18 Best DHgate Clothing Sellers | DHgate Clothing Review!

by Tim Howard

DHgate is one of the biggest eCommerce websites catering to every need of ours. It’s only second to AliExpress, known for its amazing shoe collection, watches, replica goods and more.

The best part about shopping from DHgate is the huge array of choices you get. There are so many clothing options that it can get quite dizzying. There are thousands of clothing sellers bringing to you the best deals possible.

However, that is also a disadvantage. Since there are so many sellers, it can be quite difficult to choose one. There are so many things to consider before you finally make a purchase from a seller. And when it comes to clothes, it is always better to be a hundred percent sure before hitting that buy button.

So, to help you make a sound decision, we have brought to you some of the best DHGate clothing sellers. Read on to find more.

Top Clothing Sellers on DHgateStore RatingTypes of Clothes Available
Vintage Clothing95.6%Dresses, swimsuits, trendy winter wear for men and women
JUST4URWEAR97.5%Various clothing for men and women, budget-friendly Halloween costumes
Gucoo Design96.1%Fitness wear, hoodies, jackets, polos, dresses, tees for men and women
CNBabyWholeseller96.6%Kids’ clothing, casual wear, party wear, cosplay costumes
Blueberry 1296.7%Pop culture clothes, dresses, jackets, tops, bikinis
T Shirt95.4%Casual tees, jeans, dresses, hoodies
Cinda0296.7%Tee collection, athleisure clothing, dresses, jeans
Balmain JeansN/AJeans, designer hoodies
Honey111N/AMen’s and women’s tops, fur coats, ponchos, corsets
Lacoste Polo Fashion94.1%Dresses, modern men’s coats, women’s sweaters, short blazer suits
Amy 100398.0%Football jerseys and kits for national and major league teams
Men’s Jeans/Netecool95.5%Tops, bottoms, underwear for men and women, latest fashion trends
ClothingDH95.6%Jackets, t-shirts, socks, wholesale deals available
Greatamy99.7%Infants’ clothing sets, toys, bags, accessories
Chinan Kaiqinyang98.8%Apparel at budget-friendly prices, jackets, hoodies, pants, t-shirts
DI_Girl97.4%Seasonal products, Pashmina shawls, winter clothing, discounts
Rain_bow99.0%Football, soccer, hockey, and baseball jerseys, customization available
Peanutoil Clothing95.8%Jackets, two-piece sets, dresses, sweaters, garters, leggings, and trendy T-shirts

Top Clothing Sellers on DHgate

Vintage Clothing

Dhgate womens apparel

The name says ‘vintage’, but the store has everything modern and fashionable to satiate the trendsetter in you. They have been selling on DHGate since 2017. Their choice of style and quality of their trendy clothes have garnered them positive feedback of 95.6 percent. With over 11 thousand transactions, you can trust that this store has some of the best styles for you.

dhgate clothing

They have a collection that is a pretty amalgamation of subtle, casual, bright, and catchy. You can find everything from dresses and swimsuits to trendy winter wear. They have clothes for both men and women. One of their best selling items is patchwork corduroy pants that look so trendy you will want to wear them all the time.

dhgate clothing suppliers

Whether you are looking for something to wear at the party or want clothes for your everyday wear, you can find them all at this store.

dhgate fashion for women

You can check out the store here.


The store is one of DHGate’s top sellers that has been selling on the platform since 2017 and making its customers happy. The positive feedback of 97.5 percent and the whopping transaction of over 18 thousand speak for the brilliance of the store.

dhgate fashion fro men

You will find clothes in this store that are high in quality and low in price. If you are on a budget, but cannot compromise on your clothes, this is the store that you must visit. They have clothes for both men and women. Everything from dresses, hoodies, pants, swimwear, and more are available here. You will also enjoy the occasional huge discounts that they offer. 

top dhgate apparel sellers

Are you looking for budget-friendly Halloween costumes? Worry not, the store has a ton of options for you. So the next time your kid asks you to get him or her a cool Halloween costume, head over to this store and make everyone happy. 

dhgate mens apparel

They also have a pretty great summer collection, with pretty floral dresses and tees that will win the day.

top dhgate mens clothing

You can check out the store here.

