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by Tim Howard
i9000 TWS Review
i9000 tws review

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We cover the full review of i9000 TWS Earbud.

Whenever Apple releases a brand new product or a new model or interface of a product, chances are other brands would have a version of it themselves and then the whole world would have a brand new set of standards for their gadgets and other devices. When Airpods were first introduced in the market, most people were baffled on how strange it is to not see any wires hanging on your neck while listening to your phone’s music or audio while watching movies and videos. We can say that the Airpods completely revolutionized the earphone industry.

If you are on the iPhone. The Latest iOS 16 can detect counterfeit Airpods. So if you’re using reps, don’t upgrade until a patch comes out from the clone manufacturers.

i9000 Variations FeaturesLinks
i9000 TWS Wireless Charging, In-Ear SensorClick here
i9000 TWS MaxWireless Charging, In Ear-Sensor, GPS Tracking, Improved Mic (Our PICK)Click here
i9000 TWS ProWireless Charging, In-Ear Sensor,  Rename + GPS TrackingClick here

It might not be the best top performing earphones available nor is it affordable but it remains one of the sought after earbuds in the market. Today more and more brands are releasing their own versions or alternatives to Apple’s latest innovation. One of the best one out there in the market is i9000 TWS which is a replica of the Apple Airpods Generation 2.

In this i9000 TWS Fake Airpod Review, you will find out if the i9000 TWS is worth it or not.

i9000 TWS Earbuds

At first glance, you will really notice that the quality of the materials used for the case is not cheap. The LED light in front rather than inside identifies that the i9000 TWS is an alternative to the Gen 2 airpods. It also got the frosted hinge and the connecting button at the back. The charging box that comes with is almost the same size and texture of the Apple Airpods.

i9000 TWS Specifications

Chipset1536 Chipset
Battery Life4 – 4.5 hours 
Touch SensorYes, for changing music, pausing and playing, Siri or Google Assistant activation
Bluetooth Range10 metres
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Wireless ChargingYes

A type-C lightning cable cord charger is also included in the box, although this version is equipped with a wireless charging feature if you want to lessen the wires cluttering around in your area. The airpods itself has a glossy white color and has the left and right buds easily identifiable. The design fits the ear perfectly and hangs comfortably which is great for those who are having trouble with other earphone designs. The earphones weigh 4 grams which you can use separately. Its proximity sensors and charging mechanism at the bottom looks as close to the original and works perfectly well too. 

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It is made from 1536 chipset that provides an experience that makes it truly resemble the real original Apple airpods. This chipsets cost way much cheaper making Airpod clones such as the i9000 TWS more affordable than the original. The i9000 TWS detect whether they are attached to your ear or not and stop playing the music which somehow helps you extend its battery life. This specific feature or the air detection technology is said to be exclusively present on the i9000 TWS and not in any other Airpod clones.

How to Connect Fake Airpods to Android

Whether it’s the i9000 TWS or any other fake Airpods. It’s the same process. Go to your phone Bluetooth Settings

  1. Click on Pair New Device
  2. Look out for the Fake Airpods on the “Available Devices” list
  3. Connect to the device
  4. And voila, you’re done.

You should be able to see the battery percentage in the settings section.

i9000 Airpods vs i9000 TWS Max vs i9000 TWS Pro

i9000 TWS Touch Sensor

The touch control also allows you to pause and play some audio with just two taps, skips to the next track with three taps, and tap and hold to get a hold of Siri if you are an iPhone user or Google Assistant if you are an Android user. The touch controls are sensitive enough which make it easier for you to not cause ear fatigue when tapping the Airpods. It also has automatic on-off sensors that automatically shuts off or turn on if it detects that the Airpods are in use or not. 

i9000 TWS Features

These awesome Airpods use Bluetooth 5.0 and its battery can work up to 3-4 hours of nonstop use. It also comes with a built-in microphone which makes it easier to make and receive calls even if the phone is far away from you. The Airpods can operate in a call for 2 hours and an astonishing 130 hours if it is just in standby mode. Charging time may take up to 1 hour while the transmission distance goes as far as 10 meters. One of the advantages of having wireless earphones is that you can be more mobile and do things such as washing the dishes or cleaning the house without the danger of getting your phone wet or have the hassle of having something dangling right in front of you. 

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i9000 TWS Sound

The i9000 is compatible with Android, iOS and Microsoft phones. Once you have it connected to your phone, a pop up window shows the battery percentage of both the charging box and the airpods. The sound quality is clear and loud enough to hear your favorite jams and audio for your movie and other videos. You can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and Netflix series without latency or delay. The sound also comes across as rich and full giving you a quality surround sound experience.

