15 Top DHgate Bag Sellers 2024 | Dhgate Designer Bags Reviewed

by Tim Howard

The right bag is not just an accessory—it’s a statement, a practical companion, and a reflection of personal style. In the dynamic world of fashion, where designer bags carry hefty price tags, DHgate emerges as a marketplace that bridges the gap between luxury and affordability. For those with an eye for style but a budget in mind, finding a trusted seller who offers quality replicas or unbranded alternatives can transform your wardrobe without draining your wallet.

At Best China Products, we’ve scoured the digital aisles of DHgate to bring you a curated selection of the platform’s top bag sellers. Our guide is meticulously crafted to navigate you through the diverse range of sellers, helping you to identify those who stand out for their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and value for money. Whether you’re in search of a chic tote, a sleek clutch, or a sturdy backpack, our insights aim to connect you with sellers that match your fashion sensibilities.

We understand the importance of detailed reviews, clear photos, and responsive customer service when shopping for bags online. That’s why we’ve done the legwork, analyzing seller reputations and product offerings, so you can shop with confidence. Our guide is your ally in the quest for the perfect bag that complements your lifestyle and enhances your daily ensembles.

Best Dhgate Purses

Check out this purse on Dhgate

Check out this purse on Dhgate

Check out this chloe dupe replica on Dhgate

Check out this tote replica on Dhgate

Check out the YSL designer bag on dhgate

Check out this LV purse on Dhgate

Check out this purse on Dhgate

Check out this bag on Dhgate

Check out this LV purse

Check out the chloe bags on dhgate

Check out one of the top seller Dicky on Dhgate & the Baguette Bag

Check out this bag on Dhgate – Guess which brand this is?

Check this purse out on dhgate

Check it out here

Check out the bags here

Link 1

Link 2

In terms of ratings, reviews and my personal experience, for replicas, Handbagstore888 store is the best handbag seller. There are other DHgate bag sellers like Dicky0750 and Bagtrade98 who are good for generic bags, non-replica bags.

Top DHgate Bag Seller Link to the Store
Designer Handbags Maizon (Maizhong)Visit Store
Wd2011Visit Store
Handbagstore888Visit Store
Bagtrade98Visit Store
Mk Store666Visit Store
Dicky0750Visit Store
Designer Clutch Bags Luxury WalletVisit Store
Juan5518016Visit Store
Jesse231Visit Store
LiXiaoJuanVisit Store
Vivi Children BagsVisit Store
Designer 1 HandbagsVisit Store
Join2 StoreVisit Store

How I Pick the Right Dhgate HandBag Seller

Ive been buying Dhgate bags for years. One, for our customers and two for, personal consumption (My wife who is obsessed with these reps bags). What my wife loves about these bags is, she says, even though if some are designer inspired they still are super high quality and people do ask her, if it’s a big brand name bag.

And this is how I choose the right Dhgate bag sellers. Their quality of their wares. What we don’t need is a bag that’s decked to the core with the logo and branding of a brand and it tears in a week.

Here are some of my best picks.

Top 15 DHgate Bags Sellers

Best Dhgate Replica Bags Sellers | $30 Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci bags and more replicas!

#1 Designer Handbags MAIZON

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

They are more popularly known as Maizhong. This online DHgate store has a positivity rating of 98.3% even after having done 16,500+ transactions in six years of its lifetime. Their collection includes a variety of different bags suited to all kinds of needs. They have the most quirky stuff from waist packs to drawstring cinch pouches.

bags sellers dhgate

You’re probably here for the more mainstream style of bags like purses, handbags and crossbody bags that give you an extra edge as you strut across the street on the way to your favourite restaurant. Well, Maizhong has incomparable designer handbags that imitate the style, design and quality of premium handbag brands itself. There’s a reason why about 16,000 people on DHgate consider Maizhong to be one of their favourite stores and keep coming back for the next one.

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Check out the store here

#2 Wd2011

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

Wd2011 has been around for about 3 years, winning hearts of over 22,000 customers. This online store is rated as one of the top selected suppliers of DHgate that is dedicated to providing excellence to every customer who decides to purchase from here.

dhgate bags sellers

With positive feedback of 98.3%, Wd2011 can never disappoint. Some of the options available at this store are ultra-chic, whether you’re attending a party, or going to enter your office, always enter in style. There are many fancy yet subtle options for the everyday working girl. The varieties of options include backpacks, wallets, sling bags, totes and languages as well. They’re available in multiple materials, with leather dominating the store.

Check out the store here

#3 Handbagstore888

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

The handbagstore888 might just be the perfect place to find helpful and stylish accessories. It possesses an excellent collection of luxury handbag replicas that can make you feel bougie on a budget.

