9 Best AliExpress Headband Wigs Under $200

by Tim Howard

Do you prefer the natural look and feel of human hair or prefer the low-maintenance convenience of synthetic options? Either way I got you covered.

AliExpress headband wigs are a great investment as they offer a secure and natural-looking fit, perfect for all-day wear.

But not knowing which wig to choose or the type of hair to opt for can result in some unforeseen complications. That’s why i’ve created this list – 9 of the best AliExpress headband wigs that you can pick up for under $200.

I’ll include popular choices such as body weaves, wigs with elastic headbands, voluminous ones and even give you a choice between real human hair and synthetic.

At the end i’ll add how you can look after your AliExpress headband wig so that it lasts and you can get your money’s worth.

Let’s begin!

Best AliExpress Headband Wigs Under $200Hair Type & Wig TypePrice Range
Kryssma Long Wavy Headband WigSynthetic, Body Wave$19.91 – $19.74
Glueless WIGMY Afro Kinky Curly Silk Headband WigKinky Curly, Silk Headband$43.16 – $118.00
Unice 100% Human Hair Headband Scarf WigHuman Hair, Elastic Headband, Silk Scarf$59.20 – $168.00
BlackMoon Brazilian Curly Hair Headband WigRemy Hair, Volume, Black$43.48 – $138.72
MYLOCKME Women’s Straight Remy Headband WigRemy Hair, Straight, Peruvian$36.04 – $160.70
Abijale Deep Wave Headband WigDeep Wave, Multiple Sizes, Multiple Cap Sizes$41.16 – $108.78
Natalia Beauty Synthetic Straight Headband WigSynthetic, Straight, Printed Cotton Headband$14.80 – $16.63
VR Vogue Straight Brazilian Ombre Headband WigStraight/Ombre, Nine Sizes, Various Curls$36.42 – $124.28
Exquisite Looks Straight Bob Headband WigStraight Bob, Short, 180% Density, Velcro Adjustment$30.14 – $52.98

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9 Of The Best AliExpress Headband Wigs

Kryssma Long Wavy Headband Wig

If you’re worried you have a large forehead and that headband wigs are just going to make it seem bigger, stop worrying right now. Let me start off by saying that this AliExpress headband wig comes in just one size. It is 24 inches long. If you maintain short hair, you could always trim it to the length you want.

In addition to that, it comes in 9 shades, ranking among all black, two shades of brown, two blondes, ash-grey, wine red, red and blue. 

The hair is synthetic, but I haven’t seen synthetic hair quality this good in a while. They are soft to touch and the body waves seem natural. In accordance with the fit — it is so snug that if you tried to do a cartwheel it wouldn’t fall off.

A great thing about this ALiExpress headband wig is that it comes with two free headbands to go on top of your wig.

Glueless WIGMY Afro Kinky Curly Silk Headband Wig

glueless AliExpress Headband Wigs

These headbands can seem slightly expensive when you compare them to other wigs on AliExpress, but if you continue reading, you’ll find out why they’re worth what they’re worth.

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These headband wigs come in 8 different lengths, starting from 12 inches and adding 2 inches on each subsequent size upto 26 inches. Mind you that these are kinky curly wigs, so the length mentioned is the stretched length of the hair.

The wig cap typically comes in a medium size, but if you have a small or large head, you can contact the seller and they’ll customize the cap size for you. Inside the cap, you’ll find wig clips that help keep the wig in place. Some might feel like they tug on your natural hair, so you can remove them.

Finally, the headband itself is thin and made of silk. Not only is it adjustable, but its silk fabric also ensures that your natural hair remains protected.

Unice 100% Human Hair Headband Scarf Wig

genuine AliExpress Headband Wigs

The ease of putting it on is simply one of the best features of this ALiExpress headband wig. U-nice is one of ALiExpress’ top brands and has been in the wig-making business for quite some time now. No wonder their innovative methods are so useful. They are developed from experience.

The elastic headband that encompasses the entire wig has a velcro clasp at the back of the head that can be adjusted, tightened or loosened according to your need. The cap of the wig comes with 4 combs to fit the wig well.

And of course, it comes with a  random silk scarf headband to go with your wig.

BlackMoon Brazilian Curly Hair Headband Wig

These headband wigs are made with 3 bundles, so you can imagine the density of your wig. Your hair is going to look bouncy and voluminous as you put it on. 

Because of the volume, it might seem like you would require more combs than the wig comes with. If you don’t mind a little work, you can easily sew up two-three combs strategically on the inside. 

These wigs are made of Remy hair, so you can trust the longevity, but they are also sewn with a machine, so you can believe its sturdiness. It only comes in black, but the hair can easily be dyed. It does come in multiple sizes from 12” to 26” though.

MYLOCKME Women’s Straight Remy Headband Wig

You should get this headband wig if you’re a big fan of styling your hair often. Straight hair just makes it easier. And it being an extension means you aren’t damaging your real hair. The remy hair used to make this AliExpress headband wigs are meant to take the heat of styling and thrive well in everyday use.

