What is the Best LED Grow Light from China? Alibaba Grow Lights vs Aliexpress Grow Lights

by Tim Howard

Grow lights have become all too common. And Alibaba sellers have jumped on the opportunity and they are selling some high quality Chinese grow lights.

Below I have mentioned the best grow lights available on Alibaba with verified sellers for all forms of indoor plant growth from small scale to large-scale all that you need is right here. Including one of my personal favorites the YuanCheng 40w Grow light where you could grow your favorite flower in your working space.

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Some of the best Chinese grow lights are

Koniea 4 channel adjustable spectrum 900 watt led grow light with display and timer on alibaba

Chinese LED Grow Lights Reviews

So what makes Alibaba Grow Lights good? These Chinese versions come at half the price of established Grow Light brands such as Spider Farmer and Mars. Some of the top brands of Chinese LED grow lights include AGC Lighting, Shenzhen SNC, Longhorn, TCP Lighting and Sinowell.

#1 Meijiu Plant Light 480w

Alibaba Grow Lights

The first product on my list is the Meijiu plant light 480 watts that have a lamp Luminous efficiency of 232, 220 Im/w that provides ample growth light for your plants to grow indoors. One of the unique factors about this particular grow light is that it has a remote dimming system with strong heat dissipation that allows the easy cooling off of the lights for long-term use. With these particular lights, you will be able to nurture seeds all the way to when they are ready to bloom and most preferred in the Indoor Garden greenhouse.

  • The remote dimming option allows you to control the lights through a remote device without having you do it manually saving you time and effort.
  • These grow light is built with strong heat dissipation and keeps all the LED lights within the tray cool and efficient for the longest time.

What’s in it for you

These Chinese grow lights are excellent for nurturing starting seeds all the way till they’re ready to bloom and can be used in any compact space perfect for any home garden greenhouse

Key Features

The Muijui plant light 480 watts comes with luminous efficiency of 232, 220 with a color rendering Index of 80 Ra. It supports features such as a remote dimmer and is built around a strong heat dissipation body providing excellent light for your plant growth and good LED life making it worth every penny. 

Check it out here!

#2 Everlight Grow Lights

The Everlight grow lights are known for their unique design when compared to other grow lights in the market, this design consists of 6 strips of LED lights of 600 watts that are CE Rohs Certificated. These grow lights are highly efficient with high PPF output which works great on plants.

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It comes with a high-quality Everlight LED driver that helps avoid any energy flex that helps provide extended life of 50,000 hours. All the panels can be easily removed and assembled back with minimal effort. The lights are fully dimmable with rechargeable magnetic light bars. Everlight LED 6 is a full spectrum light source ideal for vegetables and flowering cycles.

  • Depending on what type of cultivation of vegetative growth you have in mind the lights can be dimmed accordingly without losing efficiency.
  • Everlight 6 led has a click-on style design with magnetic and easily interchangeable LED lights that comes in a six-bar design with a total of 3654 diodes.

What’s in it for you

Everlight grows lights can be upgraded to UV bar as well with the help of the UV you will be able to increase resin and root mass.

Key Features

The Everlight grow lights LED 6 is built with high-quality materials and LED lights with the 6 bar design which is unique when compared to other grow lights with a total of 3654 diodes. These lights are excellent for any sort of cultivation as the lights do not lose efficiency even when dimmed. The light strip has the option to be upgraded with the UV bar which is excellent for increasing resin and root mass. 

Check it out here!

#3 Sunritek Grow Lights

Sunritek Grow Lights are similar to the Everlight series of row lights But come with a vertical framing design in which it houses 6 LED panels that are 670 Watts each. These LED lights have a total life of 50,000 hours and are IP65 waterproof ensuring the led grow light can handle anything.

It has a strong aluminum body with nano-coating protecting it from any moisture damage and provides higher light transmission. One of the most unique features of this particular model of grow light is that it uses both daisy chain chords and a wireless control system that you can control from your smartphone. 

  • All the daisy chain connectors provided with this grow light are waterproof avoiding any chance of a short circuit.
  • These grow lights have two optimal dimming solutions with RJ14 ports that work with master control + knob for home growers.

