34 Top DHgate Shoe Sellers | DHgate Sneaker Review

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Looking to score fresh kicks without breaking the bank? DHgate, a popular online marketplace, offers a vast selection of sneakers at competitive prices.

But with so many sellers, navigating the platform can be daunting. This guide empowers you to become a savvy DHgate shopper.

We’ll unveil the 34 top DHgate shoe sellers, renowned for their quality, customer service, and affordability.

This review dives deep into what each seller excels at, from the hottest Jordans and Yeezys to classic styles and hidden gems.

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Best DHgate Sneaker Sellers

This is my top 3 pick.

MIUI Dhgate

There are a lot of searches for MIUI sneakers on DHgate. So are they a seller? MIUI is a sneaker seller that sells on Dhgate with the original box. They are one of the top rep sellers on Dhgate as of now.

PK Dhgate

MC Dhgate

For a Full Review on DHgate Shoes, go to the bottom of the article!

Dhgate Sneaker Seller List – Complete List of Dhgate Shoe Sellers

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Best Shoes on DHgate

Best Dhgate Replica Sneaker Sellers | $40 Yeezy shoes, Nike Shoes and More!

Space Jam Shoes

With nearly 97% feedback from the DHgate customers, Space Jam Shoes is dedicated to the production and development of Sports Shoes. Their sneakers can be worn by both men and women and perfect for work out sessions or even long runs. The upper material of this long lasting shoes are made of PU Canvas Mesh PVC Genuine Leather while the insole and outsole material consists of EVA PU TPR Rubber PVC. Space Jam Shoes is one of the Top DHgate Shoe Sellers.

The shoes are extremely comfortable and works smoothly on hard courts. Additionally, it goes well with all types of clothes. Available in seven different sizes, these flat sneakers have an average price of $42 for six pairs of shoes. The manufacturer offers free shipping and accepts payments through debit and credit cards. Comfortable crocs are also designed by this seller but the most interesting thing about Space Jam Shoes is that if offers the customers a wide variety of choices in color and design.

  • Positive Feedback: 96.4%
  • Transactions: 19057
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Above Average
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Check it out on DHgate

Jumpman Shoes

With more than a whopping 11,000 transactions across international markets, Jumpman Shoes is one of the biggest and most reputed names among the DHgate shoe sellers. This company focuses on the production, development and selling of basketball and running shoes.

These quality sneaker are designed to cater to men’s fashion tastes and preferences. They are flat and mostly the upper material is made of PU Canvas Mesh PVC Genuine Leather that long lasting and comfortable. The insole, outsole and lining material used for these shoes are EVA PU TPR Rubber PVC and PU Mesh PVC Cotton Fabric Genuine Leather, respectively.

The materials used to develop the Jumpman Shoes make them breathable and therefore, convenient for any kind of heavy work out session or long distance runs. The shoes mostly have a medium cut, a lace-up closure type and are perfect for spring and fall seasons. Customer can choose from 8 different sizes and hundreds of different designs and colors. Jumpman shoes are sold at an average cost of $50 (for 6+ pairs) and offers jaw-dropping discounts as well.

  • Positive Feedback: 96.1%
  • Transactions: 11937
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Above Average

Check it out on DHgate


Based in Henan, China, this manufacturer mainly develops designer shoes for women and men. Established in 2018, these comfortable and reliable shoes are not only trendy and elegant, but also amazingly affordable. Focusing mostly on sports shoes, Wenbaozhang offers the customers a wide variety of designs that are breathable and convenient on hard courses.

The insole and outsole of the products are made of rubber while the lining material is mostly mesh. The sneakers are perfect for spring and fall season and can be used while any kind of climbing sports. It is also designed to provide comfort during rigorous work out sessions and long distant runs. The sizes of the shoes range from Euro 36 to Euro 40 for women and from Euro 40 to Euro 44 for men. The average prize for 6 pairs of Wenbaozhang shoes is $45. It is one of the Top DHgate Shoe Sellers.

  • Positive Feedback: 99.1%
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Above Average

Check it out on DHgate


One of the hot favorites among the Dhgate customers, abc688 provides top quality products at jaw-dropping ranges. The main products manufactured by this seller include loafers, boat shaped shoes, unisex sneakers and much more. The shoes are trendy and are perfect for casual wears.

Mostly made of rubber, mesh and cotton fabric, these those are smooth on concrete floors and are suitable for round shaped toes. They are waterproof and has creative designs made of appliques. The shoes are available in six different sizes and customers can choose from a wide variety of colors. They have an average price range of $25 for more than 6 pairs.

  • Positive Feedback: 94.7%
  • Transactions: 1668
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Below Average

Check it out on DHgate


Headquartered in Henan, China, Happymonkey007 focuses on the development of sports shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, unisex shoes, sandals, slippers, running shoes and large size shoes. With over 98% positive feedback, this Dhgate seller is admired by customers across its massive international market. They are also known for offering exciting discounts.

One of the most interesting features of Happymonkey007 shoes is that their sports shoes are shock proof and designed for offering comfort during long distance runs or gym sessions. The designer shoes offers by this seller are mostly made of rubber and mesh and are extremely breathable. Women can choose from 5 different sizes while men have 8 different sizes to choose from. The average price range for 6 or more pairs of Happymonkey007 shoes is $41.   

  • Positive Feedback: 98.3%
  • Transactions: 218
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Below Average
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Check it out on DHgate


Founded in 2018 and based in Tiajin, China, Wuhanqq offers quality men and women’s shoes at reasonable prices. Widely admired by the DHgate customers, this company is reputed for providing up to 50% discount on all their products. From pumps to sandals, from high heels to leather boots and from sneakers to military biker boots – a wide range of variety is manufactured by this supplier.

