Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes | Cheap Nike Replica Shoes from China!

by Tim Howard
Cheapes Nike Shoes on Aliexpress?

Store Name: Sports 101 Store

Store Description: The best store for Nike shoes on Aliexpress. Apart from Nike, you get Converse, Adidas, Puma and other brands for super cheap!

Price range: $40 - $200

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  • Sports 101
  • Kids Store
  • Hot Sports Store
  • Global Sneaker Online Store

The brand that was named after the Greek goddess of victory has been undeniably victorious in being the best in the sporting goods industry and the 14th most valuable brand in the world.

Over the years, they have been giving sponsorship to athletes to promote their products some of which they have collaborated to do shoes with such as that of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan series.

Aside from basketball they have been top producer and manufacturer of running shoes, tennis shoe and all sorts of lifestyle sneakers. With their products being the best in the market, sometimes

it is hard to get hold of their items whether it from their official online store or in their actual physical stores. It is a good thing that there are other stores online that sells their products.

The list below contains a list of alternative online stores where you can purchase your well-loved Nike shoes. Aliexpress Nike Shoes are so much in demand that they have their own cult following. So if you are looking for the Air Max on Aliexpress. Then you are in the right place.

Read further to see the best Nike shoe sellers on Aliexpress. FAKE or not we leave it to you.

Top Nike Shoe Sellers on AliExpress

Top 17 Nike Sneaker Sellers on AliExpress
Soolani Sports Store
Hot Sports Store
Top Sports Flagship Store
Kids Nike Store
Goodsports Store
Olympic Sports Flagship Store
Sneaker Online Store
Global Sneaker Online Store
Sports 101 Store
Chinese Boutique Shoe Store
Professional Outdoor High Quality Store
Lion Scream Store
Global Sports Store
KingSports Store
Best Sports Store
WB Running Shoes
Alina Wong Store

Best Fake Nike Trainers

#1 — SOOLANI sports Store

This store has over 200 options of cheap Nike shoes available. They have running shoes, skateboarding shoes, basketball shoes and Nike shoes for your children. Their current best seller is their original and authentic Aliexpress Nike Air Max 720.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The Nike Air Max 720 takes inspiration from the natural world with its futuristic design and colors. It has been praised for its strong shock absorption that reduces the runner’s pain and fatigue.

Its comfortability and high-quality materials make it one of the sought after model of the brand. 

Click here to check out the store

#2 — Hotsports Store

With its 93.2% positive feedback, this store that has only been in the market recently has helped prosper the Nike brand in different parts of the world.

They currently offer running shoes, basketball shoes, football soccer shoes, sneakers, caps, socks and different type of Nike clothing for men and women.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The store’s current top selling product is the original Nike Roshe Run for Men. Originally released in 2012, this particular model has been the brand’s most affordable. The minimalist but stylish design made a huge impression to some of its users.

Click here to check out the store

#3 — Sports World Store

The Nike Shox TL which was first introduced in 2003 was reintroduced last March 2019. This made the model a big hit for loyal Nike brand collectors and new set of sneaker followers.

Its Shox technology or mechanical cushioning is made for impact protection. With fans raving for this model it was easily sold out both in online and physical stores. Sports World is one of the stores that still offer the model.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

It is currently one of their fast selling products aside from other types of Nike basketball, running and skateboard shoes.

Click here to check out the store
(Replaced with Top Sports Flagship Store)

#4 — KIDS Nike Store (For Adults Too! )

Kids Nike Store might be one of those that sells multiple collections of China Nike shoes in their stores. Aside from the usual running, basketball and skateboard shoes, they have a offer a vast collection of Air Max, Air Jordan, Air Force, Vapormax and Air Zoom.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The Nike Air Tn which is also a classic since it was released in 1998 is the store’s top seller. Its stylish and unique design that adds a bit of 90s nostalgia makes it a classic for Nike loyalist.

It is breathable and lightweight making it one of the best models of Nike out in the market. In terms of shoe sizes, you get the widest range in this store!