What’s in it for you

The unique feature of this grow light is that you can remotely control the lights from an App that can be installed in your smartphone so you can control the time the lights turn on and the dimness at the comfort of your home.

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Key Features

Sunritek grow lights come with hangers and carabiners give it a unique design of vertical hanging grow lights. It is IP65 waterproof and the body is made from an aluminum chassis that avoids any moisture from sticking on as well as a Nano-coating for extra protection. All the connectors within the grow lights are waterproof with a Mean Well HLG driver. These lights can also be controlled using an app on your phone. 

Check it out here!

#4 Octopus MAJO-V3.2-1000H-9 Grow Lights

If you are looking for full cycle commercial plant cultivation grow lights the Octopus Majo is ideal for you from vegetative growth to bloom.

The LED lights provide unparalleled uniformity that delivers an average of 701 µmol/m2/s of light that is excellent for large-scale plant growth. It has a Mean Well driver that is known for excellent energy distribution. it also comes with waterproof connectors, hanging rings, and plug wires that allow you to set up the LED grow lights according to your space.

A remote is given that allows you to dim the lights according to your plant growth. 

  • LED lights are ip65 waterproof along with all the connectors that are provided with the grow lights.
  • These grow lights have a total working lifetime of 50,000 hours with the Meanwell driver.

What’s in it for you

This particular model of grow lights comes with 9 pieces of high efficient LED strips that contain 232 pieces on each strip. Making this grow light perfect for large-scale indoor plant growth.

Key Features

Octopus Majo was designed for large-scale indoor vegetation with the power to nurture your plants till it blooms. it has a top unique design with an aluminum body with highly efficient white lights that provide full-spectrum coverage for the best results. It has a Meanwell driver and comes along with a 1-year warranty for the strips and a 5-year warranty on the meanwhile driver providing you the best value for your money. 

Check it out here!

#5 YuanCheng 20w Dual Head Timing Grow lights

We’ve come to the last grow light on my list and this one is my personal favorite as I use it on an everyday basis in my office and home. YuanCheng grow lights come with 40 LED lights of 20 Watts that are fixed to a 360 degrees adjustable gooseneck. It has multiple uses where it can be used for indoor plant growth such as seedlings and hydroponic.

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It has 14 blue LED chips that ensure more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll which provides excellent help in germination and 26 red LED lights contribute to photosynthesis that helps with flowering. It has five dimmable modes and three switch modes that can be used in varied stages of plant growth. It has a unique adjustable design and works through USB making it easy for you to connect anywhere in your office or home.

  • A remote control is provided that allows you to control the intensity of the light as well as an option to set a timer on the light.
  • This grow light has a 360 rotating gooseneck cord that can be adjusted according to the area you want to cover. It also has an adjustable clip so that you can attach it to any corner of a table or shelf. 

What’s in it for you

A timer indicator function is provided in the remote of this grow light where you can’t decide between three-timing functions that are best suitable for your plant. 

Key Features

These grow lights are the perfect starter kit for your home and office, It works through a USB connector and comes in a 360 adjustable gooseneck body that can be adjusted according to your space. It has 14 blue LED lights and 26 red LED lights that support germination and photosynthesis for better flowering of your plant. It has five dimmable modes and three switch modes on a remote that allows you to have full control over the LED light according to the different stages of the plant growth. 

Benefits of Using Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors using grow lights can be a great way to take your garden Indoors and enjoy the benefits of fresh, healthy produce all year long. When you use grow lights indoors, you provide your plants with the light they need, which in turn helps them to produce more fruit or flower buds.

Grow lights also help boost yields by increasing the amount of chlorophyll present in a plant’s leaves, making it easier for them to absorb sunlight and convert that energy into food. In addition, LED grow lights are known for their low maintenance needs; they do not contain mercury or other harmful ingredients like HPS bulbs do. 

So whether you’re looking for an easy way to add some fresh vegetables inside during winter time or want to increase production on your existing veggies without any extra work – invest in some quality LED Grow Lights.

Check it out here!

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