Gucoo Design

jackets on Dhgate

Vogogirl has been a seller on DHGate since 2017. During this time, it has managed to get people’s love, thanks to the brilliant quality of clothes the store offers. It has positive feedback of 96.1 percent and has so far completed over 18 thousand transactions. This is a great store to visit for both men’s and women’s clothing items. You will find everything from fitness wear to hoodies, jackets, polos, dresses, and cool tees. 

top dhgate clothing sellers

It is a great store to visit for all the trendy clothing items at amazing prices. You can shop for clothes for parties, casual days, brunches, and even for the gym. The quality of their clothes is quite high and they also believe in giving their customers the utmost satisfaction. They have excellent customer service, so if there is anything you want to ask, do so with no hesitation.

dhgate hoodies sellers

You can check out the store here.


dhgate children clothes sellers

Cnbabywholeseller is quite an impressive seller. The store is dedicated to providing clothes and costumes for kids. They have been selling on DHGate for a long time now, The store opened its operations on the platform in 2011. It has completed over 7 thousand transactions and has positive feedback of 96.6 percent. 

dhgate baby clothes

The store has pretty and affordable dresses for your little munchkins. Everything from casual wear to party wear can be shopped from this store. There are also clothes meant for cosplay too. Whether your kid wants to dress up as a princess or a prince, you can get it all here. Fulfill your child’s dream of becoming one of their favorites with the awesome clothes available in this store. 

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dhgate kids frocks
dhgate kids clothes sellers

You can check out the store here.

Blueberry 12

dhgate tees

Blueberry 12 is one of the top sellers on DHGate and it has been selling on the platform since 2016. In all these years, the seller has risen to become loved by its customers. It has positive feedback of 96.7 percent and has over 35 thousand transactions. 

best dhgate mens clothing

The store is a pop culture aficionado’s dream store with amazing and high-quality pop culture clothes that are loved by everyone. You can find apparel that showcases your love for pop culture. The graphic tees and hoodies are so good you will want to get them all. 

dhgate womens clothing

Apart from the obvious pop culture trends, there are other items as well. They have everything from dresses, jackets, tops, patterned clothes, bikinis, and more to satisfy every need that you may have.

You can check out the store here.

T Shirt

best dhgate clothing sellers

T Shirt is a store dedicated to selling high-quality casual clothes that are a huge hit amongst its customers. Selling since 2017, the store has managed to garner positive feedback of 95.4 percent and has completed over 7 thousand transactions. 

best dhgate mens apparel

You will find a lot of cool tees in this store, right from the graphic ones to those dedicated to pop culture. If you love your casual tees, there is no better place to get them from than this store. You will love the store’s tees; everything has been done so well, by keeping the quality and price in mind. 

dhgate apparel

But the store has a lot more than just amazing tees. Even though the name of the store is T Shirt, it also has other clothing items like jeans, dresses, and hoodies.

dhgate clothing stores

You can check out the store here.


One of the coolest and and stylish clothing seller on Dhgate that we have discovered recently is the Cinda02 store. They are a Top Seller on Dhgate and they have a 96.7% rating and 29,000+ transactions. They are a top store.

So what do they sell?

Their tee collection is really good, along with their ahtleisure clothing. They print custom tees if you want. They have a wide range of clothing options that includes dresses and jeans as well.

But my pick would be the athleisure clothing.

You can check out the store here.

Balmain Jeans

Balmain Jeans as the name suggests, they sell jeans. Generally good quality jeans cost quite a bit. The Balmain jeans costs anywhere around $20 to $80 depending on the style and quality you are looking for.

