Are Aliexpress Reviews Real?

by Tim Howard

Most of the online shopping platforms in the present day find a lot of ways to manipulate the information we see online because of easy access to the internet. Writing a review takes not more than a few minutes, So how do we know if we can trust the review or even the supplier profile.

Aliexpress DOES have fake reviews and even the real looking reviews can be fake. Not all reviews on Aliexpress are fake. We describe below how to identify the real reviews and fake reviews.

I personally don’t trust these reviews unless I have a good read of them and try and find out if the person is genuinely sharing his/her experience or is just trying to upsell the product for you to go ahead and make a purchase. That is the reason why every time I make a purchase from Aliexpress I do not rely on the reviews but I always make sure that I take extra caution especially when I am buying expensive items.

It is obvious that not all reviews that you find online are real, some to support the brand and some express their genuine experiences with images. In this article, I am going to take you through my experience of how I generally try and decide between real reviews and fake ones. 

Aliexpress Real and Fake Reviews

#1 Compare reviews among similar products from different sellers 

 One of the easiest ways to find out if a review is real or fake is when the sellers add reviews from other sellers who sell a similar product. By clicking on similar products and checking the review, you can easily decipher the fake reviews from the real ones.

For example, when you are on the product page you will find similar products from different sellers as suggestions by Aliexpress by just clicking on them you can go through their reviews and compare them with the product you have in interest and see if any of them are the same reviews. You will be surprised how many sellers copy reviews, this is one way of figuring out the fakes from the lot. 

#2 One good review among 10 bad reviews the chances are the positive one is fake. 

 Most unsatisfied customers having a bad experience with a particular seller immediately try and express their bad experience by writing a review to on the product page and chances are that most of the other buyers as well would have reviewed the product the same so that future buyers will not fall into the same problem that they have fallen into.

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Are Aliexpress Reviews Real?

What sellers do to avoid or trying to break the chain of negative reviews is write a positive review themselves and when you see 10 different negative reviews or more for that matter and see one odd positive review saying the product is excellent or a 5 Star on the product, it is safe to say that review is fake and you should be careful of the product that you are purchasing from that seller.

Also when a review expresses a certain problem with the product and other reviews also express the same and the positive review says the opposite the chances are that the positive review is fake as well. 

#3 Filtering Average Reviews

In the most common scenario when I go through reviews on different products I have noticed that reviews with 2 stars or 3 stars are real reviews from buyers who have taken time to let people know what they’re signing up for. You can understand the product quality with the customer’s feedback and in most cases where

I have purchased the product, it has always come close to the reviews with two in three stars unless the product is that good that it deserves the five star. So next time come across a product you are interested in, try and see the reviews that have 3 ratings at the minimum and so you can get a picture of the product quality and how does it work, and what is the customer’s personal experience so you are not disappointed with what the seller would provide you after purchase. 

#4 Five star review with images

I noticed that when new products are being rolled out from Aliexpress not many people can review the product immediately so you will find that the natural first couple of reviews are 5 stars with images and a decent description of what the product does.

This is done by the seller to increase the chance of purchases of a new product. The only way to decide the difference when you see a five-star review is to wait for a while till NLC reviews the product and see how many reviews thereafter come with a 5 Star to really come to understand whether the product is worth 5 stars or another way is your personal judgment which with enough time I am sure you will figure out the difference between the fake review.

#5 Google Reverse Image Search

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There be times where what you see in the product images is too good to be true. when you face these doubts in your mind the easiest way to find out if the product image is real or not is by doing a Google reverse image search where you place the image on the product description page in the search bar instead of the text query.

Google then will find the website featuring your image as well as the related image so the return result should take you to the product page on Aliexpress so you know the review and product image is genuine. In this method you know if the image is shown is being used by someone else and is being reposted as a fake review. Google images also detect the subject of your photo and bring up the other related sites to the image topic so you know if the seller is genuine or not as well by doing this.

#6 Question and Answer Section

When you have a doubt about a particular review and you notice that most of the reviews on that particular product are similar and you’re not able to figure out what is the truth about the product. An easy way of figuring out if it’s true is by checking the question and answer section where you will find the most frequently asked truths about the product so you can be assured that you are not the only one with the concern and other people also to want to know if the product is worth buying or not.

You will be surprised by how many things you will get to know about the product that you wouldn’t have gotten to know if you did not look at this particular section. Also so you can put out your own question as well to see if the response is satisfactory to your liking to make a purchase.

How to Identify Real Reviews

#1 Sellers with a good return policy and Money Back guarantee have genuine reviews

When a seller has confidence in the product he is selling he wouldn’t mind having a return policy or a money-back guarantee because he knows the product quality is your money’s worth. So when you see any product with a money-back guarantee or a good return policy the chances are that all the reviews that have been written are genuine as the seller would rather provide a return policy and save his customer than flood his product page with fake reviews. 

#2 Genuine Images

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Probably one of the easiest ways of finding out if the review is real or not is by checking the image to see if there are any differences in the color setting of when the pictures being taken or when it’s been taken in and around the household so you can find out if the person has actually purchased the product and reviewing it.

In most cases, if you see any images that have a filter, watermark, or looks too good to be true in this case you can do a google reverse image search to find out if the images have been taken from other sources. 

Five Star Rating without text or images cannot be trusted

The common thing that sellers do in order for the product to rank better when you are searching for their particular product is by leaving just a 5 Star review on random fake accounts without actually putting an image or text to give you the product a better ranking. when you see such instances on the product you need to do more research to see if the product is worth buying or not from that particular seller.

How To Look Out For The Real Review Numbers 

You can check the real review numbers of the seller by going to the seller’s feedback page, which will give you a clear summary of the seller on all the positive feedback that he’s had for the past six months and for how long he has been a seller within Aliexpress to give you the confidence of knowing that you are dealing with a genuine seller.

Under this will find the detailed seller rating which basically will show you the items that are described on the site is the same as the product. If the communication with the seller is prompt and immediate and if the shipping speed of the product is as per what the seller commits. Beneath that, you will find the feedback history for the past six months of all the products that the seller has sold. With all this information I am sure you will come to an understanding of who is the right seller for you and which reviews to trust. 

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