TXQ Saber Review 2023 | Are Aliexpress TXQ Sabers worth it?

by Tim Howard

TXQSabers are honestly some of the most drool-worthy lightsaber replicas around and if you want to know where to buy TXQSabers from this year, then this article is for you.

Star Wars fans across the globe have always wanted one thing and one thing only, a good lightsaber to be available to the general public.

Well their prayers have been answered and this magnificent company based in China has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality lightsabers under the branding TXQSabers.

They are beautiful lightsaber replicas that are made from premium quality materials and nearly all of them resemble the ones used by key Star Wars characters like  Kylo Ren, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul and even Luke SkyWalker. 

This article will cover the top rated TXQSabers available in the market as well as how you can get your hands on one today.

Check it out!

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SN-PIXEL V4 Lightsaber by TXQ SABER - AliExpress - Unboxing, Review and First Look

TXQSabers Store

Since TXQSabers are made by a company based in China, you will be able to find loads of authentic TXQSabers on AliExpress. Here you will even find the official store of TXQSaber and you can get these budget-friendly bad boys right off the factory line in retail or wholesale. 

While AliExpress is the best place to buy TXQSabers from, there are other websites that are safe to use, but the products are sold by third-party vendors and not the manufacturer themselves.

Check out the Official TXQSaber Store on AliExpress

What is a TXQSaber?

TXQSabers is a cheap lightsaber replica that is manufactured in China. These lightsabers are rather affordable, can be found in prices ranging from $40-$250 and the best part is that the premium variants of these budget friendly lightsabers are equipped with motion sensors, RGB lighting and even numerous sound fonts that replicate the swishing movement of the lightsabers in Star Wars.

Where to Buy TXQSabers From?

2022 Upgraded RGB Smooth Swing Lightsaber

Where to Buy TXQSabers

If you’re looking for a true budget-friendly lightsaber that comes with 12 color changing lights and sound effects, then you can’t find another quite as fine as this Smooth Swing lightsaber within that price range. 

Truth be told, this lightsaber is the best that you can find especially if you’re on a tight budget. The hilt is made from high-grade metal that weighs roughly 400grams and features intricate detailing throughout to resemble actual lightsabers.

The blade is made from a PC material and can be removed from the hilt by simply unscrewing it. A couple of the features i really like about this blade is that the hilt hides a 2000mAh battery and has a built in speaker as well as supports up to 12 colors. 

It comes equipped with a volume adjustment button, blaster and flash on clash light effects which are pretty decent in my opinion. Considering the price and that this model has the smooth swing feature make it an interesting find.

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Hilt Colors – Chrome/Black

Blade Length – 75cm

MOQ – 1, discounts on over 2 pieces


  • Cheap and affordable
  • 12 color LED
  • Well detailed and has a volume button


  • Could have been slightly bigger

TXQSaber Anakin EP3 Lightsaber

Here’s the lightsaber that is probably one of the most famous pieces of Star Wars history, the Anakin lightsaber EP3. This beautifully crafted saber is featured in Phantom Menace and has been used by Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker and even Padme over the years.

This model from TXQSabers is made from high quality material and it has to be so as it costs upwards of $250 on their official store. The hilt is an exact replica of the Skywalker saber and the primary reason behind the exorbitant price is that this blade is NeoPixel which means that it comes with flexible LED strips within the blade itself. 

It’s rather bright and much more powerful than most of the other sabers on this list and comes in four variants to choose from so you can actually end up spending up to $550 on this blade depending on what version of the EP3 you end up buying.

The TXQSaber comes with 16 soundfonts as well as smooth swing features and a touch sensor on the side of the hilt to control the lights and sounds. The built-in motion sensor and controller are accurate to the swing and the LEDs are bright enough to easily light up any dark space.

Hilt Colors – Chrome/Black

Blade Length – 80cm

MOQ – 1, discounts on over 2 pieces


  • Premium quality materials
  • Well made and durable
  • Touch sensors


  • Slightly expensive

TXQSaber RGB Void Smooth Swing Lightsaber

For roughly around $100 you can get this sleek Void Smooth Swing lightsaber from the TXQSaber store on AliExpress. It’s well made and comes in two variants, black and silver or also known as the Lotus and F-Talon.

This saber features a heavy-duty hilt that not only comes equipped with smooth swing, but also has 12 color changing lights and a 10 set soundfont depending on whether you’re attacking or fending off your opponent.

Ideal for kids, this high quality lightsaber is one of the best mid-range products on the market and it also happens to be available for bulk buyers, so you can avail up to 3% off on your order if you do pick up more than 2 units at a time. 

Hilt Colors – Black/Chrome bands

Blade Length – 80cm

MOQ – 1, discounts on over 2 pieces


  • Heavy duty build
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Good battery life
  • Decent response time


  • None

TXQ RGB Cross Saber with FOC Blaster

Are you searching for a great replica of Kylo Ren’s saber under $200? This RGB Cross Saber with FOC Blaster from TXQSabers is one of the finest looking models in their arsenal. 

This is a cross saber that has not one or two, but three LED sabers just like in the movie and it just so happens to be a base lit Hilt so you can expect to have a nice unfiltered experience with this one.

