iPhone 12 Clone Review

by Tim Howard

The iPhone clone is always a super popular clone in the market and it’s one of the most sought after. But what makes it amazing is the fact that it gets better and better every year. 

This means the clone makers are able to replicate the iPhone to a T, from hardware to software and they are getting better every year. 

The iPhone 12 clone warrants a review for itself because of how capable the device is and at such a cheap price. 

There are quite a few staples when it comes to the iPhone 12 clone and we’ll cover all that in the iPhone 12 clone review. 

Here’s a fun fact. Even if you buy all the iPhone clones from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11, it still wouldn’t cost more than the original iPhone 12 clone. 

So without further ado, here’s the full iPhone 12 clone review.

One question is, how could there be an iPhone 12 clone without Apple having announced one. Well the truth of the matter is, clone iPhone manufacturers get inside information on what the specs of the future iPhone is going to be and they release it ahead of time in the market. 

More often than not, they’ve got it spot on and that includes the older iPhone 11 clone. 

So what do we have packed for the iPhone 12 clone? 

Update (10/14/2020) : The Fake iPhone 12 Clone makers had the right dimensions and the iPhone 12 clones you buy will be similar to the original

Fake iPhone 12 Clone – Where to buy?

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iPhone 12 Clone FeaturesiPhone 12 Clone Specifications
ColoursBlack, White, Gold, Green
Operating SystemAndroid
RAM1GB (Shown as 4GB)
Storage16GB  (Shown as 512GB), 32GB expandable
Languages16+ langauges
SIMDual Sim
CameraQuad Camera

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone 

Shipped with the box is a lightning to USB-A cable and 5W adapter. It also ships with earpods which ideally isn’t shipped with the original Apple device, but it’s a bonus for clone buyers.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone Design 

iphone 12 pro max clone

The design of the iPhone 12 clone is unique and it’s not like any other phone we’ve seen before, especially the back. It’s predicted that the original iPhone 12 is expected to have a quad camera setup and that is reflected in the iPhone 12 clone. 

The design is based on the leaks and how the iPhone 12 is expected to look. It has a solid box design and pretty tough design. 

The size of the lenses are a tad small compared to how the actual lenses look. This is based on the lenses on the iPhone 11. 

It comes in Gold, Green and a few other colours. According to some leaks, the other expected colour is a navy blue. 

The sim card tray is on the right side and the sides of the phone have a bevel, whereas the original doesn’t have one. But it’s not noticeable for the average user.

The size of the iPhone 12 clone is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In terms of the UI interface, it’s pretty accurate and most people won’t be able to make out if its a clone or not, just by looking at the interface.

iPhone 12 Clone Display,  Software and Interface

The display is similar to the iPhone XS Max clone. It has slightly thick bezels. So when you compare it to the original iPhone 11, you will see the difference. 

The brightness isn’t much, but it’s pretty decent for a clone. 

The icons on the display are pretty decent looking, but you will notice that the colours are off in certain icons and also the icons itself look a little out of shape, especially the Youtube icon.

The software says it’s running iOS 13, but in reality it’s an Android OS. This is an Android 6.0 and they haven’t bothered to upgrade the software for the clone. This is a bit disappointing because, I’m sure, most people would buy more clones, if their software was upgraded as well. 

But why do clone makers use older processors and Android versions? The answer lies in the display. The displays have become really good in the iPhone clones and as the cost for the display increases, there isn’t much budget left for other features and as the clone can’t cost more than $150, the trade off is in the processor. 

There is haptic touch only on the home screen and it isn’t available on the control center. The language on the options can be better. For example, they use the word “Close” instead of the word “Off” that is there in the original, when a feature is turned off. This is an obvious choice, they could have gone with in terms of replicating the original.

The wallpaper selection is pretty good and there are more options than the original. 

iPhone 12 Clone Camera

Although there are four lenses on the back, like the clones of the past, only one works and the others are just a dummy. 

The camera on any iPhone clone is pretty decent and it’s not meant to be for cameras. It’s an older camera. 

There is only a 2X zoom. The detailing in close up shots are surprisingly good which means it has a decent macro camera. 

But when it comes to shots of a larger object, it’s pretty abysmal and gives you a 480p quality, which isn’t ideal at all. 

iPhone 12 Clone Performance 

The MTK6580 processor on the iPhone 12 clone is an old processor and is not built for heavy gaming or too much multitasking. It is technically a budget device and nothing more than that.

The processor is similar to the ones that are used in the older iPhone clones and other clone devices.

The iPhone 12 Clone keeps getting upgraded. As different versions come out for software, it’s the same for clone phones as well. The clones released currently might not be the same as the clones released in the future.

Why is this?

Manufacturers keep upgrading and updating the hardware and software depending on the actual release.

iPhone 12 Clone – Final Thoughts

Frankly, this clone version is a tad disappointing. The clones of the past have been fantastic and had massive improvements and upgrades in terms of software.

But the current iPhone clone, like the iPhone 12 clone has improvements only in terms of hardware. The hardware improvements are unquestionable. 

It’s solid, feels powerful and looks exactly similar to the original. There are a few differences though and that is positioning of the sim tray and the bevels.

One more interesting aspect of the iPhone 12 clone is that, the clone makers can make a smaller notch, but keep the design in tact so that it’ closer to the original.

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