28 Best Selling Products on Alibaba 2024 That are Selling Like Hot Cakes!

by Tim Howard

As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Alibaba continues to be a hub of innovation and commerce, offering a vast array of products from across the globe.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll dive into the best selling products on Alibaba, showcasing the hottest trends and most sought-after products of the year.

From consumer electronics to fashion, home goods to beauty products, Alibaba has something for everyone.

Join us as we explore the best-selling products that are capturing the attention of shoppers worldwide and shaping the e-commerce landscape in 2024.

Top Selling Products on Alibaba for 2024Profit Margin
Portable Power BanksUp to 20%
Yoga Mats30% – 50%
Gaming Accessories20% – 40%
iPhone Cases15-20%
Automatic Soap Dispenser15-25%
Poptel V9 Wireless Smart Telephone15-20%
Wireless Bluetooth Earphones/Earbuds50-100%
Wireless Phone Charger15-25%
Portable Necklace Air Freshener5-10%
360-Degree Panoramic WiFi Light Bulb15-25%
Smart Door Lock35-50%
Wake Up Light Alarm Clock15-20%
Automatic Curtain Motor with WiFi Control25-30%
Big Wall LED Makeup Mirror7-15%
Disinfectant Water Sprayer25-50%
Makeup Brushes10-20%
Tooth Whitening Powder5-15%
RFID Holders25-50%
Fishing Accessories25-50%
Car Accessories10-15%
Fake Eyelashes25-30%
USB Hubs15-25%

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Top Selling Products on Alibaba 2024

Portable Power Banks

Top Selling Product on Alibaba 2024

Portable power banks are a perennial favorite among consumers and a lucrative product to source from Alibaba. These nifty gadgets are a must-have for anyone on the move – whether you’re traveling, camping, or just out and about.

But here’s the best part: not only are portable power banks super handy, but they’re also a goldmine for resellers like you. With profit margins of up to 20%, you can’t go wrong. Plus, everyone needs one, so you’ll never run out of customers.

Yoga Mats

Top Selling Product on Alibaba for 2024

Ready to roll out your business venture with a hot-selling product? Why not consider buying yoga mats on Alibaba! These trusty mats aren’t just for downward dogs – they’re your ticket to a profitable business.

In today’s wellness-obsessed world, more and more people are rolling out their mats and diving into yoga and fitness routines. And with Alibaba’s wide selection, you’re bound to find the perfect mat to suit your customers’ needs – from eco-friendly options to extra-thick cushioning.

But here’s the best part: yoga mats are not only good for the body but also great for your wallet. With profit margins ranging from 30% to 50%, you’re looking at some serious green.

Gaming Accessories

Top Selling Product on Alibaba in 2024

From high-performance gaming mice to responsive keyboards and immersive controllers, Alibaba has everything you need to dominate the virtual battlefield.

Whether you’re into fast-paced shooters, intense strategy games, or epic RPGs, having reliable, responsive accessories is key to staying ahead of the competition.

But it’s not just about performance – it’s also about personalization. With Alibaba’s vast selection of gaming accessories, you can customize your setup to match your unique style and preferences.

And here’s the best part: not only will these gaming accessories take your gameplay to the next level, but they’ll also pad your pockets with profit. With profit margins ranging from 20% to 40%, you’re looking at some serious earning potential if you have the right customer base that is.

iPhone Cases

best selling items on alibaba

iPhone Cases will always be an extremely popular product sold on Alibaba. This is one of the best products to buy from Alibaba and resell. Most of the phone cases you see on Amazon are cases imported from Alibaba. So why specifically, iPhone cases?

iPhone users are willing to spend a bigger amount for a better quality case that improves margins. Android users prefer cheaper phone cases. The hardest part in picking out the iPhone cases on Alibaba is picking the best ones in terms of designs. As design is subjective, it’s better to pick out the best selling phone cases.

iPhone cases from Alibaba have a solid margin of 15% to 20% for reselling.


best selling products on alibaba

Nobody would think that lipsticks from Alibaba or Aliexpress are good. But in fact, Chinese makeup products have taken the world by storm. There are super stringent rules for makeup and they are of the highest quality at much affordable prices.

