Stores Like Citi Trends | 10 Affordable Fashion Destinations for Trendy Shoppers

by Tim Howard

If you’re a fashion-conscious individual seeking trendy apparel and accessories without breaking the bank, you’ve probably already considered Citi Trends as a go-to destination. 

After all, they offer a diverse selection of stylish clothing, footwear, and accessories that cater to various tastes and preferences. 

However, if you’re looking to explore other shopping experiences that have a touch of uniqueness, there are several other stores worth considering. 

In this article, let’s delve into some stores Like Citi Trends, each with its distinct offerings and affordable fashion choices.

StoreSpecializes InApprox. Cost of Products (USD)
T.J. MaxxFashion items (clothing, shoes, etc.)$10 – $50
Ross Dress for LessStylish clothing for all genders$5 – $30
Rainbow ShopsWomen’s clothing and accessories$5 – $40
H&MTrendy and affordable fashion$10 – $50
Forever 21Latest styles for young women and men$5 – $75
MarshallsDiscounted brand-name and designer fashion$10 – $50
Fashion NovaQuick-turnaround trendy fashion$10 – $40
RocawearUrban streetwear and hip-hop-inspired fashion$20 – $100
Rue 21Affordable clothing and accessories$5 – $40
BurlingtonDiscounted fashion finds and home goods$10 – $50

What is Citi Trends?

Citi Trends is an American retail chain that operates stores specializing in value-priced, urban-inspired fashion apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.

It was founded in 1958 in Savannah, Georgia, and has expanded to operate hundreds of stores across the United States.

The company targets customers in predominantly African American and low to moderate-income communities. Citi Trends offers a variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories from popular brands at discounted prices.

Their product range includes casual and formal wear, active wear, shoes, and a selection of home goods and beauty products. The stores often carry a mix of current fashion trends and timeless classics.

Their mission is to provide customers with affordable, stylish clothing options while maintaining a focus on customer service and community involvement.

10 Stores Like Citi Trends

T.J. Maxx

If you’re searching for a great alternative to Citi Trends, look no further than T.J. Maxx. At T.J. Maxx, you’ll find an incredible selection of fashion items, from clothing and shoes to handbags and accessories. 

The store offers a treasure-hunt shopping experience that will keep you excited and on your toes, as you never know what premium brands and designer pieces you might discover at discounted prices.

With their constantly changing inventory, T.J. Maxx ensures a delightful mix of trendy and classic fashion finds, tailored to suit various styles and budgets. 

The best part is that you can find high-quality products from well-known brands without breaking the bank, thanks to their off-price retail model.

Ross Dress for Less

Another beloved off-price retailer, Ross Dress for Less, boasts an array of stylish clothing options for men, women, and children. 

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If you’re budget-conscious but still want to dress fashionably, Ross has got you covered.

From trendy tops and comfortable bottoms to elegant dresses and sharp suits, you’ll find it all in their diverse selection.

Their constantly changing inventory ensures there’s always something new to discover, making each visit a delightful shopping adventure.

Moreover, Ross provides an excellent opportunity to update your wardrobe with discounted prices, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a diverse selection without overspending.

Rainbow Shops

If you’re looking for a vibrant and trendy fashion destination, Rainbow Shops is the place for you. This store specializes primarily in women’s clothing and accessories, offering an exciting array of the latest fashion trends.

One of the key reasons why Rainbow Shops is a favorite among young shoppers is its commitment to providing affordable prices without compromising on style. You can stay on top of the fashion game without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re petite, plus-sized, or somewhere in between, Rainbow Shops has got you covered. You’ll find the perfect pieces to create trendy and stylish outfits for any occasion.


H&M has gained global recognition for its trendy and affordable fashion collections. 

As one of the largest fast-fashion retailers, H&M stays ahead of the game by regularly introducing new styles that reflect the latest fashion trends. 

They take it up a notch by collaborating with well-known designers, offering exclusive lines that allow you to embrace high-end fashion at a fraction of the cost.

So whether you’re looking for casual wear or chic outfits for a special occasion, H&M provides a broad range of options to fit various tastes and budgets.

In addition to clothing, H&M also provides a variety of accessories and footwear to complete your outfits. From statement jewelry to trendy shoes, you can effortlessly elevate your style and stay on top of the fashion game.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a strong contender among fashion-conscious shoppers who want to stay stylish without splurging. 

Their vast collection of trendy clothing ensures you can rock the latest fashion looks without stretching your budget.

Whether you’re in search of chic dresses, casual tops, trendy denim, or eye-catching accessories, Forever 21 has an impressive variety of options to suit your style. 

You can easily put together fashionable outfits for any occasion, from casual hangouts to special events.

Not only does Forever 21 have physical stores, but they also provide an online platform, adding to the convenience of shopping. 

