Best AliExpress Hair Deals 2023

by Tim Howard

If you’re looking to switch up your style without damaging your real hair, getting a quality hair bundle is your best bet. Luckily, AliExpress has quite the selection. In this article, I’ll put forth some of the best AliExpress hair bundle deals I have come across.

You’ll find a well-documented section of hair bundles that will help you make a choice at a glance, and for a deeper understanding you can go on right ahead. I want to help you understand the two major types available — frontals and closures.

Hair VendorTexture of HairNo. of pieces in the bundleLengthsStylePrice Range
QueenlikeBrazilian Straight Virgin3 wefts + 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 closure8” to 40”ClosureUS $61.50 – 345.77 / lot 
Rosa BeautyPeruvian Deep Wave Remy3 wefts + 4×4, 5×5 closure8” to 32”ClosureUS $50.50 – 346.30 / lot
Beau HairBrazilian Body Wave Remy3 wefts + 4×4 closure16” to 32”ClosureUS $44.88 – 352.29 / lot
ISEEBrazilian Loose Wave Remy3 or 4 wefts + 13×4 Lace Frontal12” to 30”FrontalUS $185.00 – 438.00 / lot
QueenlikeBrazilian Straight Remy3 or 4 wefts +  13×4,13×6 Lace Frontal10” to 40”FrontalUS $106.15 – 441.54 / lot
ISEEBrazilian Body Wave Blonde Virgin3 or 4 wefts + 13×4 Lace Frontal12” to 30”FrontalUS $176.50 – 524.50 / lot
AatifaBrazilian Kinky Curly  Virgin2 or 3 wefts + 4×4 lace closure or 13×4 lace frontal8” to 28”Closure and FrontalUS $52.86 – 239.25 / lot
AatifaMalaysian Water Wave Virgin2 or 3 wefts + 4×4, 5×5 lace closure or 13×4 lace frontal8” to 28”Closure and FrontalUS $72.78 – 242.93 / lot

When you’re buying bundle deals from AliExpress, you have a huge range of customization options available. 

There are several things to consider. Starting with, what is the length you want, the quality you prefer, whether you want uniform or layered length and finally, how much are you willing to pay for it? Depending on all these factors you will decide how many bundles you need, in addition to the frontal and closure patch.

Aliexpress Hair Discounts & Deals

Queenlike Brazilian Straight Virgin Closure 

Queenlike didn’t just become one of the top hair vendors on AliExpress just like that. It is because of the quality they have and the variety they offer.

I am a bit apprehensive of the longer bundles because the maximum sized closure they offer is 22 inches, but the hair extends up to 40”. The one with mixed lengths that gradually extend makes more sense than one 22” and the rest as 38 or 40 inch bundles. The gap is just too much. With the gradual lengths, you can create nice layers too! If you and your stylist are skilled enough, you could always alter the lengths of the wefts you buy.

The correct way to read these numbers is simple. The first three numbers indicate the length of the wefts that will come in these AliExpress hair bundles. “Closure x” indicates the front portion and the length of hair attached to the lace of the wig.

This review indicates that it is hard to find closure with 22”, and it is true. This stands out in so many ways including this.

Rosa Beauty Peruvian Deep Wave Remy Closure

Depending on the size of your scalp, you can choose the length and width of your lace closure between the 4×4 and 5×5 inch option. Keep in mind that the deep wave will shorten the length of the hair as it curls up. The indicated length is when the curls are stretched out.

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The closure and all the bundles that come along with it are smooth, shiny and don’t require tonnes of maintenance because of the hair being of Remy grade. All the cuticles are in a single direction, making the hair tangle free. 

The hairline created on this closure is made to seem as natural as possible. It even comes pre-plucked with tonnes of baby hair that can be styled as per your preference. 

Their longest closure is 20 inches and the shortest one is 8. I personally think these bundles are so well-planned. Nothing is too long or too short for the other and can make a perfectly good custom weave. These AliExpress hair bundles are easy to style, restyle and maintain, thanks to the one-directional Remy hair.

