Top Dhgate Jordan Sellers 2021

by Tim Howard
best dhgate air jordan sellers

When you hear the term ‘Sneaker King’, you’d automatically assume it’s a sneaker brand. Here, I’m talking about one in particular — the Nike Air Jordans 1. The most coveted shoe of the decade, nay, century even. It has quite a rich history. Michael Jordan, undoubtedly, arguably is one of the best athletes of his time. So when the first pair of Jordans hit the stores in 1985, they were an instant hit. Of course, at that time, production was limited and it was hard to find.

No such challenges exist now. But the reputation of these Jordans grew from being a mere athletic accessory to something every man must have to an investment.

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Airsport668Visit Store
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Tn PlusVisit Store
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Yes, I’m not joking. The Jordans have their own stock exchange listed. Jordans are now must-haves and they know their worth. To buy original Jordans, you’d have to shell out at least 300$ and because they’re so expensive, you wouldn’t even want to wear them every day. Beats the point, right?

Well, at DHgate, you have a gateway to exact looking replicas of Jordans at a price that’s gentle on your pockets.

In simple words, Jordans are the new sexy. If not for anything, simply because they’re supremely comforting around your ankles and because of how many designs exist now, the shoes are now a fashion accessory. Visit the DHgate stores listed below that sell Jordans that every sneaker connoisseur would drool over!

Top Dhgate Jordan Sellers 2021

Air Jordan Replica Shoes & Best Websites (Everything you need to know about reps!)

Men Designer Shoes

air jordan chicago replica dhgate

‘Insanely identical and stunning shoes’, said one customer of the Men Designer Shoes. Can you believe a pair of the matte black rarity, ‘Black Cat’ Jordans can be found here for around 50$?

From the metallic Jumpman logo to the precision finish of the nylon touch, everything found on these Air Jordans is impeccably rich. No one’s going to know the difference plus you saved about a 1000 bucks. Is ita deal of a lifetime or what? 

air jordan replica seller dhgate

You can find other Jordans models here, such as the ‘Pure Money’, that turns out to be a total value for your money, ‘Cool Grey’ and even the Travis Scott X Jordan sneakers called the ‘Cactus Jack’. It’s got everything correct, right down to the splatter of paint on the sides.

The seller has a stellar record of 6 years worth of service, having catered to around 30,000 customers. 

Check out the store here

Cheap Shoes

air jordan reps reddit

The Cheap Shoes store has exactly what it says — cheap shoes. Having been on DHgate as a reputed and recognized seller since March 2017, the store has received a 97% positivity rating and has maintained an average rating of 4.7 on all its products. 

air jordan sneaker replica dhgate

Some of the best selling Jordans on this store include the ‘Guava Ice’, ‘White Cement” and the beloved and always loved Space Jams. Those shoes were the jam, and will never go out of style! Fun fact, the store sells a plethora of Yeezys as well.

This store would provide quite a haul if you’re trying to look good and up your status symbol. Women, there’s something for you here too: The desirable and plush Fenty fur slides are waiting to be slid on your feet!

Check out the store here

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air jordans on dhgate

You’ll find Jordans here, for sure. But your overworked, overstrained feet deserve treats from time to time. Treat them with a selection of daring choices to stand out from a crowd. Here, you can find everything, from the Kanye West foam runners to every model of Air Jordans, dating from the early 2000s.

best air jordan replica site

The shoes you’ll find at Airsport668 are athletic looking, casual and show stoppers. This DHgate store has made around 17,500 transactions in 5 years of its service. Some of the best selling Jordans at AirSport668 include Lemon Venom Pink Blast and the Fire red model.

The reviews suggest that they are supremely comfortable and have excellent net air permeability. One of the rare and sexy shoes, Verona Guava Ice Jordans, with the big Nike swoosh and the tiny, minimalistic perforations can also be found here

Check out the store here

High-Quality Shoes 2

best air jordan replica

One of the hard-to-find limited series Jordans called the Nike X Blue the Great is one of the best finds at the High Quality Shoes store.

Everything, down from the elt and suede fabric to the depth of the primary colours used  on each outer body has impeccable finish. You’ll find other shoes from the Fearless  Ones Air Jordan I collection here, even the Ghetto Gastro and Facetasm.

best dhgate jordan replica sellers

This e-commerce Dhgate store seems to have made around 20,000 transactions since 2017. Through it all, it has maintained  a 97.7% positivity rating as 3,700+ people added High Quality shoes to their list of favourites.

The seller also sells other kinds of shoes that work well for casual, dressy and formal occasions. It’s so impressive, you’ll be reaching for the checkout page in no time.

Check out the store here


best nike air jordan replica dhgate

In just a year, Sup Sneakers has created a loud noise all over DHgate. Having made over 40,000 transactions and gained 15,000+ faithful repeat customers, they’ve taken the replica Jordans business by a storm.

If you’re looking for timeless designs, uncompromising quality and inimitable imitation, Sup Sneakers is the one for you. Other than the fabulous and trendy Air Jordans I series, Sacai x LDV Nike Waffle Daybreak Jordans, Off Noir x Jordans are just some of the coveted and recherché Jordans sold by this store.

best nike air jordans on dhgate

To make it all the more realistic, every single pair of shoe you order comes with a bag, box, socks, tag and receipt as if you’ve just bought it off a store. After all, the buyer experience lasts till the point of unwrapping and doesn’t simply end at purchasing. Way to go Sup Sneakers!

