Best Shein Bathing Suits & Swimsuits

by Tim Howard

Ladies — hot girl summer is here and we want you to get the perfect tan this season. Honestly, whoever said “less is more” couldn’t be more right because, in this case,  more is always more.

You can not have just one style of bikini and think you’re ready. So gather all your summer staples from Shein and strut across that shore like you own it. Without much further ado, let’s get started on revamping a part of your beach wardrobe, shall we?

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Ah, but the sizing!

Yes, let’s sort that out first. We don’t want anything disrupting your minimalist style and have that the bikinis don’t fulfil the minimum requirements of fitting you. Lucky for you, Shein has a size guide under all the bikinis it sells, regardless of what style you’re going for.

There are Shein bikinis for small chests and there are Shein bikinis for large chests as well.

Under each bikini, you’ll find a scroll bar description of whether the bikini is stretchable or not, whether it is appropriate for skinny bodies, or the ones that are deemed as typically ‘regular’ or the ones that are oversized. The description of the stretch helps you decide how much room you have to fit into it. If there isn’t any, you have to buy the exact fit for you.

Keeping that in mind, Shein has also included a guide as to how you can measure yourself to know you’re getting the exact size for your body. There are more sections, but I have only included the ones that are relevant to ones that will help you buy your perfect summer skin.

Once you’ve measured your bust, your waist and your hips, you can cross reference them with the size chart also clearly detailed in the product description. Note that it will be different for each bikini, so make sure to check it every time before you add a stunning piece to the cart.

Here’s what it will look like.

You can also change convert metrics, depending on what country you’re in. Swimsuit shopping has never been easier. 

Now you might have a different idea of what suits you best and what kind of coverage you want. Keeping your best interests and styles at heart, I have covered many styles so that you only pick from the best.

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Best Shein Bikinis

Versatile Self-Tie Bikini – $11

Bandeau Style

I’m hitting the bull-eye from the get go. What’s the best way to turn heads on a beach than to wear red? There are many, but let’s just say, you’re going to be eye-catching. This bikini, with its slinky tie covering the centre of your chest, you can dress and tie it any way around your neck and your bust. 

Unlike many other bandeau bikinis, it looks raunchy and comfortable on bust women as well. Besides, you can find this in four colours that will never go out of style.

Geo Print Bandeau – $10

Bandeau Style

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While a solid colour block never goes out of style, nothing screams relaxed and fun like a fun, hippie print. The bottoms and the top both rely on your excellent tying skills. The bottoms are low rise and cheeky, perfect for a lazy, sunny lie-down on a town on the sand.

While the fabric may have some stretch, the strings to tie them together are a bit shorter than I’d have liked. So if you’re well-endowed, I’d reconsider it. And if additional comfort is what you’re looking for, know that the chest padding is removable. 

If you’re a spirited one, looking to play a game of volleyball in the middle of all your lounging, you might prefer a bikini with some support, a nice underwire and a good boost!

Tie Dye Underwire Bikini – $13


Here are a few things you’re looking for — keeping everything in place, some protection and tonnes of style. This three piece underwire bikini swimsuit will keep you as chic as they come. And the marble print will simply make you indistinguishable from the beachy waves around you. 

The plunging top covers you up with a single clasp in the back and the bottoms are high waisted with a high rise cut, elongating your legs as you take over the place around you. 

The sarong is a bit small, but that just adds to the barely-there look. I Wouldn’t worry about them sliding off either. Since the sarong is small, it would actually make for a pretty great head scarf too — you’re welcome.

 Underwire High Cut Bikini – $12


Keeping it low key and classic with a plain black bikini is always a stunner. It will look so good with a white cardigan or even a denim jacket thrown over as you grab a coconut by the poolside. The square neckline is unique and works towards helping you flaunt those collar bones. And the fuss-free, slip-on, cheeky bottoms just scream everything gorgeous! 

The ribbed fabric is almost irresistible to touch. The material is soft against the skin, not your typical swim material, but it looks hella good on you. They come in too many colours — English, primary, classic and neon. You take your pick.

Floral Triangle Thong Bikini – $11


Whether your body is athletic, apple or hourglass, this triangle bikini will guarantee all eyes are on you. I would have let the flirty floral print speak for itself but I do need to talk about how it is completely slip proof. Despite the bikini having a typical bathing suit material, the halter strings tie a perfectly tight knot, ensuring there are no unnecessary slip-ups.

The bottoms are inching closer to a thong, so if you’re gonna put these on, make sure to be generous with the sun lotion you’re carrying in your beach bag.