With all these features in mind is it really worth it to have your own wireless earphone? Basically, yes. 

It may look weird and awkward but wireless headphones were also a thing and that did not really bother anyone from using it. The i9000 TWS makes Bluetooth pairing easier with just 4 seconds of holding the button at the back. The chipset installed has a higher power efficiency and connectivity capabilities that allows you to pair it even in your smart TV. As mentioned, having a wireless earphone lets you do specific tasks without actually having your phone with you. You don’t have to take out your phone to make a call, reduce your phone volume and skip a track. Aside from this the long battery hours make it a reliable companion especially if you have to endure long hours of commute. Currently the i9000 TWS is also available in matte black and glossy black colors for a more sleek and sophisticated look.

i9000 TWS vs i100000 TWS

This replica has really set a standard when it comes to Apple Airpods clones. It is not going to be a surprise that a new and improved version would be released in the coming months ahead. It would be better if it will come with a longer battery life span and a water resistant feature so that you can really go all in while doing your workouts without worrying if your sweat will damage the airpods. But so far, the i9000 TWS is a good set of airpods to invest in to start if you want to have your digital experience be tangle and clutter free. 

Are Fake Airpods Any Good? 

Fake Airpods like the i9000 Airpods are really popular in the earbuds and fake airpods world. But to the outside world it might seem like a sham or a fake. 

But Fake Airpods are really good. Are super good! They look the exact same as the original Airpods and have similar sounds and battery lives as well. Fake Airpods are just a budget version of the original Airpods.

If you give the average user a Fake Airpod and an Original Airpod, they will definitely choose the fake because of the price benefits and negligent downsides. 

i9000 TWS Prices

i9000 Variations FeaturesLinks
i9000 TWS Wireless Charging, In-Ear SensorClick here
i9000 TWS MaxWireless Charging, In Ear-Sensor, GPS Tracking, Improved Mic (Our PICK)Click here
i9000 TWS ProWireless Charging, In-Ear Sensor,  Rename + GPS TrackingClick here

Are Fake Airpods Dangerous? 

A lot of people have concerns regarding the safety of Airpod clones and it’s a legitimate worry because they do have Lithium ion batteries inside and yes under stress they could blew up, but will they? No. 

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China is SUPER stringent. China’s reputation when it comes to manufacturing is what drives the economy. If they push our bad products that blow up, then their reputation is hurt. So China ensures that there are specific rules and regulations when it comes to manufacturing. 

Are Fake Airpods Trackable? 

The Original Airpods can be tracked using the Find my iPhone app. Some latest Fake Airpods have this feature while the others don’t. It’s called the GPS feature and this is what you need to look out for when buying GPS trackable Airpod Clones. 

Are Fake Airpods Magnetic?

Literally all Airpod Replicas since the beginning have had magnetic features in them. That is they attach to the bass of the charging box with the help of magnets. 

Are Fake Airpods Bigger? 

Before they were, but the i9000 TWS is a perfect replica, which means it’s the exact same size and has the same features. True replicas mean that the

i9000 TWS Fake Airpod Review

Based on our research, this is the best Fake Airpods in 2020 and it’s here to stay till the Airpod pro clones get better!

Are there any good fake AirPods?

There are many fake Airpods that are good. The best fake airpods are the i9000 TWS and the i9000 TWS Pro that replicate the Airpods Pro version. In terms of price and specifications, they are the best TWS Airpods out there. They are a true replica with the exact look and functionality of the original Airpods.

Are knock off AirPods dangerous?

Knockoff Airpods aren’t dangerous by any measure. They are tested extensively and go through rigorous standards of quality. All the factories they are manufactured in require certificates. Knockoff Airpods are not at all dangerous and prescribe to the standards maintained by other TWS manufacturers.

Is there a fake AirPods?

There are numerous fake Airpods in the market and they come under different names such as i9000 TWS, i500 TWS, i500 TWS Pro and more. All these are different variations and upgrades based on the original Airpods that get upgraded.

Do real AirPods light up blue?

The real Airpods do not light up in blue. The knockoff and cheaper versions of the replica Airpods light up in blue and red when it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. But this was the case only with the older models. The newer models have no external lights and are a true copy of the Airpods.

How do fake AirPods look?

The Fake Airpods look exactly the same as the original Airpods. In terms of the design, they match to a T. Even the smallerst detail is replicated, including the pop-up interface. The only difference between fake and real Airpods is the sound quality and battery life. Other than that, they are the same.

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