Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured?

by Tim Howard

Luxury brands often rely on China’s manufacturing prowess, and Givenchy is no exception. While renowned for its Parisian heritage, Givenchy strategically utilizes a diverse global production network, including China. 

Quality is not compromised and stringent standards are upheld to ensure excellence. 

In this article, we’ll explore the topic “Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured”, revealing the brand’s manufacturing choices. 

Get ready to delve into the captivating world of fashion, where transparency and ethical practices play a vital role in our informed consumer decisions.

Is Givenchy French or Italian?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Givenchy is a French-based luxury fashion and perfume house. It was founded in 1952 by the renowned designer Hubert de Givenchy and has since become a prominent brand in the fashion industry.

Givenchy is known for its haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing, as well as its accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics, all of which are produced under the Parfums Givenchy label.

The house of Givenchy is a proud member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Prêt-à-Porter, further affirming its French heritage and involvement in the prestigious couture community.

Presently, Givenchy is owned by the luxury conglomerate LVMH.

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured?

Givenchy manufactures its products in several countries across the globe. 

The brand embraces transparency and explicitly states the origin of their products on their website. 

By providing this information, Givenchy ensures that customers can make informed choices about the products they purchase. 

Let’s explore the different manufacturing locations for Givenchy products:

Is Givenchy Made in Italy?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Yes, Givenchy manufactures its apparel, footwear, and accessories in Italy, specifically in Scandicci, Firenze. This particular region of Italy has a strong reputation for producing various pieces for luxury labels. 

The choice to manufacture in Italy is driven by several factors. Firstly, Italy is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. 

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Secondly, Italy boasts a pool of skilled artisans who take great pride in their work.

Also, the “Made in Italy” label carries significant weight for many consumers. It is often seen as a symbol of excellence and craftsmanship, justifying the higher price points associated with luxury goods.

Here are some of the products Givenchy makes in Italy.

  • Givenchy produces a diverse range of items in Italy, including belts, bags, shoes, T-shirts, dresses, gloves, scarves, jewelry, ties, sunglasses, hats, pants, underwear, sweaters, jackets, and most accessories.

Does Givenchy Manufacture in Portugal?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Indeed, Givenchy has chosen Portugal as one of its manufacturing locations for select apparel and footwear items. 

Although the brand does not possess its own manufacturing facility in Portugal, it collaborates with an independent factory situated in Porto, which is responsible for producing Givenchy products exclusively within the country. 

This partnership highlights the brand’s recognition of Portugal’s remarkable craftsmanship and the availability of high-quality fabrics.

Luxury brands have increasingly shown interest in investing in production centers in Portugal, and Givenchy’s collaboration with the Portuguese factory aligns with this industry trend.

By leveraging Portugal’s expertise in craftsmanship and its ability to produce high-quality fabrics, Givenchy ensures that its products manufactured in Portugal meet the brand’s rigorous standards.

Here are some of the items Givenchy makes in Portugal.

  • Portugal has gained a reputation for its exceptional manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail. Givenchy leverages these qualities by manufacturing shoes, T-shirts, hats, pants, jackets, shirts, and sweaters in Portugal.

What Does Givenchy Make in France?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Givenchy takes pride in manufacturing a range of its products in France, showcasing the brand’s commitment to preserving the heritage of French craftsmanship and design. 

Several key product categories produced in France include fragrances, sweaters, and dresses. Let’s delve into the details:

Givenchy’s choice to manufacture fragrances, sweaters, and dresses in France aligns with the brand’s commitment to preserving the essence of French luxury. 

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By producing these items in France, Givenchy ensures that they embody the highest standards of craftsmanship, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for elegance and timeless sophistication.

The “Made in France” label carries with it an association of excellence and craftsmanship that resonates with discerning customers worldwide.

  • France, known for its fashion heritage, plays a role in producing Givenchy products. The country specializes in crafting dresses, sweaters, and fragrances.

Is Givenchy Made in China?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Yes, Givenchy does manufacture certain items in China. While other brands within the LVMH portfolio do not manufacture in China, Givenchy stands out as an exception. 

While manufacturing in China may raise eyebrows among luxury shoppers, it is important to note that quality can transcend geographical boundaries. 

Givenchy’s decision to manufacture in China, albeit on a smaller scale, may be influenced by various factors, including production efficiencies and cost considerations. 

As a renowned fashion brand, Givenchy is likely to maintain its commitment to delivering exceptional products, regardless of the manufacturing location.

On that note, here are some of the smaller items Givenchy makes in China;

  • Givenchy acknowledges China as a manufacturing location for specific products such as phone cases, sunglasses, pants, and sweaters.

Which Givenchy Products are Made in Japan?

Where are Givenchy Products Manufactured

Givenchy has chosen Japan as one of its manufacturing hubs due to several key factors. 

Japan possesses a rich heritage of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, making it an ideal location for producing high-quality fashion items.

The country’s skilled artisans and manufacturers have honed their expertise over generations, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and precision in every garment.

Furthermore, Japan represents a significant market for luxury fashion, with a discerning customer base that appreciates the brand’s aesthetic and values. 

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By manufacturing in Japan, Givenchy can cater to the specific preferences and fashion sensibilities of Japanese consumers, fostering a deeper connection with this important market.

Here’s what Givechy manufacturers in Japan;

  • Givenchy also produces a range of products in Japan, including shirts, pants, and jackets.

Does Givenchy Make Products in Hong Kong, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Slovakia?

As a global luxury brand, Givenchy has diversified its manufacturing operations to various locations across the world. 

When it comes to specific countries like Hong Kong, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, Givenchy produces certain products in these regions. 

Here is a breakdown of the Givenchy products made in each of these countries:

Hong Kong:

  • Givenchy manufactures one bag in Hong Kong. While the specific details regarding the bag’s design and style are not provided, it is worth noting that Hong Kong serves as a manufacturing hub for this particular product.


  • Pants and shirts are among the products manufactured by Givenchy in Tunisia. The country’s garment industry and skilled workforce contribute to the production of these apparel items with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.


  • Givenchy produces jackets in Bulgaria. The country’s manufacturing capabilities and expertise in outerwear production make it an ideal location for manufacturing Givenchy’s stylish and well-crafted jackets.


  • Similarly, Givenchy manufactures jackets in Slovakia. The country’s manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce contribute to the production of jackets that align with Givenchy’s high standards of quality and design.

These strategic manufacturing decisions in Hong Kong, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Slovakia allow Givenchy to tap into the unique strengths and capabilities of each country.

  • Givenchy has manufacturing operations in Hong Kong (one bag), Tunisia (pants and shirts), Bulgaria (jackets), and Slovakia (jackets).


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