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Jogging suits have a wide range of applications among the clothing categories covering casual wear, sportswear, yoga clothing and fitness garments. Therefore, they are in high demand. China is one of the manufacturing hubs for clothing and especially jogging suits. If you are planning to deal with the manufacturers of jogging suits and wholesalers in China, you must do a research to find out the best companies to shortlist and order from.

Here is a list of jogging suite manufacturers and wholesalers in China who have a reputed presence on These firms have also secured encouraging ratings and positive reviews for their product quality, customer support and prices. The choice of the right jogging suit manufacturer will ultimately depend on your expectations. Nevertheless, this discussion can guide you with the process of choosing the right supplier.  

Jogging Suit Suppliers from China

Shanghai Shenda Imp&Exp .Co.,Ltd

Known as Shenda Group, Shanghai Shenda Imp&Exp .Co.,Ltd., is a OEM and ODM one-stop destination. This manufacturing and trading company based in Shanghai, China was started in 2001. The firm has a wide range of offerings in the clothing segment including men’s apparel, women’s clothing, kids wear, sportswear and other clothing solutions with their main product line running through apparel, home textiles, home and garden products. Jogging suits are among the specialty offerings by this firm. This firm has GRS and ISO 9001 certifications. This company exports its clothing lines to a number of countries with North America consuming 30% of its offerings, domestic market buying 30% of its clothing products and Eastern Asia importing 15% of its produced goods.

Shenda Imp&Exp .Co.,Ltd., has a production capacity of 1,000,000 pcs per month. Cherishing a 30 years of experience in the garments sector, the company provides 3D production samples with a 7 day turnaround time. Some of the top highlights of the firm’s jogging suits are uncompromising quality, exquisite craftsmanship and one-stop service.

Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., is one of the top rated manufacturers in China for jogging suits. Based in Guangdong, China, this firm is into trading, wholesaling, distribution and agency. Established in 2002, the apparel segment of this firm was launched in 2021 with a focus on designing, manufacturing, and selling leisure sports garments, fitness apparels and yoga clothing. Some of the hallmarks of this company are its high product quality, competitive pricing and quick delivery. The company has a scientific system for production and quality management. Presently, the principal focus of the firm is on yoga, sports and jogging suits in addition to leggings, fitness wears, and gym suits.

This firm has provided its products and solutions to over 150 countries in the world and the company’s after sale service is known to be highly active and efficient which distinguishes this firm from the other players. Guangdong Province e-commerce association awarded this firm for being the most influential enterprise, the best employer and a caring enterprise making charitable donations in 2015.

Zhejiang Ballake Supply Chain Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Ballake Supply Chain Technology Development Co., Ltd. Was established in 2020 and this is a manufacturing and trading firm based in Zhejiang, China. Some of the specialty offerings of this firm are men’s clothing, women’s clothing, outdoor clothing, swimsuits, yoga clothing and sports clothing in addition to jogging suits. With more than 10 production lines, the annual turnout of the firm is over US$ 100 million. In the sports and fitness wear segment, the company has a per month output capacity of 5,000 pieces. This firm sells its clothing lines under the brand name Ballake.

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Catering to both OEM and ODM, the clothing categories of the firm have a principal focus on outdoor and sports use. The export percentage of its total production is between 91% and 100%. The major exporters for Ballake clothing are North America, Eastern Europe and South America with North America alone buying 40% of its products. The unique specialty of this firm is 1 piece customization and drop shipping service.      

Zhejiang Lantian Garment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lantian Garment Co., Ltd., has been serving the garments domain with its quality line of clothing from 2013. The manufacturing and trading firm’s clothing categories range into special workwear, disposable medical protective clothing, medical facemask, nitrile gloves, and jogging suits. The total annual revenue of the firm is between US$ 10 million and US$ 50 million. With its base in Zhejiang, China, the firm provides OEM and design services too. The firm’s production is governed by quality management process and the company has certifications including ISO13485 issued by SGS and ISO9001 issued by ARES International Certification Co., Ltd., besides the ISO14001 certification provided by the same organization. This firm is a major exhibitor of its products in the Shanghai International Medical Protective Supplies Exhibition. 

While 96% of the firm’s production is targeted towards the domestic needs, the firm also exports a significant volume of its clothing to over 30 countries, North America and Western Europe. The company’s total exports revenue is around US$ 2,000,000.

