10 Top Earphones on Aliexpress 2022 | Best Aliexpress Earbuds!

by Tim Howard

Finding the right piece of earphones make listening to music more enjoyable. Thanks to technological advancements, music lovers can now select from a wide array of listening devices according to their preferences.

Many factors affect the quality of an earphone. Some users prioritize comfort, others want the most stylish ones, while other music lovers look for bass quality. 

So, if you are looking for the best Aliexpress earphones of 2021, and the best Earbuds on Aliexpress here they are.

Top Earphones on Aliexpress 2021

Best Aliexpress Earphones 2021Product
Best Earphones with Mic Samsung Earphones
Best Earphones Under $200 Reviewing soon
Best Earphones Under $100 CC C12 Inear monitor
Best Earphones Under $50 QCR Earbuds
Best Earphones Under $30 Baseus Earphones
Best Bluetooth Earphones on Aliexpress Duszake Earphones
Best Aliexpress Wireless Earphones
Haylou Wireless FIngerprint Sensor

#1 — Samsung EHS64 Wired Earphones with Built-in Mic

Price – $2.24

Classic and simple is the best way to describe the Samsung EHS64 Earphones. The wired earphones have all the necessities for a good earpiece such as the physical buttons for navigation, an in-ear fit, a clear microphone, and great bass quality. This is one of the

It is a foolproof choice for those who want a functional listening device. 


  • It is a basic earphone without extra functions
  • Supports all types of devices from smartphones, laptops, to tablets


  • Optimized for Samsung and Android products and not iOS.


Feature Specification
Port3.5mm jack
TypeIn-Ear, earphone
Length1.2 metres
Incompatible with iOS Devices

Check it out here

#2 — Roreta Dual Drive Stereo Wired Earphone

Another wired earphone that made it on the list is Roreta’s Dual Drive Stereo. It is notable not only for its unique black and gold look but also of its dual dynamic sound that resembles that of a stereo. 

It is also equipped with a mic and physical buttons for easy navigation. 


  • One of the most affordable products without compromising quality
  • Optimized for sports use


  • Has no noise-canceling feature
Port3.5mm jack
TypeIn-ear, earphone with hook
Sensitivity106+/- DB

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#3 — TOMKAS Wired Earphones

For a sleek looking earphone that also provides a great sound quality of metal heavy bass, the TOMKAS Wired Earphone is a safe choice. The earphone is styled with a platinum look that is colored with five color choices: golden, rose gold, black, silver, and red. 

The earphone provides a 4D sound effect which allows a chamber-like experience, perfect for heavy bass music. 


  • The wire is made out of durable high-quality copper
  • Affordable price for the cost-conscious
  • Equipped with noise reduction feature


  • May not be compatible with non-heavy bass music

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#4 — Simvict Wired Earphones

wired earphones aliexpress

Price – $2

Port3.5mm jack
TypeIn-ear, earphone with hook
Sensitivity101+/- DB
Cable Length1.2 metre

Check out the price

#5 — Baseus Earphones

The Baseues H04 is one of the most popular Aliexpress earphones out there that works really well with Android and iOS devices. The earbuds fit snugly into the ear. It ships from China and Spain, so no matter where you are located, you’ll receive it quickly. 

It has a remote control that you can access for listening to music and when on calls. They also provide ear buds of varying sizes depending on the size of your ear. 

It comes with a non-tangle wire that is super strong and the metallic silver gives it a premium look. 

Check it out here

#6 — Duszake Earphones

Duszake is one of those new brands that are coming up with new accessories that are pretty awesome! The Duszake Earphones have a built-in microphone with a noise isolation feature that reduces the ambient noise once you wear it. 

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It’s suitable for all smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and more.

Type In-ear
Length1.1 metre
Sensitivity108+/- DB

Check it out here

#7 — KZ ZS10 Pro

The KZ ZS10 is probably the most popular In-ear monitor on Aliexpress and it’s in the earphones category because its wired and it fits in your ears.

  • It has 4BA + 1 DA driver unit
  • It has detachable cables
  • The alloy stainless steel case shell protects
  • It picks up high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency with ease
  • It reduces ambient noise by about 26 decibels
  • The one click button plays multiple roles of changing music and controlling the calls
  • It has a earhook design which sits on the ear better
Impedance30 AMP
Type In-Ear Monitor
Sensitivity111+/- DB

Check it out here – $27.93

#8 — CCA C12

The CCA C12 is another super powerful In-ear monitor earphone that is super popular. It’s more expensive than some of the earphones mentioned here, that’s because it has the true quality!

In ear monitors china
  • It comes in Blue and Gold colours which look ravishing
  • It has a 5BA + 1 DD setup
  • The mid and high frequencies are finely tuned and pickup the perfect sound
  • It’s got a hook design which is comfortable
  • One button to control the calls and the music
  • There is an option to choose the wireless earbuds
Type In-Ear Monitor, 5BA+1DD
Impedance24 AMP
Sensitivity111+/- DB

Check it out here – $39

Best Wireless Earbuds on Aliexpress 2021

#1 — Xiaomi Redmi Airdots WS Bluetooth 5.0

Price – $18.99

Nothing combines minimalism and convenience than Xiaomi’s Redmi Airdots.  The wireless Bluetooth earphone has a continuous listening time of over 4 hours and a standby time of at least 150 hours.  To navigate the earphone, it is equipped with multi-functional physical buttons that also functions as a voice support system. 

