15 Top Projectors on AliExpress 2023 | Best Chinese Mini Projector Review

by Tim Howard
Best Aliexpress Projector Store

Store Name: BYINTEK Store

Store Description: Best Mini Projectors online. Period!

Price range: $60 - $300

  • Projector Price
  • Lumens
  • Clarity
  • Home Theater Experience

Technology has helped our lives easier in a lot of ways. There are a lot of things and activities that we normally do such as presenting business proposals, film showings and lectures are limited in conference rooms, classrooms and standard office rooms. These past years portable mini projectors have helped us to do these things with much more mobility. Whether it is for business trip or a family vacation; projectors that are portable are good travel companions.

So if you are looking for the best mini projectors then you are in the right place. Aliexpress projectors are unlike what you’ve seen out there! And today we review the top mini projectors on Aliexpress!

Aliexpress Projector Review

Chinese ProjectorsProjector Brands
Best Chinese 4K ProjectorAUN D40W
Best Chinese Projector 2023AUN D60
Best Aliexpress Projector 2023Thundeal TD 90
Best Budget Mini Projector BYINTEK Pocket Projector
Best Pocket Projector AliexpressCaiwei Projector
Best Budget Projector 2023Salange Y300

Are Cheap Projectors from Aliexpress Worth it?

In terms of gifting, there’s nothing I’ve bought more than Cheap Aliexpress Projectors. They are perfect gifts because, they are cheap and families love them! It becomes an instant home theater. Plug in a bunch of speakers and immediately you get a surround sound effect. I’ve purchased these Chinese projectors for the office and the home and they are perfect. But don’t get the ultra cheap ones like the Xiaomi ones that come with built-in ads that’s super irritating.

If you are looking a good Chinese projector brand then I would say Aun and Thundeal are perfect. Here’s the projection quality of a projector purchased from Aun.

Aliexpress Chinese projector review

Best Mini Projectors on Aliexpress

CRENOVA Global Store

One of the best mini projector stores on Aliexpress is the CRENOVA store. You’ll find all types of projectors in this store. Ranging from $80 to $700, you have handheld projectors and projectors for a larger room area!

Click here to check out the store

Salange Store 

Salange is a popular projector maker and they make awesome budget projectors that are super popular on Aliexpress. Check out their store for the latest! 

Click here to check out the store


Most people are checking out projectors to play stuff at homes and the BYINTEK store is dedicated to the home theater experience. They have cheap budget projectors and premium projectors, they have special 3D glasses and more! 

Click here to check out the store

Aun Store

Aun is a popular Chinese store that retails home entertainment devices and accessories for cheap. Their mini projector D60 and the ET40 are some of their popular devices that offer crisp visuals and apart from these products, Aun also has projector screens and 3D glasses that you can pick up to enhance your overall entertainment experience.

Click here to check out the store

ThundeaL Official Store

The ThundeaL official store is a well known Chinese store that sells LCD HD and LCD mini projectors. They have an extensive inventory which covers a range of devices from projector screens and accessories to enhance your indoor and outdoor experience. This store comes with a 96.2% satisfaction rating and has sold over 3M products in the last 7 years.  Their top selling products are the ThundeaL HD Mini projector TD90 and the Full HD Projector TD96.

Click here to check out the store

Vankyo Official Store

Vankyo is a brand that specializes in projectors of all sizes. They have been active for the last  year on AliExpress and are one of the most reputed retail stores out there with over 96% satisfaction rating and around 2M sales till date. The Vankyo store hosts a variety of projectors including mini projectors and LCD projectors for cheap. Some of their top selling products are the GO200 mini projector, the mini entertainment projector and the Vankyo 55.

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Click here to check out the store

#1 — Salange YG300 Mini Projector

With a compact size as big as your regular smartphone, this YG300 mini projector model is HDMI ready, has a flash drive and TF card slot and built-in speaker that supports audio in MP3, WMA, WAV formats. It has 320 x 240 optical resolution and supports video formats in MP4, MKV, AVI etc. This entertainment projector has a 16:09 screen scale and a projection distance of 1.2 to 3 meters. It is also compatible with SONY PS4 and Xbox consoles. 


  • Very cost effective
  • Very portable


  • 600 lumens isn’t that bright and you might need a darker room 
  • Resolution is not very high. So don’t expect high HD quality
Resolution – Native320 X 240
Brightness400 to 600 lumens
Projection distance3 feet to 9 feet
Life of the projector30,000 hours
Weight245 grams
Image Size20 inch to 80 inch

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#2 — ThundeaL TD90 HD Mini Projector Android Version

The Thundeal TD90 review will give you a clear picture on whether it’s good or not. Enjoy movie watching with your friends and family with this mini projector that has 2800 Lumens that enables vibrant and sharp images with its 1280 x 720 native resolution. It has a good fan heat system that prevents your projector from over-heating.