Click here to check out the store

#5 — Sneaker Nova Store

One of Nike greatest marketing strategy is collaborating with different athletes and creating a line of shoes for them. Nike’s KD signature line is one of their most successful today.

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The Nike Zoom KD 12 is Sneaker Nova’s best-selling Nike item. The KD 12 is receiving praises for its reliability in court grip and traction.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The impressive cushion is super bouncy and responsive making it one of the most comfortable basketball shoes ever made. Sneaker Nova offers the KD 12 in different colors and sizes.

Click here to check out the store

#6 — Goodsports Store

Good Sports Store may have the most exciting sale of Nike shoes online. Over a hundred pairs of Nike Air Max, Air Jordan, Air Force, Air Zoom and Vapormax are currently at a discounted price of up to 65%.

Top Nike models such as Nike Air Max 97 running shoes and Air Jordan Mid basketball shoes are offered at affordable prices.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The Nike Air technology that puts comfort, cushioning and breathability at forefront sets them apart from other sports shoes brand. With all these in mind, they have also made their shoes lightweight that makes the performance in your particular sport supported and enhanced.

Click here to check out the store

#7 — Olympic Sports Flagship Store

One of AliExpress’ top brand in shoe stores, Olympic Sports Flagship Store is now selling items that you will probably have a hard time looking for in other stores. Aside from the bestselling Air series, they have an All-star collection that includes the Kyrie Flytrap, Nike Formula 23, Nike Ambassador XI among others.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

They also have a collection of Roshe, the classic Cortez, and Lunarglide. They also sell different models of basketball shoes, running shoes, skateboard shoes, shirts, polo, jacket, pants and pullovers.

Olympic Sports Flagship Store’s 5 years in the sporting goods business has given them a 93.8% positive feedback and almost 30,000 followers worldwide.

Click here to check out the store

#8 — Sneaker Online

Running shoes are the most versatile shoes anyone must have. It goes well even in your most casual attire making it one of the sought after collections in every shoe brand. Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is the top selling item in Sneaker Online.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The lightweight quick cushion feel, classic design and wider toe box make the Air Zoom Pegasus gives the feeling of almost not wearing any shoes which makes it the perfect trainer shoes for running.

Click here to check out the store

#9 — Global Sneaker Store

Global Sneaker store focused on selling Nike best quality and affordable running shoes and basketball shoes. They are currently offering up to 60% discount on Nike best sellers such as the Nike Air Max 270 Running shoes and Nike Air More Uptempo.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

They are also selling other iconic Nike shoes like the Classic Cortez and the Nike Air Max 270 React that has recently made a huge following for those who love retro and streetwear fashion. 

Click here to check out the store

#10 — Sports 101 Store

Undeniably majority of online store sells a greater number of items and variety of sports shoes for men, but Sports 101 has a collection of Nike’s Free Run series that has a lot to choose from.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

Almost half of the Nike products that they are selling are for women. A wide range of Air Max, Lunarglide and Air Zoom pairs is available with up to 30% discount.

This array of collection of women sports shoes might have contributed to the stores 92.4% positive feedback online. 

Click here to check out the store

#11 — Professional Outdoor High Quality Store

The Professional high quality store is known for their football boots. They sell Nike football cleats and also the super popular Mercurial football boots which are a collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The price range for the Nike football boots are around $55. They styles are unique and they are of good quality!

Click here to check out the store

#12 — Lion Scream Sporting Outdoor Store

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The Lion Scream Sporting Outdoor store is pretty new seller. Although they have only a few followers. Their collection of Nike shoes are amazing. From Nike Mercurial boots to the Air Jordans to the casual sneakers, they sell everything under the sun. This is a seller to look out for Nike shoes on Aliexpress!

Click here to check out the store

#13 — Global Sports Store

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

Global Sports Store needs no introduction because they are the multi-brand behemoth that sells all products from all the top brands. All their best selling products in this store are Nike shoes.

They deal primarily with Nike sneakers and not Nike sports shoes. Nike sneakers such as Nike Court & Nike Blazer and so on.