Apart from Jeans, they sell some designer hoodies as well. One point to be noted. They don’t have a wide range of collection and have only 20 to 30 pairs of jeans in their store. But those jeans are top notch!

You can check out the store here


Honey111 is a Dhgate clothing seller that has over 1600 styles of clothing option for men and women. It’s known for men and women’s tops. They sell some super affordable clothing such as fur coats which can be purchased for around $30.

In terms of tops they have ponchos, corsets, snakeskin blouses and more.

You can check out the store here.

Lacoste Polo Fashion

Mens clothing sellers dhgate

Lacoste Polo Fashion is on its third year. It has a 94.1% positive feedback and is a Top Seller DHgate. This store has some uber cool looking dresses for the summer and winters. The styles of dresses are pretty awesome.

Apart from that, they have modern mens coats that looks super classy. The women’s sweaters and the short blazer suits are pretty stylish in this store.

You can check out the store here

Amy 1003

The store caters to a very specific set of customers, but that hardly puts a dent in their sales potential since the target customers are football fans – a sport that is followed by an estimated 3.5 billion people! With positive feedback of 98% and over 36k transactions, they are one of the biggest sellers in the sportswear category on DHgate. 

You can order jerseys or full kits of national teams and teams of major leagues from Europe and the Americas. Jerseys are available with the names of most players from each team, and you can choose them as a variation while placing an order. Custom jerseys are also available where you can have your name and choice of number embossed. 

Check it out on DHgate here!

Men’s Jeans/Netecool

Earlier known as Netecool, Men’s Jeans is a store on DHgate with positive feedback of 95.5% and 13k transactions, supplying clothing for men and women. They regularly run discounts, so you can add them to your favourites to make good on their sale periods. 

Men’s Jeans sells tops, bottoms and underwear for both men and women, but what sets them apart is that they bring in the latest trendsetters, letting you know what’s in at the moment. They also ensure to update this list frequently, so you will not be buying a style that may be outdated at the moment. 

Check it out on DHgate here!


It’s only their second year on DHgate, but they already have over 8.8k transactions under their belt and a positive feedback rating of 95.6%. They are manufacturers working out of the Fujian region in China, and can even provide wholesale deals based on your requirement. 

They cater to all sub-categories under men’s and women’s clothing and ensure to bring us the latest and most fashionable styles in the market. Their best-selling products vary from jackets to t-shirts to socks, so it stands to reason that they provide quality products all around. Apart from DHL and other usual shipping options, they can also provide drop-shipping – which would be useful for you as a reseller. 

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Check it out on DHgate here!


Usually, when a good DHgate seller has 10k transactions like Greatamy does, their positive feedback rating comes down to the 95-97% range but that’s not the case with this seller, who has a 99.7% rating! This seller focuses primarily on infants’ clothing and accessories. 

You can find clothing sets for babies of all ages, along with toys, bags and other accessories. This store is a great choice for new parents to find fashionable and comfortable clothing for their kids without worrying about low-quality products. As an added validation, Greatamy has a High-quality seller badge granted by the marketplace as well. 

Check it out on DHgate here!

Chinan Kaiqinyang Store

Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

Chinan Kaiqinyang is one of my favorite stores to shop from on DHgate simply because they offer amazing quality apparel at budget friendly prices. I’ve bought hoodies and jackets from them and didn’t pay anything more than $70, and that’s including shipping. 

Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

Clothes available here are made from the highest quality materials and the finish on them is professionally done. 

One thing that I truly liked about Chinan Kaiqinyang is that everything they offer is available in variations, so jackets, hoodies, sweaters and even their pants and t-shirts are available in different sizes and colors.

With winter around the corner, I’d recommend checking out their store because their current top selling products are winter related and you won’t find anything on DHgate of this high quality at this reasonable price.

Chinan Kaiqinyang has a store rating of 98.8% and have fulfilled over 26k transactions till date. They’ve been around for over 7 years and they offer a store membership discount of 10% off on everything. Clothes are also available at wholesale prices with jackets and hoodies going for as low as $30 – $45, if bought in bulk.


Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

DI_Girl is another well known apparel store on Dhgate with loads of good quality products to choose from. Not only does this store have a positive 97.4% rating, they also have sold over 30k products till now and there are discounts offered on their entire store which can go up to 50%, so yeah products are quite cheap and affordable here.

Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

From what I can tell, DI_Girl doesn’t have the same stock of clothes up on their site year-round. Rather they focus on delivering seasonal products and hence their collection can change every couple of months.

Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

Currently, DI_Girl is ready for Christmas and is one of the few stores on DHgate that has high quality Pashmina shawls and designed winter clothing. Nothing costs over $70, but there are a couple of items like women’s blazers that can go up to $100 – $120 depending on the materials used and the type of jacket it is.

Other than that, DI_Girl is a wonderful store you should definitely check out and if it’s winter clothes you’re looking for then you won’t have to worry about searching far and wide because DI_Girl will have just what you need to stay warm this winter.


Best DHGate Clothing Sellers

Are you a fan of football? Did you check out the FIFA finals in Qatar where Argentina beat France to become world champions?

If yes and you’re interested in wearing your favorite teams’ colors then I suggest you check out the Rain_bo store on DHgate for the latest football, soccer, hockey and baseball jerseys. These guys are probably the best rated store for cheap jerseys for sports fans.

Each item here is made to resemble the original and one great thing that Rain_bow offers is the ability to customize each jersey and have names as well as numbers added according to your requirements. 

This means that though the jerseys carry teams, names and player numbers, if you’re buying jerseys in bulk for a school team or a group game then you can have each player’s names printed on the jersey along with their player number in place of the original.

One good thing about it is that there are no extra charges that are applicable for custom jerseys and the only thing is that customizations are only permitted on orders that contain over 10 jerseys.

But other than that, Rain_bow has an impressive 8 year history dealing in high quality jerseys at wholesale prices and they’re one of the few sellers to have a crazy 99% store rating from over 100k sales till date.

Peanutoil Clothing

Peanut Oil Clothes, a featured store on DHGate, boasts a diverse selection of trendy and affordable apparel for both men and women.

Top Clothing Sellers on DHgate

Their collection, which includes retro vintage Men’s Jackets suitable for spring and winter, stylish Women’s Tracksuit Designer Two-Piece Sets, chic Casual Dresses, cozy Women’s Sweater Jackets, alluring Garters, and Women’s Leggings with invisible zippers.

Peanutoil also offers fashionable Casual Dresses with asymmetrical wavy hems and round collars, and a range of Men’s Sweaters and T-shirts featuring unique designs and high-quality fabrics.

Top Clothing Sellers on DHgate

The store is relatively new on DHgate and they have a solid satisfaction rating of 95.8% which is pretty impressive for this day and age.

Things to note before buying your clothes on DHGate

Fashion Clothing is one of the best items to import from China, this is why there are a lot of sellers and it’s hard to pick the right seller. Here are a few tips.

Check out the opening year of the store

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You may think that it is not really important to know when the store opened up its business on DHGate. However, the truth is that it is one of the first things you should do when buying from any store. If it has been selling for more than two years, then the store has some reliability to it. If you are purchasing clothes that are slightly on the expensive side, it is better to choose a store that has been selling on the platform for a long time.

Star score and reviews

This goes without saying. I am sure all of us check the star score and reviews before purchasing. You must read the reviews other buyers have left on the clothing items. This gives you a fair idea whether it actually is worth buying the product or not. Checking the reviews also gives you an idea about the size of the clothes. People mention if you should buy one size up or down. So, before making your purchase, make sure you check the store’s star score and the reviews left by other customers.

Regularity of purchase

The reviews on DHGate come with dates. It allows you to check whether there have been recent transactions on the item you are planning to purchase. Also, check the regularity of purchase. If there are regular reviews, it means that people are buying it. However, if you see that the last transaction happened over 6 months ago, then this may be an indicator that the product isn’t really offered, or it isn’t good enough to purchase. It may also be a sign that the store has actually shut down. 

