Where is Supreme Made 2023

by Tim Howard

If you’re a fan of streetwear and skate culture, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Supreme, the iconic American lifestyle brand. 

With its origins dating back to 1994, Supreme has become a global sensation, capturing the hearts of the young generation and gaining numerous accolades, including the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Designer of The Year award in 2018. 

As the brand continues to expand, many enthusiasts wonder, “Where is Supreme made in 2023?”

Where is Supreme Made?

Is Supreme Made in the USA?

Where is Supreme Made

Supreme proudly hails from the United States, and the brand’s headquarters are located in the vibrant city of New York. 

This American connection is evident in some of their products, as you may often find the tag “Made in U.S.A.” on their t-shirts, indicating that these particular items are manufactured within the United States. 

However, like many fashion brands, Supreme prefers to keep its production details under wraps.

While the USA remains a crucial part of Supreme’s manufacturing process, the bulk of their products are produced elsewhere.

Are Supreme products manufactured in China?

Where is Supreme Made

Yes, a considerable portion of Supreme’s products is manufactured in China. 

This fact often raises eyebrows, as Chinese manufacturing has been associated with lower quality and durability concerns. 

However, Supreme stands out by placing a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. 

Despite its production in China, the brand ensures that each creation is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and maintains its reputation for providing top-notch products to its customers.

Is Supreme made in Japan?

Where is Supreme Made

Although Japan has a deep love affair with Supreme’s products and has been a significant contributor to the brand’s success, only a handful of Supreme’s clothing is manufactured in Japan. 

Instead of focusing on manufacturing, the country has emerged as one of the most extensive markets for Supreme, contributing significantly to its growth. 

Since entering Japan in 2004, Supreme’s popularity soared, leading to substantial market value and yearly revenues. 

In 2021, VF Corporation acquired the brand fully, marking a remarkable milestone for Supreme.

Who is responsible for the manufacturing of Supreme clothing?

Where is Supreme Made

The responsibility for manufacturing Supreme’s clothing lies with VF Corporation, a major player in the global apparel industry. 

VF Corporation also holds the distinction of being the parent company of Supreme. 

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In a landmark move in November 2020, VF announced the acquisition of Supreme for an impressive 2.1 billion dollars, further solidifying the brand’s place in the fashion world. 

This partnership has enabled Supreme to maintain its commitment to quality and innovation.

What fabrics are used in the production of Supreme shirts?

Where is Supreme Made

Supreme has built its reputation as a cult fashion brand that prioritizes user comfort and quality. 

However, the brand is known for its secretive nature, and details about the materials used in their clothing remain undisclosed. 

Speculations about the materials used abound, with rumored fabrics ranging from 100 percent cotton or cotton-polyester blends for t-shirts to high-quality silk for hoodies. 

Despite these speculations, Supreme’s commitment to delivering exceptional products remains unchanged.

From which countries does Supreme source its materials?

Where is Supreme Made

Supreme sources materials for its clothing from various countries, including the USA, China, Canada, Portugal, India, and Bangladesh. 

However, the brand prefers to keep its material suppliers and factory locations confidential, as is common in the fashion industry. 

Online resources like Quora and Reddit offer some insights, suggesting that fabrics for Supreme’s clothing are obtained from countries like China, Bangladesh, and India. 

This diversity in sourcing helps maintain the brand’s high-quality standards.

What makes Supreme stand out as a brand in the market?

Where is Supreme Made

Supreme has undoubtedly earned its status as one of the most revered brands in the streetwear scene. 

Its simple yet stylish designs, focus on quality, and dedication to customer preferences have won over a loyal fan base. 

Despite having only 14 stores worldwide, Supreme’s annual sales reach a remarkable 500 million dollars. 

The brand’s association with luxury brand LVMH and its widespread popularity in Japan further bolster its reputation as a top-notch fashion powerhouse.

Is Supreme Worth the Money?

One cannot deny that Supreme products come with a hefty price tag. 

