Where to Buy Omega Watch Copies in 2022

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Where to Buy Omega Watch Copies

If you’re lost and wondering where to buy Omega watch copies, then you’ve come to the right page. Read on to find out all there is to know about sourcing Omega replicas and first copies from China.

Omega watches are some of the most popular luxury watches in the world that have been made famous thanks mainly to James Bond and his fascination for the brand. 

These watches don’t come cheap and are really high quality therefore in order to please fans who are on a budget, Chinese manufacturers have resorted to cloning Omega watches and selling them at a bargain.

Many websites host Omega copies, but based on my personal experience, the best website to buy high quality Omega watch copies has to be DHgate. The site has a reasonable collection of high quality copies that you can buy for well under $100. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best selling Omega watch copies on DHgate and find one that’s best suited for you.

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Top Omega Watch Copies Sellers

michaeltravis store97.9% Satisfaction Rating
perfectwatch store97.6 Satisfaction Rating
jason007 store98.6% Satisfaction Rating
hk24chrono store95.8% Satisfaction Rating
Luxury jewelry sunglasses store98.2% Satisfaction Rating
Dropshipping stylish store92.3% Satisfaction Rating

Where to Buy Omega Watch Copies

Omega Seamaster Heritage Calibre Copy

Where to Buy Omega Watch Copies

Heritage copies are always available on DHgate and they’re probably some of the most popular Omega watches you can find. 

This Seamaster heritage calibre copy is such a fine piece with all the bits and pieces in place. It’s so good that it’s rated as a master AAA+ copy of the original Seamaster.

Made in China and sold by the michaeltravis store, you can buy this uber cheap Omega watch copy for under $30 and what’s more, it comes with a branded Omega replica box as well as the strap of the watch and the dial carry the Omega branding. 

The seller sells them in bulk, so if you’re a business owner then you should definitely consider checking out this Omega watch copy.

  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Dial material– Sapphire 
  • Dial Diameter– 40mm
  • Strap– Stainless steel / Leather
  • Sold By: michaeltravis store

Omega Diver 300m 007 Edition Copy

James Bond is most likely the only fictional character that can pull off wearing an Omega with ease. Since he has been one of the most iconic ambassadors of the brand, Omega has produced one of the best looking Seamaster to commemorate the fictional character.

This 007 edition of the Seamaster Diver is a sleek and simple looking watch that features a ash grey dial and has a 007 limited edition serial number engraved at the back of the watch as it has been specifically created for the No time to Die movie from the franchise. 

It’s made from high quality stainless steel and the watch is sold with a branded box and you’ll even receive the  Omega tags and owners certificate along with the watch.

  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Dial material– Acrylic
  • Dial Diameter– 42mm
  • Strap– Stainless steel / Leather
  • Sold By: perfectwatch store

Omega Seamaster Diver 42mm Beijing Edition Copy

The Omega Seamaster is personally one of my favorite watches in the world and to have the Beijing edition without breaking the bank is a dream. But this Chinese Omega watch copy of the Seamaster Beijing edition happens to be one of the highest selling Omega watch  copies on DHgate.

This AAA copy is on discount and in terms of functionality, it has an auto date feature and that’s about it. The dial glows in the dark and the triangle marker on the bezel is flush quite like the original. All in all, this watch is a pretty accurate copy of the original and everything is in place.

However, this particular copy does not come with the Omega tags, but it does come with a branded replica box that actually looks quite authentic. In my opinion, based on the price and quality of the watch, it’s worth it and is something you should definitely consider buying especially if Omega Seamaster is your favorite range, as it is mine.

  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Dial material– Hardlex
  • Dial Diameter– 42mm
  • Strap– Stainless steel / Leather
  • Sold By: jason007 store

Omega Deville Ladymatic 34mm Copy

Ladies, this one’s for you. The Omega Deville Ladymatic is a truly elegant piece that features a diamond studded bezel and a rose gold bracelet, making it one of the most luxurious watches for ladies from Omega. 

Obviously not everyone can afford one as they tend to cost well over $3000, but this cheap $130 copy on DHgate will surely leave you feeling satisfied and you might actually end up buying one of each color/strap.

