14 Best Chinese Laptops 2023 | Chinese Laptop Reviews

by Tim Howard

Laptops are one gadget we simply cannot exist without. Be it for work or school or even entertainment, a laptop is portable, so handy and so essential. It is true that with demand the price of the supply also goes up and we are constantly looking for the best laptop that money can buy.

Chinese laptops are not only innovative and pack quite a lot of features, but they are also budget-friendly and therefore, very appealing. 

So what are the best Chinese laptops?

The Best Chinese laptops are Xiaomi, Telcast, BMAX, Chuwi, Honor and Zeuslap. They run on the latest Windows and they are cheap and affordable, and durable. They all run on Windows and are Chinese made Laptops that are quite cheaper than the competition.

All the quick links below are from Amazon and we have included some AliExpress links as well! To access the discount codes, scroll after the table!

Top 14 Best Chinese LaptopsFeaturesBest For

Check it out on AliExpress
11.6″ FHD Touchscreen display;
Intel Celeron N4120 with Intel UHD Graphics 600;
8GB DDR4 & 256GB SSD Foresee;
Battery: 26.6Whr
Best Budget 2-in-1 Laptop
Realme Book

Check it out on AliExpress
14” 2K display;
11th generation Core-i5 processor;
4Wh/6952mAh with 65W fast charging;
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 with Bluetooth 5.2A
Best Performing Chinese Laptop
Jumper EZbook X3

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: Intel Apollo Lake N3350;
Display: 13”;
Battery: 4500mAh
Best Multi-Purpose Chinese Laptop
Chuwi GemiBook

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: 1.8Ghz Intel Celeron;
RAM/ROM: 12GB/256GB;
Display: 13” 2K IPS;
Battery: 38Wh
Best Popular Chinese Laptop 
Teclast F6 Plus

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: Intel Gemini-Lake N4100;
Display: Multi-touch Display;
Battery: 5000mAh
Best Budget Chinese Laptop
Redmi G Ryzen Edition

Check it out on AliExpress
14” display;
Intel i5 processor;
8GB dual-channel DDR4 memory coupled with 512GB of SSD storage;
56Wh battery with 65W fast charging;
built-in fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard and a pop-up webcam
Best Chinese Gaming Laptop
Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air Pro

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: 6th Gen Intel i5;
Display: 15.6” Display;
Battery: 60Whr Battery
Best Premium Chinese Laptop
Xiaomi Mi Ruby

Check it out on AliExpress

Processor: 8th Gen Intel Processor;
Display: 15.6” FHD;
Battery: 60Whr Battery
Best Design Chinese Laptop
Teclast F7
Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: Intel Apollo;
Display: 14.1” IPS;
Battery: 4500mAh
Best Affordable Chinese Laptop
Chuwi HeroBook Pro

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: Intel Gemini-Lake;
Display: 14.1 FHD IPS LCD;
Battery: 5000mAh
Best Cheap Windows Chinese Laptop
Huawei Matebook
Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: Intel Core i5;
RAM/ROM: 16GB/256GB;
Display: 15.6”;
Battery: 65Whr Battery
Best Lightweight Chinese Laptop
Huawei Honor MagicBook Pro

Check it out on AliExpress
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 / Intel i5;
RAM/ROM: 16GB/512GB;
Display: 16.1” FHD;
Battery: 56Whr Battery
Best Display Chinese Laptop
Top 5 Best Chinese Laptops In 2023

My Experience with Chinese Laptops

Honestly about 10 years back I haven’t considered ANY laptop brand apart from Lenovo, Dell, Apple and the other big guys. I might consider an ASUS. But then the Chinese market had random brands like Chuwi, Telcast etc.

Why would somebody ever consider a random unknown Chinese laptop brand, especially when China has a crazy reputation for crappy products. One of the reasons why I had to get so many laptops is because I had to acquire it on behalf of my customers.

I started off with Xiaomi laptops and they were ok. Nothing new and it definitely doesn’t warrant a premium price. The Xiaomi name adds an extra $150.

Another brand that I sourced for a small school in the US was the brand Chuwi. Chuwi has the Chromebook X and MiniBook and other laptops like that.

