AliExpress vs eBay 2022 | A detailed comparison

by Tim Howard
AliExpress vs eBay

Have you ever been confused about which eCommerce site to choose from? I have, I managed to get in a tight spot a while back on which website to pick from; AliExpress vs eBay simply because both websites have everything you’re looking for, from the best in Electronics to the top makeup stores.

Truth be told, there are not many differences between these two eCommerce sites apart from the fact that AliExpress focuses on a B2C model whereas eBay has listed B2C and C2C sellers. This means that though both AliExpress and eBay may have the same products listed, there are bound to be a few differences between both the listings. 

Let’s get into what each site has in store for us and draw a list of comparisons between AliExpress and eBay..

Vendor CategoriesPrimarily manufacturers based in ChinaManufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers from all over the world
Product PricingConsiderably cheaper than other marketplaces, due to cheap manufacturing costs and no middlemenHigher pricing than AliExpress due to presence of middlemen 
Best-Selling Product CategoriesApparel, Health and Personal Care, Toys, Appliances, etc.Apparel, Collectables & Rare Artefacts, Appliance, etc. 
Shipping CostsShipping is cheaper due to regularly-used options by vendors in ChinaShipping costs can be higher depending on your location, as the vendor may not be situated close to a trading hub
Delivery TimesBasis your location may take up to 7-20 days or 30-45 days as per shipping options you chooseSame-day delivery or up to a maximum of 20 days, depending on the shipping option
SafetyBuyer Protection ProgramMoney-Back Guarantee and Buyer Protection Program
Customer Service“EVA” – AI 24/7 Chat Support Chat: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pmCall: All days of the week, 8:30 am to 9:30 pm  

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AliExpress vs eBay

As an online shopping portal, AliExpress is an alternative to those who traditionally prefer eBay. During the course of this comparison, both websites provide users with certain advantages and ultimately picking one of these sites is based on personal preferences. 

AliExpress is a leading eCommerce platform that is based in China and offers products at lower prices. This is possible because many of the sellers and manufacturers are wholesalers and the products are made locally. Whereas on the other hand, eBay focuses primarily on bringing customers together through live auctions, customer to customer sales and more..

Let’s dive into the key points to look at while shopping with AliExpress and eBay.

Price Comparison

Products sold on AliExpress are normally listed at a lower rate primarily thanks to their method of sourcing products. eBay has the same items listed at slightly a higher price, this is because eBay has retail manufacturers, retailers and individuals who want to make a quick buck. 

  • It is ideal to make sure that the items you’re buying are available on both platforms so you can cross verify the prices before confirming an order. 
  • For example, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite is listed slightly cheaper on AliExpress at $285 whereas, eBay has the same product listed for $305.99.
AliEXpress vs eBay Price Comparison 2
AliEXpress vs eBay Price Comparison eBay
  • Another fine example is the Huawei Watch GT 2, listed at $179.99 on eBay while it’s much cheaper at $135.13 on AliExpress.
AliEXpress vs eBay Price Comparison
AliEXpress vs eBay Price Comparison AliExpress
  • Many products that are sold on AliExpress have been discounted or are retailed at minimal rates so the products are picked up faster
  • Sellers on eBay list items that are available in the market and  some rare items that are in short supply around the world, thus allowing them to quote a price they feel to be best suited for individual products.

Winner : AliExpress for cheaper prices.

Shipping Costs

Most sellers on AliExpress ship out from China, and shipping from there is comparatively cheaper than from the rest of the world thanks to the massive supply chain infrastructure in place. However, many vendors also choose to store their products in countries like Russia or Spain to ease and further reduce shipping costs. After just a couple of purchases on AliExpress, you will have a clear idea of the shipping costs for future references. 

Sellers on eBay are not concentrated in one region such as China but are scattered all around the world. Hence, there are high chances that each seller you purchase from will use different logistical options, varying in routes and costs. Shopping on eBay would require some scrutiny while choosing shipping options. At times, it may also be the case that the vendor does not ship to your location at all. 

Note: Both marketplaces do have sellers that offer free shipping depending on your location, and this is made possible by integrating the shipping costs into the product prices.

Is AliExpress better than eBay?

On AliExpress, you can find much cheaper products, flexible sellers and better shipping options. However, eBay is a better option for sourcing items like branded electronics, collectables, rare artefacts, etc.

