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by Tim Howard

Using e-commerce stores to buy stuff from your wishlist is no news for you. But when you’re using a platform like Dhgate, where the influx of sellers is simply too large, and the number of products sold too, you can never be too sure about where your money is going.

Being aware at the very least about how to pay safely on Dhgate will prevent you from a  lot of scams. In this article, I have also included some insights into what kind of situations may arise when you’re trying to make payments via DHgate.

How do the payments on DHgate work?

It is almost ridiculous to think that you can encompass Dhgate transactions as a ‘scam’ as a whole, just because they’ve had nip slips here and there. Come to think of it, the platform has partnered with payment giants like American Express, MasterCard, Paypal and such.

Can you really expect massive scams being pulled off under the noses of fin-tech geniuses? You make your payment, your money is secured through DHgate and you receive your order. It is as simple as that.

Is Dhgate payment secure?

How is it secured, you may ask? DHgate uses a method called escrow payment system where the seller does not get paid the money you owe them by DHgate until you receive the order. Think of it as buyers’ protection. DHgate is a buyer-centric platform that gives priority to buyer concerns and focuses on keeping them safe.

Owing to this escrow method, you are eliminating the risks of fraud completely. Your funds will be released to the seller only if you have confirmed that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Keep an eye out for sellers that try to sell you their products directly. Notify the DHgate help desk immediately. If you decide to go through with it, there is no way DHgate can offer you a guarantee on a return or refund if the transaction goes wrong.

The Best payment methods on DHgate

There are a variety of payment options available on DHgate for you to successfully complete your transaction. Thanks to technology, this process has been made pretty easy. Check out your options:


PayPal is possibly one of the safest payment options around because of the double-tiered protection that you get. Your PayPal account can be connected to a credit card or debit card and it won’t matter. You can swiftly send payments through the account without any worry that your account details will be revealed.

This is especially beneficial if you want to pay with your debit card in case you don’t have a credit card. Paying on DHgate with a debit card is otherwise impossible.

When you do select PayPal as your mode of payment, you have to go to the PayPal site and approve the transaction.

The advantages of using PayPal as a payment method are numerous:

  • If you have a simple bank account that’s enough. Your payment will be made quickly.
  • All payments are traceable. 
  • Limited risk because your account details are not revealed.
  • Finally, if your purchase is under $1,000, PayPal also offers a money-back guarantee upon fraud.

Credit Card

This is one of the most preferred forms of payment on DHgate because it works the best. There may be chances that sellers don’t offer other forms of payment, but paying by credit card is always an option.

When you select to pay via the Credit Card option, you will be redirected to the PayPal website in order to complete the transaction. So the benefits that you accrue from the PayPal mode of payment remain valid here as well.

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The payment is traceable, remains quick and is deposited to DHgate’s own PayPal account. The escrow method is applicable.

And you know that credit card fraud exists which also means you have that many protections and guarantees from Credit Card companies as well as DHgate.

Some of the common Credit Card protection policies include: Zero Liability MasterCard and Visa, Ironclad Protection by American Express and Discover 100% Fraud Protection.

Bank Transfer

A standard bank transfer will also do the trick. On the payment page, you can select “Bank Transfer” and enter the details I have mentioned below to transfer your purchase amount to DHgate’s Hong Kong HSBC account. You’ll have to enter the same details relevant to your bank account as well. 

Like the others, the bank transfer isn’t risky either, but keep in mind that your bank details will be revealed. DHgate isn’t perfect and is perceptible to fraud.

BeneficiaryRich Palace Holdings Limited
Beneficiary AddressUnit D, 10/F, China Overseas Building, 139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Bank NameThe Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Account808-056402-838
Bank AddressL9, HSBC Building, 673 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Western Union

Paying with Western Union is reliable but it can be tricky. There are tiny details that you need to take care of so that your order doesn’t cause you unwanted hindrances.

While paying with WU, ensure that you’re indicating the PO number of your order on the payment receipt. This is important so that the payment is applied to the right order. Missing PO numbers would simply slow down the process. Technology isn’t at its best sometimes.

Sending an email along with the payment with certain details adds to your benefit. Make sure to mention these details as well: Your full name, MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), the total amount you will be sending and the date.

Finally, send the exact amount when sending in the payment. If your amount is off by even a cent, your order will likely remain unprocessed. It is especially tricky when you’re ordering outside of the US and using another currency. Use the currency conversion rate and send in the exact amount.