The quality is immaculate and has been imitated really well. If you’re looking for bags with a matte finish, chain-link shoulder straps, logos in gold-tone and surprises inside in more pockets, it’s a fascinating ride inside the online store. There’s probably nothing you can’t find.

The handbagstore888 is in its 6th year of sales on DHgate and it’s still going strong after having catered to many, where about 18,000 customers saved them as a favourite store. They have had over 44,000 transactions. By the statistics, you can tell that the customers were satisfied and came back for more.

Check out the store here

#4 Bagtrade9

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

If you’re looking for bags that give you an edge and make you look elegant and sophisticated at the same time, you’ve stumbled on the right place.

From timeless totes to artisanal-crafted bags, you’ll find a multitude of options to pick from before you have to brace yourself just to pick one. In the store, you can find very ergonomic and stylish handbags that have detachable straps, passport covers and wallets crafted with precision that make for excellent in-bag accessories. 

The Bagstore98 may only be in the first year of its selling but it has won its customers’ confidence as soon as it entered the market. It already has made 3500+ transactions and achieved a 96.8% positivity rating. Their product quality is top-notch.

Check out the store here

#5 Mk Store666

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

One of the best selling products at Mk Store 666 is the replica of the famous Birkin by Hermes. The craftsmanship is so fascinating. To achieve this kind of imitation and preciseness is unbelievable. It’s true that the Birkins value increases with use and as it wears, but there’s something about a new one that’s shipped across the world just for you.

The Mk Store 666 sells other products like large rectangular totes, other amazing replicas of luxury brands, shopping bags, sling and zippy wallets to go with your leather purses. The MK Store has been around since 2015 and has maintained a 97.6% positivity rating on its site by pleasing over 12000 of its customers.

Check out the store here

#6 Dicky0750

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

If you’re looking for comfortable and sturdy shoulder bags that can also act as cross-body bags, Dicky0750 is the perfect pit-stop.

Believe it or not, after 6 years on DHgate as a reputed seller, this online store has maintained a positive rating of 99.1%. Having done close to 50,000 transactions and with a portfolio of over 150 products in the bag series, Dicky0750 is a star.

dhgate givenchy bags sellers

Apart from these, they have a great collection of genuine leather backpacks that are quickie and fashionable timelessly. Dicky0750 is one of the major Prada and Louis Vuitton replica sellers on DHgate that doesn’t compromise on quality and exactness.

From the logo and print to inseam and detailing, everything is simply on point. If you don’t trust us, check out the reviews. 

Check out the store here

#7 Designer Clutch Bags Luxury Wallet

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

The workmanship shown in these bags is quite remarkable. The packaging, the stitches, logo, print design is absolutely error-free. This Designer Clutch Bags Luxury Wallet store sells exactly this. Designer bags of all kinds.

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These bags are durable especially because a lot of effort has been put into the details. A tiny investment that it requires will pay off really well. The manufacturers have ensured to put in a classic and glamorous finish to the end product.

This store launched itself on DHgate in early 2019 and has proved itself to be to everyone’s liking. Having made just over 6000 transactions, at least 5500 people have found it necessary to add them to their favourites list.

Check out the store here

#8 Juan5518016

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

With over 430 products in its portfolio, Juan5518016 becomes the biggest legitimate and trusted bag seller of DHgate. DHgateclaims it as one of the most top-selling online stores. From Louis Vuitton and Gucci to Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, Juan has got it all.

dhgate luxury bags seller

The pictures of the bags do not have the logos and prints of them, but rest assured, when you decide to order the product and contact the seller, they’ll show you what the end product looks like and it will look as if you have the original, in terms of print and quality. Juan has made over 75,000 transactions and received an average of 98.6% positivity rating from its customers since 2016.

Check out the store here

#9 Jesse231

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

Jesse231 has been around on DHgate since September 2017 and has made over 35000 satisfactory sales with a positivity rating of 98.3% in the store. They are known for their immaculate collection of the Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and Prada replica bags.

dhgate luxury bags

The Jesse231 store hosts a variety of purses, from shoulder bags to clutches in many iconic shapes and colours. Upon buying bags from Jesse, you’ll experience the wholesomeness you’d feel as if you’ve just purchased the original. It can be exhilarating.

Check out the store here


Top DHgate Bag Sellers

Around since June 2016, this Fashion Bag Store 89 has received a positivity rating on its sales over 98% of the time.  The seller showcases a collection of handbags, shoulder bags, wallets, gift boxes, wallets and even bags for men.

All the bags are unreal and authentic looking. Sure, it can take some time to ship, but when you receive it, it feels as if these bags were custom made, just for you. After all, the dopamine received from the purchase extends till the last mile.

dhgate replica bags sellers

Check out the store here

Best Aliexpress Bags

#11 — Women Bag

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

The Women bag store is a relatively new store on DHgate that’s one of our favorites. They have a wide range of unique bangs for every type of occasion and have surpassed over 7295 sales in a short span of time with a positivity rating of 98.1%.