Customer Support 

Based on the reviews provided, both AliExpress and eBay have a support team who will help mediate any issues the buyer has against the seller or product. 

  • However, AliExpress leaves you to raise your complaint with the seller initially before approaching the AliExpress internal support team. To them it’s best to deal directly with the seller and only at times where a seller does not provide assistance or a valid resolution, AliExpress steps up to save the day.
  • eBay has a similar policy where they let you reach out to the seller first to answer your queries. If there are no resolutions provided within 3 working days, the eBay customer support department takes over the case and will give you a valid response and resolution within 2 working days. eBay promises a money back guarantee for complaints and unsatisfactory deliveries wherein the refund will be processed if certain criteria are met. 

Winner : Tie between AliExpress vs eBay

Range of Products

Both AliExpress and eBay have almost all that you could think of buying. AliExpress lists items that are new in the market direct from the main sources such as manufacturer warehouses and this can vary from a simple pair of shoes to some of the most sought after gadgets and electronic devices.

  • eBay has the same listing as AliExpress with one difference, most items sold on eBay are second hand or collectables that are not available anywhere in the market. The sellers of these items are typically individuals, who have understood the value of their goods and have listed them for sale with marked up prices. 

With both platforms selling everything you could think of. Here are the top five categories of products sold on each platform this year.

Tempered Glass and accessoriesMobile Accessories
Portable charging docksVideo games
Wireless Bluetooth headphonesHealth and Beauty Products
JewelryHome and Garden products
iPhone cases and cablesLaptops, Desktops and Tablets

Winner : eBay is the winner, considering they have collectables and rare items on sale apart from other categories.

Latest Discounts

In terms of discounts and offers on these platforms, AliExpress is a host to discounted products by default. Additional discounts on AliExpress are normally provided by individual sellers and manufacturers and this comes in the form of coupons that can be applied on every order.

  • AliExpress has a global shopping festival with discounts up to 70% over a wide range of products. This sale commences on the 11th of November and is called the AliExpress Singles Day Sale.
  • eBay on the other hand is more like Amazon when it comes to discounts, there are daily deals available with discounts on certain products and only if a seller feels it necessary to provide offers on their products will they have coupons updated online that can be used to further discount the products you’re planning on buying from eBay. 

Loads of coupons are available for a variety of products and these can be found online at reliable coupon websites which can be applied on the checkout pages if they are valid coupons and the sellers match those who have issued the coupons.

Winner: AliExpress has better deals and online discounts as compared to eBay.


Both websites guarantee safety in terms of online payments and deliveries.

  • AliExpress has a Buyer Protection program that looks after the complaints and needs of the consumers by providing a full refund at times when the product has not been delivered or when there is no resolution from the seller. This is a completely free program that is applicable on all products sold via AliExpress. 
  • eBay on the other hand has a Money Back guarantee and an eBay Buyer Protection program that kick in when there is no resolution provided by the seller on any of the disputes you may raise. Here, eBay will intervene and try to have the issue resolved which can range from no delivery to damaged goods delivered and have a refund processed for your order. Combined with PayPal, eBay is protected and is one of the safest sites to order from.

Verdict : It is a tie between both platforms.

Overall Verdict

It is pretty evident that both AliExpress and eBay are masters in their respective regions. eBay is preferred within the USA and Canada as shipments get delivered in a shorter span of time than those orders from AliExpress and the warehouses in China. 

However, though both websites perform in similar ways the only manner in which you can pick one over the other is when either site has what you’re looking for.In that case it depends on if you’re comfortable with the delivery time and shipping costs. 

My personal preference is AliExpress over eBay simply because I don’t mind the long deliveries, I prefer products to be cheaper than those available in stores..

Which would you choose? 

Can I buy from AliExpress and sell on eBay?

Yes. You are able to buy in bulk from AliExpress and sell individual products on eBay. This is known as drop-ship from AliExpress to eBay and a good way to earn some extra money.

Is AliExpress reliable? 

Yes, AliExpress is a reliable platform to purchase products from. Their site functions flawlessly, the purchased items are shipped and you will receive them. However, the only drawback is the time it takes for these orders to get delivered.

Does AliExpress sell fake stuff?

With any platform that hosts over a million sellers, there are bound to be one or two bad apples selling fake or counterfeit products. Make sure you go through user reviews and the overall rating of the seller before purchasing anything.

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