Lipsticks on Alibaba have been one of the best selling products because of their demand worldwide. Small Instagram and Shopify stores have been importing lipsticks and selling under their own brand names.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser from Alibaba

We genuinely have underestimated the power of handwashing, and now, everybody is raving to wash their hands frequently to avoid COVID-19! In our homes, it is now essential to have an effective disinfecting soap, so why not partner it out with an automatic soap dispenser?

This automatic soap dispenser would much entice all the members of your family into proper handwashing because of its techy features. This soap dispenser would also be perfect for hospitals and other public facilities to minimize the spreading of the virus and other bacteria as people often touch the soap dispenser.

This soap dispenser has three functions that you can choose from liquid, foam, or spray. So, you can also use this for dispensing alcohol or sanitizers. It has a capacity of 1 liter, so you would have plenty of alcohol and soap for everyone before refilling it. The dispenser can also sense your palms for up to 10 cm, so you don’t have to worry about touching its body.

Key Features:

  • Liquid Outlet: 0.7 ml or 1.4 ml (adjustable)
  • Installation: Wall Mounted
  • Volume: 1L
  • Pump Type: Liquid/Foam/Spray

Check it out here

Poptel V9 Wireless Smart Telephone

Wireless smart telephone on alibaba

In a world full of smartphones, there are still some people who prefer telephones. Why not combine them both, right? This Wireless Smart Telephone would bring your back to the past without forgetting about the future!

This futuristic telephone still has a handset that is operated by Bluetooth, and not by wires. It also comes with an 8-inch touch screen tablet that has an operating system of Android 8.1. The Poptel V9 Wireless Smart Telephone is basically the largest smartphone that you could ever have.

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You can take photos, engage in a video call, watch a movie, play games, and everything that you can do on your phone can also be done with this telephone! It is also LTE-ready, and VoLTE ready to give you a fantastic calling experience. This is one of the best selling products on Alibaba.

Key Features:

  • Free network calls
  • 800 x 1280 pixels
  • Wide-angle views
  • With Foldable bracket
  • With 5MP Front-Facing Camera
  • 16 GB ROM

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone / Earbuds

top selling products on alibaba

One of the top selling products on Alibaba are Bluetooth earbuds. These are some of the best selling products in China. They are popular because, they can be easily resold and can be sold at a much higher price.

It costs less to buy Bluetooth earbuds, which the cheapest costing around $2 or $4. Even a good quality TWS earbud will only set you back by $15. With shipping and other costs, you can get the product in your hand for super cheap and sell at least for double the price.

TWS Earbuds are in high demand with the likes of Apple’s Airpods and Galaxy Buds costing a lot of money. This is one of the best selling items on Alibaba.

Universal Wireless Phone Charger

You no longer have to search for your phone charger and spend time untangling it before you charge your phone. This Universal Wireless Phone Charger allows you to charge your mobile phone flawlessly using its fast charge feature.

This charger works for almost all smartphones with Android or Apple OS. This wireless charger also prides itself on its cool temperature, whereas its advanced heat control system maintains an ideal temperature for an optimal charging speed.

No more messy cables, and switch to wireless!

Key Features:

  • UP to 10W Fast Charge Mode
  • With Anti-Slip Rubber Base
  • With LED Charge Indicator
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Pink


best selling items on alibaba

Jewelry on Alibaba is super popular and one of the most popular items in that is Necklaces. Necklaces have become immensely popular to buy from Alibaba because they are easy to resell through Instagram pages. A lot of e-commerce platforms buy and resell the necklaces from Alibaba at super cheap price.

There are many types of necklaces out there with different price ranges and styles and even the base plating such as silver, gold etc.

There are many four star jewelry suppliers like Dongguan Young River Jewelry company who deal with necklaces of all types.

Check it out here

Portable Necklace Air Freshener

Air purifier on alibaba

Do you want to make sure that the air you breathe in is fresh everywhere? Then try out this Portable Necklace Air Freshener! This necklace uses a Pulse Tip Technology to release oxygen anions. Anions can activate your cells, refresh your body, and relieve motion sickness.

These necklaces have the latest double carbon brushes inside its body that can effectively remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and noxious gases that can affect your health. If you or your child suffers from any allergies, this portable necklace air freshener can be one of your solutions to prevent flare-ups.

It works by just pressing the power button for two seconds, and then you can enjoy your fresh and purified air. This necklace is 100% rechargeable for only 30 minutes, and it can run for 5 hours.

