout reminders. Bluetooth connectivity is stable at 15 to 25 meters ensuring faster data transfers and efficient power consumption. 


  • Minimalistic design
  • Steel housing with Silicone band
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Only fitness tracking available

Why should you buy it?

The Lenovo Watch 9 is an ideal choice for those who like to track their fitness without having to navigate their watch. It’s designed well and does not resemble a smartwatch.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here – $45

#3 — Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR is a top notch high-performance Chinese smartwatch that features a cool design and comes equipped with customizable watch faces. This device has a 12 day battery run time which is pretty impressive considering the 1.2” AMOLED display that is extremely bright.

This Chinese smartwatch comes with a 5ATM waterproof rating and is equipped with multiple sensors and trackers. You can pair this smartwatch with any Android smartphone running 5.0 and above or with an iPhone on iOS 10 and above.


  • 12 day battery life
  • Bright AMOLED display
  • Waterproof with 5ATM rating


  • Doesn’t pair with all versions of Android or iOS

Why should you buy it?

You can customize the watch faces and it comes with all the relevant features you would need to track your fitness and health.

Rating: 5/5

Apple Watch 6 Clone Teaser


Chinese smartwatches with heart rate monitor

The Diggroo N88 smart watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor and blood pressure monitor. It also tracks how many steps you have taken in a day and maintains a record of your sleep pattern. All these are designed to provide you with the necessary details for a healthy lifestyle.

Checking your messages on your smartphone is easy with its high resolution IPS LCD screen. Its compact design is perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity. Compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4, the Diggroo N88 smart watch is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled to provide you with seamless wireless communications.  


  • Large color display
  • Replaceable straps
  • Detailed health tracking system


  • Quality of the straps are below average

Why should you buy it?

This Chinese smart watch is equipped with a large battery that offers up to 25 days of standby. It also helps monitor your sleep cycles and keeps track of your health.

Rating: 4/5

Check it out here – $16


premium chinese smartwatch

Designed with a 1.39 inch AMOLED round screen display, it provides you with a clarity like no other.  The scratch resistant sapphire crystal clock-face surface and silicone wristband ensures you durability and comfort. 

Compatible with Android 7.0, you can easily connect to various apps that suits your interest. Equipped with a pedometer and a precise heart rate sensor, these smart life sensors helps you attain a healthier lifestyle.


  • Good quality materials used
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Interchangeable straps


  • Might face some connectivity issues with newer models of iPhones

Why should you buy it?

The KW19 is a great fitness tracking smartwatch for men and women. It’s equipped with accurate sensors that can keep track of your physical wellbeing and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Rating: 4/5

Check it out here – $90


best china made smartwatch

Featuring a 2MP HD 720P camera designed with 6 optical elements for optimum image quality. Equipped with an MTK6580 quad core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM enables your apps to run smoothly. Its 16GB ROM gives ample space for photos and videos. Wireless communication and reception is exceptional with its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity.

The LEMFO smart watch’s optical heart rate sensor features real-time heart rate readings for better heart rate accuracy. Its overall performance along with quality features makes for an impressive smart watch. 


  • Available in multiple variants
  • High-performance Chinese smartwatch


  • Prices are on the higher side

Why should you buy it?

It’s a high-performance Chinese smartwatch that has 16 GB memory to store songs and even videos. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

Check it out here – $35

Best Aliexpress Smartwatch | IWO 12, IWO 13, Tornstic and many more


chinese smartwatch review

With its slim design and steel body, the COLMI LAND1 is the epitome of cool, casual style. No matter what the activity will be, this smart watch is protected with IP68 waterproof rating and a 2.5D tempered glass display.

Its 1.3 inch IPS LCD display has great color saturation and resolution. Designed with smart health feature that includes a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and a blood pressure monitor.

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Equipped with a multi-sport mode to keep up with your active lifestyle, it has everything from cycling, running, football, and other sports-related activities. Packed with a 200 mAh battery, this can give you 10days of normal usage and 60 days of standby time. 


  • Sleek design with a steel body
  • Large display with great resolution
  • Multi sports mode
  • 10 days battery life


  • Not the best smartwatch from Colmi

Why should you buy it?

It’s designed for those who are on a tight budget and want something sleek. It resembles the Apple Watch and can track various activities such as cycling, swimming and even football.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here – $19


Huawei smartwatch

One of the best Chinese smartwatches is the Huawei Honor.