While some may question the value of spending hundreds of dollars on a single t-shirt, Supreme’s allure lies in its exclusivity and the sense of prestige it confers. 

By wearing Supreme, enthusiasts can display their appreciation for street culture and fashion, making it a popular choice among the affluent and fashion-conscious. 

However, those seeking similar quality at a lower price may find comparable alternatives elsewhere.

Does Supreme prioritize ethical practices in its manufacturing process?

Where is Supreme Made

Determining whether Supreme products are ethically made poses a challenge due to the brand’s lack of transparency about its production practices. 

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Ethical production involves ensuring that manufacturing processes do not harm the environment, people, or animals. 

Additionally, it requires fair treatment and wages for workers. While Supreme’s clothing quality is commendable, its production ethics remain uncertain. 

Without more information from the brand, it is challenging to make definitive claims about its ethical practices.

How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Supreme?

When you’re investing in a Supreme piece, ensuring that your hard-earned money goes towards an authentic item is essential. 

Counterfeit Supreme products are unfortunately prevalent in the market, but with some key knowledge, you can easily distinguish between real and fake pieces.

The Logo:

The iconic Supreme logo is a key identifier for authenticity. On box logo hoodies and t-shirts, pay attention to the embroidery and stitching quality. Real Supreme logos exhibit clean and precise stitching, with the classic red color being dark yet rich.

Counterfeit logos may appear too light or dull, and the lettering might not have the distinct matte white appearance with space around it.

When inspecting the logo from the inside, authentic Supreme items should have a thin white stitch line along the middle of the outer red stitching.


Labels can provide valuable clues about a Supreme piece’s legitimacy. Check the “Supreme” label, ensuring it is straight, neat, and takes up the entire lower space of the tag on hoodies and t-shirts.

The smaller “Made in” tag should extend down to the “E” in “Supreme.” Additionally, verify the wash label, which should have a single stitch line across the top with some label sticking out above it.

On fakes, this label is often tucked in and hidden. The tag on the bottom left side should feature quality embroidery, with “Supreme” taking up most of the space.


Examine the drawstrings on hoodies. Authentic Supreme hoodies use flat drawstrings, while fakes may have round ones. The shape of the drawstrings can be a telling indicator of a genuine or counterfeit item.

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Print Quality:

For items with prints, comparing them to images of legitimate versions online is an effective way to gauge authenticity. If the colors on the print seem lighter or duller compared to genuine images, it might be a fake.

Additionally, peeling prints at the corners are a red flag for counterfeit Supreme items.

Material and Feel:

Authentic Supreme hoodies are known for their premium quality materials, featuring warm and soft fleece interiors. Counterfeit items often lack this level of quality, leading to rougher textures compared to genuine pieces.

Pay attention to how the item feels to the touch; genuine Supreme products should be crafted from high-quality materials.

Bags and Accessories:

Supreme bags and accessories are also targeted by counterfeiters. Examine the color of the bag; authentic Supreme items should have the same rich shade of red as the traditional box logo.

Poorly replicated bags may have faded, dull, or overly bright tones. Check the straps, stitching, and details like buckles or fastenings for quality and accuracy.


Real Supreme footwear should have precise stitching and accurate colors. Pay attention to logos, the inner sole, the tongue, and laces.

If any of these features appear slightly off, it might be a fake. Compare the footwear with images or a genuine version to confirm authenticity.


For Supreme headbands, inspect the lettering, ensuring it’s not bumpy, uneven, or wonky. Verify the shape and hole of the letter ‘E,’ comparing it to genuine headbands.

Examine the thickness and inside of the headband, making sure it’s of high-quality. Lastly, inspect the tag for consistency with legitimate Supreme headbands.


In conclusion, Supreme continues to hold its place as an iconic lifestyle brand adored by countless enthusiasts worldwide. 

Despite sourcing materials and manufacturing in various countries, including China and the USA, the brand maintains its commitment to delivering top-quality products. 

As Supreme’s journey continues, it will be intriguing to witness how it balances its exclusive allure with a growing demand for transparency and ethical practices in the fashion industry.


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