It is one of the best choices for working out such as running and boxing. The Redmi Airdots is an all-around earphone that is perfect for a wide range of activities. 


  • High quality for an average price
  • Easy and light to wear


  • Great for listening to music but sub-optimal with on-call use
Type In-ear
Working Time4 Hours
Standby Time150 hours
Charging Box Battery Capacity300 mAh
Headphone Charging Time1.5 hours
Charging box charging time2 hours

Check it out here

#2 — Haylou GT1 TWS Fingerprint Touch Bluetooth Earphones

Price – $17.42

If you are an avid gamer, then Haylou’s GT1 TWS Earphones is a prime choice. The earphones are specifically designed for video game use with its 12 hours battery life and a certified no lag Bluetooth transmission speed. You can play and talk in real-time without a second of delay. 

It may look small but the earphone is a powerful device with not only superior sound quality but also a touch sensor that allows you to control the functions without having to reach for your phone. 


  • More affordable than the average gaming headphones
  • Sound quality is optimal for gaming, music, and on-call use


  • User must first have the device undergo a factory reset to synchronize
  • The earpieces are small so it might be susceptible to lose if not careful
Battery Life12 Hours
Touch ControlFingerprint Sensor
Sweat ProofIPX5
Voice AssistantYes

Check it out here

#3 — QCY QS1 TWS 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones

Price – $15.98

If you are looking for Aliexpress Earbuds Review, here is a sneak peek of one of the best Bluetooth wireless earphones. All-around earphones like QCY’s CS1 must also be on the list. This popular listening device is notable for its use that extends not only to smartphones but also in video games and sports. It has a rubber block that is intended to remove noise without having to turn on the device. 


  • Easy charging system
  • Includes a magnetized case so that the earphones will not fall out


  • Bulkier looking than other wireless earphones
  • Best used for iOS devices
Battery Life380 mAh with 20 hour battery life
Charging TimeApprox 2 Hour
Standby Time120 hours

Check it out here

#4 — H&A V5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

If you are looking for a mix of style and sound quality, H&A’s V5.0 is an aesthetic and functional earphone. It is equipped with an LED power and volume display and an intelligent touch feature. It makes it convenient to navigate through the earphone functions without having to use your phone.

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The LED displays also give it a modern touch where you can look fashionable when you do all kinds of activities from sports to relaxation. 


  • The earpiece sits perfectly and comfortable on the ears
  • LED power display can keep you in check of the battery without using your phone


  • Not optimized for on-call use
Touch ControlYes
LED Battery DisplayYes
Mobile Phone ChargingYes
Noise CancellationNo, but has the Noise Reduction technology
Voice Assistant Yes
Water Proof and Smart ProofYes
Battery Life120 hours

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#5 — VIKEFON i7s TWS Wireless Earphones

Price – $4

If you are looking for a value for your money, then you should consider Vikefon’s i7s. The wireless earphone comes in various colors from black, white, red, and even pink. 

The earphones have only one physical button that provides all the necessary functions such as powering it on/off, turning the volume up/down, and navigating through the songs. 


  • Powerful noise reduction feature
  • Less charging time 
  • Allows for the option to use the earpieces independently


  • Less battery time than the other earphones
Bluetooth5.0 with EDR (Dual ear microphone)
Noise CancellationActive Noise Reduction
Earphones battery50 mAh
Music Time2 to 3 hours
Talk Time2 to 3 hours

Check it out here

#6 — HESTIA T33 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Price – $11

If you have an extra budget to spare, Hestia’s T33 is a great choice for a high-value earphone. The product comes in two options: a single earpiece that you can use for business calls and a binaural piece for those who want to use it for listening to music or playing video games. 


  • Waterproof
  • Easy Automatic Pairing


  • Price is higher than the average
Battery 1500 mAh
WaterproofIPX5 Rating
Phone ChargingYes

Check it out here

#7 — QCR TWS-G02 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Last, but not the least is QCR’s TWS-G02 Earphones. It is the best earphone for those who are looking for a bang for their buck. The device is equipped with an active noise cancellation feature and playtime of over 7 hours. 

The modern styled earphone has an LED volume and power display as well as a touch control feature. It truly embodies the definition of what a contemporary earphone should look like and function. 


  • Has an above-average Bluetooth range of 20-35 meters
  • Waterproof
  • Charging case doubles as a power bank


  • Price is way higher than the average rate
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity3000 mAh + 60 mAh 
Music Time7 hours
Standby time120 hours
Eartips providesYes, 6 different sizes

Click here to purchase

#8 — One Plus Buds

One Plus, the phone manufacturer has enter the TWS earbuds market making it one of the most popular Chinese earbuds on Aliexpress.

The One Plus buds are not ultra-cheap like some of the other options mentioned above and at the same time are not as expensive as the big brands.