These were GREAT, primarily because they ran on Windows. And their form factor was as good as a dell. I mean why pay a premium for Dell, just for the brand eh?

Some of these Chinese laptops run both Android & Windows, which is dope. So if you are considering it, go for a BRANDED chinese laptop like Chuwi, Teclast. If they dont have a website, don’t even bother. And don’t go off random customized builds from China. They do a shoddy job.

How I tested the best Chinese laptops?

We put a bunch of Chinese laptops through various tests to determine the best from the lot.

  • Performance test – Multiple programs were run simultaneously and we checked whether there was any lag or if the laptop froze. 
  • Battery test – We put these laptops through a battery test to determine which one lasts the longest even when there are multiple tasks running side by side. 
  • Durability test – The durability test involved us dropping the laptops from a distance of 2 feet to check if the display will crack or if the body will get any dents.
  • Sound test – Finally we put these laptops through a sound test. Here each laptop was made to play a soundtrack at a specific volume to determine whether there is any distortion, loss of clarity or if there’s any crackle while playing bassy files.

Based on these tests, we found that the best Chinese laptop to buy in 2022 is the Realme Book.

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Best Chinese Laptops 2022


Best Chinese Laptops

In my opinion, the BMAX Y11 is one of the most amazing budget friendly Chinese laptops that’s loaded with features and some of the best specs among competitors in the same price range. 

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I’ve used the Y11 and must say that it has everything needed to run mid-high level performance apps, but there is still a slight lag while running power hungry software like Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects.

In terms of the build and design, the BMAX Y11 is as solid as they come and it features a 2-in-1 design that lets the display move back and forth so the laptop can be converted into a portable tablet. 

It comes with a 11.6-inch Full HD touchscreen display and one of the few under $500 laptops to come with a massive quad-core processor, 256GB built-in memory and 8 gigs of RAM.

Here are some of the key highlights

  • The BMAX Y11 is powered by an Intel Celeron N4120 quad-core processor and uses Intel UHD Graphics 600 for detailed and crisp visuals
  • There’s only one base model and it runs on an 8GB DDR4 RAM coupled with a 256GB Foresee SSD for fast and fluid processing capabilities
  • There are multiple ports on the Y11 and you’ll get 1 USB, 1 microUSB, 1 microHDMI a microSD Card Reader and a 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Unfortunately the laptop maxes out with Bluetooth 4.2 though it would have been awesome if BMAX provided a Bluetooth 5.2 variant as well
  • In terms of battery life, it uses a 26.6Wh battery that sadly lasts a meager 3.5 hours, but for the price and the capabilities, I can’t really complain
Cheap and affordable for a 2-in-1 laptopVery short battery life
Great build and swivel display is smoothBluetooth 4.2
Performance is great while running mid-level appsNot a lot of connectivity options
Keyboard lacks back light

Realme Book

Realme Book chinese laptop

We found the Realme Book to be a budget friendly high performance laptop that’s equipped with a bright 14” 2K display which is powered by an 11th generation Core-i5 processor. It’s built to be sleek and resembles the Apple Mac Air in terms of design and body profile. The Realme Book carries a decent price tag of 4299 yuan or USD $663 which is remarkable considering how good this tiny laptop truly is.

Realme Book
  • The Realme Book comes with a 54Wh/6952mAh battery that features the latest 65W fast charging allowing you to easily recharge your laptop to up to 50% battery life in under 30 minutes.
  • For efficient heat dissipation, Realme has used a dual-fan cooling system. This upgraded tech helps keep your laptop cool and will in turn improve the overall performance.
  • If you’re an audiophile, then this laptop is meant for you. The Book features dual  Harman speakers that deliver clean and crisp sounding audio with DTS surround sound support. 
  • It comes equipped with multiple connectivity options such as USB-C Thunderbolt 4, USB-C 3.2 gen2, USB-A, a 3.5mm headphone jack, dual band Wi-Fi 6 and also has the latest Bluetooth 5.2A.
  • For added convenience and security, this laptop comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner located under the power button that has a rather quick response time when compared to other laptops in the market.

