TOP 10 CHINESE SMARTWATCHES 2020 | $30 Smartwatches that compete with the Apple Watch!

by Tim Howard
Best Chinese Smartwatches 2020

Store Name: The Colmi Store

Store Description: We picked the Colmi store because they are one of the top upcoming Chinese smartwatch brands that make super affordable and super awesome smartwatches!

Price range: $10 - $30

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  • Price
  • Quality
  • Design and Style
  • Performance

Wearable technologies have gained popularity over the years. Living in the digital era where people communicate and live their everyday lives using technology, helpful tools like the smartwatch will continue to grow. 

Investing in innovative products like a smartwatch can improve your health and lifestyle. Here we have listed for you the top Chinese smartwatches that are hot in the market right now.

If you are looking for the best Chinese smartwatch for iPhone or best Chinese smartwatch for Android, we list them all!

AmazfitCheck it out here
LemfoCheck it out here
ColmiCheck it out here
LenovoCheck it out here
MakibesCheck it out here
DiggroCheck it out here
UmidigiCheck it out here
SenbonoCheck it out here
LIGECheck it out here
TorntiscCheck it out here

Best Cheap Chinese Smartwatch 2020


Got a lifestyle that’s always on the go? Then this Chinese smartwatch has been made just for you. Its compact design and quick-release, silicone strap band wraps around your wrist comfortably even if worn for long durations. Designed with a 1.28” Corning Gorilla glass display, this protects it against scratches and fingerprint markings. The always on display feature provides you with clear notification views of your calls, messages, and emails from your smartphone. The Amazfit Biplite also includes an optical heart rate sensor which constantly monitors your heart rate.  It also features a 1,900 mAh battery providing you up to 45 days of effective battery life. Weighing in at only 32grams, this lightweight smartwatch can take you anywhere from morning till night. 

Check it out here – $59.99


With its elegant design and practical features, you are a sure winner with the Lenovo watch 9 smartwatch. Never miss a call or an important message with its vibrate function instantly alerting you.  Designed with a sapphire mirror glass display, scratches on the clock face are now a thing of the past. Active swimmers take heart as this smart watch is water resistant up to 50meters. It keeps track of your physical health with its sleep monitoring capabilities and workout reminders. Bluetooth connectivity is stable at 15 to 25 meters ensuring faster data transfers and efficient power consumption. 

Check it out here – $45


Fitness and sports buff, this smart watch is for you! Whether you choose to run, swim, or bike, this smart watch’s eight multiple sports modes will constantly monitor your progress.  With its real time heart rate and blood pressure monitor, the data generated helps you attain your goal to be in top shape of your physical fitness. This smart watch comes with a 1.3 inch high-resolution color display and long-wearing battery life. Water splash and sweat-proof, the Makibes T3 smart watch is your ideal partner for those fitness goals. 

Check it out here – $18.71


The Diggroo N88 smart watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor and blood pressure monitor. It also tracks how many steps you have taken in a day and maintains a record of your sleep pattern. All these are designed to provide you with the necessary details for a healthy lifestyle. Checking your messages on your smartphone is easy with its high resolution IPS LCD screen. Its compact design is perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity. Compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4, the Diggroo N88 smart watch is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled to provide you with seamless wireless communications.  

Check it out here – $16


Designed with a 1.39 inch AMOLED round screen display, it provides you with a clarity like no other.  The scratch resistant sapphire crystal clock-face surface and silicone wristband ensures you durability and comfort.  Compatible with Android 7.0, you can easily connect to various apps that suits your interest. Equipped with a pedometer and a precise heart rate sensor, these smart life sensors helps you attain a healthier lifestyle.

Check it out here – $90


Featuring a 2MP HD 720P camera designed with 6 optical elements for optimum image quality. Equipped with an MTK6580 quad core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM enables your apps to run smoothly. Its 16GB ROM gives ample space for photos and videos. Wireless communication and reception is exceptional with its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity. The LEMFO smart watch’s optical heart rate sensor features real-time heart rate readings for better heart rate accuracy. Its overall performance along with quality features makes for an impressive smart watch. 

Check it out here – $35


With its slim design and steel body, the COLMI LAND1 is the epitome of cool, casual style. No matter what the activity will be, this smart watch is protected with IP68 waterproof rating and a 2.5D tempered glass display. Its 1.3 inch IPS LCD display has great color saturation and resolution. Designed with smart health feature that includes a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and a blood pressure monitor. Equipped with a multi-sport mode to keep up with your active lifestyle, it has everything from cycling, running, football, and other sports-related activities. Packed with a 200 mAh battery, this can give you 10days of normal usage and 60 days of standby time. 

Check it out here – $19


One of the best Chinese smartwatches is the Huawei Honor.

Slimmer than most smart watches at 9.8 mm, the HUAWEI HONOR smart watch is very comfortable to wear. Featuring a precise heart rate tracker, GPS, and step counter, this watch can seamlessly take you from the boardroom to the gym in style. Unlike other small and slim smart watches, the Huawei Honor smart watch is water proof with a 5ATM level of water resistance. Packed with different sports-mode activities, you can track your health and fitness rate according to your interests. 

