Best Straight Hair on AliExpress 2023 | Aliexpress Straight Hair Review

by Tim Howard

It’s no surprise that straight hair is one of the most sold hairstyles on ALiExpress or anywhere for that matter. Its sleek fall is perfect for hair flips and even better, acts as a versatile medium to style it. Whether you want to make a messy bun or a waterfall braid, straight hair will be your go-to.

There are wigs and weaves on AliExpress that are real, so much so that you have to take care of them as if they’re your own and you can style and colour them as you please. Below you’ll find a curated list of some of the best straight hair on AliExpress.

Before we get into it and you start picking hair out for your best friend’s wedding, I want to add a brief section of what’s what to help you understand the differences.

Types of straight hair available on AliExpress

Virgin Straight Hair

The best way to put this would be to say that the hair comes straight from the donor without undergoing any additional processes. By this, they are preventing as much damage as possible from being taken away from the roots. The “virgin” hair goes through steaming when it needs to be styled and sold into something else. 

Remy Straight Hair Extensions

I’ll be honest, for a very long time I had misunderstood the term and assumed that Remy hair was the best, and even better than virgin, but that is not the case. Remy doesn’t classify as the best kind of hair, straight or otherwise on AliExpress solely because virgin hair surpasses it. 

The reason it is called Remy hair is that the cuticles remain intact such that they are all in the same direction, causing the hai to remain tangle-free and in the best shape possible. So Remy hair is for those who are looking for manageable hair. It is available in many textures.

Now there are several kinds of Remy straight hair available. There are weaves, wigs, bundles with closure and the patent #613 blonde wigs. You’ll find those later below.

Non-Remy Straight Hair Bundles

In case you come across non-Remy hair, you’ll be surprised by the low prices at first glance even though they look like Remy hair. As I pointed out earlier, that Remy is labelled as Remy because of the aligned cuticles.

Non-Remy hair is the exact opposite. The low prices are the consequence of non-aligned cuticles. That is obviously going to lead to tangling and other maintenance issues. Low prices that stem from this is the reason they’re most popular on AliExpress.

Here are some of the best straight hair on AliExpress

Best Hair from China

WOWQUEEN Soft Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles

As you can see, the hair looks as real as it can get on something unattached to your scalp. Take good care of it, and it will serve you well. The weft on each of the bundles are machine wound, making it tangle free and free of shedding, unless one yanks a bit too hard on it. 

Above you’ll see the many varieties Wowqueen offers straight hair in. The plethora speaks for the variations and customization you need to pull off the look you’re dying to try. You will need about 4 of these bundles to make a whole wig, which can simply be done by adding that many to your cart. 

There is not much to be concerned about when you are ordering soft Brazilian hair bundles from Wowqueen. They ensure fast shipping in most major western countries, and even free returns, as long as they are made within the first 30 days of the product being delivered to you.

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Here is one of the reviews I came across that just validates everything aforementioned:

Ossilee Brazilian Remy Hair with Lace Front

It is not easy to find wigs that can be parted on either side without it looking out of place, but that is not the case with this wig. That is probably my most favorite thing about this.

Apart from that, I love that they give a detailed description of what measurements describe which kind of wig. Often, buyers, me included, buy the wrong wig because we don’t know what the numbers mean and how exactly we need to measure different parts of our head to find the right one. They have labelled and marked each section with dotted lines, explaining inches and sides.

As you can see, if your hair does blow in the wind (as it should), onlookers won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not because of the Swedish, almost transparent lace used to compose the base. The baby hair is also plucked and out together so it looks natural.

This section is dedicated to telling you how impressed I am by the ability to customize this wig. Not in the sense that you can change colors but more about how adjustable it is with claps that will remain intact. 

One of the things I noticed, not cons, per se, is the fact that they don’t do so well when dyed and bleached.

Promqueen Peruvian Straight Hair Weave Bundles 

With wigs and real hair, I have seen that hair often thins out as it gets to the end. This particular wig ensures that there is an equal girth of hair held between your fingers as you trickle down your wrist. And what can I say — Peruvian hair? It can never disappoint you. This is one of the best straight hair I found on AliExpress.

The hair can be gleaned, permed, styled and coloured without you having to worry too much about damaging it. After all, it is virgin Peruvian hair with healthy ends.

The hair is completely unprocessed, except for the non-chemical double weft machining it goes through in the factories. In those factories, blocks of hair are matched with each other multiple times to ensure that they are all going to look the same when going together in the bundle.

In case there is even a single strand of damaged hair that is picked up in the bunches, it is immediately removed after a thorough screening process. It just helps that the deliveries they make via DHL are also efficient.

Queenlike 6*6 Lace Closure Natural Black Brazilian Hair

Well, Queenlike will make you feel queen-like, with all that straight, silky hair swaying by our hips as you walk into a room.

In this picture, you can see what it looks like at the part that goes onto your scalp. The glue they use is natural and sustainable, making the longevity factor stand out in the long run. Double wefts for the win.

Queen-like is very pro lace closure, but they do have several lace frontal options as well. They explain the differences nicely. Their hair has all the desirable characteristics —  it makes it seem like you have a natural hairline, there is no shedding and plenty of mixed length baby hair to seal the deal.