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on AliExpress

RedmiBook Pro 15 

RedmiBook Pro 15 

The Redmi Pro 15 is a Windows 10 laptop that’s equipped with a large 15.6” display that has a resolution of 3200*2000pi. It’s one of the best Chinese laptops to come with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. This laptop is built like a brick and the shell has been made from CNC integrated finely carved aluminum.

RedmiBook Pro 15 chinese laptop
  • It’s powered by the Ryzen 7 5800H processor that uses a single CCX design and is capable of running high performance applications and games at around 20% more efficiently than other RedmiBook laptops in the market.
  • The 15.6” IPS display has a ratio of 16:10 allowing you to view more and with the 3200*2000 resolution coupled with the 90Hz refresh rate, this laptop is one to consider buying for high computing games.
  • Another notable feature of the RedmiBok Pro 15 is the variety of ports and input/output modes offered. It comes with a single HDMI port, two USB-C ports and a USB 3.0 port. Whereas, the right side of the laptop houses a USB 2.0 port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • The built-in Li-ion battery has a capacity of 70Wh and you will get a 100W power supply that you can not only use to charge the laptop with, but even your smartphones.

Check it out here

Honor MagicBook X15

Honor MagicBook X15

The Honor Magicbook X15 is another budget-friendly laptop from China that you can get for under USD $500. We loved it mainly for the fact that it’s built quite like the Realme Book and comes equipped with similar specs at a slightly lower price point. This laptop is fun to use but is not built to handle heavy tasks. 

Honor MagicBook X15 chinese laptop
  • The Magicbook X15 features a small 14” display that has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920*1080p. 
  • It is powered by an Intel i5 processor and offers 8 gigs of dual-channel DDR4 memory coupled with 516GB of SSD storage.
  • In terms of battery life, the Magicbook X15 comes packed with a 56Wh battery and comes with a 65W fast charger that can charge your laptop from 0-50% in under 40 minutes.
  • What we truly liked about this laptop is that you also get a built-in fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard and a pop-up webcam. However, the webcam is not all that great, so my advice would be to get an external webcam to handle all your video calls and meetings.

Check it out on Amazon

Jumper EZbook X3 notebook

jumper ezbook X3 chinese laptop

Jumper is a Chinese brand that manufactures laptops designed to serve the purpose- the purpose of work and entertainment. Priced at an unbelievable $220, this 13-inch laptop is truly value for money. Check out the specs of this laptop:

  • The Jumper EZbook X3 notebook works on an Intel Apollo Lake N3350 processor
  • The laptop comes with an SSD slot
  • The RAM works at 6 GB
  • Since this laptop is made in China and shipped across the world, it is made compatible to be used in several languages other than just English
  • The laptop functions on a 4500 mAh battery that is quick charging and holds the charge for many hours or activity
  • This laptop is constructed to be really thin, around 8 mm and weighs around 135 grams, making this a super lightweight and convenient laptop to carry around
  • This supports wifi and Bluetooth, as well as has ports for HDMI, Micro SD and 2 USB 3.0
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Overall this convenient and well-performing laptop has a nice finish with the logo displayed on the front.

Check it out on Amazon

Click here to check it out on Aliexpress – $220

Click here to check out the Official Jumper store

Chuwi GemiBook

best chuwi laptop

Chuwi has become massively popular and one of the best Chuwi laptops is the Chuwi Gemibook. Looks eerily close to the Macbook and that’s what has made this Chuwi laptop insanely popular and also because of its price. It costs around $400.

It has a 13-inch 2K resolution IPS screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. It runs on the Intel Celeron processor with a 1.8Ghz frequency and a 2.5Ghz turbo frequency.

With a 12GB RAM and 256GB SSD and an expandable 2280 m2 expandable SSD, you’ll have all the speed you need and all the storage you need.

It’s got a USB-A port with a 3.5mm headphone jack and Micro-SD card slot. It’s got a built-in backlit keyboard and Windows 10 that is pre-installed.

