Why is AliExpress hair so Cheap?

by Tim Howard

If you browse through AliExpress, looking for a stylish extension to switch up your style, you’ll find a plethora of options ranging from $0.2 to $100. You’ll easily find something that looks real even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Let me get directly to the point —  AliExpress hair is cheap because there is no one else involved between the seller on AliExpress and you. Everywhere else, you’ll find that you can’t get something even close to decent for $30. The reason being that those retailers are purchasing in bulk from someone else and selling it at a profit to you.

On AliExpress, you can come in contact with the people who directly source the hair and directly eliminate any additional cost that you may incur otherwise. Everyone wins.

Where does the hair come from?

In the information you’ll find in the description of the AliExpress hair vendor, you’ll find that the hair is manufactured in China. That is completely true for artificial hair, but it only stands somewhat true for virgin or natural hair.

When it comes to real hair, they are typically sourced from India, Pakistan or Vietnam, where women have the tendency to grow out their hair and often cut it off to donate it. But there are also “Brazilian” or “Peruvian” hair in the market which are sourced from Brazil and Peru respectively.

Source: Wikipedia

One of the biggest sources for hair are the temples of India. As a custom, people shave their heads to worship their deity. Amidst the hills of Andhra Pradesh, a southern state in India, there lies the Venkateshwara temple that is home to many such devotees. If we are being specific, there are around 75,000 people who come to pay their respect every single day.

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Despite the inexpensive nature of hair, the temple had made around 1.6 billion USD in February 2019 just by making sales of this hair to Chinese manufacturers. These manufacturers then use their skillful machines to turn them into extensions, wigs and other hair pieces.

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Tips of buying hair on AliExpress to avoid getting scammed

  • Cheap hair comes at a cost

Despite the AliExpress hair rates being cheap, the shipping rates can be a bit steep if you want to opt for a quick delivery option. In the case that you want to completely avoid shipping rates, you have to be prepared for 3-4 weeks worth of wait for your hair pieces to reach you.

  • 99.4% of the hair is not real

Carefully read the descriptions of each hair piece. It is highly likely that the hair vendors write “real, “virgin”, “high density” in the product name to appear in the search results and the customers opt for it since it seems like a great bargain when compared to the real real hair pieces on AliExpress.

  • Escrow

There is something called the “ESCROW” option that lets your money be transferred to the hair vendor only after you have confirmed the satisfactory delivery of your order. You are protected by the AliExpress Buyers’ Protection that can be used to your advantage.

  • Do your research

You never know what better deals you might find if you don’t stop hunting after the first vendor you find within your budget. Research, although, isn’t simply about finding a cheap deal. It’s about whether the seller can be trusted. Check the reviews, positivity rating, and successful sales ratio. In fact, you can simply YouTube results for a popular hair vendor on AliExpress to check how the hair quality of these hairs are. 

  • Contact the seller
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I can’t stress on this enough. If you like something and are having second thoughts about it, drop a message to the seller without a second’s thought and clear all your queries. Chances are, you’ll find your answer. If the seller is quick to respond, you’ll know you’re having a smart business transaction.  However, if the seller you are approaching doesn’t respond to you within 24 hours, consider opting out of the purchase.

Not all cheap hair is good

I don’t simply mean in terms of quality. Imagine you’re ordering 4 wefts to make a full weave from a hair vendor on AliExpress who is selling it at $2 apiece. As cheap as it may be, it is highly possible that the seller is running a scam. He could be selling synthetic, bad-quality hair to you under the pretext that it is real. 

Remember that for real hair, you do have to shell out a little more than you would have to for synthetically made hair. That being said, there are several hair vendors on AliExpress that sell high quality synthetic, Remy hair that seems as real as it can.

You just have to be vigilant about it. Contact the seller before you buy anything. Make sure to check the reviews left by other customers. The best way to really see if it is worth purchasing is to check the negative reviews on the product and see what is wrong with it.

Types of hair on AliExpress

I already mentioned the two broad categories of hair available on AliExpress – synthetic and real.

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Synthetic hair has no ties to the human head. They are completely manufactured in a factory located in the streets of China.

In the real category, you’ll often find something called “Remy”.  Despite being far from what one would call all-natural, it is deemed to be the highest-grade of hair extensions for numerous reasons. They remain tangle-free, they are cheap and they are easily available. Moreover, they look natural. They are treated with chemicals to give them lustre and bounce.

Moving on to “Virgin” hair, this is the kind of hair that has never been treated. It has never been dyed, colored, permed, or styled. It is in its au-naturel state, taken directly off of the human head. 100% of the cuticles remain intact to make sure that they remain healthy and tangle free. One would have to care for these hair extensions as if it were real hair.  

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