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by Tim Howard

Looks like you’re here because you have started to care about your lungs, but are unable to give up the rush and the high. Right? Well, bongs are relatively easier on your body because it has a filtration system that prevents soot or tar from going into your body.

Mind you, the hit is stronger, so if you’re just starting to experiment with herbs, watch out. Maybe keep an empty sick bag next to you? Not scaring you. But for experienced fellas, maybe the portable options here are more your speed.

  • Dab Rig Male Joint Big Glass Bong
  • Tall Matrix Sidecar Glass Bong
  • Hand-Painted Glow in the Dark Beaker Bong
  • Triple Layer Percolator Straight Tube Glass Bong
  • Portable Silicone Bong
  • Three Layer Honeycomb Filter Bong

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1. Dab Rig Male Joint Big Glass Bong

I love how simple this looks. A standard bong without any complications and it does the job. You’ll have options between a 16” beaker bong and a 20 inch beaker bong to choose from. The glass is as thick as 9mm. Couple it with a height and you have a very large, very heavy bong. Considering the height, it is almost beneficial that it has a broader base since it will be less prone to being knocked over. 

The broad base of this bong also helps avoid splashbacks. You could fit a splash guard in, but the height of the bong will give you the advantage since it will be hard for the water to travel 20 inches of the distance.

The bong has a bale joint with a glass bowl attached. All of it is quite simple to clean.

2. Tall Matrix Sidecar Glass Bong

This is one of those pieces that can be portable when you’re going on a road trip. It is so convenient and flawless, it could b your new daily driver. With a piece like this, there are often problems with it sitting levelled on the table, but no such problem with this one. I especially love the percolator on this one. I mean, it stacks those bubbles like a champ!

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 I don’t have many unpleasant things to say about this bong, but if I had to push myself, I’d say I had trouble finding an ash catcher that fits in this bong. I can attribute that to the placement of the bowl, which is in the centre of this piece. I’d definitely recommend this as a gift as well, and I’d recommend even strongly that you unwrap it and use it immediately!

3. Hand-Painted Glow In The Dark Beaker Bong

This beaker bong is surprisingly cheap for the quality that it offers. It is one of those funky looking styles that will definitely become a conversation starter.

The bong falls under the small category since it is only 8 inches tall. The thickness of the glass itself is 6 mm. For the amount of smoke it can sustain, it will give you its money’s worth.

Don’t get me started on the ridiculously cool designs on the bong. First off, they are hand-painted. Second, they glow in the dark. So if you’re planning to throw a party and invite friends over, you wouldn’t have to tell people where to regroup, the bong will do it for you!

There are various other designs such as a honeycomb, floral, a popping octopus and basically anything that would look cool. It is rather easy to clean as well.

4. Triple Layer Percolator Straight Tube Glass Bong

At first, when I saw that the thickness of the bong was only 4mm, I was a bit skeptical while ordering it. It seemed thin enough to break on the slightest impact. But I was proven wrong when my vape accidentally fell on it and it was perfectly safe.

Other than that, it’s actually quite tall, about 10 inches and weighs like nothing. Possibly about a pound. But from this, you get the smoothest hits, thanks to the triple-layer percolation system, where your smoke passes through multiple perforated levels.

I would still recommend using a sieve due to the nature of the straight bong. It is just easy for the ash to mix with the water.

If I had to point out one thing that’s wrong with the bong, it would be that the bowl is too close to the mouth. You can often feel the heat from your lighter during a hit. I would still suggest using a long-tubed lighter.

5. Portable Silicone Bong

I thought it’d be best to include a cute little portable bong for you as well. The bong is made of silicone. Don’t worry, it remains resistant to heat. 

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It’s about 20 cm tall and the joint can be detached. You can fold the tube and stuff it in your rucksack as you’re going camping. You’re not going to get the best hits, but it will do the job.

I’d just suggest not to pull too hard, because, needless to say, the water will splash back. I suppose the perils of portability.

6 Three Layer Honeycomb Filter Bong

DHgate Bongs

I was looking for a nice and affordable bong that I could use with my friends and found this one to be perfect for group sessions. It’s cheap, durable, well made and the glass bowl is large enough to fit up to 2 hits at a time. 

The three layer filtration system and spiral bubbler makes each hit smoother than the last and there are also these tiny airflow holes in the mouthpiece so you can draw your hit without worrying about splash-back or getting stuff stuck in your teeth.

If you’re in the market for custom made bongs then you definitely need to check out the seat store on DHgate. They have a wide selection of acrylic, glass and even the controversial mask bong, all for under $100 a piece.

Choosing the Right Bongs on DHgate



Acrylic is just a fancy way of saying plastic. If you’re just starting out and don’t have the means to buy a high-end bong, you can start off with an acrylic, but remember that you get what you pay for.  They are indestructible, but you don’t really have the means to add any add-ons, not even a percolator. I wouldn’t recommend buying it though.

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This is the most popular material amongst bongs. These bongs are made of borosilicate glass, so they can withstand the heat and are durable as well unless you drop them. The hits from the glass bongs are the purest and cleanest.

They are a bit pricey, but with the price comes its versatility. It leaves plenty of room for customization, where you can equip your bong with percolators, multi water chambers, and ash catchers.


In some ways, it is better than glass bongs since it is more durable, easier to clean and extremely portable. If you’re going camping, you might want to stash it in a corner of your rucksack.


This is often the most ignored consideration when you’re deciding the size to pick for your bong — lung capacity. The taller the bong, the higher your lung capacity needs to be. A lot of novices make the mistake of trying a tall bong at their first go and puke their guts out. You don’t want that.  A sweet spot is a range between 25 to 35 cm tall bongs (10” to 14”).

Bowl Size

The bowl size doesn’t really matter. All that matters is how well you pack it. If you have a bigger bowl on your bong, don’t fill it all the way to the rim with grass or herbs. Pack it with an amount you’ll be able to consume in one hit to avoid wastage.


Buying a bong online on DHgate makes it a bit tough to test the percolation, but if you’re buying a bong from a store, make sure to test it. It’s simple. Fill your bong with water and take a drag in to see how the bubbles form. Smoother bubbles mean less resistance. That eventually means your hits will also be smoother and less harsh on the throat.

But it comes at a cost. The bong automatically becomes more delicate and is harder to clean and maintain.

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