Beau Hair Brazilian Body Wave Remy Closure

Let’s talk about the closure options available in this AliExpress hair bundle. You have only one option with an 8 inch and 12 inch closure, 3 for a 10 inch closure and numerous closures with a 14-18 inch top. The maximum hair length they offer is 32” body waves.

This diagram indicates everything that’s good about this hair bundle deal. The lace is hand stitched to the hair. The entire closure has a 150% density, which just means you’ll need lesser bundles for a fuller look. Despite the middle part and three part partition indication, the brand offers only no partition, free partition for quite some time. This just gives you versatility. Nonetheless, the entire deal seems to be satisfactory. 

Queenlike Brazilian Straight Remy Frontal

What I like most about all hair bundles from Queenlike is the amount of variety they offer in their products. By default, you’ll have a minimum choice of 3-10 options in each frontal. The 8 inch frontal alone has 2 options, because it’s quite short. You’ll have an8 inch frontal with 3 bundles of the same length and another one with gradually increasing lengths upto 14 inch.

Their frontals go up to 22 inch ones. While the other lengths only go up to 3 sets of wefts, with the 22 inch frontal, you have an option of choosing between 3 and 4 number of wefts upto 40 inches of hair. 

This Remy grade Brazilian straight hair is the most natural looking kind that is simple to manage and can hold curls really well if you decide to style it.

The lace is Swiss made, is hand stitched with a natural, plucked hairline that will make the web look realistic. The frontal has a 150% density for you to achieve a fuller and voluminous look.

ISEE Brazilian Body Wave Blonde Virgin Frontal

I had to include a blonde option. For all those who prefer coloured hair and natural looking waves, this AliExpress hair bundle is for you. The hair bundle is bleach and colour friendly, supports styling and everyday wear as well.

The lace is impeccable. The knots are bleached and the whole lace itself is breathable, making it easier to wear for long hours. The hair attached to the lace is made to be of 130% density. The dimensions are limited to a 13×4 inch lace that can perfectly fit onto your head.

Each weft is machine weft, twice. Every strand that goes into the weft is virgin hair, with a 100% cuticle hold. They have never been chemically processed and have equal volume till the ends of the weft. The frontals begin from a 10 inch length to 22 inches. Each length has an option for you to choose between 3 or 4 wefts.

Aatifa Brazilian Kinky Curly Virgin Closure and Frontal

Ever come across a problem where you know you’ve found the perfect set of lengths in a bundle but it is in a style you don’t want? They have it in the frontal but you’re on a budget and you want a closure wig. Well, this hair vendor has the perfect selection for you. 

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Technically, you can buy the frontal or closure separately and then make your own bundle, but there is a high chance that the hair quality won’t match each other! You don’t want your hair colors and your curls looking different.

I included this hair bundle in this list of best AliExpress hair bundle deals because it is hard to find a good closure/frontal in kinky curls, and to find a bundle with virgin hair is like striking gold. 

Let’s look at the frontal. This 24×4 inch frontal starts with 8 inch hair to 20 inches on the frontal from ear to ear with no partition. The same goes for the 4×4 closure as well. I do wish that they had long hair too, at least in their wefts, if not the front parts. Because when it comes to kinky curly, that is the stretched length When it winds back up to curls, it is about 12 inches in visible length.

But they have an additional 4×4 closure with a middle partition for those who prefer to have a consistent hairline and a semi permanent hairstyle. These are probably the only deals that come with an option of 2 wefts in the entire bundle. But you can also choose upto 3. WIth kinky curly hair, it is bound to pick up the volume with less hair too, so it is justified.

Here is a tip for you from a satisfied buyer:

Aatifa Malaysian Water Wave Virgin Closure and Frontal

Malaysian hair is hard to find any way, and we find closure and frontal here, once again. You should definitely check this store out for their choices.

All the options have a bundle of 3 wefts along with the closure or frontal.  I think one might need all of them, considering they are pretty spaced out on the wefts themselves. They have illustrated what the entire weft would look like once folded twice. You could ask the hairstylist to do your weave just like that.

The lace in each of the styles, 4×4, 5×5 closure and 13×4 frontal, all have been dyed to a human forehead color and can be dyed again to match your skin tone. The toppers have been attached to swiss lace that is transparent and breathable. Almost wouldn’t feel like an extra sleeve on your head.