Slimmer than most smart watches at 9.8 mm, the HUAWEI HONOR smart watch is very comfortable to wear. Featuring a precise heart rate tracker, GPS, and step counter, this watch can seamlessly take you from the boardroom to the gym in style.

Unlike other small and slim smart watches, the Huawei Honor smart watch is water proof with a 5ATM level of water resistance. Packed with different sports-mode activities, you can track your health and fitness rate according to your interests. 


  • Premium build
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Loaded with health and fitness trackers


  • N/A

Why should you buy it?

The Honor smartwatch is an extremely slim Chinese smartwatch that is equipped with accurate fitness trackers and looks great with any wardrobe.

Rating : 5/5

Check it out here – $30


smartwatches that look like apple watches

With its variety of functions and a very affordable price range, the GT08 smart watch is definitely something to look out for. Compatible with both IOS and Android, this smart watch also supports several apps and connects with other devices via Bluetooth.

Designed with a 1.54-inch touch screen LCD for clear views and easy operation, your calls and messages are easily accessible. Created with a stainless steel frame and snug silicone strap, the GT08 is a smart watch that is truly stylish and highly reliable.


  • Equipped with a built-in camera
  • Wrist strap is sweat resistant
  • Best cheap Chinese smartwatch
  • HD voice recording with music playback


  • Quality could have been better
  • User interface needs to be tweaked

Why should you buy it?

This smartwatch is ideal for those on a very tight budget. It resembles the Apple Watch and comes with a built-in camera that you can use to take remote photographs with.


Check it out here – $10


best smartwatch on aliexpress

The DZ09 smart watch is a worthwhile alternative to many other expensive smart watches. The touch screen glass display is scratch and water-resistant. It allows you to monitor your health through its fitness trackers featuring the step counter, sports tracker, sleep monitoring, and health tracker. 

Calls, messages, emails, and social media apps are not a problem for this smart watch. It even comes with a camera and supports a 32GB memory card enabling you to store your favourite photos, videos, and music. With a wide range of features and functionalities, the DZ09 smart watch is definitely a steal.  


  • Wide variety of supported apps
  • Built-in music player
  • Sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring


  • User interface is not great
  • Should have been priced lower
  • No inbuilt storage

Why should you buy it?

The DZ09 is a great Chinese smartwatch no doubt, but it looks bulky and is low on accuracy. It features a built-in camera that you can  use for remote photography.

Rating: 3.5/5

Check it out here – $10

#11 – Amazfit NEO

One of the most popular Amazfit watches for the year has been the pretty innovate Amazfit Neo. Everybody knows that the Amazfit has been the best Chinese smartwatch brand in the world. And it looks like, nobody is going to beat them.

The Amafit NEO itself is a $39 smartwatch that has a retro look. For people who are big fans of the old casio, this is the watch to go for.

Although it looks simple, it does have a heart rate monitor, a solid 28 day battery life, sleep tracking, an always-on display and it is waterproof up to 40 metres.

It also has four physical buttons. Two buttons that toggle up and down and one for the power and the other to turn on the backlight.

Because the display is simple, the battery life is amazing, but with the features of a super smartwatch. This is one of the most unique Chinese smartwatches we’ve seen.

It uses a PAI Health Assessment System, which gives you a health score. it’s got a power tracker, PPG sensor. You can also receive notification information.


  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Great design
  • Highly durable


  • Not customizable
  • Mid range price

Why should you buy it?

The Amazfit Neo is a Casio G-Shock look-alike and works in a similar manner. It looks great and offers a retro look for those who prefer vintage devices.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out on Aliexpress

#12 — Huawei Watch GT2

huawei watch Gt2 china smartwatch

One of the coolest Chinese smartwatches that is still good to go in 2023 is the Huawei Watch GT2 and the upgraded Huawei Watch GT2 Pro. It’s uber powerful and has a classic timeless design. It’s one of those Chinese smartwatches that can truly compete with the Apple Watch.

It’s got the looks and the specs and let’s see what’s under the hood. The Kirin A1 Processor is the chipset in the GT2. It’s Huawei’s very own chipset built for Bluetooth 5.1. It has 30% more performance capabilities than Apple’s chipsets.

The dual-chip design along with advancements in battery technology ensures the user gets 2 weeks of non-stop use on this powerful device.

