AliExpress vs Joom in 2023 | Full Comparison

by Tim Howard

I have been using AliExpress for years because they pretty much have the best deals available on any e Commerce marketplace. While ordering for a friend in Europe, I happened to come across a Latvian based eCommerce site ‘Joom’. 

Joom is basically a fast growing European version of AliExpress that sells a wide variety of goods to the common folk. Both platforms are dedicated to primarily serving their region but also indulge in shipping to other countries across the globe. 

Product PricingExtremely cheap prices as compared to online stores and retail stores.Prices are at sale rate with discounts being offered on all items.
Customer SupportQueries are resolved in a ticketed form where the first point of contact is the seller of the product.Customer support is available around the clock as there is no direct contact with the seller.
Refunds / Money Back Buyer protection permits full refunds to be processed if the quality of the item received is damaged or not up to the mark.Full refunds are permitted on all orders if they have been damaged, broken or misrepresented by the seller.
Payment ModesCredit card, Debit cards, Western Union, Bank Transfer, PayPal and other modes via wallets.Credit cards and Paypal. However Joom accepts QiWi payments as well.
Shipping Times15 days to 45 days15 days to 45 days
App SupportiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Refund TimeDepends on the terms and conditionsWithin 24 hours
Free ShippingDepends on the seller90% of the products are shipped free
Seller ContactYesNo

Though they both have the same end goal of growing their business by selling consumer goods at an extremely low rate, there are quite a few differences between AliExpress and Joom.

To Summarize : Joom Generally makes cheap Chinese products and sells to the European market. Whereas Aliexpress has moved to slightly premium products. Most of Joom’s products are ultra cheap!

AliExpress vs Joom

The talk in most of Europe is which one to pick from considering both AliExpress and Joom sell the same products within the exact same price margin. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between AliExpress and Joom to figure out which platform is a better marketplace to shop from.

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Does Joom Sell Fake Products?

Joom does sell fake products like cheap airpods.

Aliexpress vs Joom – Price Comparison

Both AliExpress and Joom offer products at low costs and this is because of the fact that products are sourced and sold from China via these sites 

AliExpress sellers list the price of the goods at a lower rate, this is possible only because they use AliExpress to sell in bulk so retail pieces can be sold at a lower rate or near to manufacturing rate which is not possible with other online sites and stores. 

On Joom,  products are listed at a low price, at times lower than AliExpress. Some say it’s due to the competitiveness between the Chinese sellers in the online marketplace that leads to some products being sold at an average rate while other sellers with the same products can sell it for cheaper rates. 

For Example:

  • On  AliExpress the Petehill F9 is sold for a decent $11.68 and comes with Free Shipping with delivery within 30 days.
AliExpress vs Joom Prices
  • The same product is sold on Joom at a mind boggling $5.59 with free shipping and delivery within a max 45 days. Though it has a longer wait time, the price of the product is almost half of that on AliExpress.
AliExpress vs Joom Prices

Another example would be the Blackview A60 smartphone which is sold on both the platforms via the official Blackview channel.

  • On AliExpress the A60 is priced at an all time low of $79.99, this includes free shipping where the product would reach the destination within 30 working days.
AliExpress vs Joom 2020 Prices
  • While on the other hand, the Blackview A60 costs $90.51 on Joom which is costlier than on AliExpress. The only difference here is that the delivery wait time is much shorter with Joom.
AliExpress vs Joom 2020 Prices

Between AliExpress and Joom, you’re able to reach out to the seller directly only via AliExpress. Joom does not have a contact seller feature and all queries are answered and resolved by the Joom team only.

Verdict : In terms of pricing, both AliExpress and Joom are in at a tie with their wide range of cheap products to suit every need.

Aliexpress vs Joom – Customer Support

There’s one major difference between the customer support team and how queries get resolved between these two sites and that is to do with contacting the seller. 