The shiny high heels, pointed toe pumps are developed with leather and styled ruffles while the sneakers are made mostly of rubber and mesh. The Genuine Leather Boots high heels have absolutely gorgeous finishing and the thick heel ankle boots are designed mostly with cow skin. All these shoes are chic and trendy can be worn during casual hangouts or big office parties. The sneakers are perfect for climbing, running and gym sessions.

All these products have an average price range of $55 (for 6+ pairs) and extremely breathable and convenient. More than 5 different sizes are available for both men and women across categories and the customers can select their perfect pair from a wide variety of colors and shades.

  • Positive Feedback: 96.7%
  • Transactions: 107
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Above Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Below Average

Check it out on DHgate


Established in 2019, this Chinese supplier has over 94% positive response and is one of the most popular names among the DHgate shoe sellers. Wangsicong_ manufactures mainly slipper, sandals and sneakers for both men and women. The casual and long lasting designs of the shoes are admired by the customers.

Wangsicong_ creates close replicas of brands like Fendi and offers the products at surprisingly reasonable rates. Since the products are all exported by the factory, free shipping is provided by the seller on almost every pair of trendy shoes. More than six sizes of shoes are available for both men and women.

The materials used to make these shoes are mostly bonded leather, soft leather or genuine leather. The sandals and slippers are designed to endure heavy use and can be worn daily. Appliques decorations enhance the aesthetics of the products make any suitable for all kinds of casual styles. The average cost of 7+ pairs of Wangsicong_ shoes is $50.

  • Positive Feedback: 94.7%
  • Transactions: 28
  • Product Quality: Above Average
  • Customer Service: Below Average
  • Repurchase Rate: Below Average

Check it out on DHgate


Here’s another shoe seller, based in Fujian, China that offers best quality products at best prices in DHgate. Some of their main products include sandals, boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, high heels, leather shoes and much more. Lvdou12’s products are hot favorites among the DHgate customers and they are offered at an astonishing 50% discount. It is one of the Top DHgate Shoe Sellers.

The ankle boots manufactured by Lvdou12 are designed with cowskin and has thin heels. The thin grain leather gives the product a perfect finishing touch and makes it waterproof. The hiking boots on the other hand are extremely breathable and have proved to be comfortable trekking and long outdoor activities. Be it quirky or classy, the styles created by this seller can cater to all kinds of tastes. The products have an average selling price of $135 for 5+ pairs.Positive Feedback: 94.6%

Transactions: 127

Product Quality: Below Average

Customer Service: Above Average

Repurchase Rate: Below Average

Check it out on DHgate


This Chinese seller is dedicated to the manufacturing, development and designing of a wide variety of fashion products including bags, accessories and shoes. With excellent service and fast shipping, this seller has 100% positive feedbacks from its customers and offers amazing discounts on all products.

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Some of the shoes manufactures by Han0007 include waterproof boots, fancy hills, sandals and even slippers. Leather, rubber and mesh are used to the production of these shoes and can be used both by men and women. The products have an average selling price of $80 for 4+ pairs.

Positive Feedback: 100%
Transactions: 41

Check it out on DHgate

Dhgate Sneaker Review

Before I start off the review, I want to say, NOT all of the sneakers on Dhgate are good. You need to be very very careful! There are a lot of sellers who sell reps or other types of shoes and they are really bad.

Reviewed Shoes

There are a few sellers like Air Force 1 who are really good and affordable. The big sellers manufacture in larger quantities and are good at reps. They get the logos, insignia, colour, material all correct.

Dhgate Sneakers like the one above are under $40 and are absolutely worth it. Sellers like MIUI and Yuze Yeezy specialize in Jordan reps.

Dunk Low

With over a thousand available products, Dunk Low focuses mainly on running shoes and basketball shoes, while also having an impressive collection of casual footwear on its catalogue. Over 86k transactions have earned the seller a positive feedback rate of 97.9% and holds a badge for being a high-quality seller. 

The sneakers and basketball shoes are available in the latest designs and trends, and you can even find replicas of leading brands. You can even purchase laces, plain colours or tie-dyed ones, in their store. 

Positive Feedback: 97.9%

Transactions: 86,398

Check it out on DHgate here


This seller has gained positive feedback of 98%, primarily selling sneakers and basketball shoes. For more than a decade, they have been providing DHgate customers with the latest trends in footwear, with a small portion of their product list dedicated towards sports jerseys, bags and sandals as well. 

You can find designs identical to the hottest ongoing trends in any season, and with most of their shoes costing less than $75, many customers stay loyal to the seller. They also run time-limited discounts where you can get slightly outdated products at great prices!

Positive Feedback: 98%

Transactions: 53,090

Check it out on DHgate here

Does DHgate have good shoes?

While sellers on DHgate are authentic and sell high-quality shoes, you must remember that they usually sell replicas and not branded items. The best indicator of a bad product on DHgate is customer reviews stating that the product was not as described by the seller.

Where can I find designer shoes on DHgate?

It would be quite easy to come across designer shoes on DHgate as they are a very popular choice from sellers and buyers alike. However, you can find them by entering ‘designer shoes’ on the Search box on the homepage, and select the option of ‘in Casual Shoes’ among the suggestions. You can also select the ‘Shoes & Accessories’ option on the category list.

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Top Dhgate Shoe Sellers

We'll unveil the 34 top DHgate shoe sellers, renowned for their quality, customer service, and affordability.

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