The GT2 has a simple yet classic design which looks great. It’s sports friendly and will be able to seamlessly track about 15 types of sports and 85 types of custom workouts. It’s got a heart rate monitor which is pretty accurate.

It’s got sleep tracking features and notifications for apps, calls and texts. It comes in two versions, 42mm and 46mm.


  • Long battery life of 14 days
  • High performance chipset
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Sapphire glass
  • Detailed health tracking


  • Expensive

Why should you buy it?

The Huawei Gt2 is the best Chinese smartwatch for Android phones with one of the most powerful processors around. It’s reliable and has a large battery that grants you complete access to everything it has for over 2 weeks at a time.

Rating: 5/5

Check it out here

#13 — Amazfit Stratos 3

Amazfit Stratos 3 China smartwatch

It’s the age of Amazfit as they have been making some of the best China made smartwatches in 2023. They are the company to beat in the smartwatch space. The Amazfit Stratos 3 is the 3rd generation of the Stratos series and is absolutely made for the heavy user and pro athletes.

It’s by no means a small smartwatch with 49mm in size. The body is made of stainless steel and plastic which gives it a combination of sturdiness and lightness. As the watch is made for intense sports activities, there is a replaceable strap that is available. It’s got a 1.34-inch touch display and four physical buttons for navigating through the various features.

The battery life is quite poor at 7 days, which isn’t much, but that’s understandable with numerous sports modes and 3 types of GPS modes. It’s got sports tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking and internal storage for music as well.

The sports modes will blow your mind with 80 different types of activities that can be tracked. It’s meant for professional athletes to track their performance.


  • Looks and feels premium
  • Designed for professional athletes
  • Accurate trackers and health sensors
  • Large 49mm dial


  • Low battery life of 7 days
  • Bit pricey

Why should you buy it?

The Stratos 3 is a brilliant China made smartwatch that you can pair with Android and iOS smartphones. It’s equipped with over 80 trackers making it one of the best fitness watches for athletes.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here

#14 — Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2 china smartwatch

The latest from the Amazfit family is the Amazfit GTS 2. It’s one of the watches that look like the Apple Watch and has been a roaring success. This is a premium watch that packs a punch.

It’s got built-in Alexa voice-control. It can measure the blood oxygen levels that is a SPO2 tracker. It can track sleep and has internal storage for music.

The design is pretty epic with the slightly curved square display. It’s available in three striking colours. The 341 PPI ensures utmost clarity of the display with eye popping colours.

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The health tracking system measures heart rate and tracks other health parameters which can help you. The battery life is about 7 days, which is expected from an Amazfit watch.

The 3GB internal storage lets you store music on the watch itself for instant playback or you can play through the watch’s loudspeaker.

There’s about 90 different sports tracking modes to choose from and can go up to 50 metres below water. A made in China classic smartwatch, this is the watch to beat .


  • Voice controlled
  • Sleek form factor
  • Premium design
  • Built-in storage for music files
  • Heart rate and SPO2 trackers


  • Low battery performance
  • Speaker is not great

Why should you buy it?

The GTS2 is one of the best Apple Watch alternatives and one of the most well-built China made smartwatches. It’s a great piece to own and the only drawback is it has a low 7 day battery life.

Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here

#15 – Colmi P8 Plus

The P Series’ design, with a rectangular dial, curved edges and silicon strap, seems to be inspired by the Apple Watch. Black, Blue, Gold and Pink are the available colours, with the Gold holding a tinge of Rose. The 1.69” IPS display has a resolution of 240×280 and brings out colours quite nicely, even under sunlight. An array of health features help you keep track of your sleep cycle, heart rate, blood-pressure and blood-oxygen levels. The touch’s response rate is more than adequate, and the rotating button comes in handy to scroll through features. 

The Shenzhen-based brand launched the P8 Plus as a successor to the Colmi P8, and the most significant upgrades are the screen size, the battery and the resistance rating. A 190mAh battery replaces the 170mAh one, and will sustain for up to 7 days, with a stand-by time of 30 days. The new IP67 rating includes dust-resistance, which is not available with the IPX7 rating. This allows the manufacturers to add Swimming as one of the 8 available Sports Modes. 

The Da Fit app runs smoothly, courtesy a Goodix GR5515 chipset, and connects to both Android and iOS with Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The UI is moderately customizable with 100+ watch faces and handles calls, message notifications and music controls seamlessly. At $35.99, the Colmi P8 Plus is a good buy for daily use and light requirements of sports modes, and is available on AliExpress and Amazon. 