The built-in stereo speakers produce an amazing sound that is good for both indoor and outdoor use, bringing you an immersive and impressive experience. It also supports different movie, audio, picture and text format. This android version allows you to connect over Wi-Fi and allows you to install different apps and surf the web much like your smartphone. 

Click here to purchase – $87.98

#3 — BYINTEK UFO P10 Pocket Projector

This sleek and modern designed pocket projector has an Android 7.1.2 operating system that allows you to connect it to Wi-Fi either by using a wireless connection or by using the general USB cable that comes with it. The 4-corner keystone and OFF axis technology allows you to view images and videos in a proportion no matter what surface you place it in.

The 4200mAh can be recharged using your trusted power bank making you enjoy uninterrupted outdoor movie activities.  It has supports 854 x440 resolution and 250 Lumen which give you a bright and clear viewing experience. 


  • Perfect Projection Size of about 80-inches
  • It’s super silent
  • Can connect with iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and other top phone manufacturers


  • Speakers aren’t loud enough and would need external speakers
ConnectionVia Wifi or Cable
Resolutions480p, 720p, 1080p
RAM and Storage2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Life of the projector30,000 hours
Projector Distance3 feet to 13 feet
Brightness250 ANSI Lumens
Weight255 grams

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4. AUN  D40W Video Beamer 

Make you movie marathons and game time more exciting and memorable with AUN D40 video beamer. This portable home theater projector gives you an option to do wireless mirroring. Using your Android or Apple Smartphone and tablet you can now enjoy large images at home.  This video beamer features 1600 Lumens, native 800x480P resolution, and a user-friendly design. It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 4.0 liquid crystal display. It also supports different multimedia formats which you can play using the USB or TF card slot. This makes it suitable for educational and corporate use. 


  • The sound is loud compared to other projector
  • Wifi mirroring with Miracast. Works super well!


  • Slightly noisy, but not too bad. 
  • Plays movies only in MP4 format 
Resolution – Native800p X 480p
Brightness1600 lumens
Projection distance3 feet to 13 feet
Life of the projector30,000 hours
Image Size36 – 150 inches

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5. AUN D60 LED Mini Projector

Make the most out of your bonding with family and friends while using this mini projector that delivers a native 720P resolution and supports a 1080P one. This high-resolution projector has 2800 Lumens and a projection screen size of 32-150 inches that can project up to 4 meters. With this projector you may now enjoy HD quality videos and images and have your own cinema at home. 

Click here to purchase

6. AUN C80UP Mini Projector

Enjoy clear images and bright colors while watching with this mini projector that has a maximum display size of 80 inches and supports full HD 1080P image. Its 1000:1 contrast ratio gives a clear image. It is also equipped with the latest 4.0 LCD projection technology and an advance LED light source. The built-in dual speakers give an excellent sound quality. It has HDMI, VGA, USB and Micro USD interface. 

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7. CRENOVA X2 2019 Mini Projector

With its 0.42kg weight this portable projector is convenient, compact and lightweight making it easier to carry in your pocket wherever you go. This mini projector is perfect for playing videos, movies, and sports matches. You can easily connect it to your TV, smartphone and other video game consoles. It also comes with USB, HDMI, AV and TF card slot so that you can enjoy your personal home theater.

It supports up to 480P resolution and 2000 Lumens that can deliver up to 3 hours of projection anytime and anywhere. 

Click here to purchase

8. ThundeaL T18MAX DLP Mini Projector

This mini projector adopts a modern, stylish look that goes well with your home and office interiors. It weighs 256 grams which makes it easy to carry or travel. It supports up to 1080P resolution and a projection distance of 4.5 meters and offers up to 120 inches image size giving you a perfect viewing capacity. The T18MAX DLP projector also supports USB, HDMI, AV and TF slot that is compatible with your devices. The built in speaker also lets you aenjoy your videos, movie and games with breath-taking sound effects. 

Click here to purchase

9. CRENOVA DLP Mini Smart Projector

This mini projector that is suited for both work and play features a built in speaker that will make you movie viewing experience feel like a theater. It is powered by Android 7.1 system and supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. This pocket size projector weighs 0.9 kg which makes it perfect for your work, school, parties and camping trips. You can watch popular contents online such as Netflix and YouTube videos by screen sharing using your smartphone or tablet. The built-in 3400 MAH battery can last up to 2 hours of video playtime. Complete your cinematic experience with this projector that gives up to 84 inches picture in full 1080p quality. 

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10. Salange YG320 Mini Projector

Recommended for your next family gathering or office presentations, this LED mini projector supports 1080p resolution and has 400-600 Lumens. It is capable to deliver an 80 inches projected playback and 2 meters projection distance giving you a great viewing experience. It is also VGA, HDMI, AV and SD card ready letting you play different types of multimedia. It classic, user friendly design is perfect for home, work and educational presentations. 

Check out the product here

11 — Byintek Sky Portable Mini Projector 

The BYINTEK Sky portable mini LED projector is one of the popular mini projectors out there. This is one of the most stylish and effective mini projectors out there. Let’s check out its specs. 