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The hair used is Peruvian hair, which is known for its natural lustre and bounce. The sizes range from 10 inches long to 30. Some of the sizes are also available in a predefined bob haircut. The cap of the headband wig has a large elasticity that is tightly snug around your head when you put it on. It also comes with hair combs.

Abijale Deep Wave Headband Wig

This is a standard AliExpress headband wig that comes in 10 sizes. Starting from 8inches long, you can find these headband wigs in lengths up to 26 inches. The deep wave curls can eat up length upto some extent.

These wigs are available in multiple wig cap sizes — small, medium and large. You don’t have the option to directly choose and add to the cart, but you can let the seller know and they’ll arrange as per your preference.

The headband is 6 cm wide, it can be folded and is super stretchy. It also comes with an additional headband that is funky in style.

Natalia Beauty Synthetic Straight Headband Wig

It makes sense to buy this headband wig if what you’re looking for is a long-haired look. You only get this wig in lengths 20 inches to 30 inches. It does come with a fabulous cotton printed headband, though.

For synthetic hair, this ALiexpress headband wig is surprisingly shiny and natural-looking. Who knew you could get 30 inches with long hair for a few bucks!

Unlike the velcro in other headband wigs, you’ll find that these wigs have an extended elastic strap at the back that can be hooked together with a clasp. The enclosure is easy but it can be slightly uncomfortable for longer hours.

VR Vogue Straight Brazilian Ombre Headband Wig

This AliExpress headband wig is available in nine sizes and 6 hair types and styles. There is straight in all black and ombre, and there are varieties of curls.

This headband wig is designed in such a way that it would barely take you 2 to 3 minutes to completely wear it around your head. This is specially made for women who don’t have the time to style their hair. Those include working women and those that are busy without work.

It makes sense to invest in something that has longevity and makes you look so darn good!

Exquisite Looks Straight Bob Headband Wig

These aren’t available in a lot of sizes. When I say short, I mean they are available in sizes between 8 inches and 16 only.

Each headband wig has a density of 180%. So even though it is short, it’s going to look voluminous. All the wefts in the wigs are machine sewn and have almost no shedding. They can be adjusted with the velcro positioned at the back of the neck.

How to Care for AliExpress Headband Wigs?

The instructions to look after your headband wig depends on the material it’s made from. Since there are two types; human and synthetic, there are two ways you can look after the headband wigs you bough on AliExpress.

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Wigs made from human hair can be washed while you’re having a shower and the same shampoo and conditioner can be used on the wig to keep it soft and moisturized.

Best AliExpress Headband Wigs

Synthetic headband wigs on the other hand are affordable and offer less longevity. These wigs should be washed based on the instructions laid out by the manufacturer in order to make the hair last and avoid damaging it.

Regardless of the material, always remember to store the wigs in a satin bag as this will help reduce frizz and tangling when the wig is not in use.

Which is Better: Headband Wig or Lace Front Wig?

Truth be told, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Lace front wigs are harder to install but they sit flat on the scalp making it look more natural. It’s not ideal for beginners as there are lots of steps involved to have the wig sit naturally on the head.

Headband wigs are much easier to install and you would not have to glue, bleach or pluck your hairline in order to wear them.

While both are great and provide a fuller and more natural look, the one you choose will ultimately depend on the amount of time you have dedicated to wearing the wig and what kind of look you’re planning to go for.

If you look at it in stages, headband wigs are stage 1 meaning they’re for beginners who have less time to spare and lace front wigs are for more experienced stylists who have at least 10-15 minutes to spare a day just to install the wig.

AliExpress Headband Wigs FAQs

Are headband wigs bad for your hair?

If you’re new to wigs, I don’t see a better way for you to ease into going about the wig life. You don’t need glue to keep your hair in place. In fact, it even acts as a layer of protection for your natural hair. 

Since traditional wigs are either sewed up or pinned to your natural hairline, they cause depletion in the long run. But with headband wigs, your natural hairline is exposed and the wig comes over it. This way, your natural hair remains undamaged.

How long do headband wigs last?

It truly depends on how you take care of it. If you’re using it everyday, they usually can last for a period between 6 months upto a year. Caring for it as if it is your natural hair can make it last even longer.

How many bundles do I need for a headband wig?

Technically, you can buy readymade headband wigs off of ALiExpress that don’t need assembly. But if you do choose to make your own headband wig, then you’ll need approximately 2 bundles if your hair length is 8 to 18 inches long. Anything longer than 18 inches would require 3 bundles.

Can you wear a headband wig to sleep?

It isn’t recommended to sleep in a wig, of any kind. However, if you do find the process of removing your wig every night cumbersome, you must use a silk head wrap or a silk pillowcase so it doesn’t snag the hair. This way you’re preventing your wig hair from experiencing unnecessary friction.

However, as much as possible, take it off. Even your hair needs a break.

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