  • Large size display
  • Waterproof with IP67 rating
  • Equipped with multiple sensors and trackers
  • Navigation via the crown dial


  • Straps are flimsy and you will need to buy replacement straps
  • Low battery life of 7 days

Why should you buy it?

The Colmi P8 Plus is by far one of the best Chinese smartwatches for Android devices. It looks great and comes with a decent display and an easy to use user interface.

Rating: 4/5

Check it out here

#16 — Huawei Watch GT3 SE


The Watch GT3 SE is the latest smart wearable from Huawei that’s designed to focus entirely on sports and health monitoring. It has a more refined design over the GT 2 and it comes with a 1.43” AMOLED display that’s protected by a 46mm water resistant and dust resistant case.

Like other GT watches, the GT3 SE boasts a whopping 2 week battery life and is compatible with Huawei TruSleep 3.0 that can track your sleep cycles every night. 


The watch also has over 100 workout modes built into it and not only is there a digital crown on the side, but quite like the GT3, it comes with an additional side button that can be configured to launch different apps or start tracking key metrics

You can control the watch and modify settings, set wallpapers, add contacts, music and even track your metrics with the Huawei Health app that’s available on the App store and Play store. 


  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Water and dust resistant


  • Not many free watch faces are available on the store

Why should you buy it?

Well the Huawei GT3 SE is a smartwatch that has a premium design and build quality, yet it’s cheap and affordable so anyone can actually pick one up. It offers a fair amount of useful health and fitness related metrics and is built to monitor your sleep cycle as well as the latest update has brought in a cycle calendar so ladies can keep a track of their monthly cycles.

Check it out on AliExpress

#17 — Amazfit T-Rex Pro


Another fantastic smartwatch to come out of China is the T-Rex Pro and boy it is well built. One among the many Amazfit smartwatches, the T-Rex Pro holds its ground as one of the most durable watches by far.

Amazgit has done a number on this watch and they’ve even put it through a battery of tests to make sure the T-Rex Pro is built to last. With a sturdy build and a patented sweat-wicking silicone band, the T-Rex Pro will definitely come in handy regardless of the situation.


The watch has a robust collection of fitness and health sensors that help track your vital information and it’s waterproof as well as dust proof so feel free to wear it on at all times. 

The only drawbacks were that I was unable to multitask with the T-Rex Pro and the app didn’t always sync with the watch, but other than that it’s a pretty decent buy and a tough competitor in the mid-range military grade Chinese smartwatches.


  • Comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time
  • Military grade build that’s resistant to heat and cold
  • Can track performance and relay information about your vitals in the app
  • Waterproof and can be submerged up to 100m


  • There are issues with the sync process between the watch and app
  • Can’t multitask well
  • Short battery life when compared to other military-grade smartwatches

Why should you buy it?

The T-Rex Pro is an amazing smartwatch to own if you’re into outdoor adventures and keeping a close eye on your fitness metrics. The watch is in compliance with military standards and is pretty durable even under harsh conditions.

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on AliExpress

#18 — TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra


The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is a new addition to the market and is one of the few watches to come equipped with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor. While the Pro 3 Ultra might not be the best smartwatch to come out of China, it surely surpasses other brands in terms of the display, design, fitness tracking capabilities and battery life.

It looks and feels much like the Huawei GT2 and is running Wear OS, but unfortunately the latest ver. 3 is not out for this watch as yet so be prepared to face a few occasional bugs. 


The dial is a decent 47mm which is a bit smaller than the 8 Ultra and the watch is equipped with IP68 as well as MIL-STD=810G certifications so it can be worn in most conditions including intense heat and cold.

I’ve used the PPG and SpO2 sensors on this model and was quite happy with the level of accuracy and information it delivered. It’s definitely one of the best budget buys and according to TicWatch, we should expect an update to Wear OS ver 3 sometime in the next few days.


  • Design is sleek and the watch is comfortable to wear
  • There are a wide range of applications that can be installed on the watch
  • Rugged military-grade design and can withstand intense heat and cold
  • Cheap and affordable when compared to other outdoor sports watches


  • Battery could use an upgrade
  • System issues and bugs are present
  • Still runs on an older version of WearOS

Why should you buy it?