These wireless earbuds cost around $80 and is available in Black, White and the iconic One Plus Blue. You get 7 hours of music playback on a single charge and up to 30 hours with the battery case. This is incredibly good!

In 10 mins of charge, you can get up to 10 hours of music playback from the charging box. Runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0.

It’s IPX4 rated and is splash proof. Perfect alternate to the Apple Airpods.


  • Super quick charging
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Amazinf sound quality


Click here to purchase

#9 — Edifier X3

The X3 is a pair of wireless earbuds with capacitive touch sensors to cue in your commands – double-touch the right earbud for the next music track, or the left earbud for the previous track and so on. Available in Black or White options, the Edifier product is available on AliExpress for just under US$27 and has a rating of 4.8 stars with over 14k orders. 

The design, although simple, leaves an impression on customers – a matte finish with a neat ‘X’ symbol over the touch sensors on the buds. AptX audio decoding helps convert Bluetooth signals to audio with minimal distortion to give you a CD-player like listening experience. It also packs CVC8.0 noise-cancellation technology, which reduces environmental sounds. An IPX5 waterproof rating resists sweat and light rain, making the earphones ideal for workouts and outdoor usage – and easier to clean with a moist cloth as well. To add to the convenience, Edifier has enabled automatic connectivity of the earbuds as soon as they are taken out of the charging case. 

In the box, you will find a pair of earbuds with a charging case, a Micro USB charging cable, and three pairs of ear tips (Small, Medium & Large). As icing on the cake, the playback time on this gadget extends for up to 24 hours.  

Check it out on AliExpress here

#10 — SoundPEATS TrueAir 2

The Game Mode on the TrueAir 2 bolsters the connectivity and overall performance to allow real-time sync between the audio and the video. The SoundPEATS model sells for under US$30 on AliExpress and has gained a 4.8-star rating and over 8k orders. You can opt for a variant without the Game Mode as well, which will save you about 5 bucks, and choose between White, Black, Pink and Blue. 

The logo, which looks like a distorted Superman symbol, adds to the design statement made by the matte finish on the charging case. The earbuds themselves aren’t too small, making them easier to wear and remove. Microphones are present on both earbuds and the CVC8.0 technology reduces external noise to a minimum and brings about seamless listening along with the Qualcomm 3040 AptX decoder. Despite being given a linear design, the weight is kept to a minimum – allowing you to use the earphones even during workouts. 

On a full charge, the battery lasts for 25 hours – if the Game Mode is inactive. Apart from the charging case and earphones, the box has a charging cable but no extra ear tips. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as ear tips are quite common and easy to buy if required. 

Check it out on AliExpress here

How to choose earphones from Aliexpress

The first step in choosing the right earphones would be to decide if you want over-ear/on-ear headphones or (in-ear) earphones. However, we can skip that step assuming you have already decided to go for earphones since you are reading this blog. Now let’s take a look at some of the factors you can consider while choosing the best earphones for you. 


The sound quality is quite similar between wired and wireless earphones, and the differences are in battery-charging for wireless earphones and the hassle of wires for wired ones. Depending on your intended usage, you can decide what would be ideal for you. For example, usage during a physical workout would be more convenient with wireless earphones and usage at home or office would suit wired earphones. 


Using earphones for long hours can be quite uncomfortable. A quick look at some of the options available will help you make up your mind. Essentially, earphones are available with and without ear tips. In the case of ear tips, they are less comfortable but provide noise-cancellation and lesser sound loss. 

Noise-cancelling – active or passive

Be it the hubbub at your workspace or the hustle of traffic, noise cancellation is a blessing in silent disguise. Passive noise cancellation is provided by tips that fit snugly into the ears without leaving any space for external noise to seep in. Active noise cancellation, however, uses microphones to assess the frequency of external sounds and adjusts the output. 


Depending on how you like (or tend to) handle your gadgets, you can choose to purchase a pair of earphones that are ideal for rough usage or delicate usage. You can also check to see if the earphones have an IP rating for water and dust resistance. 


Looking deeper than your budget, a comparison of the prices between options offering similar features will ensure that you are not overpaying for a product. 

Is it safe to buy earphones on Aliexpress? 

Aliexpress has some of the best options when it comes to earphones. It’s absolutely safe to buy earphones from Aliexpress because most of the suppliers have a return and replacement policy. They also have a 30 day return guarantee. 

You could always open a dispute with Aliexpress in case your product is defective. It’s absolutely safe to buy cheap earphones from Aliexpress! 

What are the best earphones on Aliexpress? 

It’s hard to choose a few, but there are many Aliexpress Earphones that are within the budget and they do compete with huge brands like Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG, Grado, Shure and more.

Are they better? We like to think so! 

Does Aliexpress offer free shipping? 

Aliexpress doesn’t decide to offer the shipping. It all depends on the supplier. The supplier decides whether to give free shipping or not. In the product page, you can access the shipping section and you will be able to see the different shipping options. 

If you are on the search for the best earphones on Aliexpress, there is a lot to choose from. No matter what budget and characteristics you are looking for, you will definitely the perfect match for you on the list. 

Click on this link if you are looking for the best earphones in China.

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