Contact the seller

Prior to buying, it is a good idea to talk to the seller. Ask all the questions you may have about the clothing item you are planning to buy from their store. You can ask questions relating to the quality of the item, reimbursement policy, warranty, and everything else you may want to know before you finally hit that buy button. A great seller who is serious about the service he or she provides will definitely answer all your queries satisfactorily. They will also not try to press the product on you. 

Beware of extremely inexpensive products

If you find something that has an unbelievably low price, chances are it is a fake. People often leave bad reviews because the product is a fake or a dupe that is extremely low in quality. If it’s too good to be true, it might actually be phony.

Does DHgate have clothing dupes?

The short answer is yes. DHgate is a leading Chinese e-commerce marketplace just like Aliexpress or eBay. But unlike Aliexpress and eBay, they are also known for selling clothing replicas.

The best part about these high-quality replicas is that they come fully packed like the original. Usually, they even come with tags, boxes, and accessories like a legit product. Mostly brand-conscious people tend to buy these replicas as they come with an attractive price tag based on the quality.

Talking of quality, the funny thing is that these replicas come with different qualities. And the products are priced according to their quality. These replicas are categorized as first copy, second copy, 7A quality, etc. These names are based upon the build/quality and the look-alikeness of the product.

But in order to safeguard consumers from getting scammed by cheap product retailers. DHgate offers a full refund or replacement of the product if the quality is not as promised by the merchant.

DHgate Clothing Size Guide:

When it comes to clothing size, people usually tend to get confused as sizing varies with brand and vendors. DHgate offers a greater range of sizes to pick one from, their range starts from XS(extra small) and all the way up to XXXL(extra extra extra large). But the problem here is, as the size differs from seller to seller, it’s always recommended to pick a trusted vendor and research their sizing chart before buying one.

From my perspective, I would recommend you to associate your clothing size based on your body dimensions and the product dimensions. But from my analysis on DHgate, I would say that it’s better to go for a size bigger than your usual size. This is because Chinese sizes are a tad too small.

After scrolling through reviews and feedback, I can say that people mostly tend to complain about getting a tighter fit on their usual-sized clothes. But as I have said earlier, do your analysis on the size chart provided by your chosen merchant.

Are DHgate Clothes Real?

Yes. Of course, DHgate sells real branded clothes too. But the problem here is as they sell for a cheaper price, people tend to think that the quality of the product might be compromised. DHgate is a virtual marketplace where millions of verified sellers showcase their products, so some scammers can get through once in a while. The products are sold in bulk at a competitive price to outshine the competitors.

Still, it is recommended to be watchful and look out for scammers. Though it’s a platform of verified sellers, we can’t assure that all the products that are being sold here are genuine. There are situations of people getting scammed by receiving a cheap low-quality replica.

Hence, it’s better to read through the merchant’s feedback and reviews to be on the safer side before placing your order. However, there is nothing to worry about as DHgate provides a return and refund policy so that consumers feel safe and protected.

How Long Does DHgate Take to Deliver?

On a normal day DHgate will take around 3-15 business days to deliver any product.

However, there are a few factors that play a role in the delivery timeline such as the availability of the item, if there are customization requests, where the item is being shipped from, the quantity and if there’s an influx of orders due to seasonal shifts.

There are a bunch of international storage facilities that help reduce the overall delivery period, but only if the item you buy is currently available at one of the local European warehouses.

How Do I Contact a DHgate Apparel Seller?

There are a couple of ways you can get in touch with a DHgate apparel seller.

One is by clicking on the Ask seller a question button that’s located on the Store page in the About Us section and the second one is by opening a product and then clicking on the chat icon on the product page and then submitting your question to the seller.

Normally sellers respond within 24 hours, but in some rare cases they might take between 24 – 72 hours to provide an answer to your query.

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