The Ticwatch Pr 3 Ultra is super durable and extremely affordable. There are a number of useful features including SpO2 tracking and heart rate monitoring. The watch is waterproof, dust proof and can be worn in freezing and hot climates.

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on AliExpress

My Experience Buying and Using Chinese Smartwatches

I’ve been a fan of Chinese smartwatches for a while and over the years I’ve noticed an increase in the demand for cheap smartwatches, over big brands like Apple and Samsung. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the Chinese brands available in the market today are reliable and I was able to keep a check on numerous apps without having to take out my phone all the time.

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I used to be skeptical about using Chinese smartwatches in the past since there were reports on the watches causing skin rashes and even some brands were under the radar for data theft

But, by choosing the right manufacturers, I figured out that not all Chinese smartwatches are the same, in fact, there are many brands out there that deliver A-class smartwatches that are entirely safe to use such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Lemfo and even some of the newer IWO smartwatches are pretty cool in my opinion.

By entering keywords such as Chinese smartwatches or Cheap Smartwatches on sites like AliExpress and DHgate, I was able to find hundreds, if not thousands of different smartwatches listed with prices ranging from $10 all the way to a couple $100.

For example, one of the first smartwatches I bought from China a couple of years ago was the IWO 8 or the Apple Watch 4 Replica for roughly $25. 

The watch (shown above) was quite impressive, the packaging was good, it looked identical to the original and it was super cheap. However, what I did not like about it was that the OS was slow and there was no warranty on the watch which made me regret my decision. 

I then picked up the Huawei GT 2 and the Amazfit GTS only to be surprised at how brilliantly accurate these watches are and how easy they were to use. The drawback is that both of them cost over $150 and are not as cheap and affordable as the IWO or Lemfo range of smartwatches.

So, from my personal experience, cheaper is not always better and when it comes to wearables, it’s good to always spend an extra buck if you want the best. 

Here are some Chinese smartwatches I’ve bought over the years

You can also find smartwatches by typing out the brand name or model names in the search bar on AliExpress and DHgate. Simply entering Colmi, Lemfo, Huawei, Amazfit or Xiaomi will bring up a long list of Chinese smartwatches that are available to buy. 

To save you some time, go through buyer reviews to check whether the watch is good or not. 

This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect when you place the order. One of the main reasons why I still buy stuff from China is because sellers are responsive and I can reach out to them directly and have any question about the product answered real-time.

If you are looking for the best Chinese smartwatch for iPhone or best Chinese smartwatch for Android, we list them all!

How did we test the top Chinese smartwatches?

In order to be a part of this list, over 100 China made smartwatches were put through a series of tests. These tests helped us determine whether these replica smartwatches are good for fitness tracking, whether they’re durable, if they have a decent processing speed and if they were worth the money in terms of functionality.

Guide to buying Chinese Smartwatches

Since not all Chinese smartwatches are the same in terms of functionality, you wouldn’t want to buy something and then regret your decision later. Here are the most common features to look for when buying a Chinese smartwatch.

  • Trackers – One of the most important reasons to buy a smartwatch is to take advantage of the trackers and sensors that it comes equipped with. These trackers are not always accurate, but if you have opted for a mid-range to premium Chinese smartwatch then chances are that the data collected will be accurate. Step count, heart rate tracker, cycling, swimming and running are some of the built-in trackers Chinese smartwatches come with.
  • Battery Life – It’s good not to expect too much from Chinese manufacturers, especially no-name brands. While a branded smartwatch will provide you with a battery life of around 5-7 days, a Chinese smartwatch would be able to provide you with anywhere between 3-5 days of running time on a single charge.
  • Waterproof – Another point to consider is whether you’re going to use the smartwatch while swimming or if you’re living in a region where it rains constantly. Chinese smartwatches do come with an IP rating, but you need to be careful in decoding the IP rating. If you’re skeptical about the rating, remember Chinese smartwatches with an IP68 rating are safe to use while swimming or in the shower. Anothing below that would be splash-proof and not water-proof.
  • Notifications – The last thing to consider is the notification feature of the smartwatch. Most Chinese smartwatches do offer message and call notifications but only a handful would provide you with WhatsApp or Facebook notifications. Make sure the smartwatch you choose comes with advanced notification features so you wouldn’t have to keep taking out your smartphone when you get a message.

Best Chinese Watches on Aliexpress  

Here you’ll find the best watches stores on Aliexpress that sell Chinese watches of all types, budgets and more. 