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The hilt is a beautiful black and is made from aluminum with a removable PC. It’s not as lightweight as you’d think but that’s because of the extra sabers on the sides, but the overall quality is fantastic and the blade is actually quite durable so that’s a great thing. 

I found the FOC blaster and flash on clash to be quite entertaining and accurate to your movements. Also, you can change the color of the blade to one of the 12 preset colors by tapping on the button located on the side of the hilt. 

Hilt Colors – Black

Blade Length – 82cm

MOQ – 1, discounts on over 2 pieces


  • Looks identical to the original
  • Premium quality materials
  • Decent mid-range pricing


  • None

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TXQSaber Obi-Wan EP1 Saber

Obi-Wan has been one of my favorite characters from Star Wars and I’ve always been a fan of his saber. This EP1 from TXQSaber is an exact replica of his lightsaber and it comes with a NeoPixel blade that’s not only brighter, but also much more effective and expensive too.

The EP1 saber features 16 soundfonts as well as lock-up, blaster and flash on clash. There’s even a swing on/off feature to engage the saber sounds if you do swing or wave the blade around.

Each EP1 saber comes in a long box and the hilt and blade are bubble wrapped. You will receive a charger (USB) and well as a couple of screws to connect the hilt with the blade. Each kit is priced between $330 and $430 depending on whether you wish to have the SN-Pixel, Proffie or the GHV3 version of the lightsaber.

Though they are marketed for kids, these TXQSabers are actually designed for cosplayers and those who are true collectors of the Star Wars franchise.

Hilt Colors – Chrome/Black

Blade Length – 80cm

MOQ – 1, discounts on over 3 pieces


  • Exact replica
  • Bright LED
  • Loud speaker


  • Expensive

TXQSaber Smooth Swing FOC Saber – TS012

The FOC Saber TS012 is one of the most popular and highest selling lightsabers from TXQSaber. This well-made, budget friendly saber is available for a little over $60 on Aliexpress and offers quite the same levels of functionality and performance as the RGB Smooth Swing saber.

For a base-lit RGB version, this saber is actually quite decent. The removable blade is sturdy and can easily withstand falls or drops. The hilt is a bit smaller than the others mentioned above and this same model is available in 5 different colors to choose from.

You can adjust the volume, set the color of the blade, choose one of the ten sound fonts and even experience attack/defense sound effects such as blaster, lock up, flash on clash and more. 

This blade can be sourced from China, the States or Spain through AliExpress depending on where you’re located and can rest assured that it will get delivered safe and sound. You can even buy two to three pieces of the saber and get an additional 3% discount on the whole order.

Hilt Colors – Multiple Options Available

Blade Length – 82cm

MOQ – 1, 3% Off on over 2 pieces


  • Available in multiple variants
  • Decent battery life
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Budget-friendly


  • None

TXQSaber NeoPixel Luke EP6 Lightsaber

The Luke EP6 NeoPixel is one of the brightest sabers out there from TXQSaber and is slightly heavier than all the reston this list. It features a neoPixel blade and a hilt that’s made from chromed aluminum alloy.

The blade comes with a metal button USB connector and can fully charge in under 3 hours. It’s powered by a 3000mAh battery and has speakers at the base of the hilt that not only deliver attack/defense sounds, but also voices and dialogues from the movies.

The blade can easily be turned on and once on you can set one of the 16 different colors. The LED is 50W so it’s safe to say that the blade is bright and can easily light up a room. Also, you can get the NeoPixel Luke EP6 in one of four variants and there’s an additional 5% discount if you buy over 2 blades.

Hilt Colors – Chrome/Black

Blade Length – 82cm

MOQ – 1, 5% Off on over 2 pieces


  • Well-Built and sturdy
  • Premium Aluminum
  • Powerful 3000mAh battery


  • Expensive
  • Slightly heavy

How to Use a TXQSaber?

Once you receive the saber you can directly play with it straight out of the box, only under rare circumstances that you would have to use the USB charger that’s provided to charge the saber when you receive the package.

  • In order to power on the TXQSaber, press and hold the central power button for around 4 seconds. You can press it down for 4 seconds again to power off the saber.
  • You can change the blade color by pressing the button for 2 seconds and then releasing your finger. Clicking the button now will change the color of the LED.
  • For lightsaber effects your saber has to be powered on, whereas for sound effects you have to make sure the saber is turned off.
  • In order to remove or switch the blade, simply use the tools provided and loosen the screws on the hilt.


Can I buy TXQSabers from China?

Yes, TXQSabers are manufactured in China and exported to the rest of the world. So if you happen to come across any TXQSaber product then they have been manufactured and assembled in China so they are completely safe to buy.

Which is the best website to buy TXQSabers from?

AliExpress is the only website where you can source TXQSabers directly from the manufacturer. Their official store is on AliExpress and you can pick up high quality sabers at either retail or wholesale rates.

Is it safe to buy TXQSabers in bulk?

It is completely safe to buy TXQSabers in bulk as you will not only get high quality variants of the lightsabers, but you will also be able to get a discount on orders over a specific limit. You can always check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

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