Features Specifications
Type of ProjectorLCD
LED Battery Life30,000 hours
Resolution (Ma Resolution)800 X 480 (1920 X 1080)
Projection size43 inches to 200 inches
Projection distance4 feet to 20 feet
Built-on speakersYes
Projector locationFront, ceiling, rear, 
Output ports3.5mm jack, USB port
Language SupportJapanese, English, French, Japanese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Chinese

Click here to purchase – $79

#12 — LEJIADA YG300 LED Mini Projector

The Leijada YG300 Mini projector is a top selling mini projector on Aliexpress. Here are it’s specifications and features

LEJIADA YG300 LED Mini Projector
  • It has a resolution of 320 X 240 
  • It has a brightness of 400 to 600 lumens
  • The projection ratio is 1.4 : 1 
  • It can be connected through a HDMI cable, USB, 3.5mm audio port and a TF card slot
  • It has a lamp life of 3000 hours 
  • It can easily fit in the palm of your hands 

Click here to purchase – $33.99

#13 — WZACTO E600

The WZACTO E600 is an Android 9.0 powered mini LED projector. There are three different models that is the basic, 4GB RAM with 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM with 64GB of storage.

  • The E600 runs on the Android 9.0 and has a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • It supports 4k video with 1080p resolution
  • It plays all the popular audio formats
  • It has a built in remote control, which means through the app you can operate the projector
  • It works with a USB which means easy access to content 
  • It has 3600 Lumens
  • Up to 150 inches of size and clarity which means it’s better than a TV

Click here to purchase – $109

#14 — Touyinger M4 

The Touyinger is a mini movie projector. The easiest way to use the projector is by connecting it to an Android phone with a cable. 

TouYinger M4 Mini LED projector support
  • The LED light has 30,000 hours of life
  • There are options to change the colour and saturation of the screen
  • There’s  a 120 inch projection zone which is much bigger than a TV
  • It has an in-built speaker and an Infrared sensor
  • It can be wall mounted or placed on a tripod

Click here to purchase – $59.99

#15 — Vankyo Mini Entertainment Projector

Mini Chinese projector

The Vankyo Mini Projector is built for home entertainment. The color engine on this projector is the Mstar Advanced Color Engine. This projector is not recommended for office presentations but only for entertainment.

The projection size can go up to 170-inches and it can project from 4.9 feet to 16.4 feet. The 2000:1 contrast ratio can display in 1080P.

It’s equipped with a cooling system and an in-built speaker for the ideal entertainment. You can also connect a gaming console like PS3 or PS4. The life of the light is about 40,000 hours.

Click here to purchase – $64.99

Best Chinese Projector

Projectors have really come a long way since it was first introduced in the market. What was once used for office and school presentation has now made other media presentation possible anytime and anywhere. A lot of these models improvement caters to our need to be constantly mobile and do many things at the same time. These mini projectors with updated features are surely bang for the buck. 

Much like your regular projectors here are some of features that you need to look for a quality projector.  

Resolution: A projector with good resolution will have videos appear sharper and clearer. High quality resolution ranges from 320-1080p.

Brightness: Projector brightness depends on the Lumen level. It is important to note that the higher the Lumen level, the brighter the images will be. A mini projector’s brightness performance also depends if it is used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor mini projectors would require a higher level of Lumen to display clear images. 

Optic Projection: Optics can distort image, turn straight line into curves, and make sharp edges look rough and distinct. A mini projector with poor optic projection can render blurry and dull images. Check for the projector’s mirror, filters and lenses and see if it projects sharp and straight images. 

Portability: One of mini projectors selling point is its portability. A good mini projector must be compact and lightweight. It must be easily packed and will not take too much space for storage. 

With these things in mind, here are a few suggestions that may help you in purchasing the best, quality mini projector in the market today. 

Are cheap Chinese Projectors any good?

Cheap Chinese projectors are good, but the only concern is the life of the LED bulb. Some brands claim that they have a life of 50,000 hours, but that is debatable. Chinese projector brands like Byintek and AUN make cheap projectors, but that also have a warranty and good LED bulb life. Not all Chinese projectors are good.

What is the best inexpensive projector?

The Best cheap projector is always the AUN brand of projectors from China. It’s a Chinese projector brand with good durability and a solid warranty to go with it.

What are the best features to look out for in a mini projector?

There are a number of features to consider when buying a mini projector. The best mini projectors are those that offer around 3000 lumens, are compact and can be moved around easily, offer between 30,000 and 50,000 hours of run time and come with multiple ports such as HDMI and USB among others. 

Can you watch Netflix using a Mini projector?

Certainly, with a mini projector you can enjoy any streaming service available including Netflix. If you’re using a regular mini projector then simply run the Netflix app on your computer or laptop and you’re good to go. However, if you’re using a smart projector, install the Netflix app on the projector and sit back to enjoy.

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