Brand Links
VERIFYTEKCheck it out here
Pretty Little Watch StoreCheck it out here
No Borders Official StoreCheck it out here

Best Chinese Smartwatch Brands

Smartwatches made in China are pretty great. They might not have a big brand name or might not boast of a celebrity endorsing their product. But they make some really good smartwatches and that too for a super cheap price. 

If you are wondering, Are cheap Chinese smartwatches any good? 

Then here is your answer 

  • Don’t expect the Apple Watch Quality 

You can’t buy a $30 watch and expect it to work like the Apple Watch. A lot of people make that mistake and the truth of the matter is. If these Chinese smartwatch brands were charging how much Apple was charging, their output would be way better in terms of hardware. Even a watch like the Amazfit GTS, at 1/3rd the cost of an Apple Watch, is still really good when compared to the Apple Watch. 

  • Take the information as an approximation 

A lot of smartwatch reviewers go crazy with this. They’ll walk three steps and if the watch shows five steps, they’ll lose their minds. At the price you are paying for a smartwatch, you can’t expect perfection. It’s an approximation. When I tested my Umidigi Uwatch 2, it gave me different results from my Amazfit Bip Lite when I walked. But then I understood how it measured steps. 

So adjust your understanding of distance covered and step count with the type of watch you have. And it also goes without saying, you can’t take the health related numbers as proof that you are healthy or unhealthy. Even Apple in their disclaimer states that those numbers cannot be taken seriously. 

  • Don’t buy the NO brand name products 

When it comes to Chinese smartwatches. There are small brands and no-brand products. You’ll encounter this on Amazon or when you are out shopping. The no-brand name manufacturers basically manufacture and push out their products to different wholesalers and retailers. Reputation is not something they care about.

But when you see a Chinese smartwatch brand that has their own store and a distinct name, then you can be assured that they are trying to build a reputation. This means their services will be good and decent. 

  • Check out the reviews and the images 

This is solid advice, not only for smartwatches, but anything you buy from China. Look at the image reviews. See if you like the look. Check out different angles and take a call. 

How do I add apps to my Chinese smartwatch?

If you have a Chinese smartwatch that has an option to install apps, here’s the process. 

  1. Take your SD card and add apps to it by downloading the APK files. 
  2. Put the SD card in your watch and access the files 
  3. Download and install the apps
  4. You’ll see the apps in your App Browser. It’s pretty simple! 

How do you set up a Chinese smart watch? – Chinese Smartwatch App

Here are the things you need 

  1. A smartphone with Bluetooth enabled 
  2. An Chinese smartwatch app used by the Chinese smartwatch company – Da Fit App, Amazfit App, Happy Sports, Glory Fit, Mi Fit, Colmi, H Band and more. Scan the QR code in the instruction manual and you will get the app. 
  3. Connect the app via to your phone via Bluetooth and make sure to keep your Bluetooth on your phone, always on. 

Top Chinese Smartwatches FAQs

Are smart watches from China safe?

The question of genuineness on Chinese products (smartwatches, in this case) are a thing of the past, as most brands from China use credible channels to market and sell their products. 5 minutes of browsing through official sites of the brand and product reviews on e-retail sites will help you determine if it is safe to buy the smartwatch you are interested in.

Which Chinese smartwatch is best to buy?

A: You may require or want a smartwatch for a multitude of reasons, from general usage to sports, and this will help identifying which smartwatch you ought to buy. For example, the Huawei Watch GT2 and Amazfit Stratos 3 are designed to track extensive physical activities, while other brands like Lemfo and Colmi focus on general usage. Smartwatches like Lenovo and Huawei will add a luxurious touch to your wrist. 

Are Chinese smart watches accurate?

We would be ill-advised if we were told to expect 100% accuracy from smartwatches in the price range of $35-$50. While the sensors tracking movements or activities and health readings are dependable to a fault, they will not be as precise as readings from a dedicated smartwatch brand, such as Garmin (for sports). However, there will not be any lag or glitches with regards to connectivity and communication apps.  

How do you set up a Chinese smart watch?

A: Chinese smartwatches, like global brands, are now built around UIs which are supported by both Android and iOS. Once paired to your phone using Bluetooth, you can proceed to use all features as the sync-up will take place automatically. A few extra settings and permissions may be required at app levels (or on your phone), but they are essentially plug-n-play products. 

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