It’s lightweight at 1.2 kilograms and has a 180 degree hinge. The 38Wh battery ensures 5 to 7 hours of continuous use.

Work with 2.4G and also the latest Bluetooth 5.1.

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on Aliexpress

Teclast F6 Plus 360° Laptop – Completely Flip and Fold!

telcast f6 plus laptop best chinese laptops

Teclast is one of the hottest selling Chinese brands of Laptops and you will see why. The looks of the laptop and its performance far outpasses the price it is sold at. Check out some of the features of this laptop:

  • Flip and fold feature: The most interesting feature of this laptop is that this can rotate 360 degrees. This comes in really useful when you have space constraints, say when you are travelling on a plane and cannot really spread your laptop out.

This two in one feature where your laptop also turns into a tablet is indeed very attractive.

  • It has a touch screen with a high level of sensitivity
  • It has multitouch, allowing a 10 point touch
  • The keyboard is backlit, making it convenient to use when it is dark
  • The processor is an 8th gen Intel Gemini lake N4100 CPU. This gives you an improved performance of about 30%
  • This laptop has an 8 Gb RAM for smooth and fast running and a huge 256 GB internal storage space
  • This is very futuristic with a micro HDMI port and a type C port
  •  The laptop itself is very thin, constructed with a durable aluminium alloy body. It weighs about 1.6 kgs which makes this very light too
  • Battery life is alright. It charges quickly and it lasts for quite a few hours but it could be better

Teclast F6 Plus 360° Laptop has become one of the preferred laptops for those who really want a bang for their buck. It is priced upwards of USD 350 and you get loads of awesome deals online regularly.

Check it out on Amazon

Do check out the official store here

Check it out on Aliexpress here – $339

Redmi G Ryzen Edition

Xiaomi has finally created a laptop specifically designed for hardcore gamers and programmers. The Redmi G Ryzen edition uses one of the most powerful processors out there, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800 processor which is also used in the RedmiBook Pro 15 as we’ve covered above. This beast of a laptop is something you wouldn’t expect to be Chinese, but it is.

  • The Redmi G Ryzen Edition has one of the largest displays on this list, at 16.1”, it supports a resolution of 1920*1080 and is capable of delivering 300 nit of brightness at 144Hz refresh rate.
  • It features a plethora of input and output interfaces such as a USB 2.0 port, USB 3.2 gen 2, USB-C with charging support, mini DP port, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, RJ45 port and a DC in.
  • The battery on the Redmi G Ryzen Edition is rated at 80Wh and comes with a 230W charging brick which can fully charge your laptop in under an hour which is impressive especially when you’re on the move.
  • Other features include built-in dual band Wi-Fi 6, DTS:X Ultra 3D surround sound audio, three level backlit keyboard and Xiaomi’s Xiao AI digital assistant.

Check it out here

Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air Pro

xiaomi mi laptop air pro best laptop

Xiaomi makes it to our list again with the Mi Laptop Air Pro which is still trending as one of the best Chinese laptops you can get yourself. This is one of the highest-priced items on our list but worth every penny. The Mi Laptop Air Pro is a take on Apple’s Macbook Pro and is designed to look and feel almost the same. Very modern looking, sleek and elegant with its minimalist design, this is definitely worth considering buying. Take a look at some of the specs of the Mi Laptop Air Pro:

xiaomi mi laptop air pro best chinese lapto
  • This Xiaomi Laptop’s performance is driven by a 6thgeneration Intel Core i5 processor DDR4 RAM with a pretty good speed of 2.7 GHz speed
  • It consumes significantly lesser power than a lot of other laptops in the market and performs well even when active for long hours at a stretch
  • This laptop houses the NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, a 1 GB GDDR5 1st  generation memory standard which is great news for avid gamers. This is further combined with a full HD screen for making those high graphic oriented games definitely a pleasure to indulge in
  • The laptop is hugely advanced with a feature that unlocks the keyboard without a key or pin, simply by using an Mi Band 2
  • This laptop is very slim, measuring about 14.8 mm in thickness and weighing around 1.3 kgs. Now that is what you require if you are going to be carrying this on you when you travel
  • It has a type-C USB port meant for charging and data transfer
  • The only thing that we miss in this laptop is the provision for an ethernet port and an SD card slot. Sometimes not having those two ports can prove to be a real disadvantage

The Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air Pro costs over USD 800 which is not too steep amongst the established brands of computer manufacturers across the world. Like most Xiaomi products, this laptop is also priced to be budget-friendly for the number of features it packs.