This store is well known for their large collection of replica handbags ranging from brands like Prada and Gucci to Louis Vuitton. We found their bags to be quite reasonably priced and loved the fact that they are not just a store but a direct factory which can customize and make changes to your orders based on your request.

Check out the store here

#12 — LiXiaoJuan

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

LiXiaoJuan is a Chinese wholesale store that specializes in a wide range of products which have been sourced directly from reliable Chinese suppliers. They have a small inventory of roughly 150+ bags in stock and have a positive rating of 97.6% from over 50k transactions till date.

The LiXiaoJuan store is probably one of the best DHgate bag sellers out there and while they do have a lot of handbags available, other products such as clutches and even backpacks are available in their store. Currently all their products are on sale and you can get a nice premium-quality handbag for almost half the original price.

Check out the store here

#13 — Vivi Children Bags

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

Vivi Children is not your regular handbag store, rather it’s a store that caters to children and their needs. Vivi Children has been around for well over 9 years and is one of the leading sellers and suppliers of high quality bags and handbags for boys and girls.

I was able to find a wide range of children’s handbags, backpacks, clutches, purses and even waist pouches that your child can wear while playing or heading to school. Their products are pretty popular and you will easily be able to buy these bags in bulk at really affordable prices. 

For example, Vivi Children has these PU leather bucket handbags for girls that are quite affordable and cost hardly $7. However, this particular bag has a minimum order count of 6 pieces and you will have to buy all 6 if you want to get it at a discounted price.  The seller does not provide samples, but based on reviews, the quality of the bags are top notch and worth the $7.

#14 — Designer 1 Handbags

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

Designer 1 is a store on DHgate that’s been around for around a little over 6 years and here you can get genuine leather wallets for as low as $1. 

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They also have a wide collection of designer luxury replicas that look amazing and are perfect for any type of working professional.

What’s more, Designer 1 has completed over 13k sales till date and they have a whopping 98.8% satisfaction rating making them one of the top bag sellers online today. 

While their bags are not overly expensive, you can get some really wonderful knockoff designs for cheap and the best part is that all their bags are made from high quality canvas and leather which means that they are durable and built to last.Check out the store

#15 — Join2 Store

Top DHgate Bag Sellers

If you’re interested in buying from a superior seller with over 9 years of experience dealing in high quality leather and PU handbags, then do check out Join2 on DHgate. 

This seller has an impressive collection of handbags, purses and clutches to choose from and there are loads of designer replicas from brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Chanel that are up for grabs at unbeatable prices.

They have a 99.3% satisfaction rating and have sold over 70k handbags till date making them one of the highest selling stores on the platform. 

Every bag of theirs is created with quality in mind and the overall finish is really good. Most of their designer replicas are identical to their original counterparts and the only minor difference between the two will be the type of material used and small details such as the style of stitching.

Why buy bags and handbags from DHgate?

  • DHgate offers high quality authentic and replica handbags at wholesale prices
  • Replica handbags available on the site are made from high quality materials and you will generally receive the same product that’s advertised.
  • DHgate has a wide range of designer and custom handbags for cheap and most of the sellers provide branding, customizations, tags and even branded replica packaging for these bags.
  • Sellers on DHgate not only provide free shipping on some of their products, but also the website has a buyer protection guarantee in place that protects your investment in the event of either a lost shipment or faulty products.

What’s the best website to buy replicas of designer handbags?

Sites like AliExpress and DHgate are known for their replicas and master copies of a wide variety of products. DHgate has a great collection of replica designer handbags, shoes, backpacks and more which are available at discounted prices.

Are fake handbags the same as replicas?

Replicas and fake handbags or bags are not the same and therefore it’s safer to purchase a replica than buying a fake bag. The main difference is that replica handbags and bags are made to resemble the original products but do not carry any marking of the brand. Fake items on the other hand are normally copied to the detail and would at times carry the original brand logos which is illegal.

How to determine if the DHgate bag seller is reputable?

In all honesty, the only way to determine if the seller is trustworthy is by reading through customer reviews, checking their overall satisfaction rating and ultimately buying a product for yourself to check the quality of the product first hand.

Top DHgate Sellers

DHGate Clothing Sellers

Best Replicas on DHgate

Top DHgate Shoe Sellers

Best Dhgate Seller

The right bag is not just an accessory—it's a statement, a practical companion, and a reflection of personal style. In the dynamic world of fashion, where designer bags carry hefty price tags, DHgate emerges as a marketplace that bridges the gap between luxury and affordability. For those with an eye for style but a budget in mind, finding a trusted seller who offers quality replicas or unbranded alternatives can transform your wardrobe without draining your wallet.

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