Now that you know the options, here is a clear cut idea of how you can buy a hair bundle for yourself.

Buying Guide:

Step 1: Decide what concern you are trying to resolve with your wig. The kind of wig you buy will depend on this.

Step 2: Decide the length of hair you want. The number of bundles you buy will depend on that.

Step 3: How much time are you willing to spend on maintenance? The quality of hair and price will depend on that.

Main pieces

Hair bundles with closure:

  • When you’re want to have a consistent hairstyle
  • When you’re on a budget
  • When you don’t mind a denser weave

Hair bundles with frontal:

  • When your hairline is thinning
  • When you want complete control over your hairstyle and hairline
  • More room for versatility
  • When budget is no concern

Lengths and Quantity

Take this into consideration especially if you’re buying body waves or curly hair — the length mentioned on the websites are the stretched length. Everywhere. If you’re buying a 30” curly hair weft, it is likely that when attached to your head, it will be about 20 inches on the loose.

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When you’ve decided on a shorter length, you’ll likely need only two rolls on wefts in addition to the closure or the frontal. However, for longer lengths, you’ll need more bundles. The logic behind this is simple — the manufacturers create the wefts based on weight. A shorter 100gm weft will naturally be denser than one with longer hair.

The second point of consideration is the texture. You’ll need more bundles for straight hair than you will for a curly or wavy texture. Besides, the quantity you need can depend on the sew-in technique as well. If it’s your first time, consult a stylist for an economical purchase.

To end it, here’s a tip for you: For your hair to last longer, I’d suggest you always go to a hairstylist to get your weave done. This way you’ll be guaranteed that your hair will stay on and you don’t have to worry about wrong things happening at the wrong time. Your hairline can be severely damaged if the closures or frontals are not applied properly. So if you’re a novice, you can eliminate the risk altogether.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is the term given to natural hair that has not been dyed, chemically treated or permed. Typically, each bundle of Virgin hair would have been sourced from a single donor as opposed to multiple donors.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic hair?

There are two types of hair you can buy online via AliExpress, one is natural hair that has been donated by a person and the second is synthetic hair which are cheap alternatives and are available in a range of sizes, colors, cuts and finishes. I will always suggest you pick natural hair bundles over synthetic ones simply because human hair lasts longer and will provide you with a natural look.

Can hair bundles get knotted?

Yes, whether you buy a wig or simple extensions, you must always remember that if it’s 100% authentic human hair then it will require some level of maintenance. What you can do in this case is wash the hair with shampoo and a good conditioner at least once or twice a week to ensure there’s no dirt buildup or dryness near the root ends of the hair.

What to consider when buying Remy hair products on AliExpress?

It is rather difficult to find good quality Remy hair on AliExpress as most of them come color treated and you’re unaware of which product has natural hair and which product uses faux or synthetic hair. In order to always get the best quality Remy hair products there are a few things to follow. 

  1. You must ensure that the products you’re interested in buying are not treated with coloring agents.  Artificially colored hair products tend to become brittle and break easily. This can be checked with the seller or you can always opt for a sample product first and check the texturing to see if it has been chemically or artificially colored.
  2. In order not to go through any scalp irritation when trying on your hair products for the first time, make sure to wash the hair before using it. This can help remove any traces of chemicals on the hair and by washing it you will be able to tell if the hair has any additives or not.
  3. Since there are numerous styles and types of hair in the market, it might be difficult to pick the best quality product for yourself. One tip you can follow is to never buy hair that has been marketed as permed or blow dried. This is simply because in order to get hair to take that shape and style, it’s normally chemically treated and processed. If you’re in the market for good quality Remy hair, permed and blow dried Remy hair are not products you should consider buying.

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iSEE Hair Bundle

If you’re looking to switch up your style without damaging your real hair, getting a quality hair bundle is your best bet. Luckily, AliExpress has quite the selection. In this article, I’ll put forth some of the best AliExpress hair bundle deals I have come across.

Product SKU: 95945JFJFJF

Product Brand: iSEE

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 19.99

Price Valid Until: 2022-11-13

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