Dongguan Panther Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Panther Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Is based in Guangdong, China and was established in 2013. The firm’s factory was established earlier in 2009 in Qingxi Town, of Dongguan City. The main product line of this firm comprises of active wear, yoga wear, swim wear, sportswear and mouth guard. This is a manufacturing and trading company with a total annual revenue of US$ 50 million to US$ 100 million. The company has ISO9001 and Intellectual Property Management System certifications.

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The principal markets for this company’s clothing lines is North America consuming about 40% of its clothing, Oceania importing 28% of the company’s products and Western Europe buying about 15% of the total production volume. The firm also provides OEM and ODM services. Affordable pricing, convenient wearing, durability and stylistic designs are the hallmarks of their jogging suits and other clothing categories. This is one of the top selling firms on and is known for its full product customization services.

Huzhou Jindou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Jindou Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a trading company specializing in a variety of apparels like jogging suits, night wear, sportswear, yoga wear, and shape wear in addition to fur coat, and kid’s sportswear. The production facility of this firm is located in Huzhou in the Zhejiang province of China and the firm was established in 2019. With an integrated approach to product designing, development, production and sales, the firm caters to OEM and ODM. The firm guarantees high quality products and the most competitive pricing ensuring the highest customer satisfaction across all its sales deals.   

The total annual revenue of this trading company is between US$ 5 million and US$ 10 million. The major buyers of their products are North America consuming 40% of their total production besides Eastern Europe and Oceania importing around 25% and 20% of their clothing productions. The export percentage of the firm is between 91% and 100%. The firm is known for its high degree of product customization capabilities to meet the customer needs. The jogging suits of the company are characterized by style, trending fashion and the best prices. 

Pujiang Xinrui Garments Co., Ltd.

Located in the Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, Southeast of China, Pujiang Xinrui Garments Co., Ltd., is a reputed manufacturer of jogging suits that are trending, stylistic and affordably priced. This professional manufacturer specializes in making casual wear for children and adults. Some of the major offerings of this manufacturer in the clothing segment include jogging suits, hoodies, track pants, sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts and others. Assisted by a professional designing team, this trading and manufacturing enterprise has a scientific quality management system. Xinrui also offers OEM and ODM services based on client needs and it helps the customers build their own brands. 

High production capacity, consistent quality, superior customer service, and quality packaging and shipment distinguish this company from many other players in this segment. The company has been able to bag top ratings in reviews both from the domestic and international customers by offering the best customer support.

How to find the best jogging suit manufacturers and wholesalers in China?

Though China has a long list of jogging suit manufacturers, not all textiles and clothing manufacturers are equal. It can be a disastrous approach to select the company to deal with in a random fashion without ensuring that the supplier can meet with your quality requirements. Here are the three main aspects you need to focus on while choosing the best jogging suit manufacturer and wholesaler in China.

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Scope of production

Every supplier specializes in some product categories and materials. When you wish to import GOTS certified organic cotton jogging suits for instance, you need to look for manufacturers or wholesalers specializing in this segment. Also focus on the print techniques and other technical stuff that are important. For example, if you want to order for DTG printed suits, shortlist those suppliers who are already offering this service.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement

Most suppliers have minimum order quantity requirement. If your order does not meet their MOQ, they will not accept the order. The minimum order requirement is based on the fabric that the manufacturer needs to purchase from the subcontractors. If you can consider using the same materials and colors on multiple product categories, you can bypass the MOQ on individual products. Also, note that custom colored materials will usually have a higher MOQ as against the standard fabric colors offered by the suppliers.

Test reports

The garments manufacturing sector in most countries is governed by some regulations pertaining to the industry. Most of the standards restrict the use of heavy metals, pollutants and chemicals. While smaller manufacturers might not be aware of the contents of their textiles, the suppliers need to test a lot of samples to ensure that non-compliant materials do not get into their textiles, whi9ch they might find expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is good to settle with relatively bigger suppliers who have ensured such compliance.  

Fabric quality

Though a suppler might be a reliable one, under some conditions, they might not be able to meet your quality expectations. Therefore, the best approach is to ask for samples and verify the quality of the material before ordering from a supplier. Also, be clear in specifying the various aspects of your requirements and expectations while communicating with them.  

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