Are Chinese eBikes any Good? The Most popular Chinese Electric Bikes

by Tim Howard

If you’re interested in buying Chinese ebikes on AliExpress, then here’s everything you need to know!

In recent years, several steps have been taken to eliminate the concerns related to environmental problems. So many laws and regulations have been passed by the government to help eradicate all issues of pollution. One of the most popular ways in which we too can contribute to saving our environment is by switching over to eBikes.

I have been using an eBike for quite some time, and trust me, it is an excellent mode of transportation. An eBike also has a lot of benefits, which makes it even more desirable. It is low on cost, maintenance, labor, and economy. It also consumes less energy, reduces fossil fuels and congestion. This is one of the best choices you can make for a cleaner environment.

Chinese eBikeKnown forAvailability
Sheng Milo1000W powerCheck it out on Aliexpress
HRTC eBike26 X 4 inch fat bike for all terrainCheck it out on Aliexpress
Samebike30KMPH speedCheck it out on Aliexpress
Rich Bit eBikeDual Hydraulic Disc BrakesCheck it out on Aliexpress
Hybrid eBikeLightweight at 25KGCheck it out on Aliexpress
AostirMotorQuick charging of 4 to 6 hoursCheck it out on Aliexpress
GunaiFolding eBikeCheck it out on Aliexpress

So why Chinese eBikes? They’ve taken over the market and are the most sought after.

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Top Chinese eBike on AliExpress

When looking to buy a Chinese eBike, there is no better place to check out than AliExpress. It is one of the top eCommerce websites where you can find excellent eBikes at great prices. But the choices on the website can be overwhelming, which is why I have brought you the best Chinese eBikes on AliExpress that you can check out.

Sheng Milo

chinese ebike

Electric bikes are one of the cheapest ways to commute these days. Other than just not expensive, it is also safe for the environment. If you are also willing to invest in an eBike, then go for this one from the Sheng Milo store. This electric bike is good to go for all types of roads with wide tires that give you a very smooth ride on snowy roads as well. As you can see from the image below, the battery pack is quite petite, but still powerful.

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For mountain ride, this eBike is going to do wonders. You also get a smart meter that displays power, speed, and distance accurately. Switch to different modes as per your choice. Drive it your way and get ready to enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can find it here

HRTC eBike

cheap chinese ebike

Travel and feel it most realistically with this perfect eBike. Nowadays, the world has become extremely polluted with all the new technologies that have come into existence. The automobile is one of the main reasons for pollution and switching to an electric bike that runs on battery is a very good option.

You are going to have a very comfortable ride with hassle-free and soft handles that are made of silicone material that helps with shock absorption, keeping you safe. The battery backup is quite promising with a capacity to ride up to 60 km freely and safely. You can also connect your phone for charging purposes.

You can find it here


best chinese ebike

Have a look at this fantastic eBike that is made with aluminum alloy that can be folded easily. This bike comes in four different modes that you can change very easily. You can ride this bike in the mode of your choice. You can also use it in two ways – by using the battery-operated system or by merely peddling as you do in traditional bikes.

You can also use this electric bike for several purposes, whether it is for traveling or commuting to a specific distance or just to peddle a few miles to exercise and stay healthy. All these modes can be switched into conveniently. Other than all these qualities, the battery offers efficient power that can be used for quite a long time. Swap to these stylish eBikes now for a beautiful life experience.

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You can find it here

Rich Bit eBike

chinese ebike aliexpress

Introducing another foldable eBike available in different colors. Nobody likes wet seats, so to solve that issue and enjoy riding with comfort, this bike has a vacuum waterproof high-quality saddle. The design looks extremely smart and stylish and is suitable for sports riding and normal cycling.

You can attach a basket to this bike that can carry your stuff and help you to ride conveniently. The bike is made of high-quality materials with good disc brakes. It also comes with a phone stand that also has the option of USB to charge your device. For night driving as well, the ride becomes comfortable because this eBike comes with a LED spotlight.

You can find it here

Hybrid eBike

Explore this eBike with amazing features that for sure can modify your experiences. With long-run capability, the battery runs smoothly and stays safe under the frame with a lock. You can ride faster with controlled and balanced climbing performance with other excellent quality features and techniques used in the structure of this electric bike.

With reliable and adjustable gears, your bike journey becomes extremely smooth, safe, and light with no manpower. If you are a biker and love racing then you can blindly trust the brake system of this bike that comes with both dry and wet braking systems. Enjoy bike riding comfortably with a breathable cushion saddle that has a waterproof quality.

You can find it here


cheap chinese ebike on aliexpress

With removable lithium batteries, different working modes that include battery-operated, pedal assistance and normal pedaled, and good capacity load, this eBike has earned quite a huge positive feedback. It requires only a few hours to get charged with a distance covering capability of up to 70 km with a maximum speed of up to 45 km per hour.

The tires are wide enough to ride in the mountains with no problem at all. This model of this electric bike is available in awesome colors like blue and red, which are bright enough to help you get noticed from a distance. For snowy mountains, the blue color gets highlighted and for the plain area, the red color is more suitable.

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You can find it here

Folding Electric Bike

ebikes from china

As responsible citizens, we must keep the environment safe and healthy for future generations. To keep up with this, we need to limit the use of things that affect natural air and our health. Commuting has become an issue these days, all thanks to the polluted air, heavy and congested traffic, and ongoing health issues.

Now say goodbye to your regular commuting idea and get used to this electric bike. It is electric but can be used in a non-electric mode as well for exercising purposes. Talking about its motor, it has a 500W high-speed motor with wide and fat tires for comfortable riding. In terms of looks, the bike looks amazingly stylish and very cool.

The frame of the bike is made of aluminum material that can be easily folded, ensuring that you can park it in less space too. The battery also lets you drive for approximately 45 km on electric mode and the manual pedaling mode, it can go up to 90 km, which is quite a good deal. The best part? Because its a folding bike, it can be taken anywhere.

You can find it here

Gunai eBike

folding ebikes from china

When it is the matter of electric bikes, waterproofing plays a very important role. Now get ready to enjoy rainy rides with a waterproof system that is inbuilt in this bike. It helps to keep the eBike running without any mechanical glitches. Hydraulic disc brakes are another excellent feature of this bike, Hydraulic brakes are highly efficient as they manage the bike automatically depending on the situation.

For unfortunate accidental situations, this bike is going to support you, thanks to the front part that is fully shockproof. It also has a sealed bottom bracket that does not get damaged by water. You also get a smart display meter that shows multiple activities like speed adjustment, distance, and power display.

Three different riding modes give you a great chance to use it your way, whether by using physical peddle or electric power. With removable batteries, it becomes comfortable to charge them. So don’t wait and get this eBike right way and flaunt the new style and motivate others to do so.

You can find it here

These were some of the best Chinese eBikes that you can get on AliExpress. Check out the eBikes listed here and find your favorite one right away!

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