  • AliExpress has a pretty decent customer support team but there is a process you have to follow before contacting the support team. First you begin by reaching out to the seller with your query and wait for 24-48 hours for a response from them. If the seller does not resolve your query or is not helpful you can then reach out to the customer support team of AliExpress. 
  • AliExpress has a Money Back guarantee that ensures your money will be refunded within 30 days if the product is not as what was listed, the seller has not responded or resolved your query or if the package has been lost in the mail.
  • Joom has a good money back policy where if goods are not delivered within 100 days from the day the order was placed, a full refund will be processed. Also, in case the product was defective or not what was displayed then a full refund can be processed back to you.
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Verdict : Joom wins with a better customer support solution.

Aliexpress vs Joom – Product Range

Joom and AliExpress lists branded and unbranded products, meaning the range of products is so extensive that it would take you a lifetime to shop from every seller out there.

Both platforms cover a variety of categories such as clothing and accessories, home and kitchen devices or gadgets, eBikes and electronic goods amongst others.

These are the top selling product categories on AliExpress and Joom this year

Tempered Glass Make-Up
Portable Charging DocksTempered Glasses
Bluetooth HeadphonesJewelry
JewelryCar Accessories
iPhone Cases and CablesShoes

It’s good to note that the total number of products listed on AliExpress is far greater than Joom. 

Verdict : AliExpress has a larger collection of products

Aliexpress vs Joom – Payment & User Security

Both AliExpress and Joom offer ample security while placing an order, entering your CC info and even post sales.

  • AliExpress and Joom use secured payment gateways so none of your personal information gets leaked.  
  • AliExpress accepts a range of payment methods so it’s easy to process an order.
  • Joom on the other  hand accepts major credit cards and PayPal as their primary payment methods. 
  • Joom and AliExpress accept Qiwi wallet payments for orders.

Both websites have buyer protection policies which have made purchasing from these sites safer than most. 

Verdict : Tie between AliExpress and Joom in terms of payment and user security.

AliExpress and Joom have several key advantages and disadvantages which are listed to help you decide which is the better platform to buy from.

Advantages of buying from AliExpress

  • AliExpress is easier to understand especially while reading descriptions of products.
  • On AliExpress you can contact the seller with any query pertaining to their products.
  • AliExpress sells discounted products and additional discounts can be applied on these products, further reducing their cost.
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Disadvantages of buying from AliExpress

  • Delivery times on AliExpress are quite high with orders taking anywhere between a month to a maximum of 60 days.
  • Since payments are sent to the sellers, Paypal is not a frequently used mode of payment.

Advantages of buying from Joom

  • All orders shipped are delivered free of cost as there’s no shipping charges levied on purchases.
  • Clear customer service with queries being resolved ASAP with no delay. You will not have to reach out to the seller on Joom to get a question answered.
  • Refunds on Joom are fast and normally processed within 24 hours from when the complaint has been resolved.
  • Joom supports world-wide delivery with products being shipped to almost every country in the world.

Disadvantages of buying from Joom

  • Overall, Joom has lesser products listed than sites like AliExpress
  • Joom does not list out how many products are sold for each item listed.
  • There is no direct contact with the seller to get a clear answer for a question that is product related.

Overall Verdict

AliExpress vs Joom gives us a brief understanding on how these two mega-stores function. Both sites are brilliant in their own way and though they have the same products listed, there are some pretty decent additional discounts provided via the Joom app. 

Since they both function in the same way it’s quite impossible to pick just one site. I’m going to go ahead and say that both sites are equally rated and are good choices to buy from. If one does not have the product listed you can always opt for the other site. 

Again, you will have to cross-check between the two sites to get a better understanding on how different the products are in terms of prices and quality based on the customer reviews listed on each product page.

What matters is that with both sites, you do get your money’s worth every time and if your order is not up to standard you get a refund. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What is Joom?

Joom is an online eCommerce marketplace dealing in low priced Chinese goods. Based out of Latvia, Joom was founded by Ilya Shirokov, a Russian businessman in 2006 and since their inception, has a strong base of users in Latvia and Russia apart from other European countries.

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