Check out the store here

Retro Shoes

jordan 11 replica dhgate

With an enormous collection of 330+ shoes in the store, Retro Shoes is one of the largest and most reputed shoe sellers on DHgate. They have catered to over 50,000 customers in their 6-year history. They have sold over 1200 pairs of Air Jordans 1s alone.

All the shoes have an option of being chosen between mid Chicago toe and the mid Royal toe to ensure even buying the replica means comfort. Just because you’re saving a pocket full of cash, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality and comfort. Retro Shoes has ensured that. 

jordan 13 replica dhgate

At this store, you can also buy different coloured quality shoe laces to go with your shoe in case you feel the need to change them. The customers can also buy a shoebox separately at a marginal price to feel the last mile experience.

Check out the store here

Tn Plus

most popular air jordan replicas

TN Plus dedicatedly started selling shoes on Dhgate only since December 2019. In this short span of time, this sincere brand has proved its worth. Having made 15,000+ transactions in total, at least 3,600 of them are pairs of Air Jordans I.

The store provides a plethora of choices in that series, ranging between Black Yellow, Obsidian, Twist, Travis Scott collabs, Bloodline and what not!

replica air jordan

That’s not all, the TnPlus store sells all sorts of Jordans, popularly known as the Jumpmans 4s, 5s, 7s, 11, and 12s. Additionally, you’ll find all the Kanye West and Adidas collaborations here as well. ALl the Jordan products come with a standard keychain, box, and the socks.

Check out the store here

Discount Designer Store

replica air jordans

Now, this store might not exclusively sell shoes and has a variety of other products in its catalogue such as the designer and luxury bags and accessories, but this just tells us that they properly know what they’re doing. Manufacturing and selling products and individual pieces of class.

top air jordan replica site

Besides, the shoes portfolio itself includes 1,276 products. SO you have plenty to choose from.

The best selling shoe from this store is the Jordan 11s from the Jubilee edition. In that section alone, the store offers 49 colour and style options. You can imagine the massive expertise. Their delivery is rather quick and extremely professional.

Check out the store here

Men Running Shoes

top air jordan replica

Men Running Shoes has got all the Jordans that have ever existed. Starting from series 1 until 15 and the UNCs. The store is reputed and keeps its word. In the whole lockdown period, despite the challenges, Men Running Shoes made 12,000+  sales of shoes.

top dhgate jordan replica sellers

In fact, it has been on Dhgate for four years and only picked up in the last year, while maintaining a positivity rating of 97.2%. Close to 10,000 DHgate users consider this shoe seller like their favourite.

They also sell the reputed Tree Peri breathable walking shoes and other shoes in the designer luxury category.

Check out the store here


top dhgate jordan sellers

By this point, it can be safe to admit that regardless of how much innovation the Jordans might have had, the Air Jordan 1s have been an all-time favourite that practically goes with everything. They enhance your look while also giving you an edge.

Once again, the top-selling product from Foirhoes88 is the aforementioned pair of shoes. Additionally, the seller also sells orthopaedic shoes and ironically riveting heels and stilettos.

jordan 11 replica dhgate

In one year, the seller has managed to take its positivity rating to 99.3% after making 14000+ tansactions.

Check out the store here

Yimurunning Store

One of the more recent stores to launch on DHgate in the last 5 years is the Yimurunning store. This store sells a load of Adidas and Nike replicas for cheap and specializes in A-grade replicas of Jordans and other basketball shoe brands. The Yimurunning store has sold over 8K pairs of shoes and received an outstanding satisfaction rating of 98.4%. 

You will be able to find practically any design of shoes on their page and have been made with high-quality canvas, rubber latex and PVC rubber for lasting durability. They cater to men and women with sizes from 4-12 in stock and each product page has a size chart that you can refer to before making any purchases.

Check out their store here


Goodgoodsneakers is a relatively new store on DHgate with just over 2 years in the business and yet they have managed to accumulate a satisfaction rating of 95.5% from 1670 sales. This store offers a wide range of Air Jordan replicas to choose from and each pair has been specially made from high quality PU leather that’s waterproof and comfortable to wear.

This store offers returns on products if they are either defective or there’s an issue with the size. However, none of the orders get shipped out along with the shoe box and would be packaged separately. Based on reviews from other customers, Goodgoodsneakers is definitely a store to consider shopping from.

Check out their store here

Are Air Jordans on Dhgate worth it?

Air Jordans on Dhgate are replicas. They aren’t original. About 30% of the listings are true reps, which means they look exactly like the original design. If you are looking for high quality Jordan reps, then Dhgate is a good place.

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Jordan 11

When you hear the term ‘Sneaker King’, you’d automatically assume it’s a sneaker brand. Here, I’m talking about one in particular — the Nike Air Jordans 1. The most coveted shoe of the decade, nay, century even. It has quite a rich history. Michael Jordan, undoubtedly, arguably is one of the best athletes of his time. So when the first pair of Jordans hit the stores in 1985, they were an instant hit. Of course, at that time, production was limited and it was hard to find.

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