Key Features:

  • Size: 1.5. x7 x 4.5cm
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • Power Supply: USB

360 Degree Panoramic WiFi Light Bulb

Wifi smart bulb on alibaba

The perfect CCTV is right at your doorstep once you purchase this 360-degree Panoramic WiFi Light Bulb. Since it is a lightbulb, burglars won’t even notice that it has a built-in camera. This lightbulb might actually save your life! Here are some of the reasons why:

First, it has a spy motion alarm, where the video footage of unusual activity will be sent directly on your smartphone, alerting you of any suspicious activity.

Second, you can connect with your family in real-time because of its built-in microphone and speakers. The video footage can be seen live through your smartphones, where you can download the application called V380.

Lastly, it has a 360° panoramic view that allows you to get a full look of the room, without having to install more CCTV cameras.

This lightbulb effectively serves its purpose by providing bright light, but it also takes care of you and your whole family’s security.

Key Features:

  • Records in Infrared Night Vision
  • Has a Looping Record
  • WiFi Compatible
  • Sensor Type: 130W High-Performance Image Sensor

Smart Door Lock

Now that we have talked about how a lightbulb can save your life let’s add another cool item that adds security to your homes while taking advantage of the technological advancement of the 21st Century! We give you the Smart Door Lock that can be controlled in various ways.

This Smart Door Lock has a fingerprint sensor so that you can open your door with only one touch. It also has a self-learning algorithm, to make the fingerprint sensor more accurate the more that you use it.

You can also set numerical passwords for the door. The great thing about this is that you can set up a temporary password that can be available for an hour or 24 hours. You can also set up different passwords for your loved ones, to grant them access to open your highly-secured door.

Another great way to open this Smart Lock is through an application. Through a smartphone application, you can remotely open your lock through Bluetooth.

Keys are no longer of use with this Smart Door Lock!

Key Features:

  • Battery Operated
  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
  • 500 days Standby Time
  • Allowable Registered Fingerprint: 40 groups

Sunrise Simulation Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

alarm clocks from Alibaba

Wake up the sunrise and fall asleep when the sun sets with this Sunrise Simulation Wake Up Light Alarm Clock. This fantastic clock wakes you up in the morning by increasing the intensity of the light. Thirty minutes before your wake-up time alarm, the clock will light up, and then it will increase its brightness gradually until you turn your alarm off.

You can also set the alarm clock to wake you up through your favorite radio station, or other alarm sounds (Pure music, birds singing, ocean waves, or beeping sounds). Mornings are never boring with this clock indeed!

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There are also seven night light colors that you can choose from, or set it in a multi-color changing pattern. Once you are ready for bed, you can set it up to simulate a sunset setting, which can help you wind down and go to sleep restfully.

Key Features:

  • With warm light
  • With LED display
  • With Snooze Button
  • With Bluetooth connection

Smart Home Automatic Curtain Motor With WiFi Control

smart home automatic curtain alibaba

If you are on the verge of turning your home into a Smart Home, this Smart Home Automatic Curtain Motor with WiFi Control may be one of your first gadgets! This fantastic tool can be operated in three ways. You can use remote control, voice control, and even a smartphone application control!

This curtain motor has a small body but a tremendous torque that would fit traditional curtain boxes. It has a powerful force that can even pull a maximum of 50kg of the curtain!

The curtain motor also has a 135-degree turning splicer, which is perfect if you have bay windows. Moreover, you can control every curtain motor inside your home using only one tap. That’s one smart window, isn’t it?

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Motor Stop (when significant resistance is detected during opening and closing of windows)
  • Stunning  mute level of <30 dB
  • Made out of thick aluminum alloy
  • With invisible end hooks

Big Wall LED Makeup Mirror

LED makeup mirror alibaba

Is your wedding anniversary almost here, and you are looking for a gift that your wife would surely love? Gift her this Big Wall LED Makeup Mirror, and you would look at her jump with joy as soon as she sees it!

This mirror is not just an ordinary mirror because it is fingerprint-free and rust-resistant. We know how fingerprints and rust can be annoying when we look in a mirror, what more to a lady putting on her make up, right?

The lights are made out of high-output LEDs that can have a long standby life of 50,000 hours. The lights also have a High Color Rendering Index of >80, which is the ability of the lightbulbs to reproduce colors that can be compared to a natural light source. Thus, this mirror is indeed perfect for makeup application! Happy wife, happy life indeed!