The Deville Ladymatic 34mm copy is an exact replica and is waterproof with 3ATM rating. The stainless steel strap is adjustable and the watch comes along with a gift box instead of a branded replica box.

  • Material- Stainless steel
  • Dial material- Sapphire
  • Dial Diameter- 34mm
  • Strap- Stainless steel 
  • Sold By: hk24chrono store

Omega Heritage Speedmaster Automatic Copy

The heritage Speedmaster automatic copy  happens to be a unique timepiece on DHgate and it’s available in around 4 different colors so you can pick the one that best suits your personality. The body is made from stainless steel and the bezel has replica diamonds embedded quite like the original.

At the back of the watch you have a see-through panel that highlights the internal components and mechanism which is pretty cool in my opinion, much like Omega’s actual Speedmaster automatic. The only unique feature of this watch is the auto date feature and that it’s waterproof.

Luxury jewelry sunglasses on DHgate is a reliable seller and though this watch is actually one of the most expensive on this list, the product is reliable, carries all the necessary branding and even comes with a box, tags and even has the Omega branding on the dial and at the back.

Omega 43mm Seamaster Diver Copy

Dropshipping Stylish is a seller on AliExpress that has a reasonably large collection of high end watches to choose from. One of their best selling Omega watch replicas is the Seamaster Diver copy which is the cheapest Omega replica they sell. 

It’s a super copy of the original and based on user reviews, this seller provides a box, tags and the watch even has a high quality Omega-grade finish to it that makes the watch stand out for the price.

  • Material– Stainless steel
  • Dial material– Hardlex
  • Dial Diameter– 42mm
  • Strap– Stainless steel 
  • Sold By: Dropshipping stylish store

How to distinguish between a real Omega watch and a copy?

Real Omega watches are amazingly well made and every component is created to perfection. Copies, unlike fakes, are near replicas and will feature every minute detail such as branding, imprints on the straps, and even some sellers provide high quality boxes and tags along with their products. 

Here are some tell-tale signs that your watch is a copy and not the real deal.

  • Authentic Omega watches are made from high quality 316L stainless steel, rose gold alloy and a blend of copper and palladium which is why these watches are so expensive.
  • Copies are made from regular stainless steel which looks the same, but lacks the shine and enhanced color as the authentic Omega watches. 
  • Omega copies also have slight imperfections in the finish of the watch which is honestly a dead giveaway especially if you know what to look for. This is not the case with every Omega clone out there, but the ones I’ve managed to cover on the list above.
  • Finally, genuine Omega watches cost upwards of $2,000 and copies generally don’t cost more than $500 (that’s for a AAA+ quality first copy).
  • Also, there’s a serial number at the back of the watch that lists the manufacturing details and scanning that code will let you know if the watch is real or fake.

How to choose the right seller for Omega watch clones?

When shopping for fake watches or clones it’s best to first know what factors to consider and how to choose the right seller for your needs.

Reviews and Ratings

The first thing you must look at is the reviews and ratings of a particular seller. This will help you determine whether the seller is genuine or not and if the products sold are made from high quality materials or not.

Buyer reviews for individual products can be your reference point to figure out if the seller provides everything you need such as a box, tags, certificate of authenticity, etc.

Transaction History

Checking the seller’s transaction history  is also a good place to start because this will highlight whether the seller has a good track record or not. The more sales under their belt, the more trustworthy and reputable the seller is.

You will also get to know if the seller has been around for a long time or if they are new to the market. 

Seller Deals

Another important thing to consider when shopping for Omega copies is the deals offered by the seller. Normally sellers do provide first time buyer discounts and coupon codes that you can avail on your purchases, but that’s not the case with every seller online.

So if you’re looking to save some extra money, pick the seller that has a good reputation and who offers deals on their goods.


Is it a good idea to buy Omega watch clones from China?

Yes, if you’re on a budget. These Omega clones on DHgate are made from high quality materials like stainless steel and genuine leather. Since China is known for their high quality replicas and clones, you can definitely find something that will be worth your time and money.

Where to buy Omega watch copies?

Omega watch copies are available on DHgate and you can find a handful of them on sites like AliExpress too. But if you’re truly in search of quality Omega clones, check out some of the sellers we listed above such as michaaeltravis store, perfectwatch store and jason007 store on DHgate for some high quality Omega watch copies.

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