Random Abstract Print Triangle Bikini – $14


I can’t get enough of how edgy the patterns are on this cute bikini! Slide over the triangle breast cover-ups away from each other if that’s more your style. The amount of versatility that comes with this bikini set is amusing. It may seem a tad bit loose for women with smaller breasts so beware and check the sizing section!

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The see-through sarong with the sane print comes with it. It is elegant and flowy, could pass off for top-notch runway material. So don’t be surprised if you find people stopping you at the beach to pay you some compliments.

Colourful Striped Bikini Swimsuit – $12


All you hour-glass figured women, stop right here. Regardless of what you came here to buy, do get yourself a high waisted bikini set. The curves on your waist should not go to waste.

The tube style top attached to spaghetti style straps oozes elegance, in contrast to the funky colour scheme.  The slim-lengthed top is a perfect match for the high-waisted bottoms you’re buying this bikini set for.

The high-waisted bottom does its job well. For you to have chosen a high waisted bikini means you want things to be sheltered. It keeps your torso and your butt intact and prevents the unnecessary jiggle which you’ve been dreading. 

Knot Hem High Waisted Bikini – $13


I won’t lie, one of the best things I like about this bikini is that one could just repurpose this bikini top as a regular top for a brunch out with girlfriends! Pair it with these bottoms, a pair of shorts or nice jeans, it’s up to you. This is available in four other colours so you can choose to colour block, and mix n’ match your way into the ocean.

The hem on the bottom ends right in the centre of each cheek, making sure there is just enough coverage while also keeping you miles away from demure! As good as that knot looks on the top, you may have to keep retying it, owing to the thick fabric. But that also means study and no accidental displays of things you don’t want seen. 

I may have said less is always more earlier, but we can make an exception when it comes to tankinis. It is perfectly okay to want to stay at a beach under an umbrella, catching up on the supper reads list in your favourite magazine and sipping a cold one.

Striped Halter High Waisted Bikini – $13

Tankini Style

If what you are on is a family vacation, this is one of the best options around. Keeps you covered while keeping you comfortable. Once again, this halter style top can be repurposed any way you want it. In fact, it will look great with your favourite pair of denim shorts. Busty women also won’t have trouble fitting into the cute top, thanks to the stretch fabric that completes it. The striped and high-waisted bottom is form-fitting, stretchy and comfortable as well.

Tropical & Floral Push up Bikini – $13

Tankini Style

This seems to be a universal favourite and for good reason. The banging colours, the demi-cup, the hater neck and the high waisted tropical print bottoms are to die for. They are available in multiple colour variations but unfortunately very limited sizes. It can only fit bodies that suit sizes up to the Shein L, meaning a regular M.

Nevertheless, the fabric is very expandable, so if you’re confident enough, give it a whirl!

Appliques Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit – $12

Bandeau Style

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The  Appliques Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit is a rather elegant bikini swimsuit that you can get for under $15 on Shein. It’s made from a blend of nylon, polyester and elastane that’s soft on the skin and stretches just enough so you don’t look weird.

The upper half of the bikini resembles a tube slip with a wireless bra and flowers lining the top and the bottom piece has a natural design that covers any intimate areas so you can sit back, get yourself tanned and not bother about a thing.

An added benefit with this bikini is that the chest padding is removable and helps provide a little more space if you find the fit to be a little too tight.

Textured One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit – $12

Lined One Shoulder

Shein’s textured one shoulder bikini is the perfect choice for a day at the beach! Made with a blend of polyester and elastane, it is soft, stretchy and provides a nice clingy fit. This bikini comes in 12 colors that are sure to match your personal style, and it’s lined for extra comfort, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and sand without any worries about irritation.

In addition to its all-day comfort, this one shoulder bikini’s wireless bra ensures that your bust is supported and that you are not fighting against straps every time you swim. Whether you are swimming in the pool or at the beach, this bikini will surely make your experience one to remember.

How many styles of bikini are there?

There are a lot of different bikini styles out there, and it can be hard to know what will look good on you. That’s why it’s important to consult with a professional before you buy any bikini – they’ll be able to help you find the perfect style for your body shape and size. Here are a few of my favorites

Bikini briefs – These are perfect for women who want a discreet look. They provide coverage but still let your skin show through.

Bikini tops with built-in bras – These tops feature wireless bras that allow you to adjust the fit as needed. This is great if you want to be able to wear your top multiple times without having to worry about it falling off or being too tight.

Strapless bikini tops – These tops come with built-in straps that allow you to wear them without worrying about them coming undone. They’re also great for women who want a more dramatic look.

Bandeau bikini tops – These are similar to strapless bikini tops, but they feature straps that go over your breasts instead of around them. They’re usually more comfortable and less restrictive than strapless bikini tops..


Hopefully, this list helps you choose the right bikini style for your needs! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help!

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