Key Features:

  • Built-in electronic LED driver CE / UL certificated
  • Easy-hanging installation, and easy for maintenance
  • IP44 water resistance rating, suitable for use in bathroom

Disinfectant Water Sprayer

disinfectant water sprayer alibaba

Everybody has been panic-buying anything that can disinfect and sterilize, just to keep themselves safe from Corona Virus. You can save more money by purchasing this Disinfectant Water Sprayer! Infectious diseases from bacteria and viruses can be killed through this tool.

This tool uses salt and water to make a disinfectant that is 100% chemical safe. The bottle is made out of medical-grade bottles, and the one-control switch has a corrosion-resistant feature. This disinfectant is controlled by a microcomputer that produces a disinfectant through an electrolytic method.

Key Features:

  • Production Time: 5 minutes
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Makeup Brushes

A cosmetic set would be incomplete without makeup brushes, and Alibaba has no lack of options for them. Brushes of multiple brands are sold on the marketplace, and they are made of synthetic hair, goat hair or pony hair. You can get your hands on sets of 5, 7 and even 30 brushes. 

Check it out here!

Teeth Whitening Powder

Another popular personal care product on Alibaba is teeth whitening powder. Having yellowing teeth can be a confidence buster in your personal or professional life, and this charcoal-based powder can work wonders by giving you white teeth and a refreshing breath, along with fighting bacteria, germs, stains and discolouration. 

Check it out here!


A good pair of headphones is a necessity in today’s day and age, and you can find quite a collection on Alibaba. We’ve picked one out for you that has noise cancellation and comfortable padding for long usage. This aesthetically pleasing pair of headphones are available in multiple colours and has a playback time of about 7 hours. 

Check it out here!


Best Selling Products on Alibaba

One of the most affordable items sold on Alibaba is stickers. You can find stickers in bulk and lots of 100 or more generally cost lower than 50 cents on the site. These stickers are made from high quality vinyl so you can easily resell them for at least 50 cents a piece and make a sweet profit from a single lot of 100. While they’re not that common, laptop stickers and car stickers tend to have a high purchase rate and can be a great addition to your store.

Check it out here

RFID Holder

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

RFID holders are security devices that protect your digital card information from scammers while providing ample storage space for your loose currency notes. RFID holders on Alibaba are up for grabs for roughly $2-$3 a pop and I’m talking about high quality carbon fiber ones, not the regular leather RFID holders that you can get any and everywhere. Based on the current market, you can make a good profit of roughly $15-$50 for each wallet if you happen to make the right selection.

Check it out here


Best Selling Products on Alibaba

Business will always be booming for the toy industry and since almost all the toys sold around the world are Made in China, why not source them directly from Chinese manufacturers at wholesale prices?

Alibaba is a great marketplace to get your hands on some fantastic quality childrens toys and one thing I loved about shopping for toys on Alibaba is that they have toys available for all age groups. 

Bobbleheads, action figures, model building kits, children’s block sets, learning and development toys and even collectibles are available for hardly $2 – $3 a piece. Since they’re made from good quality materials you can make a profit of roughly $10 – $35 depending on the selection of toys and the demand in your local market.

Fishing Accessories

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

Alibaba is also home to a number of fishing accessories such as reels, bait, hooks and even rods. They are quite popular and after checking out their reviews i’m glad to say that nearly all fishing accessories and equipment sold here are made from durable and premium quality materials.

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Now, since Alibaba is more of a wholesale marketplace than retail, it would be wise to pick up fishing accessories from here in bulk, especially if you own a game store. 

Bait and hooks are the cheapest and won’t cost over $1 – $2 for a bunch of them. Spools and rods on the other hand are a little more expensive, but way cheaper than the ones sold within the US, so there’s a possibility that you can make at least $30 – $100 profit depending on the type of rods and reels you source.

Car Accessories

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

One thing I can vouch for is that people are always looking for new accessories to add to their car, be it an air freshener, dashboard toys or accessories like rims and stickers. 

These products are highly sought after and there’s a large market for them in the US, so if you find the right set of products then you’re bound to make a profit on them. 

Car decals and stickers can be bought for roughly $0.50 a piece and things like dashboard toys and HUD units will cost between $2 – $15 depending on the make and model. These can be resold for upwards of $50 and many of the manufacturers here deal in custom accessories and can have your company’s branding added to them at no extra cost.