Click on the link below to check out the official store

Click here to check out the product on Aliexpress – $1386

Teclast F7

The latest from Teclast is the F7S. After the super popularity of the F6 Plus, Teclast has upgraded their offerings. The F7S is a budget device priced at $250 and packs a punch. Let’s see the specifications

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Telcast F7
  • The F7 packs a 14.1-inch IPS Display with a 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • It has super narrow 8mm bezels with a 2.5d Edge
  • The CPU powering the F7 is the Intel Apollo
  • It has a 8GB RAM with 128GB in flash memory
  • Runs on Windows 10
  • The battery is expected to last easily for around 7 hours
  • It weighs around 7 kilograms and has a 7mm thickness

It’s great for content consumption and also performing basic tasks. It might not be suitable for intense gaming or any graphics work, but it’s pretty decent.

Check it out on Amazon

Click here to check it out on Aliexpress – $249.99

CHUWI HeroBook Pro

Another uber popular Chinese laptop that sells like hot cakes on Aliexpress is the CHUWI Herobook Pro. It’s a Windows 10 laptop with some powerful specs and at a good price range.

Chuwei Herobook Pro
  • The Herobook Pro is powered by the Intel Gemini Lake processor
  • It can play high quality 4K videos at 60Hz with no lag
  • The 8GB RAM is pretty strong and can multitask with ease
  • It packs a 256GB SSD drive as well
  • The 14.1-inch FHD IPS Screen is sharp and displays the colours beautifully. It has the night mode which is good for eye strain
  • Windows 10 comes pre-installed
  • There is an option to extend the TF card to up to 512GB
  • The touch gestures on the HeroBook Pro are pretty advanced with three finger, four finger, swipes and other gestures to perform multiple functions
  • It has 7 ports available USB 2.0, USB 3.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD Card, Mini HDMI port to name a few
  • It supports 100+ languages
  • You can choose the plug type depending on your country

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on Aliexpress – $284

Huawei Matebook

Huawei Matebook

Huawei’s Matebook has long been considered one of the biggest competition to Apple’s Macbook. As you can tell, from the name to the design it’s a replica of the Apple Macbook.

But the Matebook is a beast of a device. The Mate D15 similar to the Macbook is pretty light and weighs only 1.53 Kgs. And at 16.9mm thickness, it’s pretty light as well.

It runs on the Intel Core i5 processor and has a 16GB RAM. If you love to game on your Windows laptop, then you’ll love the Matebook because it has the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Graphics card. It’s got some super cool seamless tech with other Huawei devices using the Huawei Share feature, which is similar to Airdrop.

The 65W tiny USB-C charger can give you 50% battery in about 30 minutes which even the bigger competitors don’t provide.

The webcam is uniquely placed on the keyboard and can be brought up when it needs to be used which allays the privacy concerns. It does have a touch fingerprint sensor to kickstart the device. For the price, this is one of the best laptops in the world, and the best Chinese laptop.

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on Aliexpress – $824

Dere R9 Pro

This laptop has a neat finish and is available in four colours – Red, White, Black and Silver with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. With a price range starting from US$375, the R9 Pro is a decent buy that can carry most of your functions, running on Windows 10. 

The 15.6” wide-angle and wide-view screen is capable of Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 with an IPS display and has a front camera for video calling. The bezel around the screen is just 5mm and the notebook is powered by a 3700mAh battery, which helps to keep the total weight of the laptop around 1.2kg. 

The full-sized keyboard has dual speakers positioned above it, and the laptop has a USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports along with a power port and a 3.5mm earphone jack. The Wi-Fi is single-band and the Bluetooth connectivity has a range of 10m. 

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on AliExpress here.