Check it out here – $30


With its variety of functions and a very affordable price range, the GT08 smart watch is definitely something to look out for. Compatible with both IOS and Android, this smart watch also supports several apps and connects with other devices via Bluetooth. Designed with a 1.54-inch touch screen LCD for clear views and easy operation, your calls and messages are easily accessible. Created with a stainless steel frame and snug silicone strap, the GT08 is a smart watch that is truly stylish and highly reliable.

Check it out here – $10


The DZ09 smart watch is a worthwhile alternative to many other expensive smart watches. The touch screen glass display is scratch and water-resistant. It allows you to monitor your health through its fitness trackers featuring the step counter, sports tracker, sleep monitoring, and health tracker.  Calls, messages, emails, and social media apps are not a problem for this smart watch. It even comes with a camera and supports a 32GB memory card enabling you to store your favourite photos, videos, and music. With a wide range of features and functionalities, the DZ09 smart watch is definitely a steal.  

Check it out here – $10

#11 – L9 IP68 2020 Smartwatch

The L9 is a beautiful looking business style smartwatch. It doesn’t look like other smartwatches and it has a host of benefits. The L9 is IP68 waterproof which means it’s perfect for swmiming, except the leather straps might cause some issues.

L9 smartwatch

It has the sports tracking features such as and other features such as ECG, stopwatch, music control, app notifications and more.

It has a 300 mAh battery that gets charged in about an hour and has a battery life of 7 days. It has a 1.3 -inch screen.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $27.60

#12 – Chycet Smartwatch

The Chycet smartwatch is another round designed smartwatch that has some unique features.

chycet smartwatch

It has a heart rate tracker, Blood pressure checker, Sports mode, Alarm clock, Remote control and more. It has a 90 mAh battery that lasts about 2 days, which isn’t much as smartwatches go. But this is a budget smartwatch.

It syncs with devices with iOS 9 and Android 5 and above. It has a 1.3-inch touch screen

Check it out on Aliexpress- $13

#13 – SENBONO S10

The Senbono S10 is a beautiful looking smartwatch. It has a 1.3-inch screen and a IP67 waterproof rating. It comes in a full black finish that looks super stylish.

Senbono S10

It has a 350 mAh battery that has a use time of 7 to 10 days. It’s available in 16 languages.

It has app notification reminders, sedentary reminder, alarms and more. There’s the find my smartwatch feature.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $27

Best Aliexpress Watch Stores 

Here you’ll find the best watches stores on Aliexpress that sell Chinese watches of all types, budgets and more. 

Brand Links
VERIFYTEKCheck it out here
Pretty Little Watch StoreCheck it out here
No Borders Official StoreCheck it out here

Smartwatch Made in China – Is it worth it? 

Smartwatches made in China are pretty great. They might not have a big brand name or might not boast of a celebrity endorsing their product. But they make some really good smartwatches and that too for a super cheap price. 

If you are wondering, Are cheap smartwatches any good? 

Then here is your answer 

  • Don’t expect the Apple Watch Quality 

You can’t buy a $30 watch and expect it to work like the Apple Watch. A lot of people make that mistake and the truth of the matter is. If these Chinese smartwatch brands were charging how much Apple was charging, their output would be way better in terms of hardware. Even a watch like the Amazfit GTS, at 1/3rd the cost of an Apple Watch, is still really good when compared to the Apple Watch. 

  • Take the information as an approximation 

A lot of smartwatch reviewers go crazy with this. They’ll walk three steps and if the watch shows five steps, they’ll lose their minds. At the price you are paying for a smartwatch, you can’t expect perfection. It’s an approximation. When I tested my Umidigi Uwatch 2, it gave me different results from my Amazfit Bip Lite when I walked. But then I understood how it measured steps. 

So adjust your understanding of distance covered and step count with the type of watch you have. And it also goes without saying, you can’t take the health related numbers as proof that you are healthy or unhealthy. Even Apple in their disclaimer states that those numbers cannot be taken seriously. 

  • Don’t buy the NO brand name products 

When it comes to Chinese smartwatches. There are small brands and no-brand products. You’ll encounter this on Amazon or when you are out shopping. The no-brand name manufacturers basically manufacture and push out their products to different wholesalers and retailers. Reputation is not something they care about.

But when you see a Chinese smartwatch brand that has their own store and a distinct name, then you can be assured that they are trying to build a reputation. This means their services will be good and decent. 

  • Check out the reviews and the images 

This is solid advice, not only for smartwatches, but anything you buy from China. Look at the image reviews. See if you like the look. Check out different angles and take a call. 

How do I add apps to my Chinese smartwatch?

If you have a Chinese smartwatch that has an option to install apps, here’s the process. 

  1. Take your SD card and add apps to it by downloading the APK files. 
  2. Put the SD card in your watch and access the files 
  3. Download and install the apps
  4. You’ll see the apps in your App Browser. It’s pretty simple! 

How do you set up a Chinese smart watch? – Chinese Smartwatch App

Here are the things you need 

  1. A smartphone with Bluetooth enabled 
  2. An Chinese smartwatch app used by the Chinese smartwatch company – Da Fit App, Amazfit App, Happy Sports, Glory Fit, Mi Fit, Colmi, H Band and more. Scan the QR code in the instruction manual and you will get the app. 
  3. Connect the app via to your phone via Bluetooth and make sure to keep your Bluetooth on your phone, always on. 

That’s all folks! 

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