The store has a 91.5% positive rating and over 86,300+ followers. They have all the size ranges from 6.5 US to 11 US. Make sure to measure your feet before you buy the shoes!

Click here to check out the store

#14 — KingSports Store

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

The KingSports Store has some of the best Nike shoes you could find on AliExpress. They have been operating for over 6 years and have a customer satisfaction rating of 94.5% with over 40K sales till date.

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They specialize in sports shoes for every type of adult and child out there. KingSports Store retails Nike sneakers, clothes and apparel at discounted prices and based on user experience, they tend to deliver the product within a period of 7-10 working days.

No matter the model or variant you’re looking for, KingSports Store has them all. From Air Max to Air Jordans, you can find some of the best quality authentic Nike shoes at some of the best prices online.

Click here to check out the store 

#15 — Best Sports Stores

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

Best Sports Stores is an older seller with much more experience in the game. They have a wide variety of footwear to choose from that cover some of the biggest brands in the business. Their products are made from high-quality materials and are available at discounted prices.

Their best selling Nike shoes is the Nike Shox R4 which is a futuristic pair of running shoes, apart from that they also sell Nike Air Force 1, Vapor Max and also bootleg Nike shoes at affordable rates. 

Products are normally available for adults and shoe sizes will start from 6.5 and go all the way to 10.5 and in some cases even 11. The Best Sports Stores have a store rating of 95% and have fulfilled over 1.5 million orders across the world.

Click here to check out the store

#16 — WB Running Shoes

WB Running shoes is a store that’s been around for 3 years and is one of the top rated vendors on AliExpress for fake Nike shoes. I was able to find some of the most basic Nike designs such as the AirMax and the Dunk Low SE  for hardly $30 a pair.

Reps here are made from high quality materials like rubber and leather so they do actually stand the test of time even while being used on a daily basis. All sneakers and runners come packed in a branded replica box as well as they carry the right Nike branding and tags which make the shoes look authentic.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

WB Running has a positive store rating of 95.4% and have sold over 5k pairs of shoes till date. Considering these shoes are made in China, I’d advise you to check the size of the shoes on their store page and see if the fit is correct before making your purchase.

Click here to check out their store

#17 — Alina Wong Store

One of the biggest problems with fakes is that the manufacturers always goof up with the logo and the branding. But Alina Wong is one seller on AliExpress that specializes in custom made fake shoes that carry no branding.

Trust me, if you don’t mind not having the Nike logo or swoosh on the shoes and are willing to compromise on the branding to save a few bucks then Alina Wong is definitely the place for you.

Where to Buy Fake Nike Shoes

I came across so many knockoffs here, but the designs of the shoes are so spot on that it was a cake walk trying to find out which ones are based on Nike’s designs and which one’s aren’t.

Alina Wong is reliable and has been serving the replica sneaker community for a little over 6 years. They’ve received a decent 97% in terms of satisfaction rating and have a following of a little over 4.5k on AliExpress.

Click here to check out the store

AliExpress Nike Shoes Review

“Nike Aliexpress” is one the most popular terms exactly for that reason. There’s a huge demand!

Nike is indisputably one of the best sports brands in the market. With their items usually sold out in online stores and sometimes even released for a limited time for limited countries only makes it one of the sought after brands for sneaker fans and enthusiasts. These online stores on AliExpress gives almost everyone worldwide the chance to grab some of the ultimate Nike shoes that they want. 

Where can I find Nike shoes on AliExpress?

There are numerous sellers who sell Nike shoes on Aliexpress. Some of the popular ones are My Best Sneakers, Sneaker Park, Global Sneaker Store, Olympic Sports Flagship Store and more. You could search for Nike on the search bar and you’ll find a lot of products and sellers. 

Does AliExpress sell authentic shoes?

The sellers on Aliexpress control the quality of the shoes and the authenticity. Yes, there are genuine sellers on Aliexpress that sell authentic shoes from top brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and New Balance among others. 

What’s the best replica shoe site?