HUAWEI Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop

The MagicBook Pro is a 16.1” powerhouse available with two different processor setups – AMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon graphics or Intel i5 with Nvidia graphics. Apart from the processors and graphic units, the specs remain the same. Despite having a bigger screen, Honor claims to use the same quantity of materials as would be used for a 15” laptop. 

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • The 16GB RAM uses DDR4 technology and pairs up with a 512GB SSD
  • The 56Wh battery is capable of being fast-charged with the 65W Type-C charger
  • Despite the size, the laptop weighs only about 1.7kg
  • The MagicBook has a futuristic pop-up webcam that is hidden in the keyboard under a camera key
  • The power button also acts as a fingerprint sensor, and the laptop has enough surface space to provide a large trackpad
  • It comes with: one 3.5mm headphone jack and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports on the right, and one USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, one USB-C port and an HDMI port on the left
  • The Honor laptop uses dual fans and dual heat pipes to improve airflow by 20% 
  • The graphic units are sufficient for leisure gaming and software 

Check it out on Amazon

Check it out on Aliexpress

Top Chinese Laptop Brands

There are quite a few Chinese laptop brands that’s worth a mention, we cover the best of the best here.

Chinese Laptop Brand ListLinks
XiaomiCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpress
TeclastCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpress
BMAXCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpress
JumperCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpress
ChuwiCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpres
HonorCheck it out on Amazon / Check it out on Aliexpress
BinyeaeCheck it out on Aliexpress / Check it out on Amazon
ZeusLapCheck it out on Aliexpress / Check it out on Amazon

That’s our list of the best Chinese laptops currently available in the market. We hope it was useful in helping you decide the best one for you, depending on your need and requirement.

Guide to Buying the best Chinese laptops

Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider when buying a Chinese laptop.

  • Processor – When picking out a laptop for your needs, the first thing you need to do is check what processor is running under the hood. Generally low-budget laptops would be equipped with a low-performance Intel Celeron or Apollo processors. If you’re looking for a Chinese laptop with high performance capabilities, try getting one  that runs on either AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i5 and above.
  • Storage and Speed – Another thing to consider is how much storage is provided and what RAM is under the hood. Ideally when it comes to computing speed, any RAM over 6GB is perfect and it’s best to choose a laptop that comes equipped with a SSD hard disc instead of any other form of storage.
  • Screen size and Resolution – If you’re looking for a laptop to watch movies, play games or design posts, you will need one that has a large screen and a high resolution. The best Chinese laptops come equipped with a display size of 14.1” to 16.1” and can have a resolution of 1080p up to 4K. You will need to check the specifications of the laptop before purchasing.
  • Battery Life – One of the most important  points to consider when buying a Chinese laptop is the battery life. You do not want to have your laptop dying out sooner than anticipated. Choose a laptop that uses a large capacity battery and which has fast charging capabilities. Anything over 4500mAh with 65W charging will do.
  • Price – The best Chinese laptops are priced in a reasonable range and you can get one for as low as $250 or if you want a high-end laptop then you can find them online for under $1500. It all depends on what kind of specifications you are looking for and you will have to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Are Chinese Laptops Good?

Chinese laptops like Xiaomi and Lenovo are super popular and the newer brands like Chuwi, Jumper and Telcast are really good. They are affordable, run on windows, are high quality and have warranties and guarantees. Overall, they are definitely worth buying especially if you are looking for cheap and functional. 

Are Chinese Laptops Safe?

I understand, getting a small tempered glass or a case from Aliexpress is totally different from a laptop. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind about buying laptops from China.

  • Most Chinese laptop manufacturers have a product guarantee and product warranty on all international shipments
  • Aliexpress has a return and refund policy, in case there’s a problem with your device
  • These are windows laptops that have gone through various testing and regulations and are certified.
  • The laptop brands we have covered have a lot of genuine reviews and ratings. So you won’t be the first person buying them :)

Are Chinese Laptops Worth It? 

Considering the price and the offerings, Chinese laptops are super worth it. If you have a big budget and you are looking for the best, I would recommend the Macbook, but if your budget is low and you are looking for not so advanced features, Chinese laptops are great.

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