Fake Eyelashes

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

If you have a makeup and beauty parlor then you’re definitely going to need a bunch of different styles of fake eyelashes. Ladies around the world swear by them, but retail products can be quite expensive and not many end up buying good quality eyelashes due to its high price point.

Alibaba has some really amazing fake eyelashes that can be bought for as low as $0.04 – $0.50 and then resold for a couple of dollars. There are so many to choose from including mink and butterfly eyelashes that this category of products has actually started gaining momentum and there’s a really big market for them.

One good thing about fake eyelashes is that there’s no restriction on how you should sell them. They can be sold online or offline and you will still be able to make a profit from every pair you sell to your customers.

USB Hubs

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

Alibaba is known for their electronics and one of their highest selling products are USB splitter hubs. These nifty little gadgets are in massive demand and there are so many types to choose from including smart USB hubs that won’t cost more than a few dollars.

The market is big and you can easily pull in a profit by selling USB hubs in your store. Though you can get your hands on a good quality USB hub at your local electronics store, the ones sold on Alibaba are shipped straight from the manufacturer and it’s a whole lot cheaper sourcing them straight from China.


Best Selling Products on Alibaba

You can get your hands on different smartwatches on Alibaba and they don’t cost more than $30 – $50 as compared to the steep pricing of branded smart watches in the market today. Smartwatches are popular and are selling like hot cakes on Alibaba.

Rather than spending $250+ on an older Apple Watch or one from Garmin, you can resort to picking up a cheap Chinese smartwatch that provides pretty much the same functionality. These watches are made from good quality materials and look and operate quite like a branded watch. 

Some of the smartwatches available here are also exact copies of the Apple Watch and you can resell them under a different brand name for as high as $100. 

Based on my extensive research and knowledge, these are the products I found to be the best sellers on Alibaba.

  • Tempered Glass for Phones
  • Real hair
  • Phone cases
  • Athleisure wear and other apparel
  • Vehicle spare parts
  • Sports equipment
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Rings
  • Women’s makeup
  • Lipsticks
  • RFID Wallets
  • Nail Stickers

What is the most sold item on Alibaba?

The most sold item on Alibaba keeps changing regularly, but currently, a portable power bank for mobile phones is the one that takes the top spot.  

Sellers on Alibaba are primarily manufacturers or traders, and it is completely legal to resell the products purchased on the site. However, ensure that your regional regulations are followed while doing so. 

The easiest way to find the top-selling products on Alibaba is by typing in ‘trending products’ on the search bar on the home page. 

Can I buy one item from Alibaba?

Alibaba’s vendors usually work on the principle of selling in bulk, considering most of them are manufacturers. However, if a supplier agrees to sell you just one piece of an item, you can certainly purchase it. 

Why is shipping so expensive on Alibaba?

Since Alibaba takes shipment handling under its responsibility, the shipping charges may be higher than other options available in the market. 

Tips for Buying Products on Alibaba

Based on our experience shopping from Alibaba, here are a couple of tips you must follow so you can make a profit if you plan on reselling them in the near future.

  • The product you buy should be something that’s in demand. Spend less on your order and make sure there is a high profit margin for that type of product.
  • Do not buy glass and fragile products from Alibaba as there are chances that these products might get damaged before they can be delivered.
  • For those buying clothes, make sure that the clothes are of the right size and fit. This is one of the most common issues while sourcing clothes from Alibaba.
  • Do not buy branded products on Alibaba as you might have to face charges at the time of delivery and from local distributors
  • Check buyer reviews that have images, this will tell you whether the finished goods are of high quality or not, from first hand experience.

What products does Alibaba sell?

Alibaba sells a wide range of products that includes apparel, beauty & personal care, consumer electronics, timepieces, bags, health & medical equipment, sports equipment. These are the main category of products and Alibaba has more than 50,000+ products in its store.

Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Products on Alibaba is the cheapest compared to anywhere else in the world because it’s a wholesale platform with direct manufacturers selling the product. China has a reputation of manufacturing products at cheaper prices because of the economies of scale.

Is ordering through Alibaba safe?

Alibaba is likely to be the most safest B2B platform in China. They have Trade Assurance, Buyer’s protection, Dispute Resolution to manage the concerns of the buyers. Sellers are also rated based on their customer service standard and this makes ordering through Alibaba very safe.

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