There are a lot of replica shoe sites online that deal with a variety of replica shoes, but the most popular among them is Aliexpress. This is because Aliexpress guarantees’ to take care of the end user. If you want replicas, then Aliexpress and DHgate are probably the best. 

How much are Nike shoes in China?

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Nike shoes aren’t as cheap as one would expect from China. But they might be cheaper than what you get at a retail store in the U.S. for example and that is because the costs of transportation, paying the retail rent are all negligible. If you find Nike shoes from China for super cheap, they are very likely replicas. 

Are shoes from AliExpress good?

Shoes from Aliexpress are pretty good. Most shoe companies manufacture their products in China and they make some super sturdy and high quality shoes. Simply put, cheap shoes from Aliexpress are likely to be much better than cheap shoes you get from anywhere else. 

How can I get cheap shoes from China?

You can get cheap shoes from China from platforms like Aliexpress and Dhgate that have a host of sellers who deal with cheap and affordable shoes. Shoes from China are great in terms of style, budget and durability

Can you buy Nike Shoes from Alibaba?

Nike shoes from Alibaba can only be bought in bulk as that’s a business to business website. For individual Nike shoes from China, Aliexpress is the place to visit!

How to Tell If Your Nikes are Fake?

Since Nike is one of the most replicated brands in the world, it can get a little difficult to tell if your pair is real or not since most of the counterfeit Nike’s being sold these days look and feel much like an original pair.

However, I did find a few differences between real Nike shoes and fakes which I would like to highlight today.

To help you find out if your Nike shoes from AliExpress are real or not;

  • Start by examining the stitching on the shoes and see if the stitch line is positioned parallel to the cuts on the shoes and if the finish of the stitches is neatly done and has no frayed edges.
  • Next, if you look at the heel collar, there will be differences in the thickness and height of the collar on a fake when compared to a real pair. The fake will have a collar that’s uneven and near the laces it can go down to as low as 0 mm unlike a real pair where the  heel collar has a uniform height throughout.
  • Another way to tell if the shoes are real or fake is to search for the insole sticker. A real pair will have a care sticker on the inside of the left odd. Fake Nike shoes will not have this sticker and will only have the size printed on the insole.
  • You can also find out if your shoes are real or not by examining the UPC code on the size label and check if the same code appears on the box. Another way is to enter the UPC code on Google and check if the same color and model of Nike’s appear in the search results.
  • Finally, the best way to tell if your shoes are fake is the price of the shoes. Original Nike’s start at $35 and go up to $750. Bigger and more popular shoes like the Jordan’s won’t cost less than $150, so anything that’s available on a Chinese marketplace with an eye catching price tag of something below $100 will most likely be a fake or a copy.

What you need to know before buying Nike shoes on Aliexpress

Buying shoes from Aliexpress may seem like a simple task, but it could go wrong and here are a few tips to keep you safe when buying those Nike Aliexpress shoes!

Buy from the right seller

We’ve made a list of the best value Nike shoe sellers for this reason. There are a lot of sellers who are not trustworthy. Here are a few steps to identifying a good Nike seller on Aliexpress

  • Has been around for a few years
  • Has a good rating on the store
  • Has a good rating on the products
  • Has a good response rate
  • Has a good return and replacement policy

Check the size of the Nike Shoe you are buying

Nike shoes from China MIGHT be different from the ones you buy from the U.S, U.K or Europe because of the size differences. A size 5 or 6 in China is different from a size 5 or 6 in the U.S. This is because Asian feet are much smaller. So make sure to check the size guide before you buy your shoes!

Choose the right shipment type

Cheap shipment isn’t always the best shipment. If you want your Nike sneakers from China to come quickly, then you better choose FedX or DHL as the shipment partner. If you do choose Free shipping, it might take some time as the local Chinese post or the postal system in your country might be a bit slow.

Communicate with the seller

When in doubt, always communicate with the seller. Ask them questions regarding the shoes you want to buy, ask them send pictures etc. Their answers will help you decide if they are the right seller or not.

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