The first guide that they have included suggests a practical set of instructions to increase the longevity of the wig that you are buying. It mentions what kind of products will be best for the hair as well.

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This is one of the most important sections. People fail to google it, or simply don’t find the correct instructions to take care of black hair. The description of the product includes an extensive guide that will help you maintain the hair you buy for a longer period of time. One of the most common things you’ll see is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. But did you know why? Queenlike does, and they tell you. Keep it healthy and look sexy.

PromQueen Brazilian Straight Remy Hair 

This particular wig is made of Brazilian Remy hair. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Remy hair impresses me. All the cuticles of the bundles remain in one direction that promotes the maintenance of the hair.

In this image, you can see the preciseness of how well the baby hair has been pre plucked and placed. Imagine never having to worry about plucking them again. Instead of the straight and stiff hairlines, this wig is made to seem as if it is slightly receding in some places so it seems natural. Enough to give it the authentic look, but not enough to make it look like you have hair fall. I mean, that is exactly what you’re trying to avoid!

Their visual descriptions helps every buyer understand what one is in for. The lace used is swiss lace, which is hand tied to the rest of the wig. The color of the lace used is light brown, meaning it will suit your scalp well, without looking out of place. All the wigs have a 150% density on the entire expanse of the wig.

This is a frequently asked question, but not often answered. How many bundles does one need to make an entire wig work for them. Well, that answer actually depends on the length of hair you are choosing for your head. If you’re choosing somewhere between 14 to 22 inches, you’ll need 3 bundles. Anything above that will call for 4 bundles.

Queenlike Blonde 613 Remy Hair

I have already spoken about Queen-like and the amazing collection that they possess. In addition to quality natural color hair and black, they also have the patent 613 blonde hair in multiple sizes. They ranged from an 8 inch short bob to a 40 inch expanse.

Let me tell you this — this is not bleached hair. This is natural, extracted in such a way that they are remy as well. But, regardless of that, this hair can be colored, styled and treated anyway you want. I bought this for a friend of mine and helped curl her hair for a party. I was surprised by how long the curls held on.

This one simple review says it all. Despite not being bone straight air, it falls and looks as if it is. This simply opens too many doors for styling possibilities.

ISEE Peruvian Remy Straight Hair Extensions

What I like most about these ISEE hair bundles are that they are completely upfront and honest about their processes and their products. They do mention that the hair the customer will receive will be slightly dry, since it has been taken away from the scalp of the human head.

All the hair is double weft with a machine and sewn to remain tight. Not a single strand of hair has been chemically treated. When put on, they look neat, bouncy and shiny, giving you the sleek look you have always desired. 

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I had pointed out the fact that it is quite rare to find information about how many bundles one needs to make the whole area on the scalp a full head of hair. ISEE is one of the other few hair vendors on AliExpress that mentions, according to the girths of their own brand’s bundles.

For straight hair, there is usually no confusion when it comes to the lengths of the hair because they don’t coil up and seem shorter than they actually are.

Additionally, simply more reasons to love, they show that it is okay to style and treat your hair any way you want.

Meetu Malaysian Bone Straight Non-Remy Hair

What you’re seeing here is 100% natural virgin hair that has remained far from treatments. Although that fact doesn’t stop you from pursuing more treatments. Feel free to dye, bleach, perm, straighten or curl your hair. As long as you keep them well oiled and wash regularly, you’re good to go girls!

Malaysian hair is supposedly one of the smoothest and best kinds of hair available on AliExpress. Make sure to check reviews before you buy them. It may be that because of its reputation, people don’t try hard enough to make them the best quality product.

Nonetheless, the Meetu Malaysian hair is double weft, tightly sewn together, which helps prevent shedding too. The cuticle hold is one directional, making the whole morning untangling routine unnecessary.

The brand also provides professional servicing for their hair and all kinds of wigs. You can return this product up to 30 days after your delivery and the brand claims that this wig will last you a good 8 months.

As voluminous as the AliExpress hair is in quality and quantity, there are several queries that linger and go unanswered. Let’s get them in the clear.

Is Peruvian straight hair good?

Peruvian straight hair has some distinctive qualities that make low volume hair also look bouncy and voluminous. So choosing one that is Peruvian is only going to add to your lustrous look.

If you want to go for a voluminous look, I would suggest Peruvian hair, because it feels light on the head, even if you put up 5 bundles. Think about its visible volume and then think about the actual volume you’re adding. Keep in mind that Peruvian hair can be slightly coarse to touch, even though it might not look that way. I suppose that is what makes the hair manageable as well.

Is AliExpress hair real?

Well, to be honest, when it comes to something like hair, you can’t just blindly believe what the seller says. There’s a high chance that even if the description claims it is real, it may not be. Make sure to check the reviews to find out what it looks like by customers who have actually bought it. 

What is the return policy of AliExpress hair like?

Different sellers on AliExpress, hair vendors or not, have different takes on what exhausts their limits for returns. Some offer free returns, some don’t. Some have their returns till 15 days and for some, it lasts even up to 30 days!

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