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You can explore their fashion choices from the comfort of your home and have your stylish picks delivered right to your doorstep.


As part of the off-price retail group, Marshalls offers a wide selection of fashion products at discounted rates, just like its counterpart T.J. Maxx.

At Marshalls, you’ll have the thrill of discovering various brand-name and designer clothing, shoes, and accessories, all without putting a strain on your wallet.

Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or something special for a special occasion, Marshalls has something for every style and taste.

One of the most exciting aspects of shopping at Marshalls is its ever-changing inventory. 

With new arrivals and fresh merchandise regularly hitting the shelves, each visit becomes an adventure, and you can uncover hidden gems with every trip.

Fashion Nova

I highly recommend checking out Fashion Nova. This online retailer has made a significant impact in the fashion industry, becoming a favorite among social media influencers and trendsetters.

One of the things that sets Fashion Nova apart is its lightning-fast turnaround on the latest fashion trends. 

Fashion Nova’s wide selection of clothing, swimwear, and accessories ensures that you can find everything you need to create stylish and Instagram-worthy outfits.

What makes Fashion Nova even more special is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. They celebrate fashion for all body types, offering trendy and flattering styles that make everyone feel fabulous.


If you’re someone who loves urban streetwear and is inspired by the world of hip-hop fashion, then Rocawear is an absolute must-try. 

This brand, founded by none other than hip-hop icon Jay-Z, has become a go-to destination for those seeking an edgy and urban vibe in their wardrobe.

At Rocawear, you’ll find a diverse range of clothing and accessories, catering to both men and women. Whether you’re into laid-back street style or want to make a bold fashion statement, Rocawear has something to offer for every urban fashion enthusiast.

Rocawear is all about embracing individuality through fashion, and their collection reflects just that. 

With graphic tees that speak volumes, comfortable hoodies that exude coolness, and stylish denim and outerwear, you can curate trendy and eye-catching outfits without having to worry about breaking the bank.

So, if you’re ready to embrace the edgy world of urban streetwear and hip-hop-inspired fashion, head to Rocawear and explore their trendy and stylish options that perfectly match your fashion sensibility.

Rue 21

At Rue 21, you’ll find a wide range of styles that cater to both genders. Whether you prefer a laid-back casual look, a bohemian vibe, or a preppy and edgy style, Rue 21 has got you covered. 

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Their diverse selection ensures that you can curate the perfect outfits to reflect your personality and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

One of the best things about Rue 21 is its commitment to affordability. With regular sales and promotions, you can score fantastic deals on trendy pieces, making it easy to stay on-trend without overspending. 

Not only does Rue 21 offer a great selection of clothing, but the store also features an impressive array of shoes and accessories to complete your looks effortlessly. 

From stylish footwear to statement jewelry and trendy bags, you can find everything you need to elevate your outfits and make a fashion statement.


Burlington, formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory, is a popular retail destination known for offering an extensive selection of discounted fashion finds, home goods, and more. 

Originally gaining fame for its affordable coats and outerwear, Burlington has since diversified its offerings to include a wide range of clothing options for men, women, and children.

What sets Burlington apart is its commitment to providing shoppers with access to various brands and designer labels at significantly reduced prices.

Bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts alike can explore a treasure trove of top-notch fashion pieces without straining their wallets. This makes Burlington an attractive choice for those looking to upgrade their wardrobe with quality clothing at affordable rates.

Whether you’re on the lookout for trendy clothing, seeking to outfit your family with budget-friendly options, or searching for stylish home decor, Burlington provides an exceptional shopping experience.


In the quest for budget-friendly and trendy fashion, Citi Trends is undoubtedly a top choice. However, there is a plethora of other stores that offer equally stylish and affordable options for fashion-conscious shoppers. 

T.J. Maxx and Ross Dress for Less provide an exciting treasure-hunt shopping experience with their off-price model, while Rainbow Shops focuses on offering trendy styles for women. 

For those who prefer fast-fashion, H&M and Forever 21 regularly introduce new collections that cater to various tastes and budgets.

Additionally, Marshalls and Burlington cater to shoppers seeking discounted brand-name and designer fashion, ensuring that customers can find hidden gems at unbeatable prices. 

Rue 21 appeals to the younger generation with its diverse selection of styles and regular promotions. 

Lastly, for urban streetwear enthusiasts, Rocawear offers edgy and fashionable choices to express one’s unique style.

When exploring these stores like Citi Trends, keep in mind that fashion is a form of self-expression. Each store offers its distinct flair, so embrace the diversity and find the one that resonates with your personal style. 

Whether you’re searching for the latest trends or timeless classics, these stores cater to various preferences and budgets, allowing you to curate a wardrobe that represents your individuality without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. 


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