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Always keep your payment information secure. Sharing it with anyone else is risky, even the seller. 

These are the details you need to enter to transfer the amount due:

BeneficiaryFang JiangFirst Name: FangLast Name: Jiang
Address8/F, Dimeng Commercial Building, No. 3-2 Hua Yuan Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing 100083, China

Best Way to Pay on DHgate without a Credit Card

Now, if you do not have a credit card or are unable to visit your nearest western union, then there are other modes of payment you can choose from such as Payoneer, and TT or Telegraphic Transfer to pay for your orders on DHgate. Both are entirely safe to use and they are relatively faster at clearing payments than Western Union or a regular bank transfer.

Let’s go over what they are:

  • Payoneer – Payoneer is an online payment system that can be used to pay for orders without owning a credit card. All you need to do is simply register for an account on the official Payoneer website.

    You will receive a US checking account along with a digital card that can be used to make payments on various platforms including DHgate after topping up the card by transferring money from your bank account.

    It’s a lot safer than a bank transfer and the turn around time for refunds will be 7-10 days instead of 30 days.
  • TT or Telegraphic Transfer – Here’s a method that’s gaining traction on DHgate as one of the safest modes of payment for high value orders over $1,500.

    Telegraphic transfer is a mode that’s similar to a wire or bank transfer and the option only appears when you select local payment methods as the preferred mode of payment on DHgate.

    However, this option is only available to buyers who have signed up with DHgate as a certified buyer and have shared their company details with DHgate.

    TT is an expensive way to pay for your order as there will be a remittance fee and a correspondent bank fee that will be applied on the transaction.

Can you also pay with debit cards on Dhgate?

There is no separate option that lets you pay with a debit card or a pre-paid card of any form. The logic is simple. If your prepaid card doesn’t have enough balance that is required to make the DHgate purchase, then the whole transaction goes to waste. Keep in mind that DHgate was designed to let wholesale buyers and resellers make their business. 

However, if you still wish to use a debit card, connect that card with your PayPal or use the “bank transfer” payment option. That will allow you to use your prepaid card as a mode of payment on DHgate.

Common payment issues faced on DHgate

Credit card isn’t accepted

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This issue, contrary to popular belief, is more on the side of the bank that issued your card rather than DHgate itself. Since the bank controls the payments, in case of an issue, you should contact the bank.

These are the most common issues found whilst someone is trying to pay via a credit card:

  1. You might not have passed the risked checks
  2. You have sufficient funds 
  3. The card is expired
  4. You have been suspected of fraud because of some transactions
  5. The CSC code (3 digit number at the back of your card) that you entered is wrong
  6. Card is referred
  7. Declined by the bank for no specific reason

In such cases, it makes sense to contact your bank and understand the policies of your bank. If this kind of purchase is new, your bank may think this has come across as unexpected and flag them as fraud. It could happen when you’re making large purchases or a new kind of purchase.

There have been issues where if your bank has once flagged your DHgate purchase as fraud, Dhgate simply stops accepting that card as a form of payment.

A problem could also arise if you have crossed the daily transaction limit. If you want to increase that you would have to contact your bank.

You can find more information here about how to deal with declined credit cards here.

“Pending payment verification”

This pitstop of “pending payment verification” is rather standard. Don’t freak out if you’re notified of this message. At this stage, DHgate receives your payment but has to verify it to check whether the payment has come from a credible source, ie, the cardholder.

It is an anti-fraud procedure to ensure that this transaction holds both the cardholder and the receiver liable. It takes around one or 2 business days to verify your payment.

Are there hidden fees on DHgate?

It is shocking how there isn’t enough awareness about import duties.

There are no hidden fees on DHgate. You add the goods to your cart. You visit your cart, see the subtotal of the goods along with the shipping cost and that’s the amount you pay to DHgate.

After that comes import duties, when the goods arrive in your country from another one, you have certain taxes you need to pay. It is advisable to check the laws of your own country when you are sourcing goods from another. 

The sellers of DHgate can’t keep track of all the custom laws of every country. It is the buyers’ responsibility to do so. There is no way for the seller to be able to calculate it. Besides, you can’t pre-pay it anyway.

If you are ordering someone a gift, make sure they know that they can be liable to pay some import duties as a part of the receipt even if they don’t have to pay for the goods themselves.

Some countries have a cap on the purchase limit for which they are not allowed to charge import duties